Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism

Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism

This isn't to criticize MGTOW, but to point out that they are being duped. For years I was a angry, bitter man. I was angry at how many women picked bad men over good men, how fathers were being mistreated in family courts, how the divorce laws were designed to favor women over men, and the constant lies of feminists being accepted as fact. All this made me give up on women and hate the world. But after a long time, I finally realized that I was falling right into the hands of the people behind this evil agenda. Let me elaborate:

This is no longer a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy fact that there are evil forces in the world that are hellbent on overthrowing marriage and family. If you take a good look at the system we live in--the divorce laws, the media, TV dramas, Hollywood movies, feminism etc--it is all designed to undermine love and commitment, and encourage promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, single motherhood etc. Not only that, but governments and radical feminists are pushing for more laws to be passed to further drive a wedge between men and women. For example, a police force near where I live in the UK have now made misogyny a hate crime. If a man so much as verbally upsets a woman, this can be reported as a hate crime and the police will investigate. And surprise surprise, the Chief Inspector embracing this new law just happens to be a feminist.

Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism

The education system, especially universities, is the breeding ground for feminist indoctrination. I know a woman who had a young female friend. Before this young lady went into university, she was a sweet lady who had no problem with men. After one year at uni, she had become a radical feminist who now hated men. I'm not saying that every woman in university is going to become a radical feminist, I'm just saying that the education system is largely responsible for turning a lot of sweet young ladies into angry, bitter feminists.

However, MGTOW is not the answer. The powers that be--the evil people behind this agenda--would like nothing more than for men to give up on relationships. When they see men getting angry at women and giving up on relationships, they sit back and laugh. That's exactly what they want. They want men to hate women. They want men to go their own way. It's all part of their evil scheme. The way to hurt these people is to do the opposite of what they want. They cannot tolerate people being happy. One thing these people can't stand is men and women getting along and being in a happy committed relationship based on love. Feminists, leftist liberals, and evil governments absolutely hate and loathe it. MGTOW accepts defeatism and only falls into the government's agenda.

Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism

So, what is the solution? The truth is, it's perfectly natural for a man to desire a woman. If you give up on women, you are allowing these evil parasites to deprive you of your happiness. There are millions of other men who will happily take your place. Giving up on women is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Deep down you do want a relationship, but you are allowing your anger and bitterness to get in the way. But here's the thing: don't look at women as the enemy, look at the people behind the agenda.

For me, the solution is quite simple. There are more and more women waking up to this reality and are rejecting feminism. There are plenty of women who now sympathize with men and can see the damage that feminism and the divorce laws are doing. You can also use the internet to reach out to women and send them videos that expose feminism and how there is a brainwashing agenda to divide men and women. There are many things that can be done, but the solution is not to remain single for the rest of your life and hate women. That's what the radical feminists and the government want. They hate happy families based on love and commitment. So please, understand that MGTOW is not the answer.

Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism
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  • Dawnofanewhorizon
    I actually like MGTOW and I don't think it's right to assume that all members of MGTOW hate women. Sure this "movement" (it's not a movement) is a result of the damage that has been inflicted upon the men who feel as though it's time to throw in the towel and give up on women.

    Some men who are MGTOW have lost everything and sometimes it's honestly through no fault of their own. The fallout from a divorce, the loss of a lifetime's hard work and the loss of a man's children can leave a man a former shell of himself. A lot of men who subscribe to the MGTOW philosophy have literally been destroyed from the inside.

    I am not someone who would say "I am a MGTOW" subscriber, but I am someone who can honestly see him going through the rest of his life without a relationship, I honestly believe I'll die a virgin, I'll never have a relationship, I'll never marry, I'll never have children. To a lot of people this seems like a waste of a life, a waste of a man's main purpose but to me it's not actually that bad, I may just be a man that is forced to "go his own way" and that's not a daunting prospect to me, it feels like a liberating one.
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    • Although I'm much younger than you, I feel the exact same way. I don't mind being alone, and although I do think about the possibility and how it'd be nice to have a woman to love, it is definitely a liberating prospect. Makes me feel free and not worried about putting pressure on myself to find somebody

    • Skepkim

      What seems to be sorely lacking in many of those opposed to MGTOW is empathy. MGTOW don't seek to take anyone's rights away or subjugate them we just want to get out of the line of fire from the machine gun that biology and culture has has aimed straight at us and the rest of society is busy trying to degrade us for it. Too bad for them part of going your own way is not caring what those who don't acknowledge your humanity and only care about how useful you are to them think of you.

    • Drphil11


      Empathy? They attack fathers and all women. These guys are just as vile.. if not worse then feminist spreading hate against men. Sorry. Just because a woman hurt you, doesn’t mean you teach other men to hate all of Them and teach them not to commit or seek a love life. This is truly sad.

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  • MusicLover8098
    I like women and I agree, we shouldn't hate each other. Sadly though, I don't think I will ever be able to find a girl that loves me and accepts me for who I am, so I probably don't have a choice when it comes to being single or not.

    Also, Please excuse my ignorance, but what is MGTOW? It sounds kind of like the male version of feminism
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    • cth96190

      Here is an introductory explanation of MGTOW:

    • MusicLover8098, may I suggest you use Google and search on "what is MGTOW". And start reading.

    • @cth96190 so women, the state, and the government are all involved in a conspiracy against men, in which they all work together to completely ruin every man's life. Therefore the only way to stop it is for all men to become single forever, thus causing the downfall of women and men, and ultimately, causing the downfall of all civilization itself
      I don't know how I should be reacting to this...

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  • Lillevalss
    I think MGTOW was born purely due to vindictiveness arising from a deep rooted sense of anger.
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    • Then you are sadly misinformed.

    • Mrwoo99

      Not always, there are men like that because women have took their resources which obviously you women wouldn't understand since your okay with that I guess. Am glad MGTOW happened and informed me because now I can choose my partnets carefully without commitment and still get what I want. Us men have to secure our resources and hold off commitment because women can't be trusted.

