New Abortion Law Essentially Okays Crimes Against Women

New Abortion Law Essentially Okays Crimes Against Women

It is one thing to stand up and shout from the rafters that if you willingly have sex with someone and get pregnant that according to pro-lifers, you should have that child and I can at least in the back of my mind understand that train of thought even if I don't agree that it should be so black and white for every case, but when you say that a woman or a girl should have no rights to her own body AT ALL in the case of rape or incest, we as a society are okaying crimes against women. We are saying "it's okay" to rape a child, it's okay if a father has sex with his daughter, it is okay to violate a woman. We are agreeing that crime is okay and these women who have already been violated, have absolutely no say about what happens to their bodies as a result of crimes against them. This is the true personification of "A Handmaid's Tale," except this is reality.

Do these people not have daughters? They are willing to look their daughter who's just been raped in the eye and say she has no choice after she was already forced not to have a choice in the violation of her body? We already know incest can lead to children with severe abnormalities let alone the heinous nature of this act, and that is fine? How do you put the responsibility of raising a child onto someone who may be 13, 14, 15 with no support, no help, etc? They didn't choose to get raped or violated by family members or to get pregnant of their own free will.

New Abortion Law Essentially Okays Crimes Against Women

As for now at least, Roe v. Wade is still enforceable, and the point of these new anti-abortion laws is apparently to challenge Roe V. Wade, but at what cost? I am an absolute firm believer that in the case of consensual sex, the only people who should have a choice in what happens to a potential child, if not the woman, are the two people who were in that bed, the man and woman, and in the case of incest, rape, it should 100% be the choice of the woman as to what she wants to do.

What are you thoughts? Are you okay with not allowing women to chose when it comes to rape/incest and why?

New Abortion Law Essentially Okays Crimes Against Women
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  • theceejmachine

    No one is condoning crimes against women. We live in a society where men can pretty much look at a woman and be accused of rape lol. So I fail to see how there is any war on women or deprivation of women’s rights in this country.

    The United States Constitution protects criminals from cruel and unusual punishment, and promises its citizens LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How, then, can we contradict ourselves by denying those very rights to the innocent lives of the unborn? Convenience does not and should not take precedence over a human life. What a horrific world we live in when the government must intervene to protect a child’s right not to be killed, because its mother will not.

  • J3nny

    Most abortions are done out of convenience. In Florida from 2017-2019 it ranged from 92% to 75%. Rape was below 1%. Our problem is people are getting pregnant even if they know they can't take care of the baby. I don't give a shit if a kid is in any women's body. That's a life. Don't give me the adoption process bs. There's an estimated 2 million families waiting to adopt. Don't make arguments using data that barely accounts for 1% of the statistics. Most abortions are done out of selfishness. If you're willing to kill and rip apart an innocent child out of convenience, you should have no rights over your body.

    • J3nny

      If you’re gonna dislike it at least say something

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    • I totally agree, I don't get how people are saying its not killing someone, that it's a women's choice, when it's NOT her body, the baby has a different genetic code. How can people say that? The process of the abortion is ripping apart a baby's body. The take out of your body the legs, then the arms, etc.

    • We need to focus on giving women who are raped the care they need (and not treating them like it's their fault) so they'll readily come to a hospital/clinic before they can become pregnant. (It takes 3-5 days for conception to take place.)

      We need to teach girls of child bearing age, in school, about incest so if they're experiencing it, the rapist can be removed from her life.
      🌟 🌟 Free book: "Woman to Women" @ smashwords. com/books/view/938595 🌟 🌟

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  • OlderAndWiser

    "when you say that a woman or a girl should have no rights to her own body AT ALL in the case of rape or incest, we as a society are okaying crimes against women. We are saying "it's okay" to rape a child, it's okay if a father has sex with his daughter." Did they repeal thar part of the criminal code that makes all of these things illegal? I had not heard about that.

    • VaIiant

      Still illegal, but the woman is still forced to carry that baby.

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    • Terrible how she twists your words lol typical

    • cavmanier

      She can only argue for the most extreme case that is under 1% of reasons for abortions and you are even agreeing with her on it but she has nothing else.

      Prioritizing a women's right to not have a developing human attached to her (fetuses are not part of a woman's body, they are only connected to it) after she is the one that is responsible for the baby being there in over 99% of cases is a weak moral argument. It reminds me of doctors being able to choose lifes they want to save in an ER because doctors have body autonomy and are not slaves. Well in the case of ER rooms we prioritize saving lives over body autonomy. Doctors HAVE to save lives or they likely go to prison. Imagine a doctor saying they will not save the lives of black or gay people because of their body autonomy.

