Reasons Why the MGTOW Propaganda Should be Fought Off

OK, now the things will be blown out of proportion. I know I will "assault" the identity of some guys by condemning what is wrong with the MGTOW propaganda, but it has to be done in my new Take. And with facts.

Reasons Why the MGTOW Propaganda Should be Fought Off

1. Men and women need each other to ensure the survival of our species

We have about 200 thousand years of history together. The survival of our species hinges on the relations between men and women. Thousand years of biological evolution and evolutionary psychology. Now do some MGTOWers think they can convince me that "all women have a bad nature"? If it was true, the Natural Selection by itself would take care of wiping out the humankind (not Trudeauism here). That's the way things go, this is why 99.9% of all species that ever lived are extinct by natural causes (1). The "Mother" Nature is merciless.

2. The extremists use a really nasty propaganda to get more "recruits" to the movement

Why? If men start to hating women, they will be much more prone to embrace the MGTOW "red pill". And when the novices spread their fresh learned hate, they can make more other men start to hating women either, and the movement getting new more followers... It's like a chain.

3. How do they do it?

Basically by spreading FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. It is a highly effective tactic used in Marketing too (2).

They are used to apply a collective guilt to women, which is beyond a collectively character assassination.

4. Bitterness breeds bitterness

They usually spread flawed and highly stereotiped views like:

"All women are promiscuous by nature"

"All women will ride the c*ck carousel until they age badly"

"It's the female nature go for an 'alpha' to f* her and a 'beta cuck' to pay the bills"

"All women want a guy with 12 inch d*ck"

"Men are at the bottom of social food chain"

"Female hypergamy"

Wow, why should anyone trust women, right? If it is true, then it's normal if you are a guy and start to see women as sneaky and tricky creatures, who are not worthy of trust and they would be deceptive when they show us their female affection. Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Also, when you see these things here in GAG, or things like:

"Why do women hate nice guys and spread their legs to bad boys"

"Why do white girls are not attracted to white guys anymore?"

"Why do women go for the super rich and the 6-pack abs only"

It's them. It's their poison, is that ethical? The MGTOW propagandists here in GAG look like a bot sometimes, always spamming, always with the same questions (they even don't change their copy and paste style).

Reasons Why the MGTOW Propaganda Should be Fought Off
I know the cult needs more members and nothing better than a demafation campaign against "the enemies" in order to accomplish the goal. To them, it's not a problem. Being part of a cult can be really addictive to some individuals. It gives to them an identity, a meaning that they lacked in their lives. They are down for any game.

A food for thought: do you want to know a bit more about the cult mentality? This book is a must-read: (3)

5. Why is it so convincing?

Well, there is a lot of trouble in the relations between men and women these days. There's no shortage of negative things in our societies that they can use to justify their claims.

6. Am I a "White Knight"?

Well, besides the fact that I never personally had a reputation of being a nice guy, I'm also absolutely hated by feminists, white guilters, SJWs and so forth, even here in GAG I'm blocked by +20 of them and working to be blocked by the remaining ones. But there's a difference: I want to be hated just by those ones, not by the entire womankind. And I have a good relationship with women in general. What prevents some guys of having too?

I just can't indulge guys for doing the same thing that I condemn in feminists: gender bashing, double standards, toxic propaganda, spreading false information...

Really sorry, but between some embittered guys who attack women in general and my mother, my fiancee, my grandma, my friends (every women who made my life great)... I choose to side with the last ones.
Reasons Why the MGTOW Propaganda Should be Fought Off

7. You are not inspiring women to be a better person by attacking all of them

It should seems obvious to all sane people: why do you think you can inspire others to be a better person if you just point your finger to them? There is no honor in bashing innocent people, and this is what you are doing by attacking all women: you are attacking the bad ones, but the good ones too. If someone who lives in your community ends up killing people, it would be an atrocity if the state condemns your entire community, including you, to the gallows. It would just breeds more bitter conflicts. The innocent people would tend to be disgusted and embittered by the unfair treatment.

8. The self-fulfilling prophecy

This kind of view is the gold standard for every cult or extremist group. It's like:

A. The perceiver has expectations about how target will behave; (they think all women are this and that and just want to explore "nice guys" or hate men in general).

B. The perceiver then behaves in a way that is likely to elicit the expected target behavior; (they seem too much agreeable, naive and sensible, this is what people used to call "nice", or they bash women in general).

