Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!


Greetings and salutations. I hope that you're all doing well. I'm sure that you guys are aware of what's been happening in Libya lately. Oh wait, you probably aren't because it's not getting nearly the amount of attention that it should be! Not only that, but this didn't just start happening, it's been happening for multiple years. People are literally getting trapped in Libya and being sold off into slavery, or worse, killed. The Libyan Coast Guard has gotten stricter with the smuggling of boats carrying refugees/migrants into Europe. Combine that with Libya being the central point of transfer for these refugees/migrants to get into Europe and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people are getting stuck in Libya and having to live the nightmare that is going on there. These people are being trafficked and even auctioned off for a little as $400, as one video showed. It's insane.

Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!
Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!

Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!

Yes, you read that correctly. Auctioned off. As in sold. A human being, being sold. By another human being. To another human being. This is indeed happening in 2017 and not only is it devastating, it’s infuriating. To see these pictures of these people piled up, beaten down, and looking so defeated is probably the most disheartening thing I’ve seen in a long time. What makes it really bad is that these people are trying to get to a better life. They are leaving behind harsh living situations in their countries just to get caught up in the horrifying environment that is Libya right now.

Stuff like this shouldn’t be happening. Especially not in 2017. Of course one of the first things I researched once I heard of this was why it was happening. I kept seeing former President Obama’s name pop up, so I looked into it. And it turns out that his decision to take over the Libyan government played a major part in what is taking place there today. He admits to not having a proper plan in place. After reading different articles about this as well as talking to others about it, it just seems like they were in kill mode (in typical U.S fashion) but didn’t stop to think about what came after that. They left Libya to fend for themselves with no leader, no plan, nothing. I can’t say that I don’t see the correlation between that and the state that they are in now.

It breaks my heart to see things like this happening in the world today. The fact that people are STILL experiencing this is mind boggling, overwhelming, scary, and speaks volumes. Slavery isn’t as dead as everyone likes to think it is. These people are suffering, and they need help in the worst way. Too bad it seems like nobody cares.

Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!

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Oy Vey, WTF Is Going On In Libya!
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  • vishna
    Sad, I had no idea. A shame really..
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  • ThisDudeHere
    This is the first time I hear of it.
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  • front2back
    This isn't some new thing, it's only now being so exposed because of the migrant crisis (Sub-Saharan Africans travel through Libya to try and get to Europe, where they are picked off with ease). Such is life in Africa.

    Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about it unless the UN agrees on some resolution to invade and break it up.
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    • Yeah, I'm finding that out the more I dig. It's apparently been happening for quite some time now. And it doesn't seem like the UN plans on making plans to resolve anything any time soon.

  • Intraluminal
    As you said, this terrible thing has been going on for decades. It was less prevalent for a while, and our (America's) meddling definitely rekindled it, but didn't cause it. In fact, it never stopped at any point and has been going on for centuries.

    In fact, pirates from the area now known as Libya enslaved the entire town of Baltimore, Ireland way back when.
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  • Naydyonov
    What's happening is that Arabs/Muslims are conducting a slave trade of Blacks.
    And yes I'm calling this out because every time we talk about other slavery we explicitly say "Blacks who were taking slaves by Whites". Seems like those times are yet to pass there, yet Europeans and Americans made it illegal and socially no one supports slavery. Yet all we hear is the big bad white man taking the poor African ones, well here's an example of a poor muslim taking a poor black man.

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    • No one should be "taking" another person. Period. I don't care what the damn color of your skin is. Your missing the point.

    • Naydyonov

      I'm not. I think special forces should be deployed and annihilate anyone working in this slave trade structure.
      However another one of my points is to point out the hypocrisy, that slave trade is always seen as a 'whites taking other people as slaves' problem, which it's not.
      Because I'm annoyed at people saying whites were the only ones who did it which makes my ancestors responsible as well.

    • Thanks for being a reasonable guy! I support you!

