The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

The election is finally over. Thank god. At least for me, I have mended relationships with people who voted differently. One saying that is being thrown is that we need together. That's definitely not happening. People are constantly saying the opposite party are full of idiots but get offended when you call them an idiot. Yes I am speaking from personal experience from this same day actually.

I think I know the problem. People care more about being right and saving the day rather than the day actually being saved. Why do you think Obamacare was called OBAMAcare? Emphasis on obama. Because if it worked, the democrats wanted people to remember they saved the day. Don't worry republicans you're not missing out. Why do you think trumpcare is called TRUMPcare? Same reason Obamacare is called Obamacare.

Republicans you won won the election. Now it's time to move on. There is a certain user on here that acts like Trump is a godsend and if anyone even questions Trump or his administration, they say, "oh you're just upset because of the election results." That's not it all. You guys won. Everyone knows it. Now shut the hell up stop being hung up on the past. And think of a plan. I'm sure she's not the only conservative or republican that does that. Democrats and liberals, you're still on my shit list because you're corrupt as hell. Seriously people do you want to make 1984 real? Because this is how it starts. Actually it kind of already has.

If you really want to be united, you need to see things from the opposite point of view. Republicans, if you want to be united you need to acknowledge that everyone should always question authority and that democrats have real concerns that they are terrified about. For example, I just got into Nursing school (woohoo go me! 🎉🎊) The last thing I need is to get pregnant. Is Mike Pence going to take away birth control or just make the prices soar through the roof? I don't want my employer paying for my birth control because it's no ones business but mine. But I want the price to be reasonable. Democrats, acknowledge that trump won. Maybe if the DNC wasn't corrupt as hell, things could've gone your way. Instead of trying to make him fail, you need to help. You better hope he doesn't fail. Because if he fails, we all fail.

Fuck all of your political labels. I was an independent when I first registered because I felt neither party fit me. I have traditional beliefs at all. I don't want children ever. I'm stocking up on birth control and emergency contraceptives because I'm terrified of mike pence. (Seriously does it hurt what is left of his soul that's made of devil spawn when he laughs or looks in the mirror?) But I also believe in a free market and that what people do is not the governments business. So long as it doesn't harm others. Later, I had to switch political affiliation to vote for my candidate. I'm going to change my political affiliation back to independent.


By the way, Medici: Masters of Florence is a great show. I feel like it's a parallel universe if Rob Stark did marry the Frey girl. The whole first season is on Netflix and it has been renewed for a second season. Plus Richard Madden is in it. His eyes are gorgeous. Now here's a picture of Richard Madden to calm you down.

The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

The Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum
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  • BlueCoyote
    I'm sorry but that first meme or graphic or whatever you call it is extremely inaccurate. Neither is fascism a progression (further right) than Nazism, nor is anarchism a progression (further left) than communism.
    Nazism (more accurately: national socialism) is one form of fascism. While they have lots of things in common, the main difference is that nazism was an invention by the Germans and its main focus was race whereas "traditional" Italian fascism focused on the corporative nature of the state.
    Anarchism is simply a form of government and says absolutely nothing whatsoever about the political views of its supporters. Traditionally, anarchism was something on the left spectrum (think: Bakunin). However, today there exist also lots of right-wing forms of anarchist ideals. For example what the tea party in America believes is essentially right-wing anarchism.
    Finally, communism is even more diverse than anarchism. Like anarchism, communism is mostly a form of government (a form of economics, to be completely correct). Throughout the history of communism, there have been tons of dramatically different ideologies and viewpoints. For example throwing somebody like Stalin in the same pot with Rosa Luxemburg is like putting Hitler on the same level with the Pope based on the fact that they're both catholics. Even within the same country, there were sometimes significant differences of communist ideology, for example between Stalin and Trotsky.

