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#Metoo Movement is Finally Changing the Way People Think

It’s been 12 years since #MeToo started. In 2006, activist Tarana Burke launched the #MeToo movement which encourages women to show solidarity with each other, specifically when it comes to sexual harassment. The hashtag that represents the social cause went viral in 2017 when Alyssa Milano used it in support of friend Rose McGowan's allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein.

#Metoo Movement is Finally Changing the Way People Think

Here’s the first tweet of #MeToo campaign:

#MeToo went viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even become mainstream. Well of course if you’re doing something good then haters going to hate. Not every accusation made through #MeToo movement is false. I agree many attention seekers got involved and hence accused some celebrities falsely (maybe some are true) but I believe the majority are telling the truth and not even disclosing names of the assaulters.

I decided to write this take since whopping 39 percent of G@G users argued that "#MeToo makes no difference in real life.

Did this hashtag make any difference in real life? The answer is YES it did.

A study performed by MTV suggests that it might actually be doing its job, in terms of convincing young men to re-think their behaviors before they become the subject of yet another depressing, heart-breaking tweet.

MTV’s Insights Research department conducted a study of young male behavior late last year, polling 1,800 people about how #MeToo has affected the way they act and think.

Here’s what they found:

1.) It starts an important conversation, which is very important.

#Metoo Movement is Finally Changing the Way People Think

85 percent of young men think that sexual accusations start an important conversation. Rape and sexual assault is no joke. Taking about being assaulted sexually was a taboo in real life. #MeToo changed that fact and brought up this topic in the discussion of day to day life which needs to be taken seriously. Always remember, the revolution starts with conversation and discussion.

2.) Men are now afraid of women.

#Metoo Movement is Finally Changing the Way People Think

This is one of the obvious results we thought of. One in three men is confused what is sexual assault and what isn’t. Ansari’s case contributes to it as well. We’re much unsure than before and hence more precautious since hugging can be considered as an assault because of #MeToo movement.

3.) The #MeToo Movement Seems To Be Changing How People Date.

#Metoo Movement is Finally Changing the Way People Think

Forty percent of young men are saying the #MeToo movement has already changed the way they interact in potential romantic relationships. Clearly, the movement is promoting young people to reevaluate how they've traditionally thought about dating and sex. This challenges thought “If I paid for the date, she owes me sex” which is not true.

Source: http://www.mtvact.com/features/metoo

Those are the differences made by #MeToo movement. Did it change the way you think? Or did it affect your life in any way? Share below!


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  • it didn't really change the way i think but i certainly respect the movement, the empowerment and the discourse it has created.

    even those who find some reason to shame people for saying metoo at least they are talking about it which gives people a chance to give their perspective on all sides


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What Girls Said 24

  • #metoo was actually started by a black woman.


  • I won't say "Me, too."

    Partially because most of you know that already.

    But mostly because we shouldn't have to "out" ourselves as survivors.

    Because men have *always* seen the gendered violence happening around them (and/or being perpetrated by them)—they just haven't done anything about it.

    Because it shouldn't matter how many women, femmes, and gender neutral & non-conforming folk speak their truths.

    Because it isn't about men seeing how many of us have been hurt; they've been seeing it for a long time.

    Because it shouldn't be on our shoulders to speak up. It should be the men who are doing the emotional labor to combat gendered violence.

    Because I know, deep down, it won't do anything. Men who need a certain threshold of survivors coming forward to "get it" will never get it.

    Because the focus on victims and survivors—instead of their assailants and enablers—is something we need to change.

    Because we've done enough. Now it's *your* turn.

    @#3 -- Good! It should change the way we interact in potential romantic relationships!

    • I agree with your feelings about it also, and you make good points. That's why I kind of like the idea of #timesup, which is saying "you had enough time to realize this was a problem, now fix it.".

      Unfortunately, because we still have men, even in this thread, trying to discredit people who have come forward, we still have to keep having this discussion about how common the problem is, and if it really matters. The dialogue needs to move beyond that to solutions, real ones.

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    • @Guanfei One can be both angry at men for things that they do, and love men.