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  • jacquesvol
    The NATO bombed Libya back to the Middle ages because they didn't like Khadafi.
    Now it's there. And the EU gets the refugees.

    Thanks, NATO defending the west against what?
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    • And now they're doing nothing to rectify the situation. It seems like there isn't even much that can be done.

    • Your comment reminded me of this quote;
      "Now, listen, you people of NATO.
      You're bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration of Europe, and in the way of Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You're breaking it. You are idiots and you will burn in hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now."
      Muammar Gaddafi

    • jacquesvol

      @Turkish_Delight Muammar Gaddafi is dead now. So is his Manmade River project.

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  • FakeName123
    Who would have thought that bombing the most advanced country in Africa back into the stone-age and having mass geographical movement of people is gonna backfire?
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  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Good Indian Pray for whole world because we all are living on Heavenly Earth. From my point of view it would be RACIST POST if it Attack on specific country.

    The dominant narrative about human trafficking is that it’s little black, brown, and Asian girls being flown in from developing countries. This girls are chained to a bed and are maltreated and beaten unless they have sex with people. While this certainly does happen, 90% of the victims in Developed Countries like USA, Canada, France , Germany, Russian Federation and many more. The point is media is hiding the truth in Developed Countries.

    Go and Check Out FBI WEBSITE. You might be more surprised. As I am Researcher I am well aware about crime' statistics in Whole World.

    Most people who have been trafficked have experienced complex trauma, such as homelessness, sexual assault, domestic abuse, or child sexual abuse. Many of the victims have been failed by the systems, and are angry and mistrustful of people offering help. They’re guarded and defensive. This means that victims of trafficking are often overlooked as sad, homeless people or the “hooker on the street.” They don’t look like what society would consider a “victim,” so they’re not treated as such.

    The dominant narrative of what trafficking looks like is probably one of the largest factors in human trafficking being considered a major social issue.

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    • Jackblue

      Some young women are trafficked yes, but pimps in the US state that they actually prefer white girls for their brothels.

    • Street prostitution: typically really desperate women working with pimps. The pimps pocket anything from 20% to 100% (usually in the latter case the girls are compensated by drugs, shelter or both that the pimps provide). The clients are probably equally shady people. Police usually don’t tolerate this and you will often see this in the shadyest of neighborhoods, mostly places where the local cops either don’t show up to or are too busy with other things. It's common in US and Developed Countries.

      Strippers are also known to arrange for customers to visit them.

      Many black, white and Latino prostitutes operate off of disguised Craigslist ads. I would not be surprised.

      "white girls for their brothels."

      Pimps prefer the girls who can earn money. For them Money is more important than anyone else.

  • Omar5881
    Libya is a beaten down country like there's no politics No obvious constitution no police it's basically a war zone kinda like Yemen but slightly better so it's only obvious to notice human rights violations but you have to be white or in the correct hemisphere so you can demands your human rights
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    • Yeah they have no guidance, no nothing and no one cares.

  • Goochbreaker
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    • Well I wasn't aware then, but I'm aware now. It's crazy what's going on there.

  • Octavius
    Yeah I saw the auction video. It's pretty disturbing.

    It's not getting attention because Republicans don't care about Libyans and Democrats are pushing this under the rug since Libya is basically Obama's version of Iraq. The overthrow of a dictator (Hussein for Iraq and Gaddafi for Libya) with no plan for stabilization afterward which created this vacuum where the group with the biggest guns become the new rulers and those people with the guns aren't very good people. So sadly I don't think anyone is going to do anything about it. It's a point of indifference for Republicans and a point of embarrassment for Democrats. Neither side will drop their pride to acknowledge it.
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    • Yup, that's pretty much the conclusion I was coming to while researching. "It's a point of indifference for Republicans and a point of embarrassment for Democrats. " is a perfect way to word it. It's really sad.

