#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

With those severally incidents in Hollywood, a lot of third wave feminists have been using those incidents as ammunition to continue to attack males and masculinity. In this take, I’ll be talking about how it still negatively impacts men and masculinity.

By the way, I’m not defending Harvey Weinstein.

#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

1.) Using one specific incident to attach labels

The misandrists/gynocentrists like to take a certain real life example and attach negative labels on males and masculinity. They make it a “males vs females” issue.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

2.) Anti male agenda in the entertainment industry

Even though it’s subtle, mainstream entertainment industries continue to shame men and masculinity. Movies like “ghostbusters” and “Wondewoman” are said to have been politically motivated considering how ghostbusters featured a feminist cast and Wonderwoman had a “female only” screening.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

3.) Males are slowly starting to speak out

It’s easy for the misandrists/gynocentrists to say that “misandry is not real” when a lot of males are afraid to speak out due to fear of backlash. However, males are starting to speak out on misandry and gynocentrism, specifically William Shatner. https://www.google.com/amp/s/paleofuture.gizmodo.com/william-shatner-attacks-snowflakes-social-justice-warr-1797386393/amp
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

4.) Men can be victims of sexual assault

It’s pathetic how a lot of gynocentrists want to believe that men can’t be victims of sex crimes. Whenever a man gets sexually assaulted by a female all the SJWs say “he must have enjoyed it”. Or if it’s a female high school teacher arrested for sex with one of her male students, all the SJW males say “Where were these teachers when I was in high school”. It’s absolutely appalling how people assume women can’t sexually assault men. Women can sexually assault men by drugging them, by ganging up on a man, by threatening him of by using prowess to subdue him. A woman can still inappropriately touch a man without a man’s consent, that’s sexual assault. A woman might use a strap on to “peg” a man without his consent. Men can also sexually assault other men, it happens to a lot of men in prison, parties and in many places where the victim can’t call for help.

People who assume men “enjoy” getting raped have no idea how the male body works. A man can involuntarily get a erection, a man can involuntarily orgasm, a man can orgasm out of fear. A man can get a painful erection after orgasm which can result in painful sexual activity for the man.

The other problem is how male sexual assault victims are never taken seriously. They get laughed at and the people who wronged the man get a light punishment. Even though I’ve never been a victim of any kind of sexual assault or rape, I still understand what male victims go through. https://www.google.com/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/men-who-were-sexually-assaulted-10271205.amp

Even some people who “care” about men only briefly talk about male victims of sexual assault, because they feel pressure to talk about it, not because they care. Immediately after they briefly talk about male victims of sexual assault, they go back to making sexual assault a gender specific issue.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

5.) Shaming masculinity

The one way gynocentrists/misandrists like to attack males is by attacking masculinity itself. They desperately try to convince people that masculinity is some kind of “disease”.They try to force men to abandon traditional masculine traits for more androgynous/feminine traits. They constantly promote effeminacy for men. They do this to bring men down a level, they’re trying to weaken the human male. If a man wants to stay masculine, let him stay masculine don’t force him to be feminine.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying there is anything wrong with feminine or androgynous men, what I’m saying that men shouldn’t be pressured or forced to abandon masculinity. The picture below is not meant to offend anyone, it’s just a comparison between men back then and some men today.

#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

6.) Men are starting to distance themselves from women

One reason why MGTOW exists is because men are starting to fear women. They are afraid that women will call a them creeps and accuse them of “sexual harassment” just for saying “hello”. False accusations against men are taken way more seriously than when a man comes forward to report something that was done to him.

I’m not mgtow by the way
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

7.) Each race of males have different negative stereotypes

No matter what race you are, if you are a male then there is some kind of stereotype attached to you. Asians males are stereotyped as having small packages, incorrectly labeled as misogynists, being “feminine”. These only apply to certain individuals not all of them. White males are stereotyped as being racist, abusive husbands and fathers. Black males are stereotyped as being dead beats, thugs and ignorant. Hispanic males are stereotyped as being pot heads and violent criminals. However, most of the hate nowadays is directed towards Asian and White males. The SJWs like to label both of them as “privileged”, you’ll often see how far left dominated movie industries show Asian males are stereotypically depicted as “tender” , speaking broken English and are rarely the protagonist. While many white males are depicted as being clumsy, racist and abusive fathers. However, there is still some good news and it’s that finally a Asian male actor(Jackie Chan) gets to play the non stereotypical Asian male protagonist in the movie called “The foreigner”. While white males are still able to get non stereotypical roles due to being the majority.