  • curiousnorway

    This person has a good point:
    New Abortion Law Essentially Okays Crimes Against Women

    I think children has the right to live and needs protection from the state. I support Alabama's and some of the other states' laws. They're some of the most humane laws since they're respecting human lives. Not all countries in the Western world does it sadly and some of them are on the same level as the developing world.

    • The adenochrome black market knows they're out of excuses, and the noose is tightening. But they will fight for their sacred cash cow to the bitter end regardless.

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    • @stealheart : Your use of "it", rather than he or she, tells me you still believe your fellow man are only livestock. You are a disciple of the Nazi philosopher Heidegger, and you don't even know it.

    • @ObscuredBeyond lol ignore her , she clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about and you do.

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  • Incorrect intentional misrepresentation, the law does allow for abortion based upon rape, incest and as pointed out risk to the mother. Further more you do not get pregnant without consent. You cannot get pregnant, again, barring rape, without it being intentional. We have many many many different ways (many of which are cheap (dollar cheap)) to prevent conception. So if your getting pregnant, its your fault. Further more people keep saying "a womans body", so let me ask you, does the heart beat bill prevent a woman from stopping her own heart beat or some one elses? Some one elses, ergo this has nothing to do with "your body". Further still if this is really so upsetting, so morally reprehensible to you, why are you not protesting the treatment of men? Specifically the fact that thanks to Hermsman vs seyer no matter the circumstances a man is always legally obligated to pay child support. Hersman vs seyer was a court case dealing with a 12 year old who was raped by his babysitter then sued when she got pregnant. She won (its been upheld in multiple states). This would be the "male equivalent" yet women support it. So clearly its not about choice because you have a choice, clearly its not about morality because when the roles are reversed you and all these other women fully endorse it, its not about limiting women's rights because in this country the only preson who has the right to take away the life of another is a woman, in the case of her unborn child. So what does that leave us? Irresponsiblity. You are fighting for the right to be irresponsible and to be despicable human beings with no consequence. That's all this is.

    • betaTester

      "the law does allow for abortion based upon rape, incest and as pointed out risk to the mother"
      If so what have people been arguing about lol

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    • It sounds like it’s really messed up. A woman that desperate for a child to use a users condominium to impregnate herself (is messed up ).

    • @Onepiece_fan2000 Incredibly. Its quite disgusting.

  • hahahmm

    But if a woman STEALS a man’s sperm and impregnates herself with it he is 10000% liable for child support. He has zero right to claim she’s did a crime so he doesn’t have to pay. The courts say that the fact the child has parents means those parents have to be responsible for it regardless.

    My point is that taking away some rights from women actually just equalizes to how men have zero rights.

    I think abort should be an option even tho I also think it’s not ideal.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever heard the term: "two wrongs don't make a right?" This applies to what you've said. Why do you think I support what you've said in any way shape or form...both are incredibly wrong and your conclusion to that is...therefore a 12 year old should have a baby from incest with the implication that it....equalizes rights? This is your point...really?

  • purplepoppy

    As an outsider from Europe it seems this law is based purely on the religious values of a few men in power who are thrusting their beliefs on everyone else.
    No doubt most prolifers are also the type who are pro-gun, shoot first ask questions later type. Or being alabama enjoy a good ol' lynching.

    • I'm a pro-life, social-democrat, cons-guns, cons-death penalty and I'm an atheist. I also knows other socialistic atheist pro-lifers. Some of them are even women.

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    • @Shuri, an abortion would violate the children's right to live. So abortion is very tricky.

    • Shuri

      If you’re in my body, you do as I say. The fetus does not run the show, and I’m not going to ruin my body for a kid I didn’t want just to have a living reminder of rape in face all day.

  • molonski2

    First of all this debate relevant in part only to the current circumstances in the USA , which is not the entire world , so that to start what is an extremely delicate topic.
    Of the women I know who had abortions in their teens / 20 s , around five individuals ( one abortion was twins ) all have suffered deeply beyond the initial action , in one case leading to her own death , so its not an easy decision , and I will debate the fact that its a " Right " . Naturally rape , incest and the like excluded , although many rape victims have decided to proceed with the birth.
    I'm far from a pro lifer , from what I have seen these people are absolute nutjobs , but yes the decision should be carefully considering , the lover / partner / male must also be considered.
    As does the future situation of the female involved , and Im talking 10/ 20 / 30 years down the track , of course that's never going to be when you are 21 , but it will be ( hopefully ) with all considered.

