Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions


Disclaimer: I am not a misogynist, I’m not a so called “incel” and I’m not MGTOW. There are many women I respect and love. The purpose of this take/article is to shed light on some flaws within the feminist movement that the feminists refuse to acknowledge. Also, women are not synonymous with feminism. Most men and women are not feminists but still believe in true equality. You don’t have to be a “feminist” to believe in true equality. I don’t consider myself a feminist yet I still believe in true equality. Because politics aren’t black and white, it’s a false dichotomy and a oversimplification to assume that politics are either “this or that”. I agree that there are some things that could be improved about each of the world’s nations but extremism like 4th wave feminism, anarchy etc are not the correct ways.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Feminism has been around for many decades now and while it may have helped women achieve equality, it also has had it’s issues for which it’s reputation has been tarnished. One of the those particular issues is how it tends to contradict itself in many ways, causing both it’s followers and opponents to be confused as to what side(if any) the ideology is really on. In this take/article I’ll be discussing the many contradictions expressed by the feminist movement.

Oversimplification and confirmation bias: When people debate about feminism, the first defense for the movement is the cliché on paper definition of feminism.

“The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

Sounds like a decent cause right? That’s the impression most people get when they google the word “feminism” since the first thing that pops up is that definition. However, the definition quoted above is merely the on paper definition that isn’t actually put to practice and further more, feminism in reality is supposed to be a wide range of different causes. But most people miss this and resort to a confirmation bias and oversimplification by assuming the definition is enough proof of what feminism is about.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

What feminism is supposed to be but isn’t: On paper, the ideology is supposed to be both a human and civil rights movement that advocates for the equality of all people regardless of race, sex, religion, political views, cultural identity etc. But despite the average feminist claiming that feminism cares about everyone, it doesn’t. It divides groups into two categories, the underprivileged and the privileged with the latter being the scapegoats for the ideology. Which is where the criticism against feminism comes in and why the 4th wave feminists are known by the three letters. “SJWs”

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Us vs them/barking up the wrong tree: One of the major contradictions is how the feminist movement vilifies certain groups despite claiming to fight for equality. It vilifies Asians, Whites, Christians, males, right wingers, baby boomers, traditionalist Hispanics and pretty much any right wing minority.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Racist and misandrist roots of feminism: The one thing feminist supporters don’t like to talk about is the racist and misandrist roots of feminism. Some of the early feminists(suffragettes) where racists, they didn’t want to allow blacks to vote. While feminist figures like Valerie Solonas Considered men to be inferior to women. Even today many 4th wave feminists still look down on men.

The way misandrists view men
The way misandrists view men

To be provocative or not? The early feminists up to the 1960s constantly demanded that women be allowed to wear revealing clothes without being stigmatized. Prior to the 1960s women were expected to be as covered up as possible, even the female navel was censored in the media. But post the 1960s, women were finally allowed to wear revealing clothing. Ironically nowadays, 4th wave feminists discourage scantly clad clothing in favor of women to once again cover up. Here’s the thing feminists don’t understand or don’t want to acknowledge. Women who dress in a provocative manner are doing so on their free will, nobody is forcing them to. It really is ironic how the feminists are attacking a woman’s liberty to wear whatever she wants.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

body shaming and heightism: For a movement that constantly attacks body shaming, it still does a lot of body shaming of it’s own. 4th wave feminists currently acknowledge that only heavy set women and Amazonian(tall) women can be victims of body shaming, nobody else. All while the 4th wave feminists constantly shame short men, muscular men, petite women, skinny women, fit women and feminine women. So in a sense 4th wave feminists practice both body shaming and heightism. The heightist sentiment is based on fallacious reasoning considering that regardless of a person being short, medium or tall. There’s always pros and cons to your height.

Short men dating tall women hurts many fragile egos for some reason.
Short men dating tall women hurts many fragile egos for some reason.

Their stance on religion: Their stance on religion is rather confusing. While there are many anti theistic feminists who hate religion in general, there’s roughly around the same amount of feminists who hate Christianity but vehemently defend the theocracy of the Middle East. For those that don’t know, Christian communities don’t discriminate against women, a woman has the same rights and privileges within Christian communities as men. But in middle Eastern theocracy, women are treated like property rather than fellow humans. Instead of constantly lashing out at Christians, feminists should be focusing all their efforts in the Middle East.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Unusual infighting: The feminist movement is surprisingly not as united as you’d think. Within the feminist movement there’s a lot of infighting going on between different sub factions. Examples: White feminism vs black feminism, or a no true Scotsman “not all feminists are like that”(NAFALT) vs “fake” feminists.

