How imitating men is sexist towards women


If someone is calling for men to be more feminine it is considered an attack on masculinity and men. But if someone is calling on women to be more manly it is considered empowerment,so why is that? And is this right or wrong? Here is why

Encouraging women to be like men is sexist:

Women's natural behaviour is feminine,and femininity is a beautiful thing! But when someone says that "in order for women to be equal they need to abandon femininity you're basically saying that female nature is inferior to Male nature" which means that men are superior to women.

How imitating men is sexist towards women

Is femininity something to be ashamed of?

Why do women have to hide their femininity in order to feel equal? Let's take a look at what is and isn't feminine characteristics:

Feminine characteristics:

Soft voice

•Colorful ambient

•peace and unhostility



How imitating men is sexist towards women

What isn't feminine characteristics:

Being submissive (just because women are phisically weaker and don't tend to be hostile doesn't mean anyone should take their kindness for weakness)

•being a maid (cleaning and cooking if are forced are not feminine behaviour)

•violence (women tend to be less hostile than men)

I don't see why this is something to be ashamed of

My Personal opinion:

Personally,i see femininity as a beautiful thing and a blessing given to women,i lose respect for women who behave manly,because they abandom such thing. Femininity was never inferior if anything it's superior. Without women we wouldn't exist.

How imitating men is sexist towards women
How imitating men is sexist towards women
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  • MzAsh

    The problem is within what we view as feminine and not feminine. Soft voice? Plenty of men have a soft voice and are no less of a man because of it. Plenty of women are louder naturally.

    What many people view as manly really isn’t exclusive to men anyway.

    • Nadim171

      Soft doesn't mean low

    • Men who are castrated have a soft voice and that of course makes them less of a man.

Most Helpful Guys

  • John_Doesnt

    I am proud to say I've only had sex with women who were born a woman and have never had a penis at any point in her life.

  • HeyThere94

    I dated feminine women before and they were annoying and submissive

    • Nadim171

      Feminine and submissive are two different things, really different

    • HeyThere94

      In my experiences, submissive and feminine are the same thing

      Tomboys are dominant while girly girls are more submissive

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  • debi2622

    I am not a feminist. But your ideas on what is desired it not really accurate. No one is asking men to be more feminine. And being a feminist is not about being manly. Reducing/eliminating objectification of women and workplace pay/opportunity equality are the main goals.

    • Nadim171

      I specified what I was talking about, which is acting like men, and trying to look like men

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    • debi2622

      No but there is a lot of cross over related stuff that skews interpretation of so much.

    • DWD94

      I view feminism as nothing more than an all-female r/incels circlejerk.

      Also, as long as men have hormones/sex drives, objectification/sexualization isn't going to go away.


    Actually I agree! but not in the way you put it.

    Attacking men for being feminine is an attack on women -especially when women being masculine is accepted

    In both cases the feminine is denigrated- whether by women or by men same thing its not respected. Without feminine energy there would be only destruction.

    Everyone should be proud to have peace and reason rule aggression and impulsivity. Yet it is seen as shameful and in every way mocked. Then people pretend to value freedom and dignity. .. This is a crazy world.

  • Harmseygrace

    I really really want that bed in the first picture.

  • Good mytake

  • esotericstory

    I agree.