#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

8.) Male bashing

Whether it be on TV, a movie, a ad, social media, in public and certain far left wing/SJW websites, men are often blamed whenever something goes wrong. Men are shamed in order to “empower” women. Men who speak up for themselves get labeled “misogynists” “homophobes” “nazis” just because those men are tired of the misandry and being scapegoated. International men’s day is on international toilet day for crying out loud.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

9.) Heterophobia

Despite people claiming it’s not real, it’s real although it’s usually subtle. Straight men are the primary victims of this, a straight man gets called a creep or pervert just for checking out a woman, while women can check out men or women without any repercussions. But if a straight man resists the temptation to check out a woman he is assumed to be “gay”.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

10.) White Knights

These men either don’t know better, they want some kind of “reward” and or they simply hate their own sex. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I don’t think highly of white knights. A lot of them like acting high and mighty behind a computer screen or always attack a lone male in groups. White knights also like to defend a woman even if she’s wrong. This

11.) Everything is male vs female

People just love stirring the pot by making everything a competition between males and females. Whether it be politics, sports, science, entertainment etc, it’s always men vs women. For example, a woman manages to lift more than her body weight and all the people say “Girl power!” A woman invents something and people say “girl power!” and the list goes on and on, every accomplishment a woman makes is followed by a “girl Power!” Shout. This kind of stuff simply divides males and females, instead of working together men and women feel the urge to compete against each other. I don’t need to remind you that men and women belong to the same species.
#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

12.) Biology not society

I don’t get how people like to politicize the science behind biological differences between men and women. Aside from chromosomal differences there are also 2,500 genetic differences. Also, men and women start off in a gender neutral state not as a “proto-female”. In fact a very recent discovery is challenging the “all humans start as female” belief.https://www.sciencenews.org/article/embryos-kill-male-tissue-become-female

#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

I don’t believe men and women should be trying to “one up” each other, it’s pointless and will lead to more bitter feelings between both men and women. If society is to improve, then Men and women need to put their differences aside and work together for a better future. Men already helped women get fair treatment here in first world countries, now it’s women’s turn to help men overcome misandry just like how these young females stood up for their male peers.

#MenToo, the Neglect of Men and How Males and Females Continue to Get Divided by Gender Politics

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Most Helpful Girls

  • I see a bias against males every day so I am surprised by the comments of people who say they have not seen this in their life. Now, I do not see it in individual people that I interact with but in the news, in TV shows, in movies... sure, I see it all the time so maybe they just meant that they do not personally encounter it?

    Regardless, there is a bias against males and it is getting worse every year.

    Some universities will treat a rape allegation as a fact. And there is a belief on university campuses that their is a rape culture. As if we raising men to rape? What a joke.

    In social media or on website comments, you will often see a woman make a comment that she punched her man or wants to punch her man and the responses overwhelmingly will be something like, "You go, girl!". Imagine what the comments would be if a man said something similar.

    In TV shows and movies, women characters often comment on how a man is useless and/or unnecessary.

    I would suggest when you see comments like "girl power" (which is an asinine saying and a completely patronizing saying made by women to women), you mock them like they should be mocked.

    I would suggest when you see comments that have a female bias, you challenge them. "If the sexes were reversed in this story, you would not be making these comments, like you go, girl!". Call them out. Fight their illogical idiotic reasoning with sound, rational reasoning,

    The problem stems from people thinking feminism is a thing. It is not a thing. Decent people believe in equality of the sexes so feminism has no meaning, is redundant and not necessary. Since it is not needed and stupid people, mainly leftists, need a cause or out of boredom they make issues out of nothing.

    Feminists today are about being a victim. I wish I could remember a hashtag I saw a few years ago on twitter but I can't recall it but it was hilarious. Feminists were arguing among themselves about who was the greater victim: women of color or women not of color. What a friggin' joke they are and they should not be taken seriously and mocked ruthlessly.