    It needs to be a reasoned argument , its always going to be emotional , and it will affect that females life forever no matter what the decision , life is never black / white , but many shades of grey.

    • GraveDoll

      Most sensible respond I have seen o this over beating topic.

      It not so simple. I had a few friends who have it too. One friend had the guy look her dead in the eyes and told her to get rid of it and if she doesn't he will sign his rights over. Like that real life you know. It is extremely delicate. I also find it humors how humans have so little regard for human beings that are around them as it is. I guess that need more to judge? Im glad I never had to do it but far from acting like a saint or a savior. and can clearly see that this should be a privite matter between the subjects. Not the internet and tv etc.

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    • molonski2

      @stealheart , its just such a delicate question is it not ?
      Easy if it were Black / White , but can never be , we are talking life / death and sanity all in one breathe :(

    • molonski2

      @GraveDoll , the more I think about the topic , the more confused I become , then I see the protests in the USA on TV ( Im in Thailand ) and I think " If only the situation were that simple " , its just not a decision Id ever like to make :(

  • ObscuredBeyond

    The real crimes against women are greedy baby chop shops helping rapists and pimps to kill the offspring they sire with their female victims, thus destroying evidence of the crime and enabling further human trafficking.

    The real crimes against women are unborn women, whose only crime was being conceived by someone else, being executed brutally, while their worthy-of-death father is able to slip away into the night unharmed.

    A baby conceived in rape is biologically no different than one conceived via consent. It's the father who deserves to die in that case, not the child. Where are you, volunteering to suck his brains out?

    Only the most perverse of thinking considers it a crime to acknowledge a baby's right to live.

    Where does this "right" come from, for a woman to murder her own baby? Where is it written that you are entitled to absolute autonomy of your own body? What is the foundation of your "right," and how can it be a right, if it has no implied attached responsibility and is all about destroying the very concept of responsibility?

    You guys never think this stuff through.

    • VaIiant

      Actually, constitution states citizens have the right to bodily autonomy. Please check yourself.

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    • you're going off statistics, no wonder you think you're right

    • VaIiant

      Here’s a statistic for you: BODILY AUTONOMY. A baby cannot survive outside the womb. So therefore it depends on the woman, who has the right to control her own body

  • ChurchOfIron

    Frankly, I don't think it should be the woman's decision in cases of incest or rape. Especially incest. That's like okay'ing genetic mutants. At the same time, that is kinda fucked up to give a woman an abortion who doesn't want one. Ugh. Yeah, it's probably unethical to force her to have one. But that's my impulse. Spreading rapist genes and genetically mutated genes from a father raping his daughter or some shit.

    I kinda feel the same way about people with serious diseases like Huntington's or Downs Syndrome. I mean. It's fucked up, but what's the alternative? We just keep spreading Huntingtons to our kids?

    Anyway, thankfully, science will be able to solve that; because, we'll be able to edit the genome to remove those bad aspects of babies, so they won't have to live a horrible pain-filled life. Probably.

    That said, the bill will have to go to the Supreme Court, and they will tie them up in court for years. Until then, everyone is giving Alabama shit, so maybe they'll figure it out by then.

  • RolandCuthbert

    Why are you anonymous? If you really think you are right, come out and debate.

    I think until there is some way to stop forcing people to the extremes in this debate, abortion rights supporters will continue to lose.

    You don't like the new abortion law, yet every time I talk to a supporter the just seem to be unreasonable about the whole thing.

    Everyone should want to see less abortions. I don' t know why your folks won't concede that.

  • 1truekhaleesi

    In case it isn’t 100% clear that these laws are about punishing women, an Alabama law maker brought up that medical facilities have FERTILIZED EGGS that are discarded during the in vitro fertilization process. Under this law – that is an abortion.

    However, when asked how the law would affect those eggs – the Alabama bill’s sponsor said, “The egg in the lab doesn’t apply. It’s not a woman. She’s not pregnant.

    That just proves this 100% about controlling women. To all the people complaining, no this bill doesn't legalize rape. However, imagine you're an 11 year old girl and your Uncle Billy Bob raped you.

