Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

Men have been viewed as cannon fodder by the gynocentrics for way too long. The gynocentrics like to push the erroneous idea that females are superior to males by enforcing double standards that hinder males. However, more and more people continue to speak out against these double standards. Still people must understand that male and female issues are two separate topics. Note: I’m not trying to vilify women, I know that there are plenty of women who sincerely care about men.

Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

1.) 80 percent of domestic violence deaths are male

Biased websites like Huffington post and buzzfeed will never admit this but it’s true that 80% of the deaths in domestic violence are male. That’s a lot. Where’s the outrage? Nowhere to be found. Even the same feminists who claim to “care” about men’s issues try to downplay it. The only people who show sincere support towards men who’ve suffered sexual abuse are the men’s rights activists.

Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

2.) Many men are afraid of women

With all that has been going on in regards to gender politics, a lot of men have started to fear women because of how hostile several women have become towards men. I’m not saying every woman is hostile towards men but there are many who are. Even Henry Cavill admitted to being afraid of flirting with women. Obviously some sensitive individuals weren’t pleased with his comments.

Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

3.) Male sex abuse victims are laughed at

It’s disgusting how male sex abuse victims are viewed as unimportant. I find it ironic how feminists claim to “care” about male victims of sex abuse but stay quiet when males who suffered sex abuse come forward. These feminists also don’t support the establishment of men’s shelters. Only men’s rights activists support the establishment of men’s shelters. Many people believe that the number of men who’ve suffered sexual abuse is actually much higher but most cases involving male victims go unreported because those males stay quiet due to social stigma.

Reaction of some people when a male victim comes forward
Reaction of some people when a male victim comes forward

4.) Misuse of “toxic masculinity”

The feminists claim to use this concept to “help” men overcome “harmful behaviors” but in reality they are trying to establish dominance over men by shaming masculinity and encouraging men to repress their masculinity. The concept of “Toxic masculinity” was actually created by the men’s rights community not the feminists. It was originally meant as a basis for male self improvement and for men to embrace their masculinity, not repress it.

Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

5.) Males have restrictions in regards to society but women don’t

Why is okay for women to “admire” men’s bodies but it’s not okay for men to admire women’s bodies? Why can women say whatever they want about men but men can’t say whatever they want about women?

Males are Not Cannon Fodder and Why Male and Female Issues Should Be Treated Differently

Closing thoughts

I’m not saying every woman hates men. There are plenty of women who absolutely adore men and I know this for a fact since I’m emotionally close with many women. The point I’m making is that male and female issues are two different things. In other words feminists should just focus on female issues because they only want to force males to fit their standards rather than sincerely help males. They are causing more harm than good. Men’s rights activists are the ones that are helping men more than the feminists.

I’m also not saying women shouldn’t try to help males. But if you are trying to help the men’s rights activist community then it should be sincere and not attributed to feminism. There are plenty of women who sincerely care about males and have contributed a lot to the men’s rights movement. Christina Hoff Sommers and Cassie Jaye have both dedicated a lot of resources to spreading awareness of men’s issues.

In the long run this may help males and females once again feel comfortable around each other.

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  • nice mytake good job


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  • 1) Where did you pull that 80% from? Nowhere in the article does it really state that, and when I did a quick google search, headlines such as "Nearly Half of All Murdered Women Are Killed by Romantic Partners", "Men kill women in four of five domestic violence homicides" etc. In the article, it even says "109 people were killed by partners in England and Wales on average - 20 were men", which means that less than 20% of those killed by a partner in England and Wales are men. Meaning the 80% is actually women. And when you look at third world countries, I'm sure the percentage and rate at which women die would be even higher.

    2) Regarding metoo and men being "scared" of talking to women is so absurd to me. Suddenly these men realize that the words they say have meaning and that there might be actual consequences if they were to harass and bully women, be it sexually or not? Amazing. If you're a normal guy with a pretty basic set of social skills, you have literally nothing to be afraid of. If you're scared, then maybe you should take a look in the mirror instead of blaming the women who speak up about the harassment they've had to deal with for years.