    Feminism needs to be thing in cultures where women really are oppressed - where going to school can get you acid thrown in your face. But in America, it is a joke and should be treated like the joke it has become.

    • How is feminism not needed when men like Harvey Weinstein exist and get away with sexual assault for years before the story broke out? Do you just live under a rock or something?

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    • @Tanisha69
      Well obviously not when the rapist is in power, like Harvey Weinstein was. No one was pummeling him.

    • @raspberry0416 Feminism is not needed since decent people know that men and women are equal so feminism is redundant and therefore unnecessary.

      Any person that takes advantage of another person or uses their power to take advantage of another person is considered wrong and should be stopped, decent people know this.

      Now, where women are actually being physically oppressed - like in Muslim nations, there feminism is not redundant and is therefore necessary.

      That is my point.

  • I absolutely agree. Feminist are still acting like they don't have rights in America when the truth is women have always been protected and pampered. It was the men who use to go out and provide for his wife and family while the woman got to stay at home ( something a lot of us want to do instead of work some days) and now women are still being protected and pampered by laws that mostly lean in their favor. I'm also tired of them saying we are the same, no we are not the same, yes we belong to the same species but we are TWO DIFFERENT sexes and there is nothing wrong with that. Stop trying to gender bend everyone and everything to your liking or views, women don't know what its like to be a man that's why I'm constantly seeing the push for feminized men. Women don't want men that's going to remind them of a woman, so whats going to happen? They're going to ignore the feminized men and subconsciously search for a man who show masculine traits. Men are the stronger sex when it comes to biology, we are the weaker due to estrogen, that's just how it is and how God designed things to be. We're not here to be the better sex, we're suppose to come together as one.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes! Thank you for writing this. So much truth in it. Whenever I make a similar comment on a Facebook article I get hatred from like 5 women about how I'm wrong and a misogynist prick. Ugh! If only more people did their research first. I keep getting more and more driven away from women with every article about this subject.


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What Girls Said 14

  • Let me try to humbly respond to each of your points ADFSDF.
    by the way I am not defending misandrists/gynocentrists.
    RE #1: Why does it feel to me as though you are using a specific incident to attach labels? Do you not make this another male vs female issue by writing something with this tone?
    RE #2 I would suggest to you that there is an antifemale agenda-note that actresses make far less than their male counterparts. Their shelf live is much shorter. Far less movies are made that use bonafide female protagonists. And then of course, Mr. Weinstein.
    RE # 3 Women have to speak out. Otherwise their voices are drowned out by uh... things like the above mytake.
    RE #4 I will concede your point. but women are victims of assault many times more than men ever are.
    RE #5 No woman i know has ever thought of masculinity as a disease. Every woman that I know loves masculine men. I always wonder though, that making such a statement shames women.
    RE #6 For those men who think that they have to distance themselves from us, I say good riddance. Selfishness isn't a very attractive quality anyway.
    I am going to skip down to #11 and #12 as this just makes me tired :)
    I tend to agree with you!!! But I think that, while you wag your finger about everything being male vs female, you stir the pot up even more by the tone of your take.
    And I am in agreement with your statement about biology. I would never claim to be the same as or equal to a man. If you ever saw me in person, that would be obvious. That statement does not however mean that we don't have the same equal protections under the law.

    So here is what i think-Women have the right to protect themselves-We have a right to speak up if we are being assaulted. We have a right to be believed and not uh... shamed.

    And so do you, ADFSDF.

    If you want to continue this conversation-in a civilized manner of course-I would gladly do so with you.

    • The same can be said vice versa. You see what I mean? It goes back and forth.

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    • I know I know, men are treated badly too in the entertainment business. I read about it all the time...

    • Yes, that happens a lot. It’s unfortunate.

  • PREACH! I am so tired of listening to women bitch about how hard they've got it, how they're treated like second-class citizens, how only they have problems around here even while they have their own little "female privilege" that they fail to acknowledge while constantly bashing innocent men, saying all men are naturally misogynistic even if they don't know it. We need to focus on issues of both genders, stop dividing, and start treating people as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS no matter what sex they are.