    An 11 year olds body cannot handle giving birth. So you get told tough shit-- you can't get an abortion and you're going to be re-traumatized by giving birth to your rapists baby. You're at a much, much, much higher risk of death because your pelvis hasn't even fully developed, much less your brain to psychologically handle this. Unfortunately, funds were cut to mental health services so therapy isn't an option, if you survive. People disgust me. 🙄🙄

    • Unit1

      And people wonder why we have sociopaths like me.

  • LogicBomber

    So you don't believe children should have a right to their bodies?
    Since the body inside the females is an absolute separate body.
    You are ok with females having the rights to kill children?
    You are ok with men not having any say in if their child lives or dies?

    Do these people not have daughters, is a bullshit question to ask!
    These people may have daughters, and if they do it's because the child's MOTHER didn't kill it when she was pregnant. If she did have the right to murder it, then they wouldn't have the daughter or son since men don't have any say in if the kid lives or dies, or any say in if they have to pay for it or not.

    As for "rape" it's not as common as the feminist asshats make you think it is. Bureau of Justice Statistics (The gold star in crime stats) shows it's LESS than 1 in 1000 (this INCLUDES the fabricated 90% that don't come forward but doesn't exclude the 40% false accusations.) SO... since women use the claim of rape as an excuse to avoid responsibility for poor decisions... it should be taken out of the mix.

    In regards to the "incest"... if it's not rape, as stats show it's not. Then it's consensual incest and should be treated no different than any other females poor decision.

    WOmen are barely held responsible for anything they say or do, and it's men who have to pay the price for those poor decisions women make... literally and figuratively.

    If women want to claim it's about "their body"... what will their excuse be when we have the artificial womb perfected and they are expected to give up the embryo to a male if he wants to keep it, so he can raise HIS child by himself?
    I guaren-fucking-tee you that women will STILL find a way of saying NO. Because it's NOT about her body, it's about taking parental rights away from males.

    • stealheart

      You're such a selfish person. Wow

    • I agree with logic bomber. Ignore the person that’s in her fairytale.

    • @stealheart Shaming tactics are pathetic and childish. A selfish person is someone who believes that fathers shouldn't have rights and they should have 100% of the say in the life and death of a child and whether a father knows about it, see the child or not, or pays for the child or not.

  • lacaras

    The punishment for acts of violence such as rape are still severe, but I'm open to increasing the punishment for rape in particular as it's one of the worst acts someone can do to someone else. But in my view if we are considering an unborn baby a life, it's wrong to kill it. Just because the baby was made through a horrible crime doesn't make it less valuable of a person, it's not the baby's fault. I understand the emotions here, but two wrongs don't make a right.

    • voxleo

      "... if we are considering an unborn baby a life..."
      That is a pretty big "IF" right there. I, for one, do not, so we have the crux of the problem because I believe it is terribly wrong to force pregnancy on anyone even at the cost of the potential life that would probably result. It isn't even a certainty that it would be a successful birth. The life that already exists takes precedence.
      "Just because the baby was made through a horrible crime "
      The baby would be made through the body machinations of the pregnant woman if she would allow it. The horrible crime is what initiated the unwanted process of parasitic growth which will deplete her energy and derail her life direction.

      It's not the woman's fault the process was begun. It's not a wrong to correct a body hijacking.

    • lacaras

      The 'if' was kinda the point of my comment, obviously by that I meant only if you consider the unborn baby a life, that is after all the crux of the abortion debate. My comment was about whether it's okay to abort a baby made through rape, not about abortion in general, I'm really just pointing out that you would be logically inconsistent if you think abortion is okay if the woman was raped, but not okay just for the convenience factor.

  • Factshurt90

    I’m celibate and I have a 10 year IUD that is 99.9% effective. I’m stopping this entire shit show...
    I can’t get pregnant if I’m not fucking, hell if I get raped It’s still a rare chance I’ll get preggo there because of my IUD. This entire situation is a shit show...
    It really shows the character of the people. Lots of people pretending to love kids but don’t do SHIT for the under priveledged.

  • demonics

    Boy people who live 3000 miles away and couldn't find Alabama on a map to save their lives sure have a lot to say about other women taking agency over what is and is not legal in THEIR state. Absolute state of modern democrats and their waffling adherence to democracy. Democracy when I agree with it, super delegates, and federal judge rulings when I disagree. Boy I remember when prop 8 in CA was shot down by a purely democratic vote, *read NO gay marriage in California. Federal judge stepped and said 'fuck those millions of people' we're doing it!' Not a peep from the 'democracy' proponents. Or in my state attorney general, and local judge throw out a ballot initiative due to thousands of forged signatures and evidence of illegal activities *read lying about what the bill states it will do, and get this, the font on certain sections of the bill, were too small to read! State supreme court reinstates the bill because "THE BILL DOESN'T NEED TO BE LEGIBLE."