NAFALT/no true Scotsman
NAFALT/no true Scotsman

Hypocrisy of objectification and sexualization: Feminists are known for constantly bickering about the hyper sexualization and objectification of women. But only if it’s men sexualizing and objectifying women. Feminists don’t seem to care if it’s a woman sexualizing and objectifying another woman, a woman sexualizing and objectifying a man or a man sexualizing and objectifying another man. That being said, there is indeed a growing trend of men being objectified in the media, where’s the feminist outrage?

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Feminism and gender roles: Feminists constantly claim that they are against gender roles but in reality want to reverse gender roles. They promote the inconsiderate and illogical idea of the masculinization of women and the feminization of men. This is an obvious sign of feminist misandry that is aimed at subjugating the male populace.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

Male feminists/White Knights: One has to question the logic of these guys, they call themselves “feminists” without realizing that they’ll never truly be accepted within the feminist community. In order for them to be merely tolerated within the feminist community they have to meet many feminist ideals and basically become sycophants. Once they say or do something that isn’t approved by the feminist and liberal community, they usually end up receiving a lot of flak from the feminists. These guys claim to be fighting for equality but neglect male issues and are hostile towards women who don’t buy into the feminist rhetoric.

Canadian male feminist attacking pro life woman
Canadian male feminist attacking pro life woman

Proto-Totalitarianism: Feminists also claim that they are against totalitarianism yet practice some proto totalitarianism of their own. They like to express their views without any restrictions yet try desperately to censor those who have opposing views. Example: blocking people on websites just for having different views. They also try to force their views and standards onto others. Example: feminists constantly shaming traditional masculinity by calling it “toxic” masculinity all while they try to force metrosexuality onto men which they erroneously call “Positive” masculinity. If feminists truly were against totalitarianism, they’d respect people’s rights and liberties. And they would let people be who they want to be and do whatever they want as long as no harm is being done. If 4th wave feminists want to be respected then they should quit blaming fictional oppressors like the so called “patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity”. Feminists might mean well but unfortunately their actions are misguided.

Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

These are the main contradictions that I’ve noticed about the feminist movement and pretty much any so called “progressive” movement. but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many more contradictions that aren’t listed here. That being said, here’s another quote from George Orwell.

Sounds similar to “Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”
Sounds similar to “Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”
Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions
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  • Massageman
    You're right! First wave, second wave, third wave, fourth wave, shock wave, permanent wave, tidal wave. Hypocrisy and contradiction know no bounds. It's full of it- for SURE!. FUHGEDDABOUDIT. The biggest irony, in my opinion, of course was the "ban the bra" movement (along with most of their outer clothing as well), and then- once unclothed- where they whine and sue when males (visual creatures that they are) look at them with admiring intent in their eyes.

    The media is more than happy to keep the proverbial pot stirred up and simmering- coming to a full boil every so often, typically at pre-election times.
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  • Passinggas
    Great take but I think it cuts off short of the underlying Cultural Marxism that is the driving force behind this. However, you revealed more than I thought about on the symptoms that are feminism.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • IAmRedThunder
    Feminism annoys me. Seems like it was just something started by bored trophy wives that their husbands didn’t let them buy that expensive bracelet so they revolted 😂😂😂 I’m all for the me too movement and empowering women, but feminism? I had to take a feminist class for a GE and I wanted to throw my computer at a wall every time I read the papers/books we were assigned 😂😂
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    • CasaNorba

      #metoo was created by feminists to bring the bullshit they stand for to a whole new level. so may I asked how exactly can you hate feminists yet support the #metoo movement?

    • Feminism is about women complaining endlessly. Me too is about sexual assault. I was sexual assaulted and the me too movement brought me into a community of women (that actually aren’t feminists) that understand what I went through. Actually helped me and we all went to therapy together and are great friends. You can be for the me too movement but not be a feminist.