  • Timing is everything and if you
    Want this bird to have wings you
    Picked the wrong time.

    If you feel for it, nurture it, keep it in a warm spot then bring it out to flourish on its own. Not under the veil of some pretty horrific shit.

    If you feel mistreated, wait for this moment to simmer down then bring your issue to cause in full force with lots of backing so it can grab the spotlight.

    But right now- You cause sounds more like an only child that is sad the attention has shifted for a moment off them.

    White males matter, they absolutely do.

    The divide you mention is real and it is systematic.

    Reforming Rape Culture on colllege campuses has to start way before kids start college.

    These guys don't thinkof themselves as predators. trashcan punch, she was still speaking, she only said no once, she agreed to it before she got drunk, she only said no after I started but told me she wanted it before.

    My main goal currently is to protect the young men entering into college life from these horrible sand traps.

    Many young people don't have their first sexual experience until colllege and are given bad guidance through the peer system of what is okay.

    The majority of offenders have partial knowledge their act isn't above board and that the girl probably wouldn't be cool with it but she's drunk so it's consent, EVEN IF SHE SAYS NO OR PUTS UP A LITTLE FIGHT. She won't remember and shouldn't have had so much to drink.

    Your issue is separate but equal. Whiteman gonna have his day but right now, that day is everyday.

    I'm not surpressing your voice, just father your notes and compile a brief.

  • #MeToo **IS** about men too but I guess you're too busy telling women how we're all horrible to actually listen to ANYONE you think might be a woman or girl

    • Maybe it's about men too, but it's mainly about how men have sexually harassed/assaulted women rather than male victims such as the young men/boys who came in contact with Kevin Spacey.

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    • Like I said. It's easier to just not lie. Then you don't have these problems

    • I agree, metoo is also about men.

      Men like Benny fredriksson.

      Tried, convicted and sentenced to death with a lie.

  • I think both men and women have certain negative stereotypes and labels attached to them by the opposite sex. It's sad really. However, I will say that the majority of misandry AND misogyny is mainly online. I RARELY see this "gender war" thing in my real life... or maybe I just surround myself with people who aren't bitter and hateful. *shrugs*

    • I agree. I don't notice any of this misandry and misogyny in real life.

    • I will say, I tend to be a lot more hostile online then in person. Some of the people here would be shocked at how easy I am to actually get along with IRL. I'm just tired of being constantly attacked and labeled because I'm a Heterosexual white male.

  • No progress will be made until we realize that guys and girls are on the same team and are allies in life. Pitting one against the other will never produce anything good. Its like my mom & dad, they have been married 40 years and they still love each other and are affectionate like when they were young. So many others have broken up over the years people they knew and they just sail through life together, in love, partners not rivals. My mom & dad are always on the same team. We knew it as kids and everyone they meet learns it really fast. They give to each other and sacrifice for each other and they don't argue about whats fair or keep track of every favor like some do. Its the same for gender relations. Start out realizing men are our best friends and best allies! Sure there are some jerks and dangerous guys and sexist asses but steer clear of them, associate with the great guys out there and be happy. Guys need to realize that we are not all gold diggers and hos. There are amazing girls out there for all you guys! get to know us be decent to us and you will see. We are not enemies we need each other. I need guys a lot in my life for many reasons and if you are honest with yourself guys, you need girls!! admit it and lets all get along.

    • Ironically a lot of people who agree with you won't see how they are part of the problem. "We are partners! Which means you cannot put me down. But I can point out your flaws because they are actually real. Unlike the silly things you say about me.. That like aren't true at all."

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    • Like I said, you're adorable and a good lady. I appreciate that you have a good heart.

    • @Charleslvajr Thank you that is nice of you to say. :) I try to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  • Are you serious? People like you are unbelievable. Spare a thought for all those women who have been assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, and all the other directors/producers that have been outed recently.
    Sure, just keep making this about you and your victimhood. It's not. If you're a man who has suffered sexual assault then yes you are included in #MeToo. Otherwise everything you're saying is beside the point.