    3) I'm a feminist. I have, for instance, read multiple mytakes on here where male victims of sexual abuse and assault have stepped forward and written about the treatment they've gotten. I've listened. I've cared. I've told them encouraging words. I have men in my personal life who have stepped forward, too. And again, I've cared, listened, and been encouraging. Not one of the feminists I know would ever treat a male victim like that. I support the idea of shelters for men. So don't even bother with the "feminists don't care, feminists are against male shelters" BS because there are feminists who care and who do support male victims of sexual abuse and assault.

    4) Toxic masculinity is about believing in and practicing the very things you are against - i. e. men not reporting when they're being abused or assaulted, laughing at men for being abused and assaulted, saying shit like "you're a man, you can take it", "you're a man, why are you not enjoying having someone be sexual with you", "you're a pussy if you don't do xyz or like abc". Feminists are NOT telling men to "repress" their masculinity, we're telling them to not be afraid of reporting assault and abuse, that it doesn't make them any less manly, that they don't have to "take it" and that they shouldn't feel forced to enjoy something they're not

    • enjoying. Someone practicing toxic masculinity would say that a victim of sexual assault or abuse is too much of a pussy to enjoy it or protect themselves.

      5) What a loaded question. Women aren't allowed to go out in certain clothing, unless they want to be called sluts/whores, while men can walk around topless all they want. A man doing what a leader does is alpha, cool, in control. A woman doing what a leader does is bitchy, cold, too demanding. Men not shaving their legs and pits is normal. Women not shaving their legs and pits is disgusting. A man who wants to focus on his career is driven and passionate. A woman who wants to focus on her career is cold, selfish and unloving. Should I go on or do you get the point? Both men and women have to deal with this shit all the time.

    • 1.) Clearly you missed the point, the article is saying that men should not deal afraid to compete forward the f they have been abused. Which indicates that the percentage of male victims is actually much higher. Do you really think women don’t abuse men?

      2.) Strawman fallacy, that’s not why many guys have a problem with the metoo movement. The reason is because of the McCarthyism behind it. Do you even realize how many men have been falsely accused just for looking at a woman the wrong way? Why

      3.) And how sincere where they?

      4.) It doesn’t matter what the on paper definition of Toxic masculinity is. Most 4th wave feminists don’t preach it. Again, feminists have no business on hijacking a concept originally coined by the Men’s rights activists.

      5.) You are making hasty generalizations, plus I never said women don’t face problems. Your response shows that you think women have worse.

    • Siiigghhhh

  • i've never wanted to be a man especially after seeing my mother yell and sneer at my father all day everyday.

    i do think some men ruin it for other men though.

  • It's a good take though I'm not sure on your statistics. Personally I feel soceity gives men in general a very raw deal, I wouldn't like to be a man.

  • You know what keysmash? You *should* be afraid of women. Because one day you’re going to need our help. But all the shit you’ve said and done is going to catch up with you and no one will do anything

  • I don't agree with a lot of your post. 80 percent of victims are female, not male. I don't know where you received your percentage but (if I could post links), I'd show several where your statement is false.

    I understand how many men now are afraid to compliment a woman and I don't like how it has come to it. A man should not be afraid to get a compliment and I do feel that both sides should be taken into consideration.

    The abuse victims that are laughed at tend to be by both sexes. If a man states that he feels like he was molested/rape, some of his friends might ask him why he's complaining since "he got some" or "the girl is hot". Same with some women. It discounts his feelings and I never agreed to that. (Not to mention that there are female victims who have been laughed at. I remember a Republican politician stating that women have an innate ability to protect themselves from rape so rape doesn't exist... what?)

    Masculinity is entirely subjective and I don't think any man should be forced to follow such a label. He should be who he is.

    There is no restriction against admiring, but if someone is ogling, making rude gestures etc. it is likely to make someone uncomfortable. I do think that it's unfortunate that many men feel like they can't give women compliments in the workplace due to sexual harassment (and again Ladies, if a man says you look nice, it doesn't mean that he wants to sleep with you. Take it at face value).

    I don't agree with your post (especially how it seems to be affixing an untrue label on Feminists which I would never do to men), but I do agree that there are issues that many men are facing that should be addressed.

    Finally, I haven't met one logical MRM. I'm sure one exists, but from the websites that I've seen, plenty want a return of archaic ideals.

    Live and let live.

    • 1.) That applies to area in the UK

      2.) It has to do with gynocentrism

      3.) It’s usually male and female 4th wave feminists who laugh at male victims. A men’s rights activist shows sympathy.