    • CasaNorba

      I'm sorry to hear that you were assaulted but I suggest you do a little more research on #metoo. those friends you met there are an extreme minority because a lot of the women who condone #metoo are just as full of shit as feminists. most of them aren't even rape/sex assault victims to begin with, they're just fallatic fans that want to promote false rape cases and perpetuate that idea that only men can be sexual predators

      that is why the wise to do when you get sexually assault is to report it to the authority. not post it on social media

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  • daliah
    I want younger girls who are ready to jump into radical feminism without knowing how toxic this movement could be because they are brainwashed- to read every singly word in this! 👏👏 Well said.
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    • daliah

      And I don't think most of them mean well, they want supremacy and power & they're slowly achieving it

    • Yup cuz of idiots like Jordan chase I'm usually on the side of men bashing women instead but that guy I have no words

    • daliah

      I'm sorry I didn't get it, you mean you were influenced by him?

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  • Interesting mytake. It’s nice that you’ve broken it down into each issue but I think you could have improved it a lot with some actual data backing it up.
    • What the post has pointed out has become so common, that anyone trying to ask for data on it is just trying to find ways to deny the whole thing

    • MzAsh

      There’s never a time when the issue is too common to ask for data.

    • Besides, the methods to acquire data are just too dumb. You can't collect data on more than a few things, because there are just no truly reliable methods

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  • ChronicThinker
    Feminism isn't the problem, people are the problem. Feminism came into operation during a time when women were essentially seen as property and subhuman, and while yes, for the most part we have equal rights, we still largely exist in a society where you won't see women in positions of power such as government because of pre-existing colonialism and the notions that gender plays a factor in our ability to lead.

    However, that isn't to say that I entirely disagree - modern day feminism has flaws because flawed people like to take good things and manipulate them to fit their personal agenda. I also don't disagree that men and women aren't suited for better for certain careers - although I still believe both can be capable of the same careers based on the individual.

    The problem is people look at the extremists, look at the whiny bitches who just want to step on heads and act like cunts and then blame anybody who even has a slight feminist undertone in their belief system like egalitarians like myself who can still acknowledge that sexism is still a thing. And yes, this goes for sexism towards both genders.

    It's a collection of complicated feelings that I have on the subject, but at the heart of what it is, feminism isn't an evil thing.
    • ADFSDF1996

      I find it funny that you say that since you were literally defending a racist not that long ago.

      Just because there were a few good Nazis like Oskar Schindler and Karl Plagge does not mean the Nazi ideology was morally good.

      Likewise there may be a few good feminists but the feminist movement as a whole is still a militant extremist movement that doesn’t have good intentions.

    • ADFSDF1996


    • BladeMan

      @ChronicThinker This is just a manipulation and tactic. Say the opposite of what you do. Feminists mostly use this kind of marxist tactics. As everyone know feminism is a marxist ideology.

      What feminists cause in today's society, this is feminism. Not the soft feminists one who try to show feminism is a good thing. Feminists are the reason why innocent men go to jail due to false rape and harassment, feminists are the reason why there is alimony agaist men. Feminists are the reason why women have priviliges while men suffer.

      You are a misandrist Fey18. Why do you hate men? Do you also hate your father and brothers? İf a woman falsely accuse your brother for rape or harassment and if your brother sent in prison, would you still be a feminist?

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  • I disappointed in myself for taking time out of my morning to read this.
    • Cherokeehp


    • DWD1994

      He's not wrong though.

    • Cherokeehp

      @DWD1994 but he is though.

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  • Fey18
    First of all, if you have to tell people you aren't a misogynist, you probably are one. You speak of oversimplification yet you do the exact same thing. All feminists don't think the way you think they do and all of them don't look the same as the angry redhead you guys always post. Feminists vary in opinion just like anyone does. Quite frankly I'm sick of this BS, grow up.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Typical petty insults from someone who doesn’t have valid counter arguments. And it’s you who needs to grow up since you seem to find it easy to resort to “muh misogyny”. No I’m not a misogynist so quit making baseless assumptions considering that you know nothing about me.

    • BladeMan

      "First of all, if you have to tell people you aren't a misogynist, you probably are one." No its not about that. Some judgmental feminists like you will put etiquette onto people who promote real equality. This is just a manipulation and tactic. Say the opposite of what you do. Feminists mostly use this kind of marxist tactics. As everyone know feminism is a marxist ideology.

      What feminists cause in today's society, this is feminism. Not the soft feminists one who try to show feminism is a good thing. Feminists are the reason why innocent men go to jail due to false rape and harassment, feminists are the reason why there is alimony agaist men. Feminists are the reason why women have priviliges while men suffer.

      You are a misandrist Fey18. Why you hate men? Do you also hate your father and brothers? İf a woman falsely accuse your brother for rape or harassment and if your brother sent in prison, would you still be feminist?