    • That “Metoo” hashtag caters towards women not Men. This is what I’m talking about, there’s no sympathy towards men.

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    • Why a lot of female celebrities choose to be silent at the beginning of their careers about these incidents?
      To gain more fame and money on the expense of other innocent women who experienced the same thing.
      Note that : I'm not defending these scumbags who rape women ! if I catch a rapist, I will end his life by my bare hands.

    • @lumos You're right of course. Let's just stop our little civilization completely. A day without women went UNNOTICED by the majority of the country. A day without men would definitely be noticed. Who the fuck do you think it is that keeps everything running in this country, it's not the desk jockeys and whiney feminazi bitches. But that wouldn't work, men are actually raised with a sense of responsibility. I guess that's changing with the Millennials.

  • I'm fed up with men today being put down for being too feminine, supposedly. They are called beta, cuck, white knight, mangina, pussy, wimpy, the list goes on. It's like they can't stand it when men aren't "traditionally masculine." Men can decide how they want to be. If they want to wear skinny jeans and have a man bun, let them, and stop being such a "snowflake" about it.

    • It’s the other way around. Men are being shamed for being too masculine. I never said there is anything wrong if a man wants to be feminine as long as he isn’t forced or pressured to be. With all due respect, it’s ironic that you call me a “snowflake” since you can’t have a civilized conversation without name calling. I’m not the “snowflake” here.

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    • @MzAsh Again, I don’t look down on a man just for wearing man-buns and or skinny jeans, what I’m saying is that men shouldn’t be pressured or forced to wear them. In other words, men should be free to wear whatever they want whether it be a suit, breeches, jackboots, skinny jeans, undercuts etc.

    • I agree. No one is forcing men to wear anything though.

  • You sexually assault a man by hanging up on him? Like while on the phone? I'm confused... Can you please explain that?

    • Also the reason you hear "Girl power!" is not necessarily because anyone is trying to tear down men (depends on the person however) because it's more of a confirmation that girls/women can do certain things that may not have been seen as possible before. Or just not acceptable by society in the past. Also by all "Look at me! I can do this too!" it can be used to try and overshadow their own personal doubts. If a guy yelled "Man power!" for things you've been doing for ages it would be kind of pointless and redundant. Like we all know you can do those things.

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    • Oh my god that makes way more sense now. Thank you.

    • There, I fixed the typo.

  • Let me respond to all of the points made on this mytake:

    1. I agree
    2. I agree
    3. I agree
    4. Yes, I totally agree that there are men that were victims of sexual assault. While I do think that rape/assault for men is a problem, I think that female rape is a bigger problem right now because it happens way more frequently. and therefore should be placed higher up the list. For men that have been raped, I definitely think that they should be taken more seriously because it is a very traumatic event.

    5. I agree
    6. I don't really have an opinion on MGTOW... Women are more freaked out by cat calling, which when a woman walks by on the streets and the man shouts lewd comments about her, but these women who are saying that saying hi is sexual harassment need to stop...
    7. I disagree... white privilege exists, but you are less likely to know that you have it when you haven't experienced a day in the life of a minority or understand the struggles that minorities go through. I agree with the stereotypes part though
    8. I agree
    9. Hetero phobia doesn't exist because being straight is considered the norm. The only people who hate heteros are a few angry lgbt people, but these people don't represent the lgbt community as a whole
    10. Honestly i don't know what to think about white knights
    11. I agree
    12. OMG I agree with the whole biological differences thing!!! Males are naturally stronger!!! Not because they are better, but in the old days, men would do more of the heavy work, therefore they have evolved to be naturally stronger!! I'm not saying that men are always stronger than women, because if a women works out, she can become stronger, but generally, males are stronger. Also, I will look into the new discoveries stating that "all men start as females" is false.

    Overall, I think it was a pretty good mytake. Disagreed with a few things, but thats to be expected i guess.

    • My only question comment is that I wish we could just place rape much higher on the list of priorities regardless of the gender, just like I would hope we do the same for suicidal people since it happens more successfully among men.

      Otherwise I think we are on the same page for most of your thoughts.

    • @Botchie yes, I agree. Thanks for your opinon!