C. Target indeed behaves in a way that confirms the perceiver's expectations; (they attract moochers, because these types go for the naive and "defenseless", or get bad responses for spreading false rumors or hate against women).

D. The perceiver (Objective Perceiver) sees the predicted behavior. ("See? Women hate men, especially nice guys!).

9. Have you chosen go your own way?

Fine, it's your choice. But you can defend your views in a responsible and mature way, without bashing an entire gender, being embittered, spreading false informations and showing porn sites to kids.

10. The real problem

We have a rotting cadaver in our room, and it is making people ill. That's the current situation of the Western civilization. A strong and healthy culture should provide an identity and a purpose in life to people who partake in. Not hedonism, not nihilism, not selfishness, not antidepressants, not prolonged adolescence, not fake values, not rabid ideologies, as we see happening and making people crazy. Radical feminism and MGTOW are only a symptom.

The "sad" thing: you can't fix it by bashing the opposite gender. Donyou want to start taking things a little more seriously? Start by fighting off the destructive forces in our culture.

11. Being nice is not enough

We should reinvent the culture, learn how to spot evil people and how to defend ourselves against them, we can't accomplish it by just being "nice".

And to the guys who think they are "perfect:, remember:

You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We're all part of the same compost heap. We're all singing, all dancing crap of the world. (Fight Club)

12. An advice to young guys and girls

Don't let embittered people poison your minds.

- Hide MGTOW/Feminist threads.

- Ignore MGTOW/Feminist posts.

- Do not answer to MGTOW/Feminist posters.

Reasons Why the MGTOW Propaganda Should be Fought Off

Be smart on the OPs.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Best My Take i've ever read, couldn't have said it better myself. I've tried explaining this to some people, that MGTOW is no better than a cult and that they target people in a similar way to extremist groups like ISIS but there is no conversation. They say it's all about equality and divorce settlements when it takes 5 min to actually go on their reddit and find it's just pointless vitriol. Same as the SJW's when they ask you why you don't support them they ask questions with the most safe and universal answers. Yes I believe in equality but what you're doing is not equality.

    • Your OP is the best ever (I couldn't have said it better myself too). 😂👍
      It's sad, because we (men and women) have 200 thousand years of history together. The MGTOWism was created just ~10y ago and now its followers think they reinvented the wheel. Funny thing is, we can see them complaining that I "generalized" the MGTOW, but it's fine if they generalize women. Tsc... Tsc...

      Thank you for reading!

Most Helpful Guys

  • I agree HOWEVER I also think its important to ask why they went that route to begin with. We are biologically predisposed to favor women, its in our nature to do so yet here are men doing the exact opposite. That takes a lot of work to get men, especially a significant number (comparatively speaking) to turn against women. So I do fully understand why some men do go MGTOW and I think that does need to be addressed. The fact is feminism poisoned the well (along with some other things), MGTOW is a result of that. The fact that we cannot find many women willing to call out other women who do wrong (the #MeToo movement for instance, we have been told by society and especially women that we should just assume that every anonymous accusation made by a woman is absolutely true regardless of the lack of evidence (or evidence to the contrary)). This fuels MGTOW because as we all know not all women are that way but the ones who are not don't seem inclined to speak up. I do think we need to pressure women to speak up when women do wrong, its especially important due to our predisposition towards women and biological drive to cater to them. We see a lot of laws that are completely unfair and benefit women yet many women do not speak up about them, this again causes more bitterness and anger, especially when women shame and insult any man who brings it up (I should know, feminist despise me for this very reason). So I agree MGTOW is most definitely not the solution to the problem but I think its unfair to not at least acknowledge that while it may be an extreme response the things they are complaining about and responding to are real. I also agree that we need to fix our culture and society, we the people need to take back the cultural narrative because the people who currently control it have nothing but ill will and ill intent towards it and us. Otherwise great take and I agree.

  • It doesn't matter which side of the issue one is on, spewing bitterness and hate solves nothing in the end. So for that reason I see MGTOW as just stagnation in the end. Yes, it might help the men to vent, but ultimately venting is not action, it is emotion, and only action changes things.

    My dating got better when I took a good look at myself and saw things I had to improve. So I improved those things. And I started asking women for things. If they couldn't deliver, I moved on. And eventually found women who could deliver.

    One of my problems was I just didn't ask. When I started asking for things I got them... from the right women. And I got happier and more content. And this process snowballed until I got remarried and we're still happy and content.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I so wish I could agree with you. Much of what you said is what I have been saying.