      4.) Maybe but it gives no right to the feminists to tell men how to be.

      5.)4th wave feminism doesn’t actually care about men, there are many links I could show you to prove my point but even then I know it won’t convince you.

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    • You're making assumptions as if they're facts when it's based off opinion. It's not a logical argument because it contains bias.

      5) That's why I stated what I said. There is good and bad in every belief so why should I judge everyone for the bad individuals? It's not logical to me so I don't do it. That's what I'm trying to point out: some are horrid, some are not. Assumptions are irrational.

      There's nothing more that I can say. :)

    • They are not assumptions because they can be proven. At least you acknowledge that there are flaws in the current 4th wave feminist movement but still there’s a reason why 4th wave feminists are not associated with true equal rights advocates. That’s because the majority of 4th wave feminists are radicals. It’s only a select few that believe in true equality but those few don’t call themselves 4th wave feminists, they call themselves egalitarians.

      The rest of the 4th wave feminists have a gynocentric agenda and want to establish a matriarchy, of course there are not going to admit in the same way a Neo Nazi is not going to admit to being racist.

      If you want to know where you can find legit feminists who actually believe in equality then just look at places like Thailand or certain third world countries in the Middle East.

      As for men’s rights activists, they exist to make sure men’s rights aren’t infringed upon, they exist as a sanctuary for men.

  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Men do not need backing up or defending. Being a man is just that, being a man.

    Being a female is just that, being a female.

    Do not give justification to people that think otherwise. They are idiots.

    Men should not be penalized for being a male just like a female should not be adored for being a female.

    If I had to lay the biggest blame of bad behavior on a sex, I would lay the blame at the females feet, not the males. Men are usually rational and women are not. That is not a good thing. Just saying... /shrug

  • I think in order to solve these problems people should make media content with male victims and male issues. We could make a Netflix show or a tabloid. The goal is t get it into the main stream.

    2.) we should start showing society and women how much men have done for them and that they should be greatful.

    3.) Make a club and a meet up area for men who struggle in life. It could be a support group with connections between young and old men.

    4.) To stop work deaths (this is going to be difficult.) we should start gett No cheaper health care and metal health care for men. (I know this won’t stop death but it will most likely improve survival rates.)

  • This Take has good intentions, but where are you getting these statistics? 80% of domestic abuse victims are not males. It also varies state to state- generally, 1 in every 6 men is a victim, while 1 in every 4 women are effected. In the UK, an average of 2 women die every week from domestic abuse, while 30 men die per YEAR.

    Other than that, good Take. Toxic masculinity is commonly misused, and with the rise of feminazis in western countries have cost plenty of men their logo holds and jobs- the fake rape allegations need to be stopped. What happened to innocent till proven guilty?

    • Deaths, it says 80% of domestic Deaths, men don't generally kill there partners however if women viewed their male counterpart as a threat they won't hesitate to use a weapon. AN lets face it weapons always have a higher chance of killing people. I am not saying some of those deaths are not deserved I am sure some are women finally tired of it. but if you are having a heated argument who's more likely to grab a weapon.

    • @MrOpinionated Men are generally a lot more physically violent- in my experience, women will be venomous bitches but men will take it out physically. Against each other though, women are raised with the mindset it’s okay to hit a man because there’s no consequences.
      And as I said, 2 women die a week, while only 30 men die a year.

    • I don't know the what the real stats are but if it were true at 80 I was just stating on that being a possible reason of how it happened.

  • so many ignorant women when it comes to these topics, and surprisingly men too!

  • nightmare


What Guys Said 21

  • I don't disagree with much of what you said, therefore just take this as constructive criticism.

