When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

After nearly a decade of staying quiet, more and more people continue to voice their disapproval of double standards, gynocentrism and political correctness because they have had enough of it. A person can only poke the bear so much before the bear decides that enough is enough.When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

Recently with how the Boy Scouts have been forced into allowing females to join, many people were not happy and rightfully so. What’s the point of having girlscouts if you are just going to turn the Boy Scouts into “unisex” scouts in the name of “progressiveness”? The Mormon church is even distancing itself from this new Scout’s program It’s gotten so bad that 425,000 boys are in the process of leaving the former Boy Scouts

When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

People often ask, “if men are tired of being mistreated then why don’t they do something about it?” Well, they already are. Men’s rights groups don’t do massive protests, instead they arrange conventions, use social media, boycott, file civil rights complaints against universities along with a other things. Recently a woman’s “empowerment” event was sued by men for discrimination

It’s not just men who are speaking out against misandry and Gynocentrism but also women. Even a feminist named Cassie Jaye created a documentary titled “The red pill” in which she started to have a change of heart and started to sympathize with the MRA movement. Just like how there are men who call themselves “feminists”, there are women who call themselves Men’s rights activists. There are even women who are not pleased with allowing girls into the boy scouts When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

Violence against men has been ignored for too long, many people were indoctrinated with the idea that violence against men is “okay”. Misandry only makes men more resentful. Now, more and more people are continuing to speak out against this misandrist mindset. Popular 4th wave feminist Clementine Ford had her suicide prevention speech canceled after a petition with approximately 14,000 signatures to have her removed was made public. The reason was that she tweeted several anti male tweets.When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

Another issue that people have had enough of is the neglect and passive-aggressive attitude that “progressives” show towards people of Asian descent.There is a group of Asian-Americans that is Suing Harvard for discrimination against Asian-Americans

When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

Many people believe that Asians are “docile” when it comes to discrimination but in reality Asian-Americans have been fighting against discrimination much longer than most people realize.

Some Asian-Americans even enlisted in the US military to prove they are just as American as their peers.When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

The cold truth is that many(not all) progressives/liberals don’t care about their Asian-American peers. Where is the outrage when a person of Asian descent is a victim of a hate crime, discrimination or prejudice? Where is the outrage in regards to Asians getting treated like canon fodder in Hollywood? So yes, I agree with article above. Instead of trying to fit in with the liberals, Asian-Americans should become politically independent, conservative, libertarian or moderate. As an American who is of half Japanese descent, I will not support a political ideology that doesn’t care about me. Which is why I am registered as a libertarian not as a democrat.When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

gun rights vs gun control is perhaps the most controversial issue right now, it’s probably even more controversial than “gender issues”. Some people support gun control and others don’t. However, after the “march for our lives” manifestation, a pro gun rights manifestation occurred in response called “Stand for the second” which was a student walkout in support of the second amendment.When People Speak Out Against Double Standards

generation z is starting to speak out against censorship, double standards and indoctrination on school campuses. Many people belonging to generation z are also more conservative than millennials.

Most of the teens in the video below agree that political correctness has gotten out of control.

Note: I’m not saying every liberal/progressive is bad, I’m not trying to offend anyone. All I’m saying is that more and more people are starting to get the courage to speak out against double standards.

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  • It's ridiculous that they did that to the boy scouts, its like how entitled do you feel just cause you have a vagina? You have the girl scouts for a reason, suddenly that's not enough for you so now you have to have a girl scouts and take over boy scouts? That's just rude and greedy. Men and women can have their own things dedicated to their sex, it's not sexist to do that at all. Women most of time don't want men in their spaces so why is it hard to accept that men don't want women in some of their spaces? We are two different sexes, being different is good people not bad...

    • It bugs the crap out of me how 3rd-4th wave feminists want women to have their cakes and eat it too with their spaces. So they want the Boy Scouts to accept girls for the sake of "anti-discrimination" or "equality" yet by the looks of it, they still also want to keep the Girl Scouts at the same time without accepting boys (not that most young boys would be interested in it anyway but still, it's the principle behind their motives that's the issue here).

  • Great take


Most Helpful Guys

  • Our society is extremely gynocentric. Women are put high up on pedestals, have their asses kissed and are protected and shielded by everybody from everybody. It’s amazing too because they cry about equality to men but then they also want the double standards. Can’t have it both ways ladies.

    • Women don't see their privilege.

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    • @MelaninDoll that’s true. I see the same thing. And it’s actually statistically proven that women he punished more leniently than men for the same crime.

    • Thanks

  • Good take. Gynocentrism is a cancer that must be cut out. Asians have always been progressives Schroedinger's POC. They're POC when you can use them against white people, but they're not POC once you talk about education and earnings, where Asian-Americans excel. If you're doing too good at school and earning STEM degrees then progressives hate you. You must be a cishet-white male even though you're a Chinese woman. Progressive logic.