    So, I don't know where you got that thing but who ever compiled it is an idiot and doesn't know anything about politics (left or right).
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    • I know that it's inaccurate. I just needed a cover

    • Fuck Bakunin, anarchism is Prouhdon and Therrou. Lol

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  • Hannah313
    The Republican party is based on questioning authority due to wanting small government. We also appreciate the 2nd amendment due to possible government tyranny.
    I shouldn't say "we," I'm Libertarian.
    You really should talk about how republicans say they want small government but when gay marriage is brought up they get upset and suddenly want the government to regulate marriage. Republicans also have this tendency of
    Democrats need to stop acting like they're the moral compass of the universe and doing everything based off kindness alone. Do you know how many gay flags I saw during this election. It happened. There is equality now. Trump or Pence aren't going to change it anymore. Trump supports gay marriage actually. You can't police their own personal beliefs on the subject. That is thought policing.
    Republicans aren't really for small government, they want small government when it's good for them.
    Democrats just wan't to be seen as the "good guys" and ignore other issues so they can feel morally superior. It's really annoying when you're on the most liberal college campus on your state and EVERYONE talks down to you. They're accepting until you tell them you voted third party. The whole morality thing then conveniently goes away.
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    • Hannah313

      oops. *Republicans also have this tendency of pretending like they're all about being efficient, but really their efficiency can also lead us to throw away our morality and what is best of us only for this cause. Yet usually this is the fault of labor unions that force efficiency into something that can only be obtained through immoral actions.

    • I know that Republicans are built on the thought of questioning government but so many trump supporters have blinders or something on. I don't think they know that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. The taxpayers are going to. That's exactly why I left the Democratic Party. I think they care more about getting credit for saving the day rather than being thankful that the day was saved. I doubt gay marriage will be reversed. Trump believes its law now and is irreversible. I think he got Pence as his Vice President to appeal to republicans because he used to support abortion and was a huge donater to planned parenthood. Don't worry I get talked down to by my family. They think I'm another liberal millennial who sees the world through rose tinted glasses. I'm actually a Libertarian Left. An example would be, yeah I support stuff like birth control and abortion but I don't want the government paying for it.

    • Hannah313

      Trump supporters just want something done. A lot of my really smart Libertarian friends liked him because he builds morale. Of course there isn't gonna be a wall! That would not work. But it gets dumb people to vote for him. Trump is actually pretty smart. He knows he doesn't have to be likable to get votes, and he knows what'll stick. The fact that Trump isn't liked appeals to the Republican party because, well, they aren't liked!
      Trump appeals to the anger that Republicans have been feeling for awhile now. Hollywood used to be quite conservative. Now we have Meryl Streep pretending like she knows crap. We have Google and their liberal commercials, we have Facebook friends telling us "Fuck you."
      Trump has the possibility for change. Not the "Hope and Change" Obama preached, but real change. Change in how the Republican party is viewed and how our country is recognized. Change in how people approach the Republican party.
      And I don't like Trump, but boy am I excited to see what happens.

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  • madhatters4
    the medici show is solid. a little dramatic in terms of the personal relationships (but not surprising since it is television and doesn't take away from the overall quality) it is very accurate in terms of his political dealings and the people he interacted with... very excited for the second season
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    • Yes I totally agree. I am very excited for the second season. I agree with you about the personal relationships. I think it reveals more about the characters but it doesn't run the show.

    • you are right it does help to add depth to understanding about the characters.

    i do not label myself as conservative nor liberal. i observe the situation and history, gather as much data as i can from neutral sources and determine what would be the next best step.

    i have been attacked by a few disgruntled liberal democrat users on here accusing me of supporting who i support for sexual reasons and i laughed because it couldn't have been further from the truth. i have no idea why people who insist they are more intelligent than those who have differing views would show that they are the opposite of what they claim by making riduculous remarks like this.

    i actually do not start discussions about my views when it comes to western politics (apart from the day of an election just to be cheerful and counteract negative comments) but i do respond to said comments which are abundant to say the least.
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  • cth96190
    The graphic used with the piece shows, once again, that most people have no idea that the National Socialist German Workers' Party was an organisation of the extreme left, not the right.
    That was how the NSDAP government was able to get so cozy with Stalin's Soviet Union for so long.
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    • I literally picked the first one on google to use as a cover. It's meaning is obsolete at least to me.

  • goaded
    To the people claiming that the Nazis were left wing: Wrong.

    It's just an idea cooked up by right wingers tired of being called Nazis (even though their party is the one supported by Neo-Nazis). I challenge you to find anybody who was an adult at the time of WW2 arguing that the Nazis were left wing.
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    • Finally. I knew they were right wing. It makes sense. Saying alt-right is just a politically correct way to say neo-nazi.