  • Most of them are just bitter divorcee hurt by an ex wife or guys hurt by a bitch girlfriend or some poor guy mad cause he can't get a girl often time changes their opinion so I wouldn't be too hard on them.

    • The only reason this is sad is because everyone knows this is true for so many people...

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    • Oh. I was unsure of who your were projecting your response to. Sorry.

    • The problem is MGTOW does have a point its just their response is the exact opposite of what it should be. Its like throwing gas on a fire really. I fully understand why many do it and I don't begrudge them for it, I get it self preservation and all, but it hurts the women who are good, doesn't impact the women who exploit the law and men to their advantage, doesn't change those laws and it doesn't help them, men both as a group and on the individual level. Its a knee jerk reaction. You are right however that confrontation makes it worse, especially with women. I think part of the problem is a lot of women don't want to admit that things have gotten messed up to say the least between men and women and that men are at a disadvantage (if you look at how laws are enforced and how society tends to cater to women while demonizing men (in no small part due to feminism)) and this just further solidifies the MGTOW followers idea that women are the enemy instead of the feminist ideology.

  • It's called 'red' pill for a reason, all Marxist ideology same as the 'feminists'


    • This girl knows! Thanks for reading and contributing with your OP.

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    • Na Marxism doesn't take sides, it's about imaginary privilege and feeding hate that eventually leads to killing everyone with that imaginary privilege... Left and right is just another way they try to weigh it out now, people try to say Nazis we're facist so they were right wing... Yet the propaganda was the same as the communist. People are so bent up on labels they don't look at the message or the effect as long as they can pick a victim party to be a part of.

    • I like what your saying, stalin wanted to devide eastern Europe up in world war2 with the nazi's. He started off the war being an antagonist, then pathetically complained to the west when Hitler opened up a eastern front against Russia. Where these ideologies come from I don't know, but they are very much like the double standards, the weak mindedness of a generation of cry babies.

  • great


What Guys Said 34


    If the MGTOW are truly going their own way, then why are some of them trying to actually devalue or attack women in some way? I thought it was all about going *your own* way, not attacking women and certainly not caring about women:

    Anyway that pretty much debunked the MGTOW thing as it is in it's current and actual state. I knew I left it years ago for the better reasons. Now I am happily in a relationship with my current girlfriend.

    Very funny however is that I am the author of that picture and googling for "MGTOW logic" will show this picture as well:

    You can find this picture in one of my opinions here (in the reply section of my opinion in that URL)
    The Stupidity of the MGTOW Movement! ↗

    It used to be a different picture and I just took it and modified it with much more fitting images. Here is the original picture:

    Another worthwhile picture is this:

    Now... what if we tell MGTOW, that they can actually go their own way and be happily single and not mind the women at all without spreading all their biased propaganda? That would be something.
    But that is not our problem fortunately.

    All in all: (hardcore/rabid) MGTOW today is one side of the same coin. The other side of the same coin is radical feminism.

    One is political, the other isn't.

    I'm happily not participating in that bullsh.
    And it's GUT!

  • I'm not one of them and I have my disagreements with them, but I get it. Some of their concerns are valid - things like child custody, divorce law, our legal system and our society in general being biased against men. A lot of that isn't based on propaganda at all, but official statistics. To claim that they don't exist you'd have to completely ignore them, and that would be dishonest.

    The main thing they complain about is gynocentrism - the societal bias in favour of women. Women's issues are taken seriously for the most part, while men's are dismissed and anybody who points them out are automatically labelled bitter misogynists and losers and told to "stop whining". When MGTOW types see this it just makes them feel further justified in what they do.

    I understand that MGTOW is bad for society, as is feminism. We need good relations between men and women, I agree. But MGTOW is a reaction mainly to laws and policies put in place by feminism that have taken away not only privileges but incentives for men to do these things such as marry, have a family, work hard for the betterment of a society.

    When they see that 90% of the homeless are men with no help for them, 25% of the homeless are veterans with no help, 50% of domestic violence victims are men with almost no help, they see men being fucked over in court being made to pay alimony and child support to a woman knowing that if she refuses to allow him to see his kids only 3% of the time will the courts do anything to protect the Father's rights... And then all people do is call them losers because they see these things as bad, then they wonder why they should even try to fix it when nobody gives a shit about them. Especially women - my girlfriend is one of the few who I've shown this to and she's said "yeah, that's fucked up" - but most women when I've spoken about these things call me a bitter misogynist even though I've said nothing negative about women, just the legal system.