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What Guys Said 32

  • Well, perhaps this is a generational difference. Or I don't know. But I just seem to define masculinity much different than you younger guys here at GaG. The one thing that I come back to is that men are supposed to be the logical ones. The ones less prone to emotional decisions and outbursts. We are the one who are supposed to be the rational thinkers. Yet in thread after thread, I run into men at GaG incapable of what I always thought was the foundation of masculinity. Our minds. Here is an example of what I mean.

    1. This is not one incident watch the news. Irrational comment number one.

    2. All of a sudden the entertainment industry is anti-male? It is run by mostly men. They started disliking themselves? Irrational comment #2

    3. William Shatner was losing his mind over a decade ago. He is your example of men speaking out?

    4. Yes, they can. It would help if you commented on men who tell boys how lucky they are when women predators rape them.

    5. Shaming masculinity? I feel no pressure to abandon my masculinity. I drink beer, watch sports, belch, fart, and scratch my butt anytime anywhere. You can't claim you are being shamed when you have trouble defining what masculinity means to you. Can you sit down and logically think about who you are and what your goals are? No woman can make you feel like a man. If you are defining your existence based upon how women relate to you, then you are in trouble. Define yourself and make everything else adjust to you.

    6. Good. I think most men need some distance now.

    7. I am "Black", so of course, I am stereotyped. Even many "Black" women hold negative stereotypes of us. I am unconcerned. I have been dealing with negative racial stereotypes my entire life. So why should you get a pass?

    8. Men don't lack power. Irrational statement #3. Many young men today do not know how to voice their views on masculinity. There is no template. Create one!

    9. Heterophobia? Irrational statement #4. Women are usually hetero too.

    10. Some guys will do anything to get some sex.

    11. Girl power? Irrational statement #5. Again, when you are wrapped up on women's issues, you can't focus on your own. Define you. . . your maleness without women in your orbit.

    12. Irrational statement #6. When you state something like that, there should be a purpose for the statement.

    • Seems you have a liberal bias. It’s quite sad that there are men who don’t care about their own sex.

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    • Exactly you don’t know who these historical figures are so you don’t know everything. This proves my point, age does not equal knowledge only experience.

      It’s you who is ranting. The fact that you even decided to post a poorly constructed opinion disguised as a fact proved that this take hit a nerve otherwise you would have just kept scrolling and forgotten about it. I’ve given facts that you refuse to acknowledge because you have a overinflated ego that makes you think you are always right. It’s a fact that William shatner spoke up, it’s a fact that misandry is real. Yet here you are posting non sequiturs by talking about football, shrinks, psychology in a post that is recognizing male issues.

      Clearly you are just arguing with me for the sake of arguing, I’m done replying to your original opinion since you clearly don’t like to listen to other people.

    • Feminism should not affect how you feel about being a male.

      That is not a rant. That is not an opinion.

      That is plain simple objective fact.

      You don't have to accept that. You are free to whine about it. You can post about it. Go crazy. Do whatever you think you have to do. But until you are able to figure out what you think being a man is and then start to embody those traits, there is no thing one single anyone can do to make you feel better.

      No rant.

      Just facts.

      Good luck!

  • 95% of 1st marriages end by year 10.
    Men pay vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support.
    Men built and maintained nearly all upon the earth.
    Women file the majority of divorces.
    Men were disposed of in war for women's lives.
    Women receive far lighter sentences for equal crimes.
    Men pay the majority of taxes.
    Women get the most from taxes for health, education and welfare.
    Men live shorter lives.
    The 2% false accusation rate on sexual assault is a blatant lie.
    Men are the vast majority of suicides.
    Men are the majority of homeless.
    Men are the majority of murdered.
    Men are the majority victims of violent crime.
    Men are the majority of dropouts.
    Men lack the empathy & compassion that women receive from society.

    I'm single. I'm wealthy. I'm wise to the ways of the world. I'm the luckiest man to have ever lived. Most men are socially conditioned to become disposable suckers for the advancement of women & her husband, the state. It's Pavlovian. Not this guy. Not evah. Too cool to fool.

    Yes. I'm of the MGTOW mindset. If you're a man, you should be, too. Society is conning you.