    • Mrwoo99


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  • Tanisha69
    This makes a lot of sense. Feminists annoy me so much, they ruin everything.
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    • Mrwoo99

      Is it called tanisha..69! For a reason? 😜

    • Tanisha69

      @Mrwoo99 not really

    • Mrwoo99

      Okayyyyyyy... just checking

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  • madhatters4
    i feel like a very very small number of MGTOW's have a valid argument which is they are unhappy with the institution of marriage as they feel it unfairly burdens men... but i agree with you that the vast majority of MGTOW'ers are mostly angry embittered people who have simply suffered so bad dating or experiences with women
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    • Here is the only argument any sane man needs. I'm NOT willing to risk years, no.. decades in jail for something I didn't do. Just google it.. there are hundreds of stories of men going to jail for FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION!!!

      telegraph. co. uk/news/2017/08/24/woman-falsely-accused-15-men-rape-sexual-assault-jailed-ten/

      thesun. co. uk/news/5144496/liam-allan-rape-case-met-police-cleared-croydon-crown-court/

      losangeles. cbslocal. com/2017/11/17/only-on-2-wrongly-accused-of-rape-brian-banks-life-becoming-a-movie/

      newyorker. com/sections/news/why-has-daryl-kelly-been-imprisoned-for-the-last-twenty-years-for-a-crime-that-likely-never-happened

      wsbtv. com/news/local/gwinnett-county/man-falsely-accused-of-rape-freed-after-17-months-in-jail/529220139

      nbc4i. com/2017/04/21/newark-man-says-he-is-grateful-to-be-free-after-rape-charges-dropped/

    • @MasterSirMaster hundreds of stories compared to tens of thousands legitimate cases. the facts are that false claims of sexual abuse pale in comparison to legit claims (something like less than 1% of claims are false).

      so i think it is easy to avoid false claims by simply behaving well and being mindful of who you hang out with. if you encounter a girl who seems to lack morals or ethics then don't be surprised when she does something immoral or unethical.

    • your far more likely to suffer from about a million other negative events in life that you still probably do every day than be the victim of a false sexual abuse claim

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  • PatriarchalOppressor
    You're a fool. You're guided by your illusions, enchantments and lack of perspective on reality. When NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers) first introduced no-fault divorce legislation in California, ironically signed into law by white knight Ronald Reagan, divorce shot up to 75% and remained that way for a long, long time. Since that time, trillions of wealth have been forcefully transferred from men to women via asset division, alimony, palimony child support and civil suit payouts following false accusations. NAWL specifically wrote the no-fault divorce legislation to allow women to divorce their husbands while maintaining their now X husbands current and future assets and income. NAWL still brags about this 'achievement' on women's behalf.

    Where was the great protest to stop this annihilation of men? There wasn't one and there never will be one. Why? If you can't figure that out for yourself - then you're on a collision course with a disastrous existential crisis in your future.

    The government comes into power through the votes of its citizens. When there are enough voting for forced wealth and power transfer from others to themselves, which has been the case for many decades, then it all comes tumbling down. The founders knew this and predicted that the US would cease to exist when people finally figured out they had the power to do this via majority votes. You foolishly see government as some entity that just popped into existence instead of existing as a reflection of the majority vote - which doesn't bode well for your genetic line.

    Get a grip on reality and stop with the conspiracy theories. If none of the above convinces you, then look at the percentage of non-whites and single women vs white men that vote for Hillary this November. If you still don't get it after that, then you're a lost cause. Women and the white knights that support them have set up the system to be most beneficial to women and punishing to men that get out of line. If you don't know what gynocentrism is, then look it up.
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    • It's still a conspiracy.

    • Yes - A conspiracy by citizens (voters) to form alliances with like minded parasites for the purposes of forcing wealth, power and resources from those that have it/fought for it/earned it to those that demand it for themselves - not some secret, shadowy, hidden force from the netherworld.

      Some people have major issues accepting the realities of life. To them, the best way to overcome their failures and shortcomings is through forming safe-spaces, trigger warnings and forced wealth transfer - hence the push to ban anti-feminist speech in social networking and the push to have 'Affirmative Consent' be made a part of criminal law. What do each achieve? The silencing of anti-gynocentric dissent and the loss of presumption of innocence and due process for men. See many women out there on the streets protesting this further destruction of men? Nope. Will you ever? Most certainly not.

    • I don't give a rats ass who is behind the conspiracy. All I know is that there is a conspiracy, regardless who is behind it.

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  • cth96190
    I am at the point that Love_Is_Eternal described in his opening paragraph.
    I also understand everything that he wrote after that, because I have been aware of the globalist conspiracy since I was 14 years old. It was the only rational conclusion to reach. The alternatives were, either: (a) the great and powerful men and women of the world had genuinely and collectively been that stupid for the preceding 300 years, or more; or (b) there was an unseen hand that had been directing everything
    The latter was the only rational conclusion.
    When I read Gary Allen's 1972 book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Everything made sense and formed a coherent pattern. Only a moron could believe that world history was a series of random coincidences, when those events formed a pattern that headed in one direction and served the interests of one group of people.
    Feminism is an expression of Marxism. It was created by the unseen hand to drive a wedge between men and women, to destroy the family and cause fewer white babies to be born. To be sure, other races have been affected, but they were collateral damage, rather than the intended target.
    This is why feminism occurs only in white Western nations and why it demonises white heterosexual men.
    This is why feminists are silent about hordes of invading Muslim men raping women throughout Europe, but will march on the street and throw condoms filled with menstrual blood if a white heterosexual man has a crooked nail. I speak in metaphor, of course.
    Having said all that, I gave up on women not long after I turned 30.
    Like the author, I also saw woman after woman throw herself crotch first at players, dirtbags and sundry versions of the bad boy, while I could almost not get a date.
    The one serious girlfriend I had feigned a relationship with me, so that her parents would not suspect that she was maintaining a secret relationship with a bad boy of whom they disapproved.
    By the time that I turned 30, I was done. I assessed a data set of 15 years of rejections (and worse) and came to the evidence-based conclusion that I was wasting my time.
    Whatever it was that women wanted, it was clearly not me.
    So, I took a rational decision to walk away.
    Not long after, female group preference changed to favouring men who were more like me.
    I could fill a book with the way that women have made their interest plain for the past quarter of a century.
    For me, there is too much pain and resentment.