    1.) This seems like a biased point. Your link states that "Nationally, the number of women killed through domestic violence is more than double that of men. But in Cornwall men made up four out of the five most recent victims." You did not specify any of that, and it can come across as dishonest, and unnecessary. You could just point out the victimization rates of DV against men.
    2.) I think this one was worded fairly, but as such it seems like a moot point. Yes, some men are afraid of some women because of the actions of some women. This is no different than some women being afraid of some men for the actions of some men.
    3.) "Male sex abuse victims are laughed at" provide some statistics or evidence if you can. It certainly may happen, I just am not aware of it. That said I know that your latter point about "men's only homes" is accurate. There was one fellow who tried to open one on his own and he was ridiculed and denied funding from the government eventually forcing him to close it, and presumably also contributing to his subsequent suicide.
    4.) Was it? I wasn't aware of this. Do you have any references that show the term was started by MRAs? Regardless, the phrase seems to be ill-defined and I agree that is problematic.
    5.) I don't know what you mean by this point. We all have restrictions on our actions, they're called laws. So you must be talking about something else. In defense of this point you mentioned "admiring bodies [and] speech suppression". The first is obviously not accurate. Just look at most any billboard or commercial and you'll see a scantily clad woman used to boost sales for pretty much anything. The latter is slightly more complex as it revolves around whether or not we're talking about legal suppression of speech, or the sort of de-platforming campaigns run by the far-left "feminazzis" and I certainly have a problem with that.

  • While there is something of a self-pitying tone to this piece, there is a grain of truth in it. Measured in terms of the stats, there is no doubt that men have it harder than women and that society has not caught up with that fact..

    Boys are more likely to get into trouble with the law. They have a harder time getting into college - a majority of college students are women - and boys tend to get lower grades. Men have a higher incident of suicide, drug abuse and alcoholism. They are more likely to be on behavior modifying drugs - to cite a few examples.

    Unfortunately, the culture has not caught up with the data and as a result the social infrastructure to support boys and men is not there. Most government programs are either targeted at assisting women and girls, or alternatively are gender neutral - being targeted at race or other factors - and thus lack the specialization necessary to address the needs of males as males.

    This is a serious problem. It is already the case that societies where the demographic balance between males and females is tilted disproportionately heavily toward males will tend, over time, to see more crime and is more likely to go to war. While the balance in the American population is more even - and in fact tilts slightly toward women - to have such a large segment of the population so neglected is bound to have serious consequences.

    Unfortunately, the society takes a long time to catch up with the facts, and whatever injustices women may have faced or still do face does not make up for the fact that their is a serious crisis among men, and it is being - for reasons both ideological and cultural - badly neglected. There will be a cost for that, to say no more.

    • It’s not self pity.

    • Well, at least you were able to focus on the main thrust of my argument. The gentleman doth protest too much, perhaps?

  • 1. That first stat is not correct. In America, when men murder women, the most common weapon used is a gun. More than 90 percent of women murdered by men are killed by someone they know. I don't know the stats for Cornwall, UK. So likewise your conclusions based upon the false assumption about the stats is really wrong. If we are going to have a discussion about issues between men and women, we need a common set of facts.

    2. I am not afraid of all women. I am afraid of certain women. And I have found a method for identifying them.

    3. I agree, but the problem here is that men are the ones doing the laughing. I don't know why I am supposed to expect for feminists to understand me or come save me. I expect for men to understand men's issues and understand where I am coming from. Remember this take? Some of the men who challenged me there were simply being ridiculous.

    What Are Masculine Traits? ↗

    How can men get their act together when a lot of men don't even want to have a conversation about what it means to be male?

    4. I don't understand the concept therefore I won't try to address it.

    5. I made that point in the thread about Taylor Swift. We are now on the verge of criminalizing accidental contact and flirting. Women are not going to like where this ultimately ends.

    My closing thought is I don't need feminists helping me. Feminists are free to think about women's issues and think of a strategy to help women. We need the same thing for men. We need men to think about issues men face, be it education, discrimination, issues of stress, depression. . . whatever and come up with way to help all men regardless of background.

    I don't understand why we think women should be even handed. If men were initially, we would not even be in this mess. There would have been no reason for feminism.

    • 3) Itis a stereotype that men by and large are unsympathetic to male victims of abuse. However, what IS true is that most men CAN handle such situations, if need be.
      In fact we should encourage men to do so. If a woman is groped, she makes a fuss about it. I say, if a woman gropes or harasses a man - the man should be both legally allowed, and socially accepted to use the necessary physical violence to defend himself.

      Additionally, feminism claims to stand for equality. They should either relinquish their monopolistic claim on male equality and male rights, or they should help men with their own issues the way men want their issues to be dealt with.

      4) If you are interested, I am glad to discuss it with you.

      5) Agreed.