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What Girls Said 16

  • I'm a Mormon and I don't think letting girls into boyscouts was necesary. What I disagree with is that you think our society is gynocentric.

    • I wouldn't say it's gynocentric but I know why he would think it is

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    • @Benedek38 Yep, no problem. I can direct you to a website that will explain it way better than me :) https://www.mormon.org

    • Our society is EPICALLY gynocentric.

  • I agree that the decision to allow girls into the Boyscouts was weird when we already have a Girlscouts. But then, they are totally different organizations, not 2 halves of one whole organization. A lot of people don't know that. So the Boyscouts organization made the decision to be all inclusive, but that doesn't effect the Girlscouts. They'd have to decide as an organization to do the same. Which I don't think they should. I feel like some things just don't need to change. This was one of them.

  • If you want to let girls into the boyscouts, how about also letting boys get into the girl scouts. Better yet, just remove boys and girls from the whole thing and just let it be scouts. I don't know where the drama is coming from.

    • I agree.

    • Actually, Girls have been able to join boyscouts for a few years now in the Venture Program, the biggest issue is that the girlscouts which are a completely separate organization are going to go extinct, not like they can just merge, lmao "decide who gets replaced" organization style

  • Good take. I dont understand the whole girls joining boyscouts myself as there is girl scouts except perhaps the boyscouts were under pressure to open their membership up to girls and choose the path of least resistance, I'm sure there won't be a massive influx of girls in the boyscouts. There are defenintly double standards in our soceity in regards to the discrimination of men which is sad.

  • Shit... The middle class white dude is having a hard time. Cry me a fucking river.

    The last decade you've stayed quiet? That's a load of shit right there... There has been uproar and protest for decades about these issues.

    I don't get why gag pretends to be about one thing then just actively supports another. #ReturnOfKings2.0

    • “The middle white class white dude is having a hard time. Cry me a fucking river.”
      Did I just hear an attempt to justify the hardships of an entire group of people based on their class and race?
      Hey, that’s pretty dumb

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    • @RichardBandit Im sorry to hear about your cat... Where did you find it?

    • Yup devaluing opinions based on racism and sexism, common feminist protical to censor opposing perspectives and make any productive conversation towards equality to halt

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What Guys Said 34

  • gender equality doesn't mean treat men poorly because of something they were born with.

  • great take!!

  • Hate the way women can trap a man into her life via pregnancy and men also have no say in abortion. That;s just cruel considering babes are literally 50% men's.

    • It's the woman's job to carry the child through the entire course of the pregnancy so most of the work there is actually done by the woman, all the man does is deposit his genetic information. It's not cruel, what is cruel is that the woman is doing most of the work and the men are just sitting there thinking they have a say in it when they were probably planning on running away from their responsibilities anyway. Also I don't understand how women are 'trapping' men with their pregnancy. They both took a risk in having sex so in this case shouldn't they both be taking responsibility? You're leaning way too far on the side of men.

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    • @Aki6000

      They a lot less rare than you think. My girlfriend has told me of quite a few girls who've either admitted to or have said that they were going to do that. Most of them end up single Mothers.

    • @Aki6000 Kind of an ignorant response. It may fall on the woman to "carry the child through the entire course of the pregnancy", but that doesn't mean they should have more rights in regards to the child than the man. Certainly there is more risk to the woman when carrying or giving birth, but any man that strives to be a good father and significant other to the woman puts just as much work into the pregnancy as the woman by making sure she is taken care of and made comfortable while getting things ready for the arrival of the newborn and taking care of everyday chores. Women should definitely have the right to have an abortion if she so chooses, for whatever reason, but that doesn't mean the man shouldn't have any say in it. As you said yourself, "They both took a risk in having sex so. . . shouldn't they both be taking responsibility?"

  • I refuse to identify myself as either conservative or liberal but I will point out what I notice with far left-wingers and the way they treat East Asians. I noticed how apparent intention Affirmative Action is to give preferential treatment particularly towards "disadvantaged" Non-White Women (ironically, White Women are the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action) while they seemingly leave East Asians out of their Social Justice Wars that they've been trying to pick, probably because East Asians are the "model" minority.

    In other words, it's most likely because East Asians are statistically the most academically and financially successful Racial/Ethnic Groups in the US per capita-wise, even more so than the White Majority in the US (Asians making a median household income of around $80,000 annually, compared to Whites making $61,349 annually on average) and also because it seems that Liberals envy and resent seeing successful people, especially successful Non-White Americans who aren't left-leaning, they want every one having "equal" results, from what I've gathered from their passive-aggressive nature.

  • Good take as usual man. We're not trying to take away the spotlight from women and their disadvantages, only reminding them that men have theirs too and they are just as harmful.

    Then again I'm an egalitarian, choosing to stand up against any all injustice I see regardless of gender or race

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