NEO Feminism and the New World Order - Interesting Take by Mark Passio


I got in a debate about modern feminism with some GAGers a while back. There was one guy who started off by seemingly insulting me, but after some conversation we both discovered we are along the same mind set. He highly recommended that I watch this video by Mark Passio. It's almost 2 hours long, but I'm glad I watched every minute of it.

At first I found Mark Passio was a bit peculiar. This guy talks about "satanism" and 1984ish "big brother" government control going on in western society. While I don't really buy into all the conspiracy theories he did shed some interesting light on the influence of NEO (modern) feminism.

My issue is how to confront modern feminism. Since I was a teenager I always felt deep down that there was just something inherently unfair about how modern society treats decent men. Don't get me wrong; if you really are a pervert, douchebag, rapist, etc. then you deserve to get the shit kicked out of you. I hate those guys just as much women do. However despite almost always being a respectful male I still felt like I was being "demonized" for being a straight male and had to somehow "apologize" for my masculinity.

This started when I noticed how often my mother would openly disrespect/insult my father and he would let her get her way out of fear of displeasing her. I also noticed how often my mother would take sides with ex girlfriends who did things to hurt me (even when she didn't even meet them!). I also noticed that my HS English teachers were requiring us to read feminist novels (examples: "their eyes were watching God" and "the Awakening".)

I went to a public university. The bias that went on there was so blatantly obvious it was almost comical (angry feminists chanting "hey hey mister get the fuck of my sister" during a women's rights rally). In my early 20s I started noticing how deeply feminism is engrained in our society via public education, politics, mass media, entertainment and even social media (liberal censorship). Now I'm noticing it in the workplace. I recently saw a more qualified male worker get laid off, but a more under qualified female kept the same job. I know the direct management didn't want that, but I have to wonder if the upper management did it to keep a "gender" quota.

So I identified the issue with modern feminism. However, as a heterosexual average caucasian guy what can I do to fight it? I do discuss this among my closest friends and anonymously on sites like GAG. However I feel like a guy has MUCH MORE TO LOSE if he voices his thoughts and opinions publicly against feminism vs. a radical feminist who screams her lungs out. He will be labeled a "bitter bitch" and will reduce his chances of getting laid vs. a modern feminist who still hook up with beta men.

It's not all about getting laid, but I feel like I could jeopardize many things in my life for getting aggressive against this crap (including my career). Just my thoughts.

NEO Feminism and the New World Order - Interesting Take by Mark Passio
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