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    • You are definitely one of the those men who was MGTOW before there was MGTOW. Too many people are shaming Men for going their own way. They are passing judgement on something without doing any homework. All to common these days. The Myth of Male Power by Dr. William Ferrell and Men on Strike by Dr. Helen Smith have written great books that clearly show the forces working against Men. Men are making a rational and fact based risk assessment and have concluded that getting married is just too risky. In my opinion, it will take something catastrophic to change things for the better.

    • @MagiAlphaOne As I said, if men reject women and remain single, they are just doing what the people behind this agenda want them to do.

    • @myTake, I think maybe what you're identifying as an agenda to break up men and women is not a goal in itself, but rather the consequence of other agendas. For example, moving women out of homes and into full time work to increase the tax base, lower wages, and increase consumerism. Encouraging divorce because it brings a boat load of money into the courts (see the movie Divorce Corp.). I don't think the specific goal is about driving a wedge between men and women; in the short term those political elite who push such agendas make money, but in the long term it will destroy civilization. Personally, I think we've already walked too far down this road. People do not change their attitudes (especially emotional people) unless they are faced with a serious existential crisis. However, if all you see in MGTOW is anger and defeatism, then you're only looking at the surface. Try looking deeper, or do it the hard way and have an existential crisis.

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  • redonkulas12
    As a red pill guy and a once divorced man I will say I will never marry again. If I choose to have another relationship it will be on my terms or it will not happen. The divorce rate is 50% for 1st marriages and in many states if your married for 10 years and a day its alimony for life + child support. 1/2 of your pention or 401k. and I and most of the divorced men live in near poverty due to child support. after taxes and 45% of my gross income is taken I have enough to have a shit box apartment and a beater car and food for 25 of the 31 days of the month providing I eat 2 meals a day. this MGTOW is a simple movement of logic and nothing more. There is no evil power pulling the strings. this crazyness has been going on for more than 50 years now. As for the article above it is written in my opinion by some woman or white night trying to get more men onto the playing field. well the game is over the women of to day can party and get pumped and dumped until they are 40. then after that the game is over and all bets are off. rational, reason and logic a force of evil does not make
    www. redonkulas dot com
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    • There are indeed evil people who are pulling the strings. The division between men and women hasn't happened by accident. What fool would believe such a thing? The point of this myTake is to point out that if men accept defeatism and remain single for the rest of their life, then they are allowing the people behind this agenda to win.

  • datgirl
    MGTOW is the dumbest saddest thing ever. I laugh every time I read some guys comments on how they think they are so brave and noble and awesome. Like its no loss for me lmfao so keep going your own way. Anyways cool take!
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    • Jxpxtxr

      Lol this!

    • I agree, but women also need to understand that both men and women are being played off against each other. Try to understand why a lot of men feel the way they do. Men have feelings too.

    • cth96190

      Let us know if you still have the same arrogant and mocking attitude when you are on the wrong side of 30, single, kept awake by the sound of your ovaries counting down to zero and surrounded by cats.

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  • JudgmentDay
    I think there really should have been a Completely different kind of "MGTOW" reformed and remade or completely rebooted and Properly redone as "Humans" OR "People" "Going Their Own Way" or that it really should meant a group where "Single People on this Planet That Completely or Totally Gave Up And Called It Quits On All Dating, Sex and Relationships or Marriage and Just Want To Talk With Other Similar People With the Similar or Same Situation but WITHOUT all of the blaming, and hating, jealousies, etc. towards Each Other as it's all tiresomely, unnecessary, unproductive, and utterly redundant".

    If people really really and absolutely TRULY want to remain single for the rest of their life and quit then LET THEM QUIT!

    Because that's what THEY TRULY WANT! If they WANT to QUIT, then let them QUIT! People that want to be QUITTERS are More Than WELCOME TO QUIT!

    Nobody can Control them anyway, it's their lives they decide what ever the fuck they want to do with it. Waste it, trash it, talk about it, have fun with it, whatever they want to do with it, it's entirely on them as nobody else can live their very own lives for them.

    However, blaming and pointing fingers at the other gender and constantly blaming each other isn't helping or making their situation any better for themselves and everyone else though, is it?

    There's plenty of other single people out there in the world more than ever now, and it's NOT JUST MEN and GUYS, si seriously C'MON! It INCLUDES EVERYONE but especially for those that had been chronically single, so really now my question really is what is up with all the constant blaming, grudges, intolerance, hatred, discrimination, envy or jealousies and/or prejudices toward each other? Why not put all of that shit aside for once and try a completely different kind if approach. They seem to be like another cliché "hate group" with people just blindly jumping on the band wagon and drinking the Kool-Aid without doubting and questioning it's purpose, meaning or cause and just signing up? And just pledging allegiance blindly to the flag of that group? I hope those guys look really deeper into it and Really Go Their Own Way and Not Follow the Crowd of MGTOW just to feel they're special or have a sense of just "belonging" to a group.
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    • cth96190

      You may come to understand MGTOW when you are older and have experienced more pain than you have at this time.

    • @cth96190

      Dude, I'm older than you think I actually am. And Please Don't tell me because my age in my profile said I'm 18 because I'M ACTUALLY NOT! I just don't register with real birthday because I did not want to. I'm actually in my mid 30s and had been single throughout and more or less given up on "love" once I had realized the truth about it that it really is just hormones and shit so it's all a bunch of delusions and illusions. I'm also a proponent of Anti-Natalism.