    So in conclusion, spare us the theatrics, handmaiden imagery and emotional rants. Don't like it, don't live there.

    "Don't be a whore!" ~The 150 million+ pro-life WOMEN who support this legislation.

    • demonics

      Pro-tip, this is what happens when you censor, mock, and dismiss "fly over" country... You get your ass handed to you on election day. "Oh everyone in my social circle, tv shows, movies magazines, and websites are all saying the same thing! The 200 million people living between NY and CA must agree with us too!"

      Dear LORD nobody tell them how pro-life, and anti LGBT minorities are... there's gonna be more strokes than the Bunny Ranch, Bang Bus, and Fake Taxi combined!

  • Number39

    No it's not a crime against women it's a crime against women if anything it keeps them in check from spreading their legs everywhere in the case of rape then it should be fine and justified to have an abortion because it was unwanted in the first place as for regular sex/ incest well thats your fault and you should live with it. Idc if this post offends women.

    • Do you have a Brain snd Know what Incest is? It's a family member Raping Another Family member, rarely is it consensual. Nobodies talking about Kissing Cousins you Moron!!! Children can't give Consent!!! A Brother, Father, Uncle has sex with a 13 year old girl you really think she said Yeah Daddy, Uncle, Bro Fuck Me? If you think this way you are a Sicker than the Perpetrators!!! Or is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?

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    • Number39

      @_Tou24che_l Well i'm pro-life obviously.

    • I'm aware. I inferred that based on what you been saying

  • Riggers

    ''Its myyy bodyyyy my rightsssss im a human beingggg i deserve respecttttttt''
    ''I dont care about the living body of my baby its not a human being and it deserves noooo respectttt''
    - Retarded Pro Choice people.

    • Shutupman

      It’s not living if it can’t live outside of the womb. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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    • Riggers

      @_Tou24che_l Where in the absolutely fucking fuck did I ever fucking say I’m okay with any of those things you fucking spastic?
      How the fuck did you go from me saying abortion is wrong to apparently me agreeing with murdering kids and dumping their bodies in dumpsters? Are you a retard? Did you take drugs before you came on here? Are you hallucinating things I never even remotely mentioned?

    • I'm pretty it's INDIRECTLY! Are you donating to orphanages and adopting kids who are put in those situations AFTER they are born? No because all you people care about is the fetus being born after that, you don't care what happens to them. THAT is why you support those things besides it was a fucking question, can you not read dimwit. It's so clear you people ONLY care about the baby being born not after. Gosh I swear you anti-choice people do not think logically at all. All you people care about is obsessing over controlling women than caring about the wellbeing babies AFTER they are born. You're so stuck in your own idiotic opinions that you can't even think objectively what i am saying

  • JDavid25

    The word play and extremes used here and through the media are hyperbole at best.. LOL.. It's play to emotional impact, and deception really to say that them makin abortion illegal is okayin crimes against women.. Especially since most women who get abortions wasn't from rape.. And also women who were strong enough to have a baby from rape, probably don''t regret it.. I know my sister is one.. And so was my grandmother on my father's side..

    • voxleo

      Forced pregnancy is classified on the United Nations website section about genocide prevention and the responsibility to protect in Article 7, Number 1, Item G in the definition of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. un. org/en/genocideprevention/about-responsibility-to-protect

    • JDavid25

      @voxleo Yeah but they never said force pregnancy wasn't a crime, just that they prohibit the crime of murderin a little human bein because of said force pregnancy... After you are pregnant.. It's more than just about you..

  • SpiderManFan2002

    So basically, a doctor who has worked hard throughout their life, who has most likely saved a number of lives throughout their career, has a higher chance of going to prison if they stop a cell from developing than a rapist, who has left a woman emotionally scarred, maybe physically damaged and who is potentially going to hurt more women?

    What a world.

  • betaTester

    This law actually makes it possible for men with undesirable traits (deranged, insane, schizo, low IQ, various physical deformities etc.) to spread their genes to the next generation: just be strong enough to overpower a woman and impregnate her!
    Alabama upheld its tradition to support devolution of humans. It's basically interfering with natural selection.

