Why Male Privilege is a Fantasy

Why Male Privilege Is a Fantasy

The bible claims that Moses climbed a mountain to receive the moral code etched in the miracle of clay by the divine hand itself for all of humanity. The Karam claims that Mohamed flew to heaven upon the winged magical horse Allah. And the feminists claim that the whole world is a man's world, for which no woman can succeed in and can only suffer at the hands of the patriarchy. Three strong statements with one thing in common...they're all bullshit.

First, it hasn't been a mans world since the 70s. Rape was legal up until the early 20th century, but by the late 30s, rape wasn't legal anywhere save for the middle east, not even in Nazi Germany. But now a man will go the jail for so much as looking rapey, or even just being accused without evidence.

And what about the workforce? In most situations a woman will be hired simply for being a woman, regardless of education, qualifications[or lack thereof] or even stupidity. A man could have a very good eduction, a lot of qualifications, and still only have a slim chance of landing that job. For men, if all our hard work was any more useless, it'd be tits on a bull. But a vagina is a like a universal VIP badge.

And what about in marriage? In a divorce case, a woman will almost always win, and they end up having shopping sprees, laughing all the way to the bank, while the men are broke, depressed and suicidal. It is for this reason that prenuptial agreements were invented, else marriage would be a thing of the past by now.

And don't even get me started about the dating scenes? What effort must women make besides dress up? What must they pay for, besides nothing? How much of the driving must women do besides none? And what do they get out of it besides everything? The dating world is a money pit for men, and a money making opportunity for women.

So how the hell is it a man's world?

Why Male Privilege is a Fantasy
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    The getting hired for simply being female is not true. @Fatthoms77 has the lowest standards when promoting mytakes I swear...

    "How the hell is it a man's world?" Look worldwide where women are more likely to be illiterate than men. Sure, even men are denied education, but girls education is more likely to be sacrificed in impoverished societies than boys.
    There are much more male CEOs here in the states and in positions of power like politicians etc than women. Sure, we have to take into account that maybe they're not as qualified, but when the number is like 5% women and 95% male, you have to admit there's a bias.
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    • Sure, there are fields with female bias like teaching and nursing, but even those you will see that the men will be more likely to promoted to like principal. It cannot be that women simply aren't qualified, there are biases and stereotypes against women, just like there are against men (like that theyre not compassionate or caring enough to teach or be nurses, or that they are pedos and shouldn't teach young kids or be nannies, babysitters etc).
      Ignoring or denying privileges doesn't make them go away, and having privilege doesn't necessarily make you a bad person.

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  • Words_and_Wisdom
    "Male Privilege" is just an excuse for women who fail at life.
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    • Why are men so afraid to admit that sometimes they do have advantages? It doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it make men bad people.

      Oh, but let me guess, you think that female privilege is true?

    • @BuchitaBuchys Here's the thing. We each have our own advantages and disadvantages. Women for example have a huge advantage when it comes to the dating scene and when they need empathy. Do you deny the fact that women have much more access to relationships and sex than men? Or how about when men have issues or are oppressed individually by other groups or individuals, that they generally receive less social support?

      You can't keep crying out 'male privilege' when you have your own privileges.
      If it were my decision I would happily be a female in todays culture.

    • I never said that women dont have privilege. We do. But look worldwide, men have it much better.

      I can keep crying male privilege since Im more career oriented than relationship oriented. The "privilege" I have in relationships does not benefit me since I want a better job, not a boyfriend.
      Id rather be a man in more societies than a woman. Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Latin America, China, many Asian countries, etc. Men, by far, have it better worldwide

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  • AleDeEurope
    Male privilege isn't real in the West, only bitter losers think that way. They think their failure is because of their gender, and not because they're losers.
    If they wanna see male privilege, take them to Saudi Arabia, now that's male privilege.
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  • John_Doesnt
    Men have always been privileged around the world. That has never not been true and you're willfully ignorant to think that.
    The bible and Koran that you quote are all based on sexist ideas that a man can do things a woman can't. Any Christian or Muslim-based society has extreme male privilege. Same goes for a Jewish society.
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  • Negrodamuss
    If we're talking worldwide, men definitely have the upper leg. Women are only now starting to catch up with men after being held down for so long
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    • Get ready to be attacked, you know men on here cannot admit that men worldwide have it better. Or that white people tend to have it better worldwide too.

      Head in the sand people are coming your way.

    • @BuchitaBuchys lol, yeah I'm kinda use to them already. Nowadays I don't bother reading/replying :)

  • BronzedAdonis
    uhhh male privilege is very real the only fantasy is you denying that being a man doesn't afford you some perks in society
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