  • SarahsSummer
    I think you’re confused. While all groups may have racists misandrists, totalitarian-ists and such, the term “fourth wave” feminism is not feminism. It’s a bastardized term used to decribe something that feminists are not, including but not limited to your descriptions above.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Sounds like apologist rhetoric.

      Even the Nazi regime had good “Nazis” like Oskar Schindler and Karl Plagge who protected many people from the same regime they owed allegiance to. That still doesn’t absolve all the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime.

      Same goes for the feminist movement, just because there are a few good feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers, does not mean that the feminist movement as a whole has good intentions.

    • DWD1994

      4th wave feminism is still feminism. And feminism at large is basically just an r/incels circlejerk for women.

      Attempting to differentiate feminism by using terms like 4th wave and such is like attempting to differentiate the KKK between white nationalists.

    • The same old “not all feminists are like that” (NAFALT) strawman argument touched upon in the MyTake. If they AREN'T 'true feminists', as you claim, then why don't you or any other supposed 'true feminists' condemn their words, their policies or their actions? I mean, even the overwhelming majority of Muslims vocally denounce the Wahabbis, and disavow them. But you just say "oh, that specific thing didn't count, they didn't really mean it", and still keep the hate preachers up on their pedestals as the alleged 'paragons of virtue', as your proclaimed exemplary leaders and idols. Why?

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  • PinkMichae
    This is a great my take. You have said everything most of us see that makes feminism a problem today.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Feminism: An Ideology Full Of ContradictionsFeminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions Scary, aren't they? My EX-friends who turned radical feminists were like these scary bitches. Now, they're confirmed trans who look & act more manly (in a dangerous way) than the men that they used love & live with. They got too radical & lost themselves in the process.
  • KaitieSearching
    Feminist logic:
    “Using attractive women to advertise or foreword a cause is body-shaming. Take down that sexist advert!”
    “Let’s all march in the streets naked with the word slut painted across our breasts to raise awareness.”
  • Screenwriter
    This is true of any large movement. NOthing is ever monolithic with one idea. It can't be because it represents too many different women. Fairness is the goal. That's the big picture.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Karl Plagge is recognized as righteous among the nations. Does that mean the Nazis as a whole were “morally good”? Of course not.

      Same goes with the 4th wave feminists, just cause there are a few good feminists who mean well like Christina Hoff Sommers, does not mean the feminist movement as a whole is morally good.

    • Screenwriter

      I think you're looking at a few extremists as representing the movement as a whole. The movement is a good one that seeks equality and fairness. Lunatic elements are not what feminism is about. That woman quoted who says men are abortions is not a feminist. She's a man hater. Include her out. She's not on any wave but her own.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Nope, I know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the feminist movement has progressively turned into an extremist militant movement.

      If you believe in true equality, then call yourself a egalitarian not a feminist.

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  • Emmalouise03
    I’m anti feminist lol, the only thing I support about it is the right for women to work if they want, to have education, to get paid equally with men, and to vote👍 But I don't know, what else are they complaining about, there’s nothing wrong now? Now they’re just hating-.-
    • BladeMan

      Yes You said very well. Equality yes, feminism no. Feminism as the name says it comes from the word "fem". Femalist, womanist. Supporting only one gender is genderism. Feminists hate men and want to give women priviliges in the name of fake equality. The use the word equality, cuz otherwise they can not spread their fascist ideologies. They use a lot of tactics and manipulations.

    • BladeMan

      @Emmalouise03 Thank you for being anti feminist. 👍

  • sawno
    Its only a contradictionary movement if you fail to see the pattern. You are also mixing it up with marxism/leftism as a whole while feminism is the sub group that focusses on gender.