  • Turkish_Delight
    The victims aren't white. So no one in the West will care. White Western people only care about themselves. Only when a terror attack happens in the West the media will give a fuck. Only If Westerners are opressed the Western media will give a fuck. And they will come and talk to me about human rights and civilization. Talk to my ass, Europe.
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  • Jackblue
    Unfortunately modern day slavery exists in almost every country. It isn't legal anywhere in the world though in some countries like Mauritania, laws against it are rarely enforced. We just have to hope that once Libya becomes a more stable and prosperous country the authorities will crack down on slavery more.
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  • Waffles731
    I wasn't aware of this thank you for making and others aware
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  • Greatcat
    I was screaming about this in 2012 and nobody gave a fuck. They don't give a fuck now either.
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    • I didn't hear about then. Barely hear anything about it now. You're right, nobody cares. And that's the most disheartening thing ever

  • ibodi
    Heard a little, just not sure which country.
    and a western foreign minister blame the leader is evil as well.
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  • Kiran04
    People in the west, even the so called "Black Lives Matter" movement, only care about THEMSELVES. Not the black person shot by another black person next door. Not the slaves sold in Libya. They care only about themselves. Slavery still going strong in 2017, but the media barely makes a peep about it. Too busy covering Trump's McDonald's habit.
    • I'm just curious why you singled out a specific race. NOBODY is doing shit about this. Any excuse to talk shit. This ain't the place or time for it so you can go the hell on with that. Not at all in the mood for the bullshit today.

    • Kiran04

      Because only that specific race is audacious enough to make race an issue. The rest of us were over race a long time ago. Until 8 years ago, groups based purely in race were a thing of the past, or at least, were in the very small minority. Fast forward to today and suddenly black power is cool again, no matter how divisive it ends up being. And I will speak of whatever I wish regardless of your mood. Your moods hold no sway over me.

    • Gtfoh. You're absolutely insane if you seriously believe that race wasn't an issue before 8 years ago. Lmao and what are you insinuating that Obama is to blame for the state of race affairs today? Fast forward to today and black people aren't just taking shit sitting down anymore*. There. Fixed it for you bud.

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  • Trumpster666
    Best thing we can do is leave Libyia alone and for Europe to stop accepting refugees and migrants.
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    • Leave them alone and what? Just let them die out? Let them continue to be held captive and sold off?

    • If we'd left them alone in the first place they'd have been better off. There's a real history of western countries making things worse by interfering in humanitarian crisis and civil wars and making them worse and prolonging them Libyia and Syria are just the latest.
      Say There's a serious famine in a civil war struck country in Africa and the public donate millions to bring food and aid to the people of that country well very little of it reaches the people, what instead happens is the warlords seize the food and medicine trucks and use the food to feed their armies and gain more recruits or they just sell the aid to buy arms. So basically the western public's charity is directly empowering the warlords to impress their people.
      It's also true of the refugee migrant crisis. The more Europe takes the more are encouraged in Africa and the middle East to risk all to come to Europe and the more die and the more that end up in human trafficking. last time we interfered in Libyia people died

    • That's insane. We should really learn to mind our own damn business sometimes.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Slavery in 2017? Damn infact this made me remember, in primary school we were taught about Gaddafi, the school told us he drugged people, murdered his own and horrible stuff.

    Makes me remember education is one big Marxist indoctrination.
  • MarkRet
    What's going on in Libya is very sad, and I feel sorry for those people having to suffer so much, but on the other hand, these people have created their own shithole. The countries where they came from, and their parents, grandparents, and earlier generations have over-populated and stripped the countryside and resources of their homelands, leaving them no option but to flee to Europe and try living with white people. Even the 'refugees' in Libya right now are probably reproducing like rabbits, which only amplifies the suffering for the next generation. They just DON'T LEARN, and now they want Europe to save their asses!
  • FashGordon
    Looks like invading Europe is risky af. They should thank Defend Europe for having that boat out there fighting these genocide ships.
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  • Guanfei
    Arabs selling blacks as slaves. Looks like old habits are back.
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