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  • ManOnFire
    Excellent Take! I agree with this 1,000%! I've NEVER liked any of that MGTOW bologna either, it is definitely a defeatist movement. It's no different to me than the lesbian feminist movement of the 70s where they were trying to encourage women to go gay because it would be the only way women can achieve full happiness and empowerment. What a load of shit. MGTOW is similar. It weakens men and just ends up making women joke and laugh about it.

    Very well done Take. *high five*
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    • Lol look at those blue down votes.

    • ManOnFire

      @musicbrain5 Yeah. I get regular pink downvotes too for slamming feminism or women having the right to have casual sex, lol.

    • Lasten1

      just gonna say this: violence between partners is as following: lesbians is the highest, heterosexual is in the middel and its lowest between 2 gay guy's...

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  • ImNotTriggered69
    Brilliant. I wholeheartedly agree. MGTOW is not the answer. Being proud of your gender, culture, race and sexuality is. I'm a white, hetero-male, I like women. I am going to talk to women, I'm going to engage women and I'm going to try and create relationships with women. This progressive bullshit and reactionary movements create non-sensical divides. It's time people who see what is happening start pulling together.
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    • cth96190

      I would encourage you to seek good legal advice before you become involved with any woman.
      Prenuptial agreements are worthless, because gynocentric courts throw them out routinely.
      Involvement with a female carries with it a 50 per cent probability (the divorce rate) that she will use a divorce court and a child-support order to destroy you.

    • Haha, three cucks down voted you

  • Jager66
    It's the pendulum swinging back the other way as it always does. As long as we have a powerful, institutionalized hate movement like Feminism we will need a counter movement too it.

    Any women who thinks this isn't going to impact them, their daughters, sisters, etc.. in strong negative ways is being a complete fool! Don't believe me? Just look what Feminism has done to men! Nothing good is going to come from creating division, animosity, social war between the genders.
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    • Yes, the pendulum has swung the other way. 70% of Men, 20-34 are unmarried. Women are following the Feminist plan and are delaying getting married. They go to College. GREAT! Start their Careers. GREAT! And they delay. NOT GREAT. And now they say, "Where have all the good men gone?" And its a GLOBAL problem for Women.

  • Demon_King_Alastor
    You're not even giving a actual argument for why men should marry. You're basically telling men to just "deal with it" and ignore all the hate against them. While women debate about "how obsolelte and useless men are" you're saying men should just accept that notion and be happy with it. That is completely idiotic.

    "it's perfectly natural for a man to desire a woman."
    Ok sure, men desire sex with women because if men didn't desire sex with women, they wouldn't strive to gain female affection and access to her eggs for reproduction. But just because, a man desires sex with a woman, doesn't mean he should let her hold a gun to his head (aka Marriage & Divorce)
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    • Judging by the responses, it seems that most peope haven't paid any attention to what I actually said, which is what happens in most cases: people not actually taking the time to read the point of myTake and having a knee-jerk reaction. Not once did I say that men should ignore all the hate against them and just jump into marriage. Why twist what I said? Please go back and pay attention to everything that I said instead of misrepresenting and twisting things.

    • Yes, Yes, I get it, you're crying that "there's some evil force out there trying to divide men and women" the classic tale of "the devil is making them do it".

    • Nope, it seems you don't have the intelligence to understand basic communication.

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  • Prof_Don
    MTGOW guys wouldn't be MTGOW if they were getting pussy
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    • Many of them are.

    • Mgtow4Life

      Appeal to Emotions, nice argument there.

    • cth96190

      I get plenty of offers these days, unlike when I was young and actually wanted it.
      I have not touched a woman for almost 15 years.
      I would sooner put my head down a badger hole than open myself to the legal liabilities that come with women.
      There are currently four women in the MILF category who make eyes at me. One even feels me up when she gets a chance, just to be sure that I get the message.
      Now that you are 30 @Prof_Don you are about to observe a radical change in female behaviour.
      By the time that they are 35, it is the women who usually make the moves because the men are becoming thin on the ground and many are not particularly interested in women any more.

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  • TheLastStraw
    I think MGTOW, like feminism, is built on some sound ideas. Men should not center their lives around women, men should work on themselves and improving themselves and accepting themselves without the need for outside validation. I firmly believe women are more attracted to men who are living their own life. So, from a dating perspective, I don't think going your own way for a bit is a bad idea. I think men, in this area, sometimes allow their emotions to overpower logic and reason. Taking a practical approach to dating can be more beneficial.

    The problem is the execution. MGTOW for instance. Some guy will talk about how he hates all women and how there was this woman who was interested in him and he enjoyed spending time with and he almost got "sucked into" being in a relationship with, but he "realized" her true nature and stopped talking to her and cut her out of his life. Other times they'll talk about using some woman for sex who "pretended" to be interested, but the background they give makes it seem as though the woman actually was interested and actually did care and they fail to understand that the woman they hurt isn't the girl who cheated on them in high school and is genuinely affected and doesn't understand why somebody she thought she had a connection with is now gone.

    MGTOW seem to resent women in a collective sense and seem to believe that any situation in which women get hurt or are heartbroken is some kind of victory for men who have been hurt by women. There's something sadistic about the movement and some of the ideas that are pushed by its members. Especially "women want to be assaulted" and stuff like that.

    I take issue with feminism for the same reasons. The men in power are too insulated and protected from criticism and disparaging comments, so women channel their rage towards other men instead. Men who genuinely care. Men who want sex because they like a woman, who are being nice to her because they like her not solely for sex. Men who don't stand up for themselves. Men who have trouble socializing. Men who will be impacted by the negative comments. While the actually problematic men do not give a flying fuck about any of it.

