You Can't Let People Walk All Over You

Today, I will get right down to the point. Most of my recent myTakes have all been about the well being of yourself, preventing any possible exploitive motifs, and one by one, I will explain them all.


A recent poll, presenting a small statistic representing those who have been bullied, seen bullies, or believe it happens and is tolerated. The thing is with bullies, although they're weak themselves for picking on those who they find weak, you are allowing yourself to be picked on by tolerating this behavior, thus letting the bully walk all over you.

I've also had experience with bullying, of course. The guy wouldn't stop.. Kept calling me names, annoyingly teasing me, etc, but eventually I figured that he would never stop, until I made myself clear that I wasn't going to tolerate his behavior anymore. I had to fight back, and he left me alone.

Early Sex

This is my Take on why women avoid sex on the first date, and although I know a great relationship can spark after a enjoyment-releasing night sex session after a first date, the contrary can happen as well, and you'd want to make sure that you are not being used for sex, letting people walk all over you. Sex is an intimate period, something that should stay special to those having it. I'm sure I could have sex without an emotional connection, but it's not going to be with someone I don't care for.

Gold Diggers

Do you tend to supply your crush with constant gifts in hopes that they'd like you back? Do you tend to lend people money all the time? Do you tend to be more of a giver rather than a receiver? Well unfortunately in this day and age especially, people can and will take advantage of you, taking your gold because you let them walk all over you.

There is always a safe quantity of "gold" that you can always give, but you'll need to make sure that you receive something as well, and that includes positive emotion such as love. In a healthy relationship, one person cannot love too much more than the other. There must be balance, or it becomes unhealthy. Same goes for friendships and gifts. Nothing should be one-sided here.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse should never be an answer for emotional relief. You see abusive relationships where aggressive men are hitting women out of anger, dissatisfaction, or other petty reasons, and women hitting men because of their feelings of entitlement. This can be a very controversial belief, but everyone has the right to self defense, and no one should tolerate ANYONE aggressively hitting you without some form of self defense. Unless you stop the abuse somehow someway, they will keep going. They will lose their respect for you, with you letting them walk all over you.

This goes against the belief that men should never hit women, but I've always believed that no one should take assault and abuse too lightly. It's a very serious matter (that could hopefully be slowed), but physical abusers, both men and women are similar to bullies, and should be treated as such.

Emotional Abuse

My favorite example is of minorities that are not accepted by others around them based off of their religious beliefs, races or colors, or sexual orientation. Becoming an atheist or a bisexual are not phases, and we never chose to be that way. It's just what happened, kind of like a fate. It doesn't necessarily mean that we were meant to be what we are, but it doesn't mean that we can ever change the way we are because others, even close family and friends, do not agree.

You won't be able to change your religious beliefs that easily, you can't control who you're attracted to, and you can't change your race. You are who you are, and since no one else can change that, no one should be walking all over you.

You'd also want to be up top, right?

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  • Bullying- regardless if it's exelled from a problem just like discrimination between races and sexual orientation. It will come back in some other form or just affect someone else. I know this because I am bullied. I've "tolerated" it for years ever since 2nd grade. I don't fight but I don't let them push me around. I will verbally speak up but never physically. I'll take a punch for someone else. Hell I'll even take verbalize insults meant for others. Bullying is caused by many things that are either personally or just out of anger. Don't do something permanently stupid just because you're temporarily upset.


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  • yeah i won't let that happen


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  • It's true that you can't let people walk all over you, but some victims are kind of broken inside, and are unable or unwilling to fight back. I had a messed-up childhood growing up (I even did a Mytake on my abusive father), and was very withdrawn. In high school, I didn't have many friends, and just wanted to be as invisible as possible. I put up with bullies of both genders. Guys would have fun just grabbing me by the shirt and shaking me around or throwing spitballs at me, while girls would just tease me by telling me how 'cute' I was, or pretending they were 'in love' with me, while their girlfriends laughed their heads off.

    It's easy to say, "Well, why don't you just stand up to them?" In those days, I had some personal issues like self-esteem, and just didn't have the guts, and there were no anti-bullying groups in school. Things are very different now. I have no problem looking somebody right in the eye and saying, "Hi!", or if they piss me off, telling them, "Fuck you!"

    Some girl wants to tease me with some fake flirting? No problem, I'll come over, put my arms around her, and feel her ass up. Some guy wants to give me some shit? I carry a knife with me, and if I get pissed off enough, I'm ready to use it and go down.

    I haven't had much trouble in decades. Maybe it's just the way I compose myself. I don't act cocky or arrogant, but I have confidence that never existed for me in high school.

  • actually bullies pick on you because they are powerful, they feel confident, and stronger than you, they like to play with the weaker, but it's also something we are all capable of this, it's in the human nature

    • That may be true to an extent, but they'd only feel confident in picking on someone that they feel as though they're easily able to bully, people that they know wouldn't retaliate.

    • hmm, yeah, they only pick on weaker, but i'm sure anyone (or most of the peoples) would do the same (the instinct of controlling something so it can't attack later is a human instinct). however, i don't think that makes them weaker or more powerful. to further understand this issue, i suggest you to look it from the bully's perspective, they don't think is bad at all, they think is something normal, and the victims feel guilty when they try to defend themselves.

  • This is true

  • Agreed with bulling concept

  • I beat up a bully once. Nice take.

  • Bullying is good for evolution. All science proves this.

  • You forgot self responsibility