Every Man in the End Secretly Desires to be a Warrior

Every Man in the End Secretly Desires to be a Warrior

Today's society doesn't really have a place for war or violence, people aren't killing each other. Such actions and behavior are considered lawlessness and savage-like. But does that mean the aspirations of a man are different than the warriors in ancient periods? Men in today's time's still aspire to have the same principles warriors had thousands of years ago.

Might is Right

It doesn't matter if it's a period where men commonly fight, or if they are earning money and paying others. Those who have the power will always be seen as the leaders. In ancient periods before currency became the norm for every society. The warriors who were the best fighters were responsible for how others in their tribes lived. They had the judgement of who lived well and who had just enough. Not much has changed in today's society. Those who have employees have the power to determine how well they live by how much they pay them. These men are considered the leaders of their tribes and communities. Others have to prove their worth to these men.

Honor Matters

Just like warriors of the old ages, just because one achieves success in their life. It does not mean they will be respected by their tribe. They have to earn their title with honor. In modern society, we follow the same tradition. People will not truly respect a wealthy individual if they have earned their wealth through nefarious means. The people will always respect the man who earned his wealth by helping the community or providing a valuable commodity. This is the norm that represents the ideals of the majority.

Loyalty is Rewarded

Men will often form bonds with other men in order to prosper and defend against threats. Every group of men will have their own codes and morals. This is found in the old society and the new society. Once you form a alliance with other men. You will be rewarded for staying loyal to them. They will expect you to reward them for their loyalty too. Instead of alliances for war, people form alliances today for earning income by selling services, entertainment and products.

Every Man in the End Secretly Desires to be a Warrior


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  • I want a warrior... So I can build an army, "our son shall be the stallion that mounts the world" or something... But if I'm going to be shield maiden they actually have to be stronger than me first 🤔

    • I agree with the second 2 but not really the first... That is starkly divided and the ability to make money can either indicate strength or the ability to manipulate, and manipulation isn't a "warrior" attribute, however much money comes from it.

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    • @Onlythisone Both were horrible in that movie but that doesn't mean neither was a warrior. A warrior uses every advantage and both did so, same for the guy shunned by Leonidas.

    • @shephardjhon you see... To me that is the exact opposite of a warrior, a warrior sets boundaries, lives by a code... Isn't a mercenary who will do anything for anyone as long as he gets ahead. There is cause, and purpose over personal gain. My brothers before myself. It isn't the fight, it is the reason. Victims use whatever means necessary to win, the strong don't have to.

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  • I like female warriors :)

    • You like anything female...

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    • @Goochbreaker You literally just proved my point. "We just think it's stupid to say you like female warriors because male ones are obviously superior."

    • @Kai02 you said that we assumed that she dislikes male warriors, how does my recent comment prove this point exactly? Male warriors are superior... it has nothing to do with liking or hating anything, this is objective fact. Cherry choosing to like female warriros, to the logical mind, is stupid, because they are objectively inferior in 99% of cases. Men have evolved over millions of years to be warriors. Women have not. Some women have been warriors, fewer have been successful, but one thing is certain, the numbers of female warriors have never been such for an extended period of time that they would evolve to be better at it.

  • Men desire the fantasy of being a warrior not the reality. Killing another human being isn't easy. If you actually asked a veteran about their experiences at war they won't be telling you about the glory. They will tell you about the death, the destruction, the stress and the fear. War isn't romantic, it isn't glorious and it isn't honourable. Is it necessary? Sure, sometimes but that doesn't make it something anyone should aspire too.

    • Did you even read mytake? I dont understand why people comment before reading. I wonder if they just read the questions on a English test and not the story where the questions are derived from.

    • l can't kill a human or an animal

  • I feel like that and I'm a woman. So... Yeah goes both ways I suppose

  • Everyone wants to be a warrior. Everyone wants to feel honored and great and like a winner.
    Its human nature

  • I want to be a warrior, I understand

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What Guys Said 32

  • 1.) Might does not make right.
    2&3.) These are just necessary to a functioning society, I don't think these are exclusive to men or warriors.

    I may agree with your premise though. I think that's part of the reason why we like violent movies and games. It slakes, or whets, our blood lust.

    • Yes might does make right. When you are a baby, your parents are mightier than you. They control your well being from food, shelter and clothing.

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    • I did bud, but obviously, you weren't interested in my opinion, and of course, I'm not interested in forcing it. I went point by point and showed where I agreed and where I didn't.

      Regardless, this line of conversation is boring and not interesting. You can respond if you'd like, but I won't continue discussions further.

      Have a good day 👍

    • You read the headline of the subject, did not read the rest of the text. You implied I have a viewpoint of a brute. You disagreed with this false implication in order to make yourself feel a better like you are the good guy and I'm some bad guy.

      Hate to break your fantasy, the reality is you are a insecure individual and wants to be something better but you don't have the discipline or commitment to become it.

      The difference between us can be seen in our profile pictures. I don't need to engage in dishonest practices to make myself feel better. You apparently do.

  • If I could I'd be a barbarian, dominating local competing tribes with my bro's by beating them into submission, taking their stuff, and their women. I'd feed my dead enemies, or any survivors, to my trained war dogs.

    Then I'd pack the conquered elderly, children old enough to know what a sword is, and the obstinate women onto a shitty boat and send them off to sea in a viking funeral.

  • Probably true, it's why action flicks, superhero flicks are so popular, combat sports, full contact sports and martial arts are so popular.

  • There is some truth to this, though I would still point out that violence is abhorrent and wrong, in the sense of mass violence or killing/fighting in hatred and anger. What is NOT wrong at all is just combat for the sake of competition, such as boxing or MMA or jiu-jitsu or whatever else; those things are good, and can teach us all more about ourselves.

    The first rule is, we are not supposed to talk about it. And the second rule is, we are not supposed to talk about it.

  • Yeah.. plenty of people wanna be warriors.. until they step out into the battlefield and see what it's *really* like.

    War is hell.

    • Mytake isn't about being a traditional warrior. It compares modern men who still have warrior beliefs and fight in a competitive market to earn income.

    • Oh that's right, you do mention that now that I read your take more carefully, my bad.

      I think economic competition is different from warfare even from an evolutionary standpoint but they do share similarities. I'm personally a man who despises most competition because the behavior is too rooted in ego. Why should I want to prove myself "to the tribe" when I can just go fuck off and do what I want on my own terms?

      I'm more of a "self" person rather than a "group" person. However, a lot of men fight very hard to maintain a certain image and admitably *are* rewarded decently for it. If they have a lot of money and social status, they are given comfort, sex and praise.

      I think there's far more to people and life than social status and wealth and I prefer to peruse such things. Life is so short, I have to find my own way rather than follow the crowd, I have to find my own meaning or I have wasted my limited time.

    • Well it's not always about being the best. It's also about building a community for your children and for yourself. Every man has their own social circles, and we build them to our benefit and theirs as well. Your friend enjoys being your friend, you also enjoy being their friend too. It's not always about money, but in the end. The mightest tribe is usually the one who is very wealthy and charismatic. Those are the new traits society admires. We have moved beyond murdering and robbing.

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