  • I don't know. Only a fool would believe this females aren't out to get us story.

    Think carefully for a second. If it's true then it's all good. If it's not then you just shot yourself in the foot and falling into a trap.

    Men have to play defensively now. The environment is so toxic it's practically a bias towards men, gay, straight or transgendered across all levels of government and organizations.

    We get pushed from all sides and the only voice we get belongs to some dudes who got his ass burned. "I got it bad so this could be you too" story is pretty much the sing along song those guys are singing. There is no way out. There is no active way to put down a foundation to keep the men from turning into a sperm bank of some sort by the system.

    It's practically decided you will loose custody in a divorce when all else equal. If she can make a case for it, you will loose your paycheck if you want anything to do with your kid. Every guy heard about it but they all think "it's not gonna happen to me".

    There is a systematic bias towards men in the system.

    That being said, there is always a "boys' club" in every organization with a bunch of men hanging around. However, not every guy belongs to the club and not every club is an actual "club" but more like a male instinct to cover for the guy next to you. Sure they will shield each other but they aren't set out against anything in particular.

  • You had some good points especially how the media portrays modern men as feminine, soft and clueless.

    But you completely droped the ball about women sexually assaulting men. Given me a break dude.

    I can understand if it's a kid, but a grown man can't be sexually assaulted by a woman if he is conscious.

    Modern men are sissies of men. Period. And #6 proves my point.

    • Actually men can be sexually assaulted by women, it happens a lot and I explained clearly how it can happen. It’s just that those men don’t come forward because all the gynocentrists will make fun of them.

  • Victim culture... this in my opinion is what it looks like when "the meek shall inherit the earth." Even when they don't have something to whine about... they'll find something to whine about.

    They want to be coddled. They want free income, education, health care, and they want a safe space. Those of us that have been grinding through this life well beyond college days can easily see how similar their mindset is to children. I get it... scared to make your own way, and the odds really are stacked against you. McDonalds and barista-hood is probably your best bet in life... but...

    A man that's "man spreading" on your public bus (because you can't afford a car) shouldn't be the focus of your efforts to change that. You yourself have segregated yourself off from society to the point that men now actively avoid you (unless they're trying to get laid) and view you as 'not worth any effort.' You choose an easy degree that doesn't equal real job potential. You. You. You... you have yourself and your choices to blame.

    Yet the crying... whining about every details... still... just like children do.

    Well, I slap the shit out of my kids when they take it too far... prepare for what life is going to do to you. Do something for yourself and quit trying to be a herd animal. Like you pasty looking white kids fighting for every and anything not like yourself out of hatred for yourselves... do you think one of them are going to help you out in return? Can't even help yourself... so good luck helping the rest of the world.

  • Fuck, never in my life would I have guessed such a simple tag as an answer to this (honestly exaggerated) movement! 😂 LIKE!!

    And: Motherfuckin' #MENTOO !!!
    FUCK all this "oh c'mon, I know you like me" or "your dick shows that you like me!" or "how can something like you (aka scumbag) reject something like this? (aka divine gift to the world, which all we men oh so long waited for). Such sentences make me wanna mention all these flaws which girls have. IF I don't find a girl attractive? Wait, what does science say... Ah right! I FUCKING DON'T FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE!

    I HATE having to answer these insecure kid-like questions like "why do you love me?" or "what do you find most attractive about me?" whereas my fucking only question is "why the DAMN fuck don't you ever tell the truth when you reject a guy, while you always want honest answers from us, even better asking OVER AND OVER AGAIN or even doubting our answers like "oh no, you know you're lying!" just because it doesn't fit to your pink pony world!

    That's it, thanks for reading.

  • I don't understand this whole gender thing. I am just a human trying to take life one day at a time like everyone else. I don't understand all of this division

  • Dude men get treated like garbage by pretty much every one but their mom and their bros.

    It's time to start talking about "You Go Guy" and "Toxic Femininity" for a change.

  • I agree with most of these. As a guy, sometimes I feel discouraged from speaking out against inequality because a lot of people from both genders tell me to "toughen up". That's exactly where inequalities go unsolved.

  • Excellent piece here, maybe it'll change a few minds.

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