    So lets dive in a bit shall we?
    - Equality : Feminism legitimately is a movement for gender equality. Yes, it genuinely is. Its why it targets both women and men. Both sexes are attacked for their strengths in an effort to make them more equal. They try to remove the things girls are good at, things like the grid girls and motherhood and the likes. Meanwhile they are targeting the masculine strengths of men. The end result of that is equality trough crippling strengths and the desired result of that is an obediant work drone where the entire population is focussed on working and not their natural talents.
    - Vilification : This one is mostly to trick people into thinking they need to join their ingroup.
    - Religion : This one is indeed a clusterfuck. Feminists with a brain would condem religious oppression however other Marxist groups they often mix with think these religions are oppressed and in need of defense. So the end result is moral contradiction and something they really don't want to touch. The bigger agenda here is to suppres and destabalize the dominant culture to again both make it more equal but also destabalize it enough that the marxists can take control.
    - Gender roles are being reversed because of my earlier argument. If you reverse them you make it more equal because you now have two genders who gave up their natural strengths and thus are better office drones.
    - White knights : I see them as victims not feminists. They just want women to like them and do not understand they ran into the hands of a grouo that just wants power.
    - Speaking of power, that is the whole goal here. They want to fundamentally destabalize society so society and use their power as much as they can because ultimately the core (Not the blind followers who have no idea) does it to control people. Marxists think the new elite will accept them and the paradime puts them in a point of priviledge. Because ultimately these people are jelous of the success of others. It is again why our strengths are attacked. The same pattern why people get bullied. Its to drag others down to artifically be at least somewhat competitive. But these people are just tools by the corporate elite who wants ever increasing totalitarianism and just wants us to be mindless work slaves. So if they say they are against facism they are lying.

    So in short all these marxist movements are typically unsuccesfull jelous people used by their puppeteers as pawns for facistic/communistic goals.
  • CubsterShura
    If that's what you think of feminists trust me you're surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of feminists. Majority of my peers are feminists, I follow some feminist social media accounts, I'm a feminist myself... And while I personally don't like some aspects of third wave and fourth wave feminism, I can't fully agree with this post.
    • ThisDudeHere

      I'm pretty sure the feminism you have in Bangladesh may still be of the normal sort, unlike the one in the West.

    • CubsterShura

      @ThisDudeHere then you can easily follow South Asian feminists on social media if you think they are better than the White feminists. White feminism is a joke anyway so is the upper caste feminism in India that still discriminates women of lower castes. You don't have to follow the radical misandrists.

    • ThisDudeHere

      I don't intend to follow any feminists tbh

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  • Dargil
    The women's liberation movement of the 1960's and 1970's was important and relevant, just as the civil rights and conservationist movements were. They respectively addressed cultural wrongs and succeeded. But these movements were co-opted by by hustlers whose objectives were not to correct culture but to dismantle it. Today's Feminist, Social Justice and Environmentalist movements are doing exactly that, turning each into "industries" for extorting money and power out of the mainstream into the hands of charlatans and government.
    Feminist leaders disingenuously "brainwash" young women in exactly the same way as the Klan and other cultural constructs convinced young white men to hate essentially all minorities. Both are voluntary mental illnesses in that neither was forced, but rather seduced into those movements. But they are derangements. The insidious part is that the mind takes a permanent set that is difficult to reverse. I myself was taught to be an Anti-Semite by my father and had to experience Christian Salvation to expel it.
    Young women are afflicted with Feminist Derangement Syndrome, instilled into them by misandrists excluded from the mainstream. This grinding hatred renders them useless as wives, mothers and even business colleagues again, very much as angry young white men subscribing to racial bigotry also tend to be spouse abusers and intractable employees.
    The only solution today to the problem of Feminist Derangement Syndrome is quarantine.
    *Learn to identify them. They give themselves away because they are convinced of their virtue.
    *Do not let them raise, teach or influence children.
    *Best even to avoid having sex with them because of the risk of pregnancy and custody.
    *If you are employer, explore all female's backgrounds carefully for sexual harassment complaints against prior employers, criminal complaints, etc.
    *Carefully review the colleges female applicants graduated from for "social justice" "wokeness" and review transcripts in detail for course work indicating social activism.
    ***We want to relegate Feminists and SWJ's to professions where they can do little harm. They will naturally gravitate to government service, teaching and the legal profession and we need to be forearmed for that.
    My grandfather said young women are like Viet Kong. They pour your coffee during the day and cut your throat at night.
  • Alex_andrine
    I'm considering myself a feminist since i think women should do what they want regardless of what others think. Especially when it comes to sexuality or clothing.
    • ADFSDF1996

      You don’t have to be feminist to believe in those things.

    • BladeMan

      Feminism has nothing to do with the things you said. Feminism is just pure misandry and narsistic movement which only talk about women victims while ignoring men victims. İf you want to be part of that ideology, it shows why you don't like men.

    • Alex_andrine

      Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes... so yeah it has a lot to do with what i said because in thoses area we are usually not treated the same as men.

