Global Warming is a Huge Lie

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

It would happen either way.

People always think before humans, there was no global warming. Yes, it is certainly happening. The oceans are warming up, and even a few degrees is enough to destroy ecosystems. The coral reefs which reside in shallow water are dying off and not growing back as a direct consequence of global warming.

But it is NOT human-induced. I do concur that dying coral reefs is quite bad, because it means we're destroying natural resources, it's just that we aren't the ones causing it. The earth has gone through cycles of cold and warm throughout its history.

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

Who cares about most scientists?

They say that global warming is human-induced.

Come on, that is a blatant appeal to authority. Most of the world once thought the world was flat, did that make them right?

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

It is just something to blame.

Global warming was happening before we got here. It will be here long after. Its great to have something to blame everything on.There's no way to be wrong. If it's warming. Cold?... global warming. warming. EARTHQUAKES...Global warming?????

The Earth has had many cycles including ice age eras,(many before mankind walked the earth) at the end of every cycle we have had global warming.Global Warming is a Huge Lie


Global warming is happening, just not for the reasons mentioned in traditional media. It is the natural cycle of Earth. Recent studies suggest we could experience significant cooling do to the solar cycles in 150 years. I do what I can to protect the Earth, but if we disappeared from the planet, in 1000 years (nothing on the scale of the universe) there would be no evidence our civilization ever existed.

Global warming is a lie, sent by politicians so that they can tax us on our emissions of carbon dioxide, simple as that.

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

There is nothing we can do about it.

It is happening, yes, but there isn't anything we can do to stop it. Sure, using "green" technology is a good thing, but the Earth has natural heating and cooling cycles. Remember the ice age? We are now going into Earth's heating cycle. A "heat age" so to speak. The temperatures go up and down as they have over the centuries.

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

If you want some science:

Global warming due to humans is fake. Global temperatures have been rising since the last ice age, but within range. The fundamental claim of MMGB (man-made global warming) comes down to claim that carbon dioxide released by humans into the atmosphere is causing the temperature to rise drastically. Although carbon dioxide levels have been increasing, is humans the ones to blame for this? Carbon dioxide makes up about half of a percent of the atmosphere and only 3 percent of greenhouse gases. Most of the rest (95%) is water vapour. Activity due to humans only produces 8 gigatons of carbon dioxide a year out of the 180 gigatons produced. The more likely explanation for the increase in co2 is the oceans. Oceans emit about 80 gigatons of co2 a year. Warmer water can't hold as much co2 as colder water. Therefore when the temperature of the ocean increases, the global co2 in the atmosphere increases as well. Temperatures have steadily been increasing since the last ice age. Ocean temperatures are well within normal range, so there is nothing to worry about. Furthermore, carbon dioxide levels in the past have been much higher, as much as 15x higher than today. If carbon dioxide was controlling the climate, you would expect to see temperatures during those periods very high. Temperatures during those periods have been about the same (if not colder) then today. In conclusion, humans are not the main producer of carbon dioxide, the oceans are. Warmer climates can cause higher concentrations of co2 in the atmosphere, not vice-versa. And co2 levels in the past have been much higher than today. Global warming due to humans is fake. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Global Warming is a Huge Lie

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Your take lacks sound evidence. Mostly just fake claims and fake numbers.
    1. The atmosphere is NOT 0.5% carbon dioxide, and 95% water vapor.
    It is in fact ~79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and the remaining gases are <1%.

    2. You said "People always think before humans, there was no global warming". Wrong. Nobody thinks that. I have no idea where you came up with this. The concept of anthropogenic global warming is that it is occurring at an unnatural rate. What would normally take tens of thousands of years to cycle between ice ages and heat ages is now happening in less than a hundred years.

    3. The ocean does not "produce carbon dioxide". It is a carbon sink, meaning CO2 is dissolved in the water. In fact, all gases in the air dissolve in the ocean water to some extent. The problem is when that water warms up, it pushes the dissolved gases out of solution and into the air. Not only does this release CO2 from the water into the air, it also releases oxygen. Many lakes, rivers and streams are warming up and losing the dissolved oxygen, killing the aquatic life in those waters.

    4. Global warming does not mean that there is a consistent heat wave throughout the year. It is more accurately described as "Global warming and extreme weather events". This is why a particularly cold winter does not mean global warming is fake. With every extreme hot weather front that clashes with a cold front, we will be getting stranger and more extreme weather events as time goes on. This year, it looks like snow in Florida, flash floods in California and Nevada, more hurricanes and tornados. The rapid increase in these events is attributed to something.