    When those guys see the majority of women act that way when the guy is just pointing out these things, I can see why they would feel the way they do. What would be your solution to the above?

    • I'm 100% anti-feminism, I think feminism is toxic just as any form of liberalism. But I'm not obligated to chose to side to MGTOWers, I don't agree with their points of view either.

      In my view, liberalism is the cancer that should be eradicated. No matter how. Feminism is just the beginning, liberals are wrecking the society in other forms. With mass migration, with political correctness, cosmopolitanism, nihilism, LGBT propaganda, "gender studies, "critical race theory", banning guns... Just to name a few examples.

      The first step for this "no matter how" is rejecting the mainstream culture and replacing it with something more meaningful in life (not the MGTOW), but I can explain my views just in one post, maybe I will write a Take about those problems.

  • "All women are promiscuous by nature"

    "All women will ride the c*ck carousel until they age badly"

    "It's the female nature go for an 'alpha' to f* her and a 'beta cuck' to pay the bills"

    "All women want a guy with 12 inch d*ck"

    Natural selection will take care of those women since very few men will want to mate with a woman who fucked 30 guys before she even turned 20, so I guess this fear within MGTOWs will be gone after a while!

    • A culture that creates that kind of women should disappear together with them.

  • This movement is just another reactionary counter culture that was invented as to be the opposite of feminism. Neither MGTOW or Feminism is intelligent or best for the human race because like you said, we are intrinsic to each others survival.

    There needs to be a balance of powers. And MGTOW is not the balance. It just further pushes the scale out of whack on the other side.

    • There needs to be a balance of powers. And MGTOW is not the balance"

      Perfect! I can't stand for a bunch of crybabies who think they are revolutionizing the gender relations simply by bashing women, including the good ones.
      They and the feminists only bring up more confusion.

  • The only way MGTOW will die is if Feminism finally shuts the fuck up and start acting like adults. Youve made some hyperboles about MGTOW but I do agree that it needs to go away. Again, The problem is that Feminism has become such a joke and men are being put down so much that its natural for movements like MGTOW to pop up.

    • Both of them should be banned, they bring up no value to society, feminism is worse just because it's mainstream.

  • 1. Feminism and MGTOW do not account for sexual behavior. However MGTOW advocates have sex but doing so to bring the man pleasure. Both groups do not adequately acknowledge that sex is normal.

    2. Most extremists pushing the hateful propaganda have been damaged by women while not being mature enough to heal and carry on with their lives. Divorce, abuse, there's any number of reasons why some of these MGTOW monks have the perspectives they do.

    3. Agreed.

    4. Sterotypes are often true or very acxurately describe a specific demographic.

    5. Some of it is factual, albeit twisted just like feminist propaganda about the Wage Gap mythos.

    6. "There's 3 kinds of people in this world Chuck: Dicks, pussies, and assholes."

    7. Not all women are like that and the ones that aren't need to start waking up to the fact that men deal a lot with the types that are.

    8. Part of the reason why MGTOW fails, it doesn't not admit when it's wrong.

    9. I did and still kinda am even though I don't identify anymore due to the extremism. I try to apply logic instead of hate but for me my decision to go my own way was influenced by my mother being abusive and feminism poisoning the schools I attended.

    10. The federal government STILL can't reschedule cannabis, you think that something as complicated as this is going to be solved overnight? Blame corporations, they have turned the dating world into a pay to win scheme that doesn't guarantee the average citizen any modicum of normal sexual outlet.

    11. Brainwash everyone to think like you so, sit down Lil' Stalin.

    12. Ignoring the problem offers zero solutions.

    • Where I said that we should tolerate bad behaviour from women? Or flawed things like the divorce laws? Or that the society is doing well and we don't have problems? Or that I'm OK with feminists?

      You left the MGTOW, but the MGTOW didn't left your mind yet.

      It's pretty risible reducing +7 billion people, each one with an unique mindset, to 3 words.
      Also, stereorypes have a false consensus effect, it's just a no-brainer way of thinking.

      Your covert defense of the MGTOWism is not impressive. You have to do better than twisting my words and "attacking a straw man".

  • I can't disagree with them. They are speaking truth. It sucks. I wish it weren't true. But they are absolutely right. It no longer makes sense for men to sacrifice themselves for a society that hates them. We have to go our own way.