    • @Equal_in_Death wit and intelligence will never be replaced by insult.

    • You're wrong. It has nothing to do with insults, wit, or intelligence. Take your strawman logic elsewhere.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    This take sucks!!! Not cause I don't think you're right, but you didn't go hard enough. If I had the motivation to write such a take (and I've thought about it), I would've dropped some hammers and chew all y'all fuckers out 😂 You held back too much in my opinion
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    • No I'm too lazy. And I've just started Medici: masters of Florence. You can continue it though

    • Nah. I'm also too lazy. Seems we're at an impasse 😱... I might start that show. I got others that are on my plate right now

  • Travianz
    The general message of this post is nice, but is undercut by a few things.

    1) It is possible to have anarchistic right - that refers to the right libertarian movement. The problem is the graphic condenses political thought down to one dimension - when instead it exists on two. Econ / Social Policy (Classical Left vs. Right) and Centralization (Authoritarianism vs. Anarchism / Libertarian)

    2) It was the Republican's that originally coined The Affordable Care Act as Obamacare since their base despised Obama. Obama just decided to stop fighting it after a while.
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    • Hannah313

      Wow I was gonna try to point that out but you explained it better than I ever could.

    • I know there's a problem with the picture but that's the best that google had.

  • Atlas67890-
    Probably the worse political spectrum i've ever seen... I see why people throw around the term "Nazi" all the damned time... no one has a clue what it means.
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    • That's nice. The door is over there. It's the wooden thing with a knob.

    • Ah millennials...

    • If I had a dollar for every time a baby boomer said that, I could pay for my college in the economy that your generation ruined. Are you just saying that because I disagree with you or do you say that to all millennials?

  • Girlygirl111
    Hahaha stupid first pick... Nazism more right than fascism...
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    • Literally just picked the first image on google I could use for a cover. Calm down now.

    • Haha sorry. I sent my message before I made myself sound less... Harsh! But yeah fascism isn't as contrite at nazism. Nazism suggest a plan for the world, while fascism is a feel that can be applied to any culture country ethnicity and stuff like that.

    • Interesting. It's always nice to know the difference. People seem to use them interchangeably especially when they talk about Hitler.

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  • Blitzkrieger
    Have you ever noticed why there are no anarchist parties or regimes? Because anarchism is not and has never been in the political spectrum. Anarchists reject all hierarchy so a political party is against their philosophy. Anarachism is not on the left of the political spectrum. People who think it is have never read a single piece of anarchist literature whatsoever.
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    • Cool. I literally just found a picture on google that would work as a cover.

  • pavlove
    I think the Democratic party is honestly frightened for the safety of the country. The man is insane and we're talking about the highest office with no democrat majority to really check him.
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    • That's what I am really afraid of. The bills the republicans are proposing are insane. One republican wants to take away overtime pay.

    • pavlove

      Not to mention all the foreign policy stuff. They think it's still a time where you can just piss off any country we feel like. What worked for us before worked largely because we were so isolated geographically which is not the case anymore plus you consider hacking is the future of war fare this whole the best defense is a strong offense is an immature attitude that's going to get this country bombed off the face of the earth this stuff is not a joke or a cute movement among poor rural people

    • Agreed they are treating it like it's a game. I gave trump a chance and he blew it. This is honestly the first time I've been afraid of presidential results. I would take George Bush back in a heartbeat.

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  • Edymemelord
    This is why I'm libertarian.
    to be honest I wish we would all just agree on stuff.
    But cancer exists.
    this is also why I left the political community it's full of idiots.

    What a funny meme doe 10/10
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  • vishna
    Oh, so you're a GoT nerd, me too, me too. You likey the books?
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    • Loved the books. The show is pretty good but not as good as the books. The entire time I watched the first season, I was screaming that's not what happened.