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  • Philyouup
    The problem with feminism is that those that fear it made it out to be some sort of monster. True feminism is just wanting equality. , same work, same pay. Same opportunities in life. Don’t treat woman like they are just something to have sex with. Agree with your post, except that you are a feminist , you believe in treating women like you want your self treated.
    • ADFSDF1996

      @Philyyouup That’s a false dichotomy, I am not a feminist I’m an egalitarian. I believe in true equality for everyone.

      Just because there a few good feminists doesn’t mean the feminist movement as a whole is morally good.

      Tell me, do you think that just because there were a few good Nazis like Oskar Schindler, that the Nazi regime was morally good?

    • ADFSDF1996

      @Philyouup I made it perfectly clear in the first italicized paragraph that you don’t have to be a feminist to believe in equal rights between males and females. I don’t consider myself a feminist but I do believe in true equality between males and females because politics are not “either this or that”.

      Even statistics show that most people don’t consider themselves feminists but still believe in equality.



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  • supercutebutt
    Another rant by a dude who can't get snatch. LOL.:)
    • DWD1994

      Ironic you try to implicate him as an incel seeing as feminism is really just like r/incels but for women.

    • @DWD1994 Men rant about women they don't know because they are not getting pussy. :)
      Simple as that.
      Feminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions

    • Inbox

      @supercutebutt So women who rant about men can't get a dick to save their life? 😂😂

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  • CasaNorba
    kick ass article bro, you hit the nail right in the head with all the points you've made.

    I may have the worst sarcasm in the world but whenever someone tells me "feminism is about equality" I always reply "yea and Donald Trump wants to make America great again"
  • MewsterMeow
    So what.. Name an ideology without fanatics or flaws...

    The Instagram feminists and men hating feminists are the noisy ones everybody notice. They mess up the real idea the Sufragettes fought for.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Even the Nazis had good guys like Schindler.

    • MewsterMeow

      Ah.. Godwin's Law..

    • ADFSDF1996

      So what? At least it’s not a reductio ad Hitlerlum which the liberals are notorious for using.

  • ThisAndThat
    First of all, feminism was never about equality. It was started by Marxist communist in order to overthrow the gov of France. 4th wave feminism has revealed that plainly. Feminist are not about equality they are about socialism and communism. This is why they've attacked God and Christianity and indoctrinated girls into abortion and homosexuality because in order to implement communism Marxism the moral fabric must be removed. There is no equality because women have all the privileges in society and that reaches all the way around the world which is why MGTOW is growing at lightening speed in the millions and growing rapidly. I went MGTOW monk 33 years ago due to the treatment I got from my ex and the writing I saw on the wall. It took many years but now millions of men have joined me. I don't hate women but I can't overlook what they've done, their conspiring against and outright hate lies and deceit against men. It took me about a year to uncover all they have done to conspire against men to decide I never want to get involved with another female again for the rest of my life. Women are against men the system is against men and society are against men. Some women have decided to finally start speaking out about the atrocities that have been committed against men, but it's too late for me to change my mind, I'm done, made my final decision, it's the same thing for many of men out there.
    • kim45456

      You dont choose to be a homosexual and aborting is not a bad thing. If someone growimg in my body against my will, i have every right to remove it

    • ThisAndThat

      @kim45456 You have bought into feminism and you are an agent a servant of the anti christ.

    • kim45456

      I am muslim and yes I am anti christ

  • akiflyer
    Feminism is inherently sexist! You can't be for "equal rights" and focus on one side.

    During first and second wave society itself would favour men and defend men, so feminism balanced it all out. Now society mostly defends women's rights actually and on top of that you got feminism, which becomes man hating.
  • chris0977
    Society needs, along with math science, language, mainstream education in psychology, because most have no idea how, why, or what motivates their actions, how to recognize, or even perceive biases, most only know how they feel, and want pain gone, often with far less consideration to others' beliefs, perspectives, and circumstances than they give themselves.
  • BladeMan
    Feminism is a religion. All religions are bad and they all say we are the only true religion and we promote peace in the world. Feminism is a female supremacy and misandry. But they spread this ideology in the name of equality to spread fascism too all world.

    Women who claim themselves as non feminists can also be misandrist. I see a lot of them. Only submissive and masculist women are the ones who love men and protect them from bad things.

    Feminism is never about equality. From 1. wave to last wave. Anyone who thinks the 1. wave of feminism is about equality they are all ignorant. Feminism is never about equality..