    • That's fine, it's your coice and there's a lot of bad things in society today. I just pointed out that people don't need to be more of those "bad things". MGTOWers can live their lives and spread their message without being toxic

    • They're being toxic in response to being treated toxically. Fighting fire with fire. That's probably the worst thing an intellectually honest person could say about them.

    • I just think people who base their ideology on "collective guilt" against other groups should have no place in society. I don't like when radical feminists do it against men, I don't like when radical liberals do it against whites and I will keep my coherence and reject MGTOWism when their followers do the same mentionated thing too.

      I can't help. I don't need put myself under a label and associate myself with sc*m to fight against other sc*m.

  • Feminist propaganda is toxic, hate-filled, misandric, and bigoted.
    It claims all men are evil, perverse, sick, rapists, and should be feared and ashamed of themselves.
    Where is your take on this shit being poison?
    Why do you have such an issue with men getting tired of gynocentric bullshit and constant hate?
    Are you simply virtue signaling in hopes winning brownie points with women? If so, you need to understand that nothing dries up a vagina faster than a little bitch male with no balls.

    • 😂😂😂
      Are you triggered, dear?
      You are a male version of this (I mean, if you could be called a man, besides the fact that you hate women, I don't know what you do with your homies after your male group therapy sessions 👬):

    • Nope. Pointing out the truth doesn't make one triggered.
      Your pathetic shaming tactics prove everything people need to know about you.

  • I’m not part of that group nor do I necessarily agree with everything they say, but it’s not hard to understand their point of view and where they are coming from.

    • I can't indulge them when they use the real problems that men face because of feminism as a shield to justify their failure in life and their lack of ability to fight against feminism. They aren't winners and can divide the anti-feminist movement.

  • Wether your mgtow or not the average woman in the Western World will fuck you up any chance she gets. She can be as good as you want her to be. The moment she wants something that will effectively destroy your life, she will do what she can to get that and ignore you. I realised this in a young age from ym own mother and how she went on to destroy my father's life. To this day she still didn't regret anything of what she did and sometimes continues to do it while at the same time goes to church to play the good and moral christian. This is the Western world and women are copy cats by nature. You can't help it as long as this behaviour is the mainstream. I think point 9 is the best one in this article. Men were always going their own way. To relate this mindset with mgtow or any sort of socio-political movement is just stupid.
    Thanks for the book suggestion. Looks interesting.

    • Same with my mother, she ruined their marriage and my subsequently the families lives all because her needs took priority to everyone else.

      She tried getting in contact with me and apologizing for everything she did wrong. I told her to fuck off, what else do you do to a toxic person that ruins your life every chance they get?

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    • Hungary seems like a good choice. I didn't know that Germans formed communities there already. I was thinking about Latvia or Estonia though as I know people there. The language is always the first obstacle. Good thing is that Im doing well with languages. I have mastered Greek which is considered one of the harder languages. And besides that, Im currently working on my online business. If it will be successful, then I'll have it much easier to piss off wherever I want towards the East. Wish me luck brother.

    • Make some money and chose a country. In all the East you will be a bit safe from western degeneracy. If you decide Hungary, the Balaton german communities would be a nice home to you, beautiful place and good and based German people.

      All luck to you, brother. Cheer up!

  • I think MGTOW is a reactive movement... What is it reacting to?

    I mean in all seriousness, (I'm going to get so much hate for this statement), a lot of MGTOW really looks like mirror images of certain vains of feminism.

  • I guess I’m technically going my own way but it’s not because I’m bitter I just don’t understand how to attract women so I just say to myself ahhh fuck it.

    • That's fine. I know the date life is a bit tiresome these days, the society is too much individualistic, no traditions, people are too much self-absorbed. It's a bit hard having to guess what the other person does like.

    • I feel so far behind now

  • I'm really afraid of getting married due to the divorce rates and the fact that men are the ones getting totally screwed by divorce settlements. That said, I don't have a problem with women themselves, just the messed up system.

  • As long as they don't commit crimes against women I don't really care what they think. Nor do I have time for such a topic, I generally get along with most women, I don't need a self help guru tell me how to change my perception of reality. My reality is fine.

  • Let me tell you something MGTOW is fragile reforming these little divorce laws and #metoo is all you neet to do to kill it off
    I am a mgtow

    • I know that the divorce laws are a pretty shameful. Especially in USA, I lived there for 8 years.