    • exactly and what people don't get is actually things not being quite equal is why there are double standards that hurt men. We'll see less if these problems for men, when masculine values are not viewed and rated more important or valuable than feminine values.

    • @Benedek38 3. It is not a stereotype. Ben Shapiro mocked Terry Crews when he came out with his stories of sexual abuse. Typically when boys are sexually harassed by teachers or superiors in school, men make comments like "he is a lucky kid". I can't tell you the number of forums and conversations where men talk about how they never had teachers who would have sex with them.

      4. Really not interested at all.

      But my point is until men can come together in greater numbers to talk about being men. About masculinity and about men's issues, we can hardly expect for feminists to. I just don't care about what feminism claims. Why would you believe them when they don't even know what it means to be a man?

      They can't. Women can't tell us about being men. Only we can.

  • 1. "Nationally, the number of women killed through domestic violence is more than double that of men.

    But in Cornwall men made up four out of the five most recent victims."

    That's from the article you cited. I'm not saying Huffpo and buzzfeed are not biased. But unless they were talking about Cornwall and the most recent victims, on this particular issue they are not wrong.

    2. Flirting is terrifying, I'm with you there. And these recent movements aren't making it easier.

    3. That's a horrible double standard. The most hardcore feminists I've met were the ones who had very bad experiences with men in the past. I also presume a lot of the man hating feminists have been rejected by men and their egos are not able to handle it.

    4. Toxic masculinity is a dumb concept for several reasons. Every article you can find on the topic of gender differences and biology acknowledges, on average, gender differences. Every. Single, One. I have specifically sought out articles claiming no difference according to some study, gone to that study. Every single time there is some sort of caveat that "on average, differences were found." When men do not have as much testosterone, they tend towards depression.

    5. It's not, but women like to say it is. Any reasonable woman understands that men have sexual urges as well. But some women are completely unreasonable and power hungry. A more typical argument, even among the more reasonable crowd, is something along the lines of "not as harmful for men, but for women it has led to body image issues." That's true- objectification has led to body image issues. Guess what- it's the same for men. body dysmorphia is on the rise in men. If you believe something has had a negative effect, don't do that thing.

    The other argument is "your ancestor may have done something to my ancestor, so now it's your turn." This makes absolutely no damn sense. I cannot kill somebody because the grandparents of that somebody killed my grandparents. We are different people. And the men you are affecting are typically NOT the sort of men that behave that way towards women.

    Feminism shines light on one or two issues women face, has no solutions, and tries to speak for men. That's why so few men and many women do not identify with the movement.

    • 1.) Many men are actually afraid to come forward, domestic abuse cases where the male is the victim would be higher

      2.) It’s terrifying for men because you never know if the woman will get creeped out and try to ruin your reputation.

      3.) Yes it’s disgusting

      4.) Most articles that talk about toxic masculinity are written by feminists, the concept has been forgotten in the MRA community.

      5.) Objectification of men is a double standard and is often ignored. It’s hypocritical. Women constantly objectify men and get away with it. Two wrongs don’t make a right but feminism is oblivious to this hypocrisy.

  • > complains about biased sources like Huffingtonpost and buzzfeed
    > uses another biased source (BBC) to try to prove his point
    > the used sources statistics are unrealistic to the point of being made up

    Reporters make money to make these unrealistic claims.
    That's all i have to say. And This is Not good homework.
    I'm not convinced.

    • That's like saying 80% of all gold diggers are males when clearly most gold diggers in history have been females.

      Feminism bitches a whole lot more about domestic violence than MRA/MRM and MGTOW do. And i think it's realistic because generally speaking and biologically women are the physically weaker sex by default.

    • Show All
    • I could say the exact same to you.

      But then again, maybe that is in JUST ONE particular area and not a global "fact".

    • The “tu quoqe”

  • Eh... well, there are some issues here.

    1. Your math is wrong. The article you reference says 60 out of 190 deaths are men. That's 31%. To put it another way, twice as many women die from domestic abuse each year. Also, just England and Wales is not a representative sample of the entire world.

    2. True. A lot of men are afraid of flirting with or asking women out on a date. This is largely hyperbole, though, as it's really not that hard to do these things without risking much if you know how.