  • VaIiant

    Someone tag @OlderAndWiser to this.
    You said “a rape victim can take Plan B, she can make decisions”. And this entire thread was about rape victims- your COMMENT was. Aren’t we only speaking to rape?
    You’re disgusting for trying to force a woman who was violated to be reminded of that rape daily.

  • Stevecs24

    I am very ambivalent about this. Ultimately I will say that the idea of ending a potential life makes me uncomfortable at best but giving the government authority over things women (or anyone else) can and can't do with their bodies is even scarier to me.

    So in that regard I hesitantly consider myself pro choice.

  • Poormanscomedian

    Wrong , just making women more responsible on how they use their vaginas.

  • Gedaria

    You have a point, but for everyone that comes into this category, there are probably more than a 1000 that doesn't. . Wrong gender wrong time. Wrong man. Probably a thousand other excuses to get an abortion. It's used as a form of contraception. That is wrong. With all the different types of contaceptives on the market obortions are still wrong. What rights does your unborn child got that should be your priority...

  • TonyMetal_86

    If it's rape, there must be something done about and the woman must get the full authority but if it's with her husband, the man has thr final decision and the wife will obey, anyways no wife would be sad when her husband makes her pregnant, she will surely ask for more cause he is the man of her life but in case of rape... she should have the full authority and if he was her boyfriend, he have 50% of the saying...

    • No matter what the laws are, if a father knows that he can rape his daughter and make her pregnant and the law won't punish him ans he will get away with it, will the father do it?

      Bow common let's be honest, human beings aren't animals and sometimes you don't need a law to act...
      I think it'a very rare for a father to do such thing or for a man to rape a girl even if the law makes him get away with it because he still have conscience, morals and values... also believes in god!

    • For example if a man and a woman are lost on a island, the man is responsible of this woman, she will surely submit to him and does anything he wants and there are no laws and no nothing, will he take advantage of her? Ofc not... he will treat this lady like his sister, protect her, feed her and be there for her because she is a human like him and of they love each other, than it's okay to make sexual relations with each other, he won't accept to see her in pain or rape and she will never accept not to take care of him and and make him happy and be there for him too, that'a why we are humans, we are not robots who just can operate by programming...

      Even if the law is there, make your own law which is, never hurt or rape someone... you want sex, just love the girl and marry her and you can have sex with her forever and a happy sex 🙂

  • MackToday

    The "pro life" crowd are about like a lot of the far left types, fanatical and not rational. I've never been able to figure out their conflating a fetus with a baby or worse a fertilized egg with a baby, it's not rational or sane. It's as nuts as calling a man dressed up like a woman a woman or insisting on "pronouns" such as zir, zee , potato etc. Fucking nuts.

  • Kiran_Yagami

    Being hyperbolic and lying about an issue does not make people more sympathetic to you. It just makes you more extreme, so you only appeal to more extreme people.

  • patrickjvv

    You forgot the state legislation in Alabama made it a felony, so in addition to getting punished for abortion, you lose your voting rights.

    But anyway, the federal courts will strike it down in the coming month, and even a conservative majority of the supreme court won't dare touch Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey.

  • TripleAce

    Rape babies are extremely small a percentage, too small to make a law based on such a tiny percentage of cases...
    we don't make laws based on 1% of situations lol... or even less than 1% here...

    • statistics are not 100% accurate. You cannot possibly know that

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    • TripleAce

      1. No We mean babies that are a victime of rape. Aborted or not aborted. The percentage is really low. I dont remember exactly but its not far off from 1% im pretty sure i remember. Basically its really really low

      2. I personally don’t know if no abortions is the right thing to do in today’s society. I would rather severly shorten the deadline at maybe 6 weeks max to get it
      But its a risky move to not allow it at all

      However morally its wrong to have abortions. You can't deny that
      People are clearly divided on this topic

      At what point do you consider in the pregnancy that its a life?

    • Dude she used the same logic on me. She lives in a wonderland where everything is black and white (instead the truth which you are clearly saying)

  • blythely

    This is Grade A level cow excrement as trolling.

    Make shit up. Whine about it. Demand other people pay for your other shit. Noice.

    Let's extend choice from the start of a person at conception all the way into the first century of that person.

    Death to the inconvenient (actually Hitler)

    Death to the useless (also Hitler)

    Isn't narcissistic utilitarianism awesome?

