Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know


Oh dear god I see it all the fucking time on here. Ghostbusters is SJW propaganda, Star Wars is SJW Propaganda, Mad Max is SJW propaganda, Star Trek Beyond is SJW propaganda. Just fucking stop it.

Lets start with Ghostbusters

Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Now I'm going to be honest the fact is that there are a billion reasons not to watch this movie. First off the original ghostbusters will NOT BE TOPPED. This movie will never be anywhere near as good as the original. The fact that it has a rotten audience score on rotten tomatoes. The fact that it I've been told its a little to risque for kids yet too childish for adults which means it has no real audience. But goddamnit shut up about it being SJW propaganda. Let me put it this way, why the fuck should anyone care that the four ghostbusters were women in it. What if the sexes were reversed would ANYONE be complaining. I don't think they would thats my problem with this, make no mistake I'm not going to see this movie, this movie is supposed to be bad but that is not a reason to hate it.

Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Now calling Star Wars SJW propaganda because Rey is a badass is insane as well. Let's just compare the upbringing of Luke and Rey, The fact is that Luke was a moisture farmer, compared to Rey he had it easy. Rey was just plopped off on a planet and expected to survive on her own. Yet the fact is that its Rey that people were complaining about. Look I like Luke and I like Rey and the fact is that calling it SJW propaganda is ridiculous especially when the most popular theory is that Rey is Luke's Daughter.

Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Now people are calling the fact that Sulu is gay SJW propaganda. Here is a fact the fact that GEORGE TAKEI THE ORIGINAL SULU IS FUCKING GAY. Seriously, Takei was gay in a time where he got have gotten killed for just walking down the fucking street. So don't fucking complain. This I actually think is rather nice in that respect a way to honor all the people who had to live in those times in fear that their sexuality might get out.

Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Mad Max Fury Road has been called SJW propaganda because the story is about Max helping Furiosa get pregnant women being used as baby factories to safety.

Shit they are COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT. The whole women as baby factories in a post apocalyptic world is a standard fucking plot. Seriously, it was a FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE.

It was honestly the best action movie ever fucking made.


Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know

Next time just sit the fuck down and enjoy the movie.

Not Everything Is SJW Propaganda, You Know
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  • helloitsmethere
    People complain WAYYY too much when it comes on to these things :/
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I think that some of what gets called SJW propaganda is unintentional but nonetheless does reflect the political proclivities of the Hollywood machine (which you must admit is 98% left/liberal.) But I just look at a movie as a source of entertainment (or not) and if it stars Kate Hudson as President Hillary Clinton, I'll go watch the damned movie!

    I do want to respond to one comment you made: "Seriously, Takei was gay in a time where he got have gotten killed for just walking down the fucking street." If he walks down the street in any country that strongly practices Sharia law, he can still get killed. This is a problem for the left. Radical Islam is extremely anti-women's rights, anti-homosexual, etc. but the left seems to want to defend or shield radical Islam from the wrath of conservatives. (Who invented the neologism "Islamophobe"?)

    Have a very Merry Christmas!
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    • Waffles731

      "But I just look at a movie as a source of entertainment (or not) and if it stars Kate Hudson as President Hillary Clinton,"
      Who would watch that?

    • I would watch a movie of Kate Hudson eating spaghetti! I think she is incredibly beautiful.

  • Crapulux
    Well, let's consider Star Wars.

    Old version: Luke goes through gruesome training, duels against Vader, loses, and gets his forearm cut off. But he keeps going at it again until he wins.

    Remake: Rey picks up a lightsaber from the ground, has never handled a lightsaber before, duels against DarkEmoJedi, and wins. Then Black Dude does the same. He doesn't get shredded in two seconds either.

    Now, this is complete crap, no matter how you view it. Try the same scene in Game of Thrones: "Character who has never held a sword challenges The Hound (or Brienne)."

    "Fake Strong Independent Woman" is a landmark of dumb SJW/Libtard movies:

    - Appears strong, but this is due to weak opposition, plot holes and wimpy antagonists.
    - Appears independent, but does not actually think or make hard choices because the plot spoon-feeds her an adventure set on easy mode. Conveniently-placed mentors or circumstances will make the hard choices for her.
    - Has unrealistic talents that she expended no efforts acquiring, therefore she does not deserve them (ie, Mary Sue) which is basically SJWs projecting their sense of entitlement through a character.

    Yet, it is not "SJW propaganda" as you say. It is not really propaganda. Simply the result of hiring libtard writers: bad movie, bad writing, bad plot and terrible characters. But GIRL POWER!