    3. Totally agree

    4. You seem to be misunderstanding what "toxic masculinity" is here. When people talk about toxic masculinity, they're referring to a particular mindset, not that masculinity in and of itself is bad. Ironically, when men get laughed at for being victims of domestic abuse and/or rape, it's men that do it the vast majority of the time and the men doing it are precisely those that Feminists call "toxic". If you truly care about people not caring about men who get victimized, you'd be against toxic masculinity too.

    5. Yes, to a degree. Women don't get carte blanche but they do get away with a lot more than men do.

  • It is 100% all true. Society is still playing catch up with this stuff but courts will always favor women and that won't change in our lifetime. Pick the wrong woman or marriage and you are basically screwed as a man. Me and my ex had a big fight once, just words, nothing physical but the cops were called. The cops said to me I was screwed because I am a man and nobody would ever believe me... their words.

  • I have seen some of the behavior of these feminists myself, and they really do act disrespectful, it is true that men kill themselves because they are less likely to be accepted in this society if they truly have been securely or physically assaulted. Christian values and religious institutions are the solution to problems like these not feminism.

  • While I feel that some specific points you made were overstated, all-around this was an excellent take. Props.

  • Let me simplify all this. Men have been asked to conform thought out history. And where did it get us by 2018. Worse than we ever could have imagined as the elite fund hateful marxist feminist SJW crap that crucifies men. The Final Solution? is the Final solution. Let it all go up in flames when they call for another war. Let Rome burn to the ground. bye bye late great planet earth.

    You wanted us men out of the way. You have got your wish. We are gone and I for one, am not coming back. Let the fake aliens attack. We deserve it for being evil and turning on the male sex, the most part of the human species.

    Hallelujah Noel
    whether heaven or hell,
    the Christmas we get,
    we deserve.

    Let society burn, guys. listen. we all die sooner or later. for most, its 80 years or less. So it comes a few years early and this time for everyone. its no big deal. We threw everything away. We deserve nothing but having to reap what we have sown. That is proper justice. But some can not handle the truth.

  • There must be a balanced look at the issues, without bias. This is hard for many people to do, especially with all the myths floating around. But men are getting equal time and more and more women are getting arrested for domestic violence (DV). In my local police station they list 12 DV offenders that were arrested, and 4 were women. It's nice to know my local police support equality for all.

    There is even a women's jail in the next county over.

  • That’s the Price men have to pay. Men are Physically stronger and have the capability to adapt and overcome better than women can.

    • Doesn’t mean men should be treated as less than women.

    • It takes a few men to procreate and impregnate a whole bunch of women. As a result, men are expendable. While I agree with your sentiment, there are too many women voters who will never vote for men’s rights. Even many men will side against their fellow men. Look at the comments below: they blame men.

    • I agree, there are many sycophants.

  • All true, but you're not gonna get much buy-in by the weaker sex. LOL

    Yes, women have ruined their chances for dating and relationships - they're gonna become desperate and then things will change.

    How many times have you heard, "Where have all the good men gone?"
    Well, they're certainly not after you, are they? :)

  • I agree with this. A lot of good points were made. A lot of truth in this. More has to be done to help men. But it seems like not many people care and a lot are against it and don't even believe men have their own issues. Good job, good myTake.

  • these days i do feel like more women tends to act more tough and rowdy during confrontation or arguments with men. they seem believe men would never ever lay our hands on them, and you see it all the time during heated arguments. they start taunting us to hit them, when we don't do anything they call us pussies, and sometimes they would start hitting us while we try to avoid physical contact, too. when some guys has had enough, they slap them or something and they're like "omg he hit me!" and start acting like they're the victim. when people say "no matter what happens, there's no reason to hit a women" like wtf? i can think of a bunch of reason to hit a women, but i just don't do it lol.

  • Dude... It says 80% of RECENT domestic violence deaths IN CORNWALL. That is not the same thing!

    But yeah, sure, as a guy I feel underserved too. Most definitely.

    Men need more credit in today's fricked up society.
    And yes, I said 'frick'.

  • Why are some people here talking about karma when they're rude af asses

  • Lol smh. A man that gets his ass kicked by a woman deserves to be treated like a b**** and ignored.

    • Not cool

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    • Why? Why the hell am I a sissy? What did I do?

  • Yep true

  • Nobody should be canon fodder


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