    For example, the Washington Post "Why can't we hate men." Ignoring the fact that WaPO is owned by Amazon which is owned by Jeff Bezos, an extremely aggressive, dominant, high testosterone, power seeking man, the men who are in power who are actually keeping other people around are not going to care, assuming they even take the time to read the article. When men criticize the article, the fact that they are men are brought up as a means of dismissing their argument. When women criticize the article, women who agree with the article are just as apt to criticize them, they just don't focus on their gender. The issue isn't that "you're a man" the issue is that "you disagree with me" but I'm going to use "you're a man" as a bludgeon to shut you up. it's so dirty and some feminists hold so much contempt for men that they are unable to even listen to a man's perspective and don't believe men should be able to respond or have a voice. When Buzzfeed publishes an article about penis size, with figures supported by no scientific study I'm aware of, it's hard to say there's no double standard. Looking at the historical significance of height and how short men are looked at differently because they are short, it's really hard to see how some women believe it's OK to reject men based on height but not women based on weight. Not everything is a double standard, but a lot of it is. And "this is what my ancestors had to deal with" is not justification for acting that way towards men now, men who aren't the problem.

    Sound ideas, bad execution, the actually problematic individuals are walking off scot free whilst the decent ones are punished on their behalf.
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  • Ellie-V
    I think the boys should have their mgtow. They get to be happy by themselves and I get to be happy by never having to interact with them 😁 sounds like a win-win to me 👍🏾
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    • I agree let all these bitter men take themselves out of the dating pool, sounds like a win win

  • sp33d
    No new information whatsoever. These feminazis and mgtow alike are able to see any situation from only one point of view - theirs, the latter being often very limited due to media influence and people more and more becoming mindless shells.(that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but I don't see any indication that shows otherwise).

    Mgtow might be ok, but it's the people that ruin it.
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    • Yes, 'yes men'. Just 'man up', 'don't be a pussy', 'don't wimp out', keep getting married and continue your self-sacrifice for women - until you're divorce raped, falsely accused and driven to despair and/or poverty. It's not like hundreds of thousands of men, for the past several decades, have endured this life destruction, in the US alone. Oh wait...

      MAN UP!

  • Luci92
    I'm just so over it all... feminists and the MGTOW movement both
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    • Argument to moderation (Latin: argumentum ad temperantiam)—also known as [argument from] middle ground, false compromise, gray fallacy, and the golden mean fallacy—is an informal fallacy which asserts that the truth must be found as a compromise between two opposite positions.

    • Luci92

      @Demon_King_Alastor That's very true.

    • @Demon_King_Alastor exactly. plus, what tripe-mgtow JUST ARRIVED, you can't be sick of it yet WITHOUT the fallacy.

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  • MG-TOW
    Well, first there is my username. I agree with points that you make. I do think there is a conspiracy. I won't go into this one. I also think in the Mgtow movement there are lots of hurt guys that turn Mgtow just to hide their own inabilities with women. Saying you're Mgtown makes it easier to look yourself in the mirror. I do not consider myself one of them. Just let me explain you my personal story a bit.

    Believe it or not I was Mgtow before I ever heard about it. There is almost no point in my life when I desired a relationship. But once I am in one I am very committed. I do not cheat. I consider myself to be a good man. I do not hate women. I use to call myself a feminist. Now I call an equalist because I hate inequality.

    But relationships always seem to go in a direction where it becomes impossible for me to be me. At first the woman starts out as my partners but later they try to manipulate me, try to get me to drop all my dreams so that she can have her dream. I have build business that paid more than regular jobs. Somehow she still feels I should quit my dream and become whatever she wants me to. And the women in my life have gone (too) far in trying to achieve that. I don't see the point. I am very able to provide for her and children (if I had them). I am doing very well but I would have been much further in y business if wasn't for those useless interruptions.

    I feel in a relationship both people should be able to live their dream. Because whether people like it or not we still remain individuals. So if I can't have my dream why be in relationship? I simply chose to go after my dreams and it is working.

    Don't get me wrong, I know that not all women are like this. But still, I am happy on my own. I don't feel the pressure of society to be in a relationship and have children. Nor can society shame me into a relationship. I am happy person. Isn't that what life is all about?

    Who knows one day I'll meet a great woman. And I am not against that. Maybe I'll marry her and maybe not. Whatever it is I will do whatever makes me the happiest.

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    • At least you know that you can always keep your options open. I would want to see a differnt kind of "Going There Own Way", such as "Anti-Natalists Going Their Own Way" type of thing, but where both guys and girls would still keep their options open that maybe they may find the right partner for them that already have the confirmed mindset of never wanting to reproduce and procreate and bring anyone else into existence to this miserable mess of a world. Besides if relationships don't work out, it's always better that there are no kids to suffer and pay the price of a terrible and failed relationship of their parents. Each to their own.

  • Somegoinghisownway
    I don't understand mgtow is so awesome. I was blessed the day I discovered mgtow. "You mean women were the source of my pain?" It was like I went through a 12 step program and kicked my dependence on woman. I never wish to return to that hell hole again. 99 problems and... well you know the rest.
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  • dudeman
    mtow is the answer. women need to change since they changed first. mgtow is simply a reaction to the matriarchy that we live in.
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  • HeWhoPonders
    I don't think You really understand what MGTOW Is about. What you have described is the more extreme version (aka the extreme hatred of women and taking the fight directly to the feminists). What I've seen from real MGTOW are men who simply don't need women to be happy. They don't hate women by any means, they just don't require a relationship to feel good about their lives. I've seen men who, following MGTOW, have ended up being far more successful with women than before because they don't care anymore. To them, women are people to be simply wanted instead of needed, which means they are far more confident and secure in themselves and are more attractive than they were previously.
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    • Saying "real MGTOW don't hate women" is about as silly as saying "real feminist don't hate men" lmao

    • cth96190

      Some MGTOW do not like women. Some may even hate women, but not many.
      Rather, we are men who have reached an evidence-based conclusion that the negatives involved in interacting with women outweigh the positives.
      Some men have been destroyed by a divorce court and vindictive former wives. Others have seen this happen to male relatives and colleagues.
      They have had unhappy experiences dating, or trying to date, women.
      MGTOW are men who have reached the point that they consider that the 50/50 risk of being destroyed by a woman via a divorce court is an unacceptable risk.
      That is not hatred.
      That is a rational reaction to danger.
      Even simply asking a woman on a date can result in a sexual harassment complaint that can end a young man's education, or career.
      Going on a date can lead to a false rape complaint, which will destroy a man's life.
      All things considered, women, as a collective, have made themselves too dangerous for interaction with them to be a rational act.

