Let's Talk About Catcalling...

Keep all your current thoughts and opinions on catcalling aside, cause this myTake is going to be very short and straightforward. Erase all previous views and opinions that you have on catcalling, and actually see the topic on its own. Analyze and evaluate. Think. Then say whatever you want.

Catcalling. Commenting on a random woman, often loudly and in an indecent manner. May also involve stuff like singing, whistling, meowing, stalking, bullying. Mostly done 'just for fun'. No good purpose. Sometimes done with friends out of peer pressure, for the sake of 'trying it out'.

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

Best case scenario, she is flattered and she forgets it after a few days. Worst case scenario, she gets traumatized and it scars her deeply. She might be going through hard times, and catcalling might be the last thing that she wanted to face. Extreme case scenario, she's from a strict family, her dad saw it and he beat her when she got back home. It happens for real.

Dear people who catcall and justify catcalling,

Did you think for once how it could affect her? There is no way of knowing if the girl would appreciate it or feel threatened by it. Did you ever care about her feelings? Did you respect her personal space? Did you acknowledge her dignity? Did you ever think for once what you are putting yourself in to? Is it honorable for you and for her?

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

No. You chose your fun over her value. And it's absolutely disrespectful. Insincere. Irresponsible. Accept it, you lack self-respect. Hence you don't know how to respect other people either.

If the girl gets scared by what you did and it limits her freedom outdoors, it IS your responsibility. You think you can catcall a girl and how she lets it affect her is not your responsibility at all? No. Because you caused it. You caused her to feel the way she did.

And it doesn't matter how she looked. You saw her, fine. How you react to it is completely your responsibility. She might be standing out in a crowd and it still is your responsibility. Everyone is responsible for his/her own actions. How it affected him/her and the people around, regardless of what he/she intended or anticipated. "I did it to compliment her-" You can't decide it for her whether or not she would take it as a compliment. You can't make her take it the way you want. And you should be aware of it.

Also, you contribute to make this world a bit more unsafe than what it already is for women.

What would happen if you didn't catcall? Nothing. No harm, everything is peaceful. Keeping your comments to yourself won't kill ya. Is it really worth it? What do you gain from catcalling? Because the one who does it gains nothing, but the one to whom it has been done can lose something as precious as... her childhood.

I had to stop playing outside when I was only 12, because the local boys were getting too irritating. When I questioned why I should stop playing and why not those boys stop bullying me instead, I was told that it's because I am a girl. Boys will be boys (so I should be tolerating it). Besides, I am grown-up. Why should a grown-up girl like me even have the audacity to play outside in the first place? It's inappropriate for me to even run, lol.

It was a sudden transition. I played outside with my neighbors a day ago and then all of a sudden mom slaps me for attempting to talk to my guy playmates. I was so... astonished. I didn't even cry. Just looked at her, silently asking, what was that for? Being catcalled? Even today, when anyone asks me to join the sports club or dance in public, I refuse. No thanks bruh, I learned my lesson. Ain't doing that shit ever again.

Let's Talk About Catcalling...

So what is your excuse for still doing it?

"Some girls like it!" Keyword: SOME. Not all of us. Yeah, I understand too some women like it and it's fine. It really is. All people are different. But you can't tell who likes being catcalled and who doesn't. So is it really worth the risk of scaring her?

"It's not the same in first world countries" only because a woman in a first world country doesn't fall in trouble for being catcalled, it's okay to have no respect for her? No my child no! Besides, you can't escape from the fact that it does affect women and their psychology. It does cause depression and insecurity.

Keep it simple, bruh. Just Don't Do It! The last time I checked, keeping your mouth shut doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Cause let's all admit it, you better be silent if you have nothing good to say.

Let's Talk About Catcalling...
Let's Talk About Catcalling...
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