    Most women are narsist. They ask questions like "how skinny shamed affect women" , "do any girls in Gag have faced skinny shamed" those questions only focus on women and not for men. Women are so smart when it comes to social intelligence. Men are going weaker and weaker. Female standarts are rising. Men should start being selfish. Also all men should be mgtow and masculist. Thats the only thing to stop misandry.
  • sheepdip
    The trouble with things like this is that they are Big Ideas. Big Ideas tend to transcend any movement that champions them and are typically characterized by the most vocal proponents of them during different time frames.

    "Feminism" has as many different meanings as there are people who say it, but generally any description of it will involve women's rights and defending them. That's about as broad a description and as generous a one as I can realistically give, without drawing on personal experience.

    I think the best way to view any modern "ism" is like early Christianity. Its yet to adopt proper authodoxy and split into different sects.

    I'm not a feminist because I don't think one movement can have a monopoly on equality justice, nor do I think one claiming they do is legitimate. I know there will be some people who say that feminism doesn't have a monopoly on equality and I'm just being exclusionary to feminism, but if that's not the premise of the movement then its no different to humanism and humanism doesn't need relabeling.
  • Felinegirl
    I tend to use the term feminazism for this. Feminism is the original ideology of equality for the sexes and both/all genders. Feminazism is the spin-off where people try to use a good ideology for their own twisted world views, to spread hate or for personal gain.

    There are rotten apples in every large group or movement who ruin it for the rest. Think crusades and historical genocides for christians, suicide bombers for muslims, feminazis for feminism...

    If you judge a movement by the worst its people have ever done, you're never going to find anything good and people just keep hating and fighting each other.
    • DWD1994

      The thing is though, its not a few bad apples. Feminism itself is radical and much of the manhating is present in feminist theory. Its not judging the movie unfairly if people are using feminist theory to point out how its manhating.

    • Felinegirl

      @DWD1994 In my area, feminism is pretty close to the original. Dutch people are seen as rude or unromantic by foreigners, but we tebd to be efficient and fair. People pay for their own food regardless of gender (going Dutch), we have this popular app called 'Tikkie' by which you can send friends a bill for what they owe you lol. Girls hold open doors just as often/rarely as guys. We have househusbands. Many people don't even bother to get married actually, meaning separate bank accounts. And women carry their own bags.
      I never realised how emancipated we were until I dated a foreigner. I found it so weird when he did gendered things, like being offended that I paid his ice cream or like wanting to take my coat.

      So maybe we have different experiences, but to me, the original core values of feminism are still good. And I will call myself a feminist as long as there are girls who cannot get an education or women who aren't allowed on the streets unchaperoned.

    • BladeMan

      There is no a word feminazi. Feminists made up this word as manupulation to protect feminism. Feminism is not about equality for both genders. İt just interested with women issues while ignoring men's issues. Anyone who don't see this truth is also a misandrist and liar.

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  • FeminstAreCuck
    Couldn't have written any better, everything you said is spot on.
  • mermaidia_lol
    I agree with the "feminist who hate Christianity but vehemently defend the theocracy of the Middle East" one.
    • How can you hate christianity its bout forgivness repentance and love anybody who hates Christianity just has a. Sinful heart and hates that it challenges their wicked ways

    • Very true.

  • Grond21
    Yeah, that's very well said. You weren't right on everything, but close enough.

    One thing I have frequently seen is an attempt to promote equality of outcome, but only in high-status jobs like CEOs. Simultaneously to this, shaming women who decide they want to stay at home and be homemakers
  • RolandCuthbert
    Gee whiz. The 3 millionth thread on feminism since I have been here.

    i swear if you guys could just pound it out, all of these would disappear.

  • Blitzkrieg_88
    Nothing left for me to say as you've been rather through except thst women are walking ilogical contradictions.Feminism: An Ideology Full Of ContradictionsFeminism: An Ideology Full Of Contradictions
  • Elleymei
    Bro you’re just in a bad mood cause you ain’t getting enough pussy 😛
    • BladeMan

      Typical feminist comment. Feminism is a dogmatic religion. Dogmatic ideologies and its followers are very similiar. And thank you for showing this. Dogmatic people only do ad hominem, they don't have any argument. Thank you for showing this again. You will convince more people to understand why feminism is a dogmatic religion.