    5. The correct way to measure the temperature of the earth is from measuring the average temperature at millions of locations throughout the entire planet. Your suggestion that a cold day = not global warming is simply ignorance on your part.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If "we're destroying natural resources", then it should mean that we do cause the destruction. You have worded that in the active form; hence, it would be sensible to infer that humans induce destruction.

    If global warming "is the natural cycle of the Earth" and "was happening before we got here", then how is it a "lie"?

    • Nobody disputes that climate change is real. Anthropomorphic Global Warming is. 12 glacial periods in 1.5 million years. Cyclical changes in the suns output. Continental Drift. Enjoy the ride. Nothing we can do with C02 will make any significant difference. If you are worried about oceans rising, buy a home away from coastal areas. If you are worried about the coming chill, buy skis.

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What Guys Said 61

  • Yup, man-made seems to be false.

    Here is a more comprehensive graph from the Association for Canadian Educational Resources.

    And another from Wikipedia with references cited.

    Climate change happened even before the Industrial Revolution, even the dawn of man.

    • Of course it did. Do you think it's a good thing to send it back to a time when only small mammals could cope with the heat? I don't.

  • I've decided not to argue with ignorants. Thanks for sharing your take.

    Do share creditable sources of your "scientific explanation" instead of ranting against government and finding an excuse for deeds of human kind.

    • Right out of the C/M playbook as expected. You have been trained well.
      Man made climate change has zero, should I repeat, zero, scientific evidence. It is all based on man input into climate models which scientist were caught falsifying.
      This is all public knowledge, and the fact that you don't have that knowledge, as your handlers don't want you to have, speaks for itself.
      The first sentence in your expected response is the best advice for the educated people on the planet that are aware of this communist hoax.

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    • @laurieluvsit Ok. Let's accept that records provided are false. But my mother is a researcher and we're monitoring global temp for around 35 years (she's 55 , started doing it as college project) and yet we're global warming POSITIVE. Nobody is fooling us. Believe it or not global warming is real.

    • @Red_Arrow world is full of ignorants smh

  • Yes! Let's not listen to the scientists that actually study this... Let's just believe this random MyTake, with zero references...

    Your post called "Logan Paul is not a bad person" doesn't really help you with the credibility thing in regard to science ;)

  • I would like sources to back up your claim for the following statements:

    "Global temperatures have been rising since the last ice age, but within range" - within range of what? There is a lot of evidence global temperatures are rising far faster than they ever have, starting with the industrial revolution.

    "The fundamental claim of MMGB (man-made global warming) comes down to claim that carbon dioxide released by humans into the atmosphere is causing the temperature to rise drastically. " -- this is just one of many claims of man-made global warming. What's your response to the others?

    "Carbon dioxide makes up about half of a percent of the atmosphere and only 3 percent of greenhouse gases" -- please validate this claim.

    " Activity due to humans only produces 8 gigatons of carbon dioxide a year out of the 180 gigatons produced" -- provide a source

    "Furthermore, carbon dioxide levels in the past have been much higher, as much as 15x higher than today" -- validate this and demonstrate how it's a natural phenomena.

    • Also, almost no scientist in all of human history has ever claimed the world is flat. That was widely believed by most people, but not scientists.

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    • @Maxemeister These 'role models' like trump don't seem to help clarify people's opinions and faith in science.

    • @Tomblebee I wouldn't argue with that

  • Did you know there have been graves discovered, filled with vikings (determined by technology discovered) in greenland... in ground under the effects of permafrost... something people with viking age level technology would have been PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF DIGGING. So we know that within the past 500 years the earth has been warmer than it is today. We also know from looking at timeline charts of CO2 levels relative to global temperatures... that CO2 levels FOLLOW BEHIND TEMPERATURE LEVELS rather than causing changes in them. The time lines show that approximately 300 years after a change in temperature, changes in CO2 levels follow suit. Whether or not climate change or global warming are lies or at the very least tainted by propaganda doesn't matter. Whether it's happening or not, it ISN'T CAUSED BY HUMANITY. We can look at history very easily and learn from it. We can learn the relation between temperature and CO2 and realize "hey rise or fall in CO2 has literally never affected the temperature of the earth despite the fact that CO2 HAS been AFFECTED by the temperature of the earth."

    Here's my perspective... government provides huge grants to scientists and research centers for the sake of researching climate change. In other words... the more global warming and such are seen as dangerous the more money people are willing to donate to its research. Meaning climatologists have literally everything to gain by overstating the seriousness of climate change and everything to lose by saying it's not an issue or that it isn't something that can be fixed.