    • dividing the gender is the number one rule if you want to conquer the world

      I and others are the only one who knows these facts

    • and you know it to

  • This is a result of deliberate , toxic , social engineering. Feminism started off with good intentions , then was progressively , and by design , hijacked by the Cultural Marxist mafia , and feminism is entirely led by man hating extremists , they have been the leadership for decades now. Feminism is mainstream , very well ( Rothschild ) funded & legally backed , and has a central ( misandrist ) leadership , Gloria Steinem remains the top leader. MGTOW is NOT a movement , seems to be a very loose online only collective. This male reaction is EXACTLY what those really behind feminism wanted !!

    • Finally someone pointed out in the OP how the things are going. Thank you!

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    • *is the antinatalism
      *social phenomena

    • Soros IS a Rothschild , he is a capo di capo in their Cartel , he is a top table member and a fellow " Chosen One " , I refer to him when I refer to the Rothschild Cartel. Evil Talmudic supremacist bastards !!

  • I think describing it as a "movement" is way overstating it. It's just a bunch of guys who, for people who claim they don't care about women, sure do a lot of bitching about them.

  • There are male feminists in the world. The MGTOW are not. The MGTOW are feminist males.

  • As long as 70% of all men are seen as garbage by women, there will always be a strong and growing MGTOW movement.

    Your counter-arguments are not even in the same realm as where the real battle is taking place.

    • What makes you think you and the MGTOW know "where" the real battle is taking place?
      I'm 100% anti-feminism, and why should I choose to side to MGTOW?

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    • I'm not a novice, I know very well about the social problems that all of us are facing. I just think MGTOWism is not a solution. Both feminism and MGTOW are symptoms of the disaster that the western culture turned into since the 60s. There's no solution within the western culture.

    • Exactly. It's actually the fabric of civilization itself that is coming apart, and "mgtow" and "feminism" are nothing but surface symptoms.

      Did you know that the vast overwhelming majority of Western women cannot give birth without a doctor prescribing her oxytocin to induce labor? Modern women, because they're all put on artificial hormones when they hit puberty, can no longer give birth naturally. This is an extinction-level event. But so is Fukushima, I guess.

      We won't have to "pick our poison," we're going to get a big gulp of all of them.

  • I don't believe their propaganda. But I do what makes me happy, and fuck what anyone else thinks about it. I also treat everyone the same, and women don't like it, but IDGAF.

  • MGTOW was started from the Red Pill talks at Reddit.
    Part of the anti Hillary campaign:

    • You can't hit nothin', Jacques. Tsc... Tsc...
      The origins of the MGTOW movement back to the early 2000s, far earlier before the Hillary's campaign.

    • @EmperorOfRome misogynists always existed.

  • why do we always try to find reasons to invalidate peoples opinions instead of understanding issues and trying to improve the situation to resolve issues.

    feminism and mgtow emerged from pressing issues that exist in society that need fixing. it's nonsense to just wipe it off the table alltogether.

    spend your energy finding out the valid points to improve instead of spending all your energy on finding reasons we should stop fixing issues.

    • That's my point exactly, you see? They aren't fixing anything. Just bringing up more confusion.

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    • @Dchrls7810 mgtow and feminism is not god obviously but they are expression of people's struggle and if you believe in love then you should try to understand instead of trying to invalidate their feelings.

    • I'm not even pro mgtow or feminism xD there's just that notion of the bitter triggered person that swings with it, that usually comes with assholes abusing a movement for their cause. We can't help that idiots will jump on the bandwagon. That's all I'm saying. Try to see the movement from the valid side and don't judge it by the idiots that are part of it.

  • Those guys are to men what modern feminists are to women. Not as violent and enraged, but still pretty fucked up

  • If they want to stray away from women, let them. Who cares

  • MGTW... or however it is abbreviated is nothing more than guys who don't want to marry, have kids with or live with a woman to where they become "legal" unions and the courts can bind them together and make them share assets/retirements.

    Other than that there is nothing noteworthy about this concept. They date... do everything else anyone does.

    Without divorce rates, child support payment, alimony and divorce settlements... it is very logical.

    Tons of women don't want to marry now a days anyway.

    This is a just a bunch of noise about nothing.

  • Excellent Take.

  • Wow, we agree on something

  • I am and will always be a MGTOW.

  • I am MGTOW and I am 19. I do not hate women and by the way. most of the points in that list are not what most MGTOW believe , they are the extremes. I have decided to become MGTOW because women want certain things in man , which i will not have fir the most part of my life and why should i bother το be engaged in with women if I do not have any luck?

  • MGTOW is sanity in an otherwise insane world.

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