    • @MlleCake Except "men" don't do it. Claiming that all men are unknowingly some kind of harassers, rapists or whatever is the same as saying that black people are all criminal or muslims are all terrorists. This is the same level.
      It's taking some exceptions and generalizing it. Not only that, but women can rape, harass and even assault too, so under that logic, all women should be considered as rapists and harassers.
      This is just a men hating speech in the end. Because it doesn't acknowledge any men who would have been victim of it, and generalize it to all men while only a small fraction of them are concerned.
      I won't follow a movement that exclude people and stay blind to some victims because of their sex, as well as trying to set up some kind of hate based on sex.

  • I feel like it’s made a worse impact. It’s encouraged the false sense of victimhood, that everyone is a victim. It’s ruined careers on one claim- which is sometimes untrue. It overall hasn’t benefited society in any way- it makes men more skittish to approach women, because now “unwanted flirting” is harassment. (A year ago in high school the counselor came in to discuss that topic of unwanted flirting = harassment) it’s basically taught that any woman can say anything and if you doubt it you’re sexist. It’s disgusting...

    • So true... like the accusation about Azi Ansari... he didn't do anything wrong.


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    • I think if they really want to "Fix" society, they should charge women that make false accusations. Even if it is dropped, the women recants... the damage is done.

      But in the USA at least women get special treatment.

    • @NJ_Casanova definitely. Like, the women who made all those claims against Donald Trump, they weren’t charged when they came out as false... and it happens so much.

  • You would never know that by being here.

    Though I am convinced that the very worst of humanity and/or America frequents this website with only the occasional smattering of normal people.

  • I hate #2... guys are walking on egg shells around me at school

    • I'm surprised the number of "Does she like me?" posts haven't increased since... oh, wait, it has.

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    • Your a good person and an awesome person. If I knew you in person I would definitely keep you as a friend, your inspirational.

    • @Charleslvajr that's so ironic caz I can't make any new friends to save my life! People at school talk to me but never ask to hang out. They're always busy.

      Thank you for your kind words, I'll keep being me. If it's meant to be I'll make new friends

  • You mean men finally are thinking of maintaining their decency around women? That's great!

    • Just wait until this take gets promoted ;)

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    • Maybe they're too scared of you to do so

    • @Malik00 No one even knows about the me too movement here lmao.

  • lately feminism and equality movements has become a "big thing" in our society. while i think its a good thing that more people are paying attention to the issue, i can't help but to wonder why couldn't be a normal, everyday thing?

  • the problem is when girls expect everyone to auto matically believe every rape or harrassment allegation, they are trying to get rid of innocent until proven guilty

  • every movement or a positive initiative does meet some hurdles and people who claim they're a part but they actually ruin it for the real victims.. same goes for this me-too movement.. there are women who are and will try to take advantage of it.. those kinda women make me sick.. like that Ansari's case.. he might be a douche.. sure.. but that wasn't assault.. and we as people need to be able to draw the line and know the difference.. having said that I'm glad it's out now.. the conversation is at least on the table.. we can't solve a problem without acknowledging its existence.. I'm glad it's out.

  • I've not thought much on it, but I guess its easier to stand up for yourself if you have the support of others who are going through the same thing. Its no longer one person against the world.

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What Guys Said 55

  • A lot of these movements have modified/changed the social contract somewhat. Is this a good or a bad thing? Depends who you ask. The deleterious effects of some of the listed things include:
    i) Increased fear of females: people with genuine intentions less likely to approach female in most situations, due to perceived risk, especially in the current environment where increasingly minor things are viewed as sexual assault (which can actually detract from outrage/attention for more serious abuses)
    ii) Increased risk of employing females: if an individual has the power to cause you to be fired easily and without evidence, that makes hiring them a much more difficult prospect.
    iii) Greatly increased risk of any sexual contact: sex becomes a dangerous game when one partner can destroy the other's lives easily by making an accusation.
    There are positive benefits:
    i) Female may feel empowered/supported to make accusations and this can warn others of an unsafe environment
    ii) Public discussion of beneficial changes to such environments and society as a whole is force to the fore.
    Some are neutral:
    i) Females have increasing power in business and personal relationships