  • When people say things like this to me; I try to genuinely consider their argument. Here is my rebuttal:

    It is very true that climate science is a little bit like taking a picture from a moving car, and then trying to figure out where the car is going, and who planted the Cactus in the background, based upon those pictures. We simply can't know how much of Global Warming is actually humanity's fault. Even though we don't know if humanity is entirely to blame, we know that human industry is dumping billions of gallons of toxins into our water and air, we know that cow farming alone produces many times more greenhouse gases than our cars, we know that there is an entire island in the Pacific Ocean made out of nothing but manmade trash, we know that there are massive die-offs every year of migratory birds and fish. All anyone is saying is that even if global warming is a scare tactic; why not minimize our impact as much as we can? It'll make space travel that much more attainable.

    Instead of trying to convince you that humanity is in fact destroying the planet, I will try to take this approach: If you had to look at a landfill, or a secluded valley in the mountains, which would you prefer? Exactly. Now what if I told you that with corporate investment and a little creativity, we could take junk from those landfills, and reuse it, so that NO ONE would have to look at another shitty landfill again?

    Go privatized, baby!

  • 😪 good evening Dr here with a first class degree masters in Chemistry.
    Firstly your reasoning what's wrong with it? It's all media based your building a theory based on the opinions of others not your own.
    Secondly about 5% of the atmosphere is other gases including argon from what I remember 20% is oxygen and about 78% is nitrogen yes I know that doesn't make 100% there's a reason for that Google it i'm busy.
    Thirdly yes temperatures go up and down in the past but that's entirely irrelevant because global warming is additional heat added onto that cycle or did you not notice the red peak are getting bigger and bigger every cycle?
    And carbon dioxide does not increase heat levels it contributes to what is already there google "enhanced green house gas effect".
    Lastly why would we lie about global warming exactly tell me what profit do we gain from lying to you that the world heats up? Even if it was a lie what's the harm in stopping co2 it's still a win win.
    You believe what you want to no go ahead but when it's too late and your theory crumbles right before your eyes because your not educated in this sector of science you simply just made a guess and then promoted it essentially aiding the demise of the earth so you can live with that. When it happens don't come running to is for a quick solution just like antibiotics well just tell you good luck and goodbye.

  • First you defend Logan Paul, and now this. Well damn. I hope that you're really beautiful. Because you won't succeed in life with your brain.

  • I was beginning to worry the conspiracy theory nuts died off somewhere. Glad to see you're still around, it's good for entertainment :)

  • It's not that we are causing it. It's been shown that it's a natural part of the planet's cycle. But, it's more that we are accelerating the process through our use of industry and machines that cause excessive amounts of CO2 and Methane to be released into the atmosphere.

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What Girls Said 18

  • b-but dicaprio said...

  • The earth does natural warm itself, but the level that it is warming itself is not natural. The heat cannot naturally escape the earth so the ocean absorbs it instead. Other than dying coral reefs you didn't mention how global warming can eliminate key major coastal cities across the world in the next 50 years. Also these record breaking cold temperatures are also a part of global warming because Newton's 3rd law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Yes, you are 100% correct and few will acknowledge the enormous amount of time that you put into this. Maybe you can make a college thesis out of this:)
    The scientists you reference are actually paid to go along with this lie by way of research grants. Any that dare oppose the fraud are quickly de-funded and slandered as "deniers".
    Science is not a consensus. It fluctuates as new data is discovered but somehow this hoax is suppose to be exempt.
    The scientists were even caught falsifying the data used in their computer models.
    If you study this back to the root, it is actually part of the communist agenda to further control the population.
    The brainwashing has been quite thorough as you can see by some of the replies you received.

    • I hope you're being sarcastic

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    • Sorry, still not sure if you're serious.

      Pretty funny, either way, though.

    • @goaded - She is serious. I was just surprised to learn that mental institutes allow their patients internet access.

  • This is why I don't believe in freedom of speech. Those who think that they know better than the scientists who have been experimenting and researching for years, on things that you never even heard of need studying, should not be allowed to post such nonsense. None of your claims has evidence. And you are talking about global warming but so misconceptuous about it yourself.

    • You're so brainwashed.

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    • of course not, but they shouldn't be sent to jail for it either, thats what im saying here

    • I'll never give up my fee speech. Don't like it? Sue me.

  • You could be right but the main reason I think we should try to be greener recylying and using the cleanest energy sources possible is to avoid making the world uninhabitable for humanity. Pollution is essentially pissing in the well.

  • OMG we have a geologist over here! I am assuming you graduated from the university of Google, after a hard 200 minutes of “research?”

  • Nuh, uh. Global warming is an issue we should all be concerned about. Blame is irrelevant.

  • Climate change is a lie? No wonder society thinks women are only supposed to be looked at and not allowed to talk. What a joke this site is

  • ahh my anxiety started with global warming... im not reading the comments cuz someone is gonna sore wa chigau yo that ass

  • Thank goodness for global warming otherwise we'd still be in an ice age

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