    • @cth96190 same fucking shit lol
      All of that can easily be said about feminists

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  • anonman32
    yeah i agree, but i also think this movement is just a normal reaction to men and women treating each other as enemies.
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  • Numznumz
    Mgtow was originally built to glorify men being independent from which is good, nothing wrong with someone who can take of themselves, the problem with it is thats it has warped into woman hating propaganda the same way feminism has warped.

    This thinking is very mentally and socially destructive and provides nothing healthy for either men or women.
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  • Mrwoo99
    MGTOW is the answer because if men drop out of society to go their own way then civilisation will collapse without men to run it since its man who keeps this planet spinning around. MGTOW is meant to counteract the feminist ideology and evil intentions, so MGTOW will not cooperate unless feminism is abolished.

    An MGTOW is growing faster everyday... without men the world will collapse. Third wave feminism is happening nowith so things are getting worse with the structure and more men are pulling out.
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    • Rainie_

      Yeah try making billions of men a part of the MGTOW, not happening. 😂
      You are delusional.

    • cth96190

      Ask the single women on the wrong side of 30 whether or not they have noticed MGTOW.
      You might be surprised and somewhat alarmed by what they tell you.

    • @Rainie_ MGTOW started from NOTHING in 2003. Now, its worldwide. Go to Google and search on "MGTOW australia". Repeat again for Germany, Japan, India, etc.

      70% of Men 20-34 years old are unmarried. And Marriage rates are continuing to drop. Men are going MGTOW and they don't know what MGTOW is... yet.

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  • Unit1
    I left MGTOW as soon as it got itself a reputation of misogynists (the male version of today's feminism) even if not all MGTOW are misogynists.

    But the open practice of misogyny and women-blaming does not suit me with the label MGTOW and so I do not identify myself as such.

    MGTOW helped me discover, that traditions is not the purpose such as finding a woman, marrying her and making kids with her. MGTOW helped me opening my eyes.
    Then MGTOW started to poison me with the misogyny of quite an amount of members even if their point is NOT to attack or hate on women.

    I be just me and live life as I see fit. White knight or not. I don't care.
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  • slimstiffy
    great take!
    i agree, even tough i kind of sympathize with some mgtowers. only the ones who have been through shit tough. not your average misogynist.
    and i dont really get why women hate on it either. its just a few guys and they aren't harming women or anything. their just doing their own thing. most guys still want women. if some dont, just let them be...
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    • yep-most of us have been fucked over by a judicial system that favors women 7 to 1 in custody with zero basis, and 90% of child support is paid by MEN, 10% by women... feminism is slavery-we're the ones awake to it.

    • slimstiffy

      @feminismisnarcissism well I can't blame you, after what you have been trough. Thats worse than rape I would say

  • Nik1hil
    👏👏hats off to you man!.. You picked the new Generation of war profiteering Men Vs Women make them butt hurt a happy couple ends up fighting women tries to rob the last penny from men and the divorce lawyers makes a fortune!..
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  • MasterSirMaster
    If I gave you , your choice of 10 beautiful girls to have sex with, but you couldn’t use a condom and 1 of them had aids. Would you fuck one? Would you take that risk?

    I wouldn’t, and you think I’m buying into some hysteria because I’m not willing to risk my life just to get laid? The penalty for rape is 20 years!

    By the new rules, if I’m making out with a girl, rubbing her privates and she allows this, and then I take the next step and put my finger in her (without asking first) and she didn’t want me to do that. THAT IS RAPE! I could go to jail for 20 years for THAT! Because that is now rape! You think I’m taking some victim mentality route? OMG! Can you really NOT see the reality of this?

    JAIL! 20 Year!

    Just because I slipped my finger in her hoo hoo!

    Somehow, in society's (and your) twisted view on reality... I"M the crazy one.

    Get the Fvck Out Of hear! Oh... (I'm assuming you're married) by the way... if you do that to your WIFE, it's rape! How about that. She starts getting some strange from some young how stud and BAMM... all she has to do is cary RAPE! you go to jail for 20 years, she takes your kids, fucks the new guy, and you get to take it in the ass for the next 20 years!

    GL you keep rolling the dice, because the game is rigged and you don't even see it. THAT's sad!
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  • legs_n_sheets
    The one positive about MGTOW is that one of the things it teaches is, that as a guy, you need to know female nature and what drives women to do certain things and act certain ways. I have seen some videos of it, and I usually like the parts where they analyze female behavior. BUT, I just can't buy you can walk away from women, sex and dating.

    It's just in our male needs to be with women. We just can't abandon that from neither a biological or a psychological standpoint. Your attraction to women and drive to pursue relationships/sex from them is simply something any MGTOW can't deny. Sure, marriage isn't convenient at all, and a married guy is without doubt a man placed in a very unnatural state, but you don't need to marry to be with women. That's absurd.

    Be perceptive when you are with them, and understand their biological imperatives and whatnot, but it doesn't mean you need to become a monk just because women have fucked with you in past. Don't be a wimp.
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    • cth96190

      Refusing to put my penis into a woman does not make me a 'wimp'.
      It makes me a man who has experienced a lot of pain and has come to recognise the enormous legal liability that women have become.
      Involvement with a woman could be compared with playing Russian roulette with a revolver that had only two chambers. There is a 50 per cent probability that a woman will use the Family Court and the Child Support Agency (that is what they are called here in Australia) to destroy a man financially, take his children, use his children as a weapon and then ensure that he lives in poverty for the rest of his days.
      Take away the biological imperative to reproduce. . . and would taking such a high-stakes risk be a rational act?
      I say: no.