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    Women who seek revenge on a baby for what happened to her by a man who raped her are wusses.

    Women wouldn't agree if she raped a man and he called for an abortion of the baby. Such hypocrites.

    Also, a body inside your body is not your body but another's body. Women should be smart enough to know that and throw away her satanic spirit and pride of shedding innocent blood.

  • JohnAlaska43

    New abortion laws stop the mass murders on babies.
    The rape and incest again are the least abortions. Its more of the other way around people just not wanting a child. Eirher way these murders must stop the woman doesmt have to keep the child.

  • sadassad

    I am honestly against abortion. Its murder. But abortion after ebcause someone was raped that's a different thing.

    But look don't you all play the blame game. In India Feminists have pushed a law where when a woman rapes a minor or a man she does not get convicted with crime and will propably WILL not serve any time in prison.

  • UncleJessieRabbit

    "The state is taking away the right to my body" says the pro-abortion woman.
    There are few emotional and generalized arguments that are as disgusting as this.

    • stealheart

      well take the fetus our her body and let it grow that way since you care so much about it. After that adopt it

  • BeHappy1985

    Didn't read but I'll say your a retard anyways, the question was more than enough to form this assessment. Also the reason why I figured it would be a colossal waste of time to read what you have to say about the topic.

  • Celtero

    Your logic is very poor. Crimes against women are still illegal.

    What if the fetus is female? Now there's one extra crime against women that is not permitted,

    • Since you against abortion does that mean you're OK with resenting women and men beating and killing their children, leaving them in dumpsters/on the side of the road, selling them into sex slavery, etc. Good job. I bet you feel SO in controlled of women now huh. This is so helping women lol. Good job man

    • Celtero

      @_Tou24che_l u crazy

    • by thinking objectively about situations that actually happen to babies after they're born. ok. you're very logical

  • PocketAces

    I am pro choice but at the same time how much of a whore is someone that not being able to have an abortion is this huge issue for them? Live life in a respectable way instead of sleeping around problem solved. If you are married and get pregnant no need for an abortion.

  • Smegskull

    I think it is a response to the fact men and women don't want to date any more since feminism killed their attraction to each other so they are desperately looking for ways to prop up the population.

    Give it a few decades and certain people will be legally required to breed.

  • DaddyRollingStone

    Women support abortion because it is convenient to them. If a child or childbirth inconveniences you then you can get rid of it. Abortion is not convenient to men so we are able to acknowledge the barbarity of its practice.

    Also incest is consensual sex, why are we making it as severe as rape? Probably because it fits the utilitarian nature of abortion and soft eugenics in general, I don't know.

  • morimeme1

    I had a myTake regarding this issue as well, you could check it out, it also adresses the issue of rape and incest exclusions and how it is still unfair to make such: In defense of Pro-Choice. ↗

  • Grobmate

    No it does not. It prevents crimes against unborn infants, and violations of the UN Rights of the Child. If I park my car unlocked on the street and someone steals it, does the fact I left it unlocked exonerate the thief of the crime they have just committed? NO.

    With the amount of bloody contraceptives around, all it means is that women and men will have to take responsibility for sex, and god forbid sex might cease to be transactional.

    There are caveats in there to protect the mother such as serious health risks. I do not see the issue.

    • Shutupman

      Birth control fails 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    • Grobmate

      @_Tou24che_l well they should care about the welfare of the child. Fairytale or not. The rights of the child are paramount, no matter who spills tears.

    • Why would they care about the warfare of child they didn't want? Of course some parents do when they give the child up but to what? A system that abuse children or the most popular, the child stays with resentful parents and a rapists for a fathers and mothers who would do anything to please their man and allow him to rape the child then that child grow up physically, emotionally, and mentally scarred and it will be blamed on the child because no one would know but the child. There are too many instances of this and different scenarios of how this can go but neither cases are healthy for the child.

  • Hawky_

    100% Still wrapping my brain around the idea anyone would actually pass that as a law in modern times. I guarantee if it were raped men (and they could get pregnant) it would never get passed.

    • My friend told me she saw this one guy who was like: "If women have the right to abort babies, (bearing in mind they're not babies, but undeveloped cells) then men have the right to use their superior strength to rape women"

      What kind of a world do we live in? I'm growing up in one messed up world.