  • I am not sure I'm ready for your world where men fear women. And that women should ban together to go after someone they dislike. It seems everyone is innocent except these guys. This group of people seem to relish that someone is just accused of something. Evidence does not seem to apply.
    I will no longer hire women. The risk of a angry women is too much. Will one of the men hug someone who has suffered a terrible loss and later be accused of sexual assault? Recently one of the accusations was about a man 30 some years ago had patted her shoulder. At the time he was comforting her. I coached youth girls basketball 8 -12. I shutter to think of all the times I patted some girl on the back and pulled some back who was in the wrong place. Much less when I took a girl aside so that the others would have to her me correct her or give her bad news. I will never coach girls again. I sure as hell won't take the church youth group out water skiing again. The number of tops that have flow off and I might have seen a little bare chest is surely a hanging offense. I haven't seen any of those horrible tramatised women who got ahead by having sex with a producer those that nasty money they made in the bad mans face. I suspect that many are quite happy the did what they did and where it led them. If women want me to jump on board with more than words they will have to start showing evidence or some kind of proof other than a 50 year old actress who didn't make it. I wonder if I can get my mom arrested. After all she would strip us boys and shower us down with the house after swimming in the creek. Of course we were 7 or 8. I've had it with everyone being a victim.

    • It didn't seem to be like this when I was growing up. What is up with this victim cult lately?

  • Mainstream Indian feminism has tended to focus on issues such as child marriage, sex-selective abortions and dowry-related violence. It saw sexuality only in terms of extraordinary forms of sexual violence against marginal women, such as rape of Dalit (formerly “untouchable”), tribal, or Muslim women, or those living in the country’s military zones such as Kashmir or the North East

    Situation is changing in India. Just #Xenophobic #Media #Houses aren't Reporting. It's fault of Media Houses who are manipulating the facts.

    A Closer Look at Rape Culture in India from the Perspective of Indian Man ↗

    What is unique about this movement is that it is a multilayered struggle. It combines freedom from sexual oppression with freedom from caste, ethnic and religious oppression. It had become a #holistic #movement.

  • you tend to forget that buisnesses are now less likely to hire women.
    And that men are avoiding women in the workplace.
    What will result of this revolution is a backlash against women, feminism and the creation of great and awesome male spaces.

    litterally, no downside.

  • It's gotten to a point where a man is already judged as guilty because of an accusation, even when the woman has made it out of spite. No one cares about evidence anymore, if a woman cries harassment straight away the guy is considered guilty. This is why the MGTOW movement is becoming so popular with men, quite frankly we can't trust women not to stitch us up if we upset them

  • kick ass article bro!

    not bragging or anything but growing up in such a place where women are extremely jumpy and will accuse you of sexual harassment just by looking at them funny I think I have possessed this mentality way before this movement started

  • My concern is that if this stays a sexist concept (that only men commit these acts) then it will actually make things much worse. Ever since about 2004 when people started to shed the idea that women did no wrong we've seen a rapid increase in the number of sexual harassment cases against women but with hashtags like this essentially belonging "to women" you'll have some kind of stake and claim towards the idea.

    This was the exact same problem with rape as a crime because rape literally became the crime of forcible sex with a male assailant and didn't change for hundreds of years. I am more than aware of the danger of a society who thinks, and in fact has enforced for years, the idea that "If a woman shows interest no matter how it is shown a man should suck it up but men must be wary of women."

    As long as a society believes that one sex controls sex in entirety then while things do change they don't change in ways that are necessarily good for all of us. They will benefit only the group that controls the situation at large.

  • The losers are all the women who actually don't mind having their but squeezed occasionally. But #metoo is invaluable as a tool for putting a guy away when the only evidence otherwise would be he-said/she-said.

  • It is just another tool for spoiled first world women to feel like they are advancing in the oppression Olympics.

    Fuck that hashtag. If they actually cared about women than they would campaign in the Middle East.

  • The problem lies in what people's definition of "sexually harassed" is.
    I have been harassed/assaulted sexually, verbally, mentally as well as physically.
    As was probably any other human being that had the pleasure of interacting with other human beings in their life for any significant amount of time.

    I'm sure a lot of the people #MeToo-ing would go to such extents of describing "harassment" that it would include every person on the planet.
    And then, it quickly loses its meaning.

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