    • You said, "Your attraction to women and drive to pursue relationships/sex from them is simply something any MGTOW can't deny. Sure, marriage isn't convenient at all, and a married guy is without doubt a man placed in a very unnatural state, but you don't need to marry to be with women. That's absurd."

      There are Men in history that have died virgins. A quick use of Google found the following...

      Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
      Nikola Tesla
      Isaac Newton

      So, yes it is possible. And as you get older it gets easier. Testosterone natuarlly declines with age. Also, its been said that when a Man passes age 30 that he begins to think with his OTHER head.

      "Don't be a wimp". Thats shaming language and doesn't help a bit. You have some knowledge of MGTOW. Shaming language has the opposite effect on MGTOW. They become further entrenched. If a Man wants to be a Monk, so be it. There are Men out there that have experienced so much trauma by women that they choose to never be with a woman again.

    • @cth96190 @MagiAlphaOne I can't argue either of your points. You both have your own experiences and I respect that. It is sad that there are dudes, though, that hide behind mgtow just because they are repressed. I've seen some hating in it, not all of course, but a lot of guys out there are just assholes and losers, with zero experience, yet they trash on women out of pure resentment. That's not coo;. I take back the wimp part, though.

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  • SkipStop
    MGTOW is wrong because they run away from the problem. Men's Rights Activists fight the problem. Join the team and beat those man-haters and the man-hating society. Fight for #MensRights #redpill #mentoo #himtoo
  • Danfrombackhome
    Feminism is for fat, ugly land whales with daddy issues
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  • Eridan
    3 year old boys: girls are stupid and I don't want to play with them anymore!
    The same boys 30 years later: MGTOW!

    I can't see a difference. Except maybe that you can still assume that the 3 year olds will grow some sense eventually... unlike the grown up men, unfortunately.
  • smølf
    MGTOW is the male version of feminism, masculinisme if you wish.

    Feminist vicious politicises are to be fought like any other ideology, by vote in elections and arguing against the stupidity. Feminism is just another bad ideology.

    The piratical solution, at the individual level is this, do be friends with or date feminist, just like any other political group you don't like. It's rather simple really.
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    • Mrwoo99

      If it weren't for feminism MGTOW wouldn't of existed so...

    • MGTOW are what happens when the hatred of men and boys (misandry) becomes too obvious. This hatred of men is now glaringly obvious - hence MGTOW. Simple. Rather than forming political alliances and power to destroy women the way women have done to men, MGTOW simply chose to not engage in situations (marriage, children, false accusations) that leave them open to destruction by women and their white knights in government.

      What's more, there's now a major movement by feminists to move 'Affirmative Consent' from the college kangaroo courts to the criminal courts - with almost no objection from the so called non-feminists. If successful, men will lose their rights to presumption of innocence and due process via an accusation alone - resulting in the mass imprisonment of innocent men following the wrath of a woman rejected.

      Research the Ghomeshi trial in Canada. It's the perfect example of what feminists hope to enact across the Western world - with the full support of those like Trudeau.

    • smølf


      Yes, non of these issues are effectively fought by not marrying or having children.
      You don't fight racism with racism , in the same way you don't fight sexism with sexism.

      When men looses right, you fight for those civil rights just like women do and any body else, human rights are not fixed we have to keep fighting to preserve them.

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  • Marinepilot
    Women rejecting feminism? I don't see it. Not in the US anyway.
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    • Trust me, women my age are waking up to the realities of modern feminism and how detrimental it is.

    • @musicbrain5 I damn hope so.

    • Mrwoo99

      Well me and my mates are wanting to travel and meet women from abroad who are more traditional and feminine. I can't stand these women over here they're like mad Islamics in middle east but with feminism instead. I don't want to build a family and share my resources with women like that. a lot of men are pulling away because feminism is becoming indoctrinated in to society like Islam is in middle east.

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  • Obi_Juan_Kenobi
    Interesting article. I agree with everything you said here. I am kinda down that feminism and all that crap is trying to make us normal people miserable but I choose to fight against it. I consider myself a good person and I'll help in any way I can.
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  • malegender
    you can do all the reasoning or blaming you want, but the current social contract between men and women in the west is one sided and unattractive to men. that is the reason for MGTOW.

    I am not MGTOW to traditional women raised in Asia or Mexico. Most men in the west do not have the resources to reach these women however and once these women are influenced by the culture in the west for some time they become useless to men also.
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  • AlwaysBelieving
    The only MGTOW I follow is Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight. Man am I an airplane geek. ✈️🤓🛫
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    • Boeing or Airbus?

    • @Speedbird_747 for your screen name I take it you love the queen of the sky from British Airways.

      As for me, I saw my first A380 in the flesh today.

    • @AlwaysBelieving Yes, that is very true, although i love 747's from ALL airlines. Pretty much, i am biased towards Boeing. As for Airbus, I love the A300/A310 as well as the A330/A340. True fact: The A310, the A330, and the A340 were all developed from the Airbus A300.

