Dear Boomers and Silents-- A Letter from Millennials

Dear Baby Boomers and Silents,

I know. We're your least favorite people to deal with, or hear from. It's a constant refrain. We're lazy. We're entitled. We're spoiled and special snowflakes who are too lazy to move out of our parent's basements, too selfish to have the grandkids you want to badly, we're too busy having casual sex.

I know, a short insult counts more than facts. But let's look at reality here for a moment. Let's start with the basic insult about how we millennials are such promiscuous little brats.

1. No, we're not sleeping around like Mad Men.

Or in short, "Recent research also shows that, overall, millennials — people born between the early 1980s and 2000 — have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers and those in Generation X, the group immediately preceding them."

2. While we're at it, abortion.

Or as my boomer parents put it, "They're having less kids because they're killing them all off."
Or as reality put it, abortion is at the lowest rate since Roe V Wade. The highest amount was in 1980 and 1981... Boomers and Silents enjoying their freedom.

Oh and our predecessors? The Gen X? Which is surprisingly smaller size than us Millennials? Yeah, you aborted them off. "A fourth of my generation is missing. For every three people you see my age there is one person who didn’t make it out of the womb alive. They were aborted."

3. Lazy!

Yeaaaah. 1970, the National Debt was 371 billion. Way to go on debt management there. By the time I was old enough to vote, the national debt was safely in the trillions.

True entitlement is tripling the national debt since the 1980s and using the proceeds to spend lavishly on tax cuts and government programs that primarily provided short-term economic boosts, while refusing to raise the Social Security age of retirement or to reduce benefits, even as the gluttonous program careens toward unsustainability.

True entitlement is allowing the reasonable minimum wage that Baby Boomers enjoyed when they were our age to deteriorate while opting to cut taxes on the gains from stocks and bonds that they accrued during periods of debt-driven economic and stock-market surges – creating an economy where wage earners at all income levels, as of 2012, receive a smaller portion of economic output at any time since 1929.

How about economics? Oh wait. Average reak wages have risen about a dollar in 50 years.

Let's also keep in mind that the Immigration Act of 1965 started bringing in massive immigration... and yes. Mass immigration brings down wages, simply because there are more workers. Hell, Boomers are still open about how they prefer cheap immigrant labor, legal or illegal, over Americans.

“Even if an American guy came up right now, I don’t know if I’d hire him,” said Keller, who employs five immigrant workers. “I’d rather have a Latino.”

Or just as places like Toys R Us.

Keep in mind, the Silents grew up in an age with trade protectionism. That's how they had such nice paying jobs, for a large part--companies literally couldn't go hire cheaper people in poor nations at exploitative rates.

4. Divorce!

Let's examine more of those family values the Boomers and Silents love. Let's look at divorce rates for a second, see what the sacred vows of marriage meant to the prior generations.

Yeah. Thanks for that lesson by example about how important relationships are.

5. Safety....

Oh, totally thanks for safeguarding Europe against communism, bringing down the Iron Curtain. Safeguarding the USA for the future....

"Top US general: China will be 'greatest threat' to US by 2025"

Just a 5 million man army with plots to spread across the world, who the USA single single handed funded thanks to Boomers and Silents deciding that we'd be far better off buying Chinese goods than having American manufacturing jobs.

Yes. We Millennials are the worst. Thanks for financing the rise of the biggest threat to the nation, thanks for bankrupting the government for entitlement programs, thanks for bringing in as much immigration as possible while sending everything from car factories to call centers overseas which ensures we Millennials need to spend as long as possible in school if we want a decent paying job... but I remember, we're lazy and won't work, and that's why we're at home struggling with massive debt.

Yes. We millennials really are the worst.

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What Girls Said 3

  • 1d

    You are mock worthy because you are the generation that can not go a whole day without getting offended by something.

    Gender - there are two genders: male and female. That is it. You are not enlightened to think there are more than two genders; you are just dumb.

    Safe Zones in college - Special snowflakes will melt if they hear an idea they do not like.

    Bananas are even offendable - Greek retreat is cancelled at Ole' Miss because a banana peel is found in a tree

    Winners/Losers - can't have winners or losers anymore so scoring is no longer allowed in kids' sports.

    This is why you are mocked. But the people that raised you to be like this should be mocked just as much if not more.

    Society is doomed and your generation is the bell tolling. But the generations that raised you like this are the ones to blame and unfortunately, you guys are not taught to think for yourself so you do not fight against the joke that you guys have become. It is all very sad to me.

    • 1d

      My use of you does not mean you specifically but millennials in general.

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    • 6h

      @Curmudgeon Aah, so you're blaming the generation that came before you for your lot in life? Hope you mooched off of them as much as you could, then. And if you want me to fuck off, you can watch, but you pay up front and I expect some snuggling when I'm done. Just write me into the will and that should suffice, daddy.

    • 5h

      @Sparkzs Alas, we didn't.

  • 4d

    Stop playing the victim... sometimes life sucks. Blaming us for everything isn't going to change anything. Stop with the whining.

    • 3d

      Actually, Rissyanne, You and I are in Generation X. The Boomers are now the elders, and the Silents the very elderly now passing away.

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    • 1d

      @phantombandit you should have stayed

    • 19h

      I am staying.

  • 3d

    i don't think you're reaching your target audience


What Guys Said 3

  • 1d

    Yup! The baby boomers sure as hell bankrupted and destroyed every fabric of this once great capitalist nation. The problem is that you millennials voted to give a hard core communist like Obama two terms in office and it's you idiots who are rioting at Trump rallies and calling for a communist revolution. I work with several milennials and i can tell you for a fact that those pussies are afraid of hard work or to even get there royal hands dirty. If I took that attitude I'd get fired on the spot! Your generation is spoiled and stupid! That's why we rag on you...

  • 1d

    I wonder what you have to say on this one :

  • 2d

    shame on you millennials