  • _Tou24che_l

    The new laws ALSO okays high death rates for already born children. People really think forcing a woman to have a child will make the mother WANT the child. No lol. That will be more children resented, more parents beating and killing their children (more than they already are), leaving them in dumpsters/on the side of the road to be killed, selling them into sex slavery, etc. Good job people who support these laws. I bet you feel SO in controlled of women now huh. Jokes on you though because you will not win this. A mother has to WANT her baby to be the best mother her child deserves.

    • Lightning8

      I don't hold a for or against position here. But if you had to have a baby instead of going to college, for example, would you resent your baby? Or would you do what you had to do to raise your kid right and safe?

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    • @Lightning8 because i should be able to afford to take my child on trips and he or she should be able to eat a balanced healthy mean not crappy food. There's just so much to name here

    • Lightning8

      Oh, ok I didn't know what you meant

  • Supermosh1990

    No it’s not against women it’s against killing innocent unborn lives , you were once in your mom’s uterus , she decided to keep you. People shouldn’t let an unborn baby pay for there mistakes.

    • So in that case, you're OK with resenting women and men beating and killing their children, leaving them in dumpsters/on the side of the road, selling them into sex slavery, etc. Good job. I bet you feel SO in controlled of women now huh. This is so helping women lol. Good job man

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    • Generalize means (saying all people are monsters that rape and abuse there children , when is a percentage of people not all )

    • All 3 of you especially @_Tou24che_l should leave him alone you are bullying him for his own beliefs. I wouldn’t blame him if he reported you and blocked you.

  • esotericstory

    Abortion is restricted in two states of a single country, get over it

  • Jackblue

    The fact that abortion is illegal does not mean that the rapist will go unpunished. This whole issue could be solved if we just invented the artificial womb already, but feminists have hindered it at every turn.

  • PinkMichae

    If my daughter grows up and gets raped. I'm hoping she'll be educated enough to know to take the plan b pill. If she doesn't or the pill is ineffective I would hope she'll understand that's her baby that's just as innocent in this situation as her. I'd hope she could have something beautiful come out of something bad. And if she could not take care of the child I hope she would reach out and ask me and her father, other family, or even look for a loving couple who can't have kids. What a gift that would be to an infertile couple.

    • PinkMichae

      I'd like to ask people who believe babies of rape and incest should be aborted. Are those unborn babies guilty?

    • Shuri

      Ohio wants to make the plan B poll illegal by classifying it as an abortion procedure. I hope your educated enough to know that if that goes through then other states will follow suit and that would no longer be an option.

    • PinkMichae

      @Shuri. I would fight against them classifying it as an abortion procedure. I've talked to a few doctors about it and they were admit that it's not an abortion pill. That it won't kill a baby already growing in the womb.

  • cth96190

    Read the legislation.
    You are talking Demotard shit.
    There are exemptions that cover rape and incest.

  • JustWorthlessMe

    Well yeah... that's how right-wingers want it... they'd love to repeal the amendments giving women and blacks civil rights... trust me, that's the conservative wet dream

    • Celtero

      Killing the unborn... a right? Sure, that's the way leftists like to think of it.

  • Boromir

    You guys are in a dangerous area. Your current legal system is being hollowed-out from the inside by very conservative and backward ideologies and idea's. Roe vs Wade is currently being targeted by the all new and all conservative supreme court.

    All initiated by your current orange hair sad excuse of a president.

    It's not the handmaids tale, it's a full blown idiocracy...

    If you (everyone older than 18, capable of voting) maintains this person in office during the next elections you don't deserve any better.

    • cavmanier

      If you look at what you wrote though, you didn't actually give any substantial points. All you have we ad hominem insults. Those are not arguments. Maybe they are to a liberal but not in reality.

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    • Boromir

      @cavmanier As mentioned, if you elect this man again you don’t deserve any better.

    • cavmanier

      I vote based on policy, not libel.

  • smg99

    Note it’s only in one state not a federal law enforcement and it is up for debate in 6 months even in Alabama.

  • Ryan79269

    If abortion is not murder then why when a pregnant woman gets murdered the person is charged for two murders the woman and the life of the unborn baby

  • Ompe34

    I firmly believe that a woman should have the option to abort a pregnancy until the pregnancy has gone past the point where the fetus could survive an early birth. If I remember correctly this is around week 22.

    I hate to say this, since I don't agree at all with anti-abortion people but these laws are consistent with their arguments: That the fetus has no choice in being born and is not the one who should pay for being brought into existence even if it is through rape.

    I would like to stress once more that I absolutely think women should be able to abort a pregnancy.