  • Iwillfindyou21
    I just noticed that the comments that mention the fact that not all feminists are the same get downvoted by a lot of men?
    I think you should read these comments and think before you downvote something just because it at some point says "all feminists aren't like this".
    It is true. The first versions of feminists were all just to give women rights and support gender equality. And a lot of nowadays "old-school" feminists think exactly the same.
    The fact that feminism has developed to brainwash people to think only women have problems and that they are superior to men is another problem. I agree with this fact, you see this everywhere. But do not be triggered just because someone said that not all feminists are bad. Just like some Incels and MGTOWs are not woman-hating jerks who cannot get laid.
    • nathanp97

      Do all feminists believe in the wage gap? Any one who does is an idiot and is part of the problem

    • ADFSDF1996

      Just because there were a few Nazis like Oskar Schindler and Karl Plagge who protected countless people from the third reich does not mean that the Nazi party as a whole was “morally good”.

      Same goes for 4th wave feminists, just because there are a few good feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers does not mean that the feminist movement as a whole has good intentions.

    • I am not saying they are overall good...

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  • coachTanthony
    I am pretty sure the Hooters girls are not asking that woman to defend them!

    Amazing take! Really good info !
  • Mjghost
    You don’t need to respect women or men. Respect is earned! Feminist is toxins and turns men into p***es to be able to bring a trojan horse to destroy nations. Sweden a perfect example.

    Feminism is cancer.
  • Phoenix98
    Feminism is a paradox that when looked at closely leads to the conclusion that it is senseless, logically unacceptable and self-contradictory
  • Dchrls78104
    God made man and woman to be equal and complementary. Women and men should treat each other well and love and respect each other. I don't need feminists to tell me this, it's just plain common sense. Feminists don't have common sense.
  • LogicBomber
    Feminism is another term for severe mental retardation.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm just here to remind everyone that feminists started pissing their pants on social media because some 4chan trolls convinced them it was fighting the patriarchy.
  • dbr1987
    I am so triggered by your post! The patriarchy needs to be taken down! I refuse to shave my armpits and it's my body so my choise and abortions are cool and i get to sleep with who i want! I want a carreer and all men are pigs!
  • BronzedAdonis
    yawn, this subject has been discussed ad nauseam on this site, this mytake feels several years out of date
    • Agreed. So many frustrated, angry guys in the world. So sad :(
      I think God created man butt for gentlemen who can't score sniz. Just get together and fuck each other in your butts, you guys. It will feel similar to having sex with a girl :)

  • hahahmm
    The fact is that men built multiple civilizations, many from scratch. Women haven’t built one. It was foolish to run a social experiment such as letting masses of single moms get paid for being on their backs & (doing a poor job) raising kids. It was foolish to let rich employers reduce wages as the women entered the workforce (two income family only earns 23% more than what a single income once provided.)

    Feminists do what feels good. Not what’s actually good for themselves or society.

    And the thing a lot of women replying don’t even get is that almost all modern women are feminists even if they don’t call themselves that.

    The men who never hold women accountable for anything & kiss their butts are known as simps. They’re the real core problem. Lots of them in police forces, courts. All of the gangsters running in the streets & shooting each other over petty disputes: same.
  • DashboardLight
    The amount of times people feel the need to bash on feminism (or feminazism) is getting just quite ridiculous.
  • Grobmate
    So true.

    Marxism and Postmodernism in true fashion completed by it's fabricated lies and poor u understanding of history.
  • confusedrepeatedly
    Basically 4th wave feminism is feminazism nothing new although I always thought feminism meant equality for the sexes NOT women's advocacy group
  • Yep all true. You're an equalist if you believe in equality not a feminists.
  • Rangers
    You'll get many hate comments from butthurt feminists, but that's the fun part, thank you so much man!
  • genericname85
    it's not really contradictory. there are people that look at laws that exist and look if they're discriminatory. for example if men can vote and women can't, that's discriminatory and needs to be ruled out. i would suggest calling that ligitimate feminism.

    feminists nowadays are not fighting for equality. they actiely try to discriminate against men so that women can have more rights than them. feminism has no place in most western societies anymore. it needs to be in eastern muslim countries.

    the problem with feminism is that it's not an institution with rules and a transparent unified agenda, defining what is feminism and what isn't. every fuckwit can refer to themself as a feminist, that is really the problem.
  • Kdude010
    Femcel, female incels = feminists.
    Odd that you don't hear females shaming their own female sexist radicals but would gladly do so for men.
  • smartrider
    I need to tell this! I am a very open minded man. I had a girlfriend who was a feminist. She always wanted to get privileges that I had already given to her.
  • Juliie_
    Feminism suck nowadays
  • Cocacolaaddict
    "Women are not for decoration" yet your perfectly fine with men being your banks