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  • BigRob420
    I believe in equal custody rights and freedom of speech but don't understand why that would make me hate women. I love women, I just don't care if they say stupid things that someone else told them. Be a wolf not a sheep.
  • BrownBratzDoll
    I agree all the way. Die hard Feminist just like need to go gay already. I'm a feminist but not die hard. I like sex and when men spoil u and provide for u. Its sexy. I like when guys hit on me and flirt with me without touching me of Course lol
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    • You are the exact type of woman MGTOWs avoid saying you want to be spoiled and provided for. Get in line behind the other couple billion women just like you

    • Parham500

      The fact that you want to be spoiled and provided is one of a million reasons they go MGTOW. MGTOW men hate chivalry

  • Vegeta01
    Oh look another soy boy crying about Mgtow. What's the point of making these posts? You ain't gonna stop Mgtow so why even try? Men have already gone their own way, do you actually think you are gonna convince them back to the dating pool again? Your opinion is irrelevant. Mgtow is always the answer. Good luck anyways lol.
  • MarketData
    While it's true that MGTOW is self-defeating you're still promoting a conspiracy theory. You're blaming problems in society at large on a mysterious "they" whose possible motives you haven't even addressed. Which is a total cop out. The media reflects society, so the media isn't the problem. Society is the problem.
  • BanterBlitz
    Your conspiracy theory is lacking two things: focus and motive. You talk vaguely about evil governments, feminists and "powers that be". None of whom benefit from the MGTOW movement.

    I agree that MGTOW is a mistake, but not for the reasons you give.
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Mgtow is not a bad thing, the problem is, like feminism the crazies are the face of the organization.
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    • cth96190

      Moi? :-)
      A left-handed artistic-creative personality and an IQ in the top 2 per cent, with PTSD, a major depressive disorder, social phobia and can tick most of the boxes for high-functioning Asperger's syndrome. . . but crazy. . . no. - lol

    • @cth96190 Nice! Im saying those who speak their mind without thinking things through.
      And lol @ the one girl who thought she was going to make a difference by disliking this comment

    • @OrdinaryGentleman - there is no organization called MGTOW. MGTOW is merely a principle by which men choose to deal with the reality of what feminism has done to the world. MGTOW, do now advocate for legislation and they certainly don't gather to protest shit. Instead we merely accept the fact that cohabitation and/or marrying a woman has absolutely no benefit for a man.

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  • Phanta
    Those who oppose MGTOW want men to continue to be used by women while getting nothing in return.
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  • Easy_E
    I think the central premise of this article isn't totally off base as most of the MGTOW fellows below are suggesting, however, the article misses a piece of the argument.

    Both men and women can agree that, with the advent of feminism, women broke down the family, restructured male-female relationships, and stripped men of their rights. In the process women evolved and adopted a new understanding of society. Men on the other hand, did not evolve until it was too late. Boiling Frog Syndrome.
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    • Easy_E

      The solution and the premise of this article is that men need to suck it up and fight against the woes of some conspiracy in order to stick it to the man. Unfortunately, that sounds like the baseline for the plot of some strange Orwellian novel.

      The solution to this problem is actually very easy. Women just have to change all the gender biased laws, demand true egalitarian treatment (not picking and choosing where you want equality), and casting a light on inequalities wherever they lie (even when the party hurt is men and party doing the damage is women)

      Problem solved, society fixed. Peace out.

    • MysterE924

      Women didn't evolve, they changed society...

  • Djaaaaaay
    I still want to pay to watch all of MGTOW get together and have s big orgy , so I watch all of them fuck themselfs... I'm just a lesbian trapped in a mans body...
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  • Kemil_Zhoki
    MGTOW who actually "go their own way" and focus upon their own betterment are fine. It's the constantly whiny, "Women are evil, AWALT" incel and practically incel type who are annoying.
  • frontyer
    MGTOW are totally right in most of their ideas, but their soulution is definetly wrong. Its not about hate though. Its about going your own way, working on yourself. Some of them are angry men yes, but thats not what MGTOW was designed to do. It was design to make you a better version of yourself and limit dangers of the world.

    The solution is however to use the knowledge as a set of tools to navigate the world. The Red Pill teaches this and has made me a far better man, bot in relationships and economically.
  • Skepkim
    Weird that a bunch of dudes checking out would piss people off this much
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    • It's symptomatic of the decline of Western Civilisation, but yeah.

    • Easy_E

      It's funnier that people are pissed off in a selfish way vs. concerned that large number of men have decided to fight or kill their biological instincts of procreation and to some degree or another check out of society.

  • LaughinMan
    I don't think you're wrong that this is part of a planned attempt to break down the traditional family and damage relationship between men and women. A key thing that you are overlooking is that MGTOW's don't care whether what you say is true or not, they've already gone there own way. MGTOW's have made a selfish BUT rational decision (in their eyes) based on the direction society is going. It's all about themselves and not the better interest of society, a society that doesn't give a damn about men. I'm not a MGTOW, but I'm seriously considering it.
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    • Actually, there is a plan to destroy the Family. It all started in 1848 by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.

      How Communism Destroys Families...


      ‘Blessed is he who has no family,’ - Karl Marx

    • this may be true if you are hardcore MGTOW-yes, it's OUR TURN (men) to be selfish... women have been catered to for centuries... ask any woman that was PREVIOUSLY a homemaker-she'll tell you HOW EASY SHE HAD IT... that's what my exwife says all the time-now she has to get up at 6am and go work all day for someone who doesn't love her, or rub her feet, or eat her pussy on command, or fuck her for hours... and she goes through man after man and regrets getting divorced... meanwhile I'm all "YEEEEEE HAWWWW" cuz i didn't know how AWFUL i had it... feminism is slavery for men and really doesn't help women either... I'm no traditional family politics guy but what we have now is completely jacked up and destroys the family. I don't know how it should be, but I know feminism only made things 10000x worse for society.

    • Vegeta01

      You have the right idea about Mgtow. It's never too late to be a Mgtow. Embrace the philosophy brother.

  • NerdInDenial
    There are some faults in your logic. Why even get married? What are the rewards of marriage for men? The truth is nothing. Most men lose and will continue to lose because the laws will not change. Moreover, the hate is generated because men’s lives are ruined financially. The solution is to not jump into marriage and relationships with blind faith because there are no support networks for the men who fall on the sword. Moreover, being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness. The whole point is to find one’s purposes and reason to live. Living for another person leads to misery.
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  • Splintercell
    I agree, I used to but into this as well, but I come to understand the truth as you have. Good job, let spread the truth.
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