    • Waffles731

      Luke got his hand cut off in empire, he didn't use a lightsaber for his primary weapon till the end of empire.
      And notice that Rey as already proficient in melee weapons. Then the fact that the both fin and Rey were heavily wounded and by the end and the only r reason they lived was because chewie had already shot Kylo which left him heavily wounded as well

  • ginny_weasley
    This needed to be said. I was just told I was a SJW because I made a take about how black women should love their natural hair more. Even if it looks like a seventies Afro.
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Great rant - Sometimes to take the Sci fi analogy a bit further, I have to go is this an alternate universe where every action is studied to the nth degree and twisted into a political - We have what seems like a thousand situations everyday were somebody is dealt with unfairly just anyone and no one says a word - Victoria Beckham kisses her 5yo on the lips (SJWs "Sexualising a child"), Four women in Ghostbusters (Anti SJWs "PC taking over) - Really folks, who gives a flying F*** - I have strong political views but I am going to save them for the things that really matter.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    The Ghostbusters movie is sjw propaganda. Doesn't mean it's shit, but let's be honest here. They aren't congruent. Sense 8 is made by the wachowski broth... Sist... Them 😂. It's pretty much sjw propaganda, but it's dope as shit. I agree with you on star wars. People were reaching on that 1. And people were bitching over nothing. It couldn't have possibly been any worse that the dumpster fire that are 1-half of 3. I can't speak for the other 2 since I haven't seen them, but I'll take your word on it 👍
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    • Waffles731

      Stop what you are doing and go to redbox right the fuck now

    • I'll watch it eventually. Didn't look that good. It's on HBO

    • Waffles731

      Its fucking amazing,
      When I say its the best action movie ever made,
      I mean that to me it dethroned Terminator 2.
      It uses practical effects.
      That flamethrower guitar, that was an actual guitar that spewed fire.
      It looks amazing, the action is perfect, the story is well told

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  • AleDeEurope
    I think the fact that many people are complaining is because all these movies are remakes or sequels of old and very critically acclaimed and loved movies, and not they're brought back, with the gender roles reversed.

    I only think that Ghostbusters is the only SJW/Feminist propaganda one, because it's obvious, why on earth would they even reverse the genders of every main character in the movie, even the secretary?

    The rest I don't think are SJW propaganda at all, cause I think there's a reason, and a good story behind why the main character/main focus is on women, it's not just done in order to appease a certain type of crowd. Though I do think Mad Max would have been better if it was just him as a lone wolf, like The Book of Eli, for example, cause it's more of my style, but the movie was still great, just like Star Wars.
    I don't know about the Star Trek's issue cause I'm not a big fan of the original stuff, I've just seen the new movies.
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  • FallOutBoy2001
    Ghostbusters I liked because it was a genderswap. Genderswaps are fucking hilarious
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  • Luci92
    People need to get the fuck over themselves.
    I agree with you.
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  • pervertedjester
    I would add that in Star Trek Generations we meet Sulu's Daughter Demora at the helm of Enterprise B. Kirk even points out that "It wouldn't be the Enterprise without a Sulu at the helm."

    But the one that ticked me off most recently was Rose Mcgowan and the X-Men Apocalypse billboard non-sense.
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  • Dred1614
    I never heard the one about Star Wars. People need to quit reading into stuff so much. It's getting ridiculous.
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    The one about Mad Max being SJW propaganda was laughable to me considering that the real feminist SJWs were actually appalled by and accused it of being misogynistic. I have to disagree with you about Star Wars however. THAT was total SJW propaganda. A female protagonist whose love interest is a Black guy that she saves? Godwin's law via associating the white kid with Hitler but never the USSR or any violent leftist regime? Only the Nazis because they were rightist? It is like they were having a competition to be politically correct, although even so, the execution of this movie was magnificent. Much better than the execution of the prequels. However, the writing was very lackluster and unoriginal.
    • Oh, a female who does something and has the gall the date *gasp* a black man? ! What is this witchcraft?

      Seriously dude, that's not SJW shit, thats just life

    • Waffles731

      I think he's just over analysing it.
      Its just a story, doesn't need to have racial symbolism, most things don't

  • idkwtftoputhere
    this my take is sjw propoganda
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  • John_Doesnt
    Only a feminazi with no balls would say that.
    • Waffles731

      What that people are over-analyzing movies to have political messages where their are none.

    • you spelled "there" wrong.

  • Anonymous
    Except The Ghostbusters reboot CLEARLY was a SJW propaganda and they did a shitty job of hiding that fact by deliberately insulting the core and male audience and making all the male characters complete idiots in the movie. Mad Max and Star Wars on the other hand, I will agree, aren't SJW propaganda. However, I still believe that Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a bit of a lazy writing by giving Rey automatic Jedi Skills with no training shown or no explaining, compared to Luke, who had to go through intensive training.
  • Anonymous
    I loved Ghost Busters!!! It was really cool to get to go to the movies and get to see it with my kids the same way I saw the 2nd one at the theaters with my parents :D. It was one of my kids favorite movies of the year tied with Zootopia!
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with Star wars and Mad max not being SJW propaganda but I do think Ghostbusters was intentional gender reversal roles. When have you EVER seen a male secretary? The OG ghostbusters was employed with all men except for one female secretary now the new one is all women with one male secretary. I doubt that was just them finding people who fit the roles and all happened to end up with the exact opposite gender roles. That would be a bit absurd to call a coincidence.
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    • Male secretaries do exist though. I have seen a few.

    • Anonymous

      @helloitsmethere I know I'm just being a little bit dramatic. But I think the point still stands. They reversed the genders of EVERYONE in the film.