    • vishna

      haha, right, dude, the whole Brienne fights the hound thing, I was like nooooo, it was so much more intense in the books! And of course the Dornish plot, wth

  • Soulife
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  • FreshOutaIdeas
    Maybe when the people realise that elections are pretty much rigged 10-20 years+ in advance, that Hilary nor Trump (nor Obama or any western political 'leader') are there to serve anything but the people; then maybe, just maybe, as the poster rightfully claims, that 'mainstream' politics can then cease to be such a god awful farce...
    A little tip... Itd serve the average joe well to look into the federal reserve, learn and understand the nature of fractional reserve banking and the financial usury that all social classes (bar the poltico-banking elite cartel) have been subject to. Then you'll all realise why politics is such a sanitised, elusive joke...
    Oh and by the way, that illustration of the poltical spectrum is very misleading... In terms of 'left and right', Hitler was very much a leftist...
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  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    This is what I'm always talking about. It's an embarrassment to be either one.
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  • martyfellow
    Step 1 is to see the fraud of both parties. Then you have to start thinking about why that is.
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  • Centurion20000
    My thoughts? The Left's continuing meltdown is nothing short of Oscar winning levels of entertainment at this point.
  • smahala1991
    I agree, both sides are just as crooked and fucked as the other
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  • levantine99
    whatswith all the political takes lately? because of trump presidency coming?
  • SirRexington
    Anarchism is the belief that the government is inherently evil and that only through a mutual and voluntary basis can we truly achi
    • Achieve freedom and economic growth. Not to mention any law or regulation that demoralized or oppressed anyone is against our individual human rights.

  • TheFlak38
    Just a rant of 19 year old anarchist believing in nothing. Just eat and drink, piss, shit and fuck. What a life.
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  • dudeman
    id put anarchy on the right and nazi monarchy and fascism on the left.
    • dudeman

      nah you got it wrong. if you want to be united liberals need to understand that america is done with their shit.

  • yourmom89
    people these days will believe anything, even fake news. the pope even demonized fake news. fake news got him elected
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    I'm all about freedom of choice. Unfortunately, I can't free you from consequences. I see less and less benefits of birth control with each passing year. Except it gives girls and parents an excuse not to educate daughters to exercise better judgement, to purposefully alter your chemistry so that it dulls your senses allowing you to sleep with essentially people outside of your natural preferences, and making women more promiscuous in general. Mike Pence, cares more about women's health than women do, sadly. You can argue with me about this as much as you want. His religious beliefs may be stupid, but his causes are backed by scientific evidence.

    Guys need their a**es whipped into shape too. Their work ethics are s*** and their respect and confidence levels with women are in the gutter.
    • "I'm all about freedom of choice." *continues to write an entire paragraph that is a schlock full of bulshit and completely contradicts your point* Mike pence doesn't believe in science. Would it piss you off if I told you I have no intentions on ever having children? I am a virgin and have no intentions on having sex. Not that it's any of your business. You may not see a point to birth control but I do. I don't give a shit about you.

  • Waffles731
    Who is richard madden
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    • Rob stark from game of thrones. He's in a new show called Medici. I think it's like a parallel universe if rob married Walder Freys daughter.

    • Waffles731

      Oh, I finished season 4 of Game of Thrones

    • Waffles731

      Though I swear that before that there was a five second delay before the Jaimie Screamed after they cut off his hand

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  • ColinHarvey
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    • Yes and it's an amazing show. It also got renewed for a second season!

    • I made my poor ex-girlfriend visit their basilica in Florence any take a bunch of pictures. They're like the Tudors of Italy.

    • I research the family online and the basilica looks beautiful. You should definitely try the show. It's a little dramatic in terms of personal relationships, but I don't mind it because it doesn't run the show and it reveals a different perspective on the characters. It's totally accurate in terms of who he interacts with and political dealings. After I finish the first season, I'm going to watch the Tudors while I wait for the second season.

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  • Blonde401
    *slow claps*
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  • spoonman2014
    I love this article
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  • Equal_in_Death
    Your neutrality makes you worthless.
    • Hah! People are actually whining and bitching about making an unbiased my take? The point of this my take was that I am an independent and I believe what I want. For example I am pro-gun but I also want birth control to be a reasonable price. The only party where you can believe that is third party. Don't worry you're not the first person to have the point of a my take personally explained to you. And you won't be the last.

    • I know what you meant by it. I just know that you're a middling traitor who can't accept a set of values, good or bad.

      "Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong". - Theodore Roosevelt

    • Call it what you want but I call it open mindedness. I never fucking said I was neutral.

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