My advice to religious keyboard warriors who shame fashion and entertainment

Modesty is more than just clothes. A person should have a clean mind, clean heart, good behaviour, good actions and a modest gaze.

I am a British Pakistani and a Muslim Hijabi. I constantly see Pakistani religious keyboard warriors shaming fashion and entertainment in their country.

They are constantly trolling their beautiful actresses and models for petty things like fashion and dance.

Even when I click on Pakistani item songs, I see Pakistani religious keyboard warriors shaming actresses for wearing revealing clothes and for dancing. Those revealing clothes are not even that revealing according to the western world, it is usually just an actress showing her tummy and arms, and for Pakistanis that is equal to porn.

The first thing is why do those Pakistani religious men even click on those YouTube videos, on those item songs. This is because Allah told them to "lower their gaze." Watching those item songs, looking at a woman's skin and listening to music is also forbidden in Islam.

They watch those item songs to enjoy themselves and then in the comments section, they start talking about religion to shame women for their fashion and dance.

This is just hypocrisy and contradiction.

I am fed up of religious keyboard warriors constantly shaming women over fashion. They constantly troll women on social media over their dressing. It can become really toxic and annoying.

I hate that self-righteous behaviour of religious keyboard warriors, where they have the attitude that they are pious angels and others are sinners. It develops a superiority complex. They start thinking they will go to heaven and others will go to hell.

There are hundreds of crimes and social issues that religious keyboard warriors can criticise other than fashion and entertainment.

The following things my Asian and Muslim community should criticise instead of fashion and entertainment.

1. Corruption

2. Money Laundering

3. Avoiding tax

4. Country's debt

5. Bribery

6. Inflation

7. Stealing electricity

8. Poverty

9. Unjust legal system

And some social issues:

1. Female infanticide

2. Honour killings

3. Domestic abuse

4. Forced marriages

5. Acid attacks

6. flesh trade

Those corrupt politicians who have destroyed their country also cover up by wearing best suits.

Therefore, we should not judge a book by its cover.

At least, actresses earn money with hard work instead of looting the country by doing corruption, money laundering and robbery of mobile phones and gold shops.

Recently, when a youtuber called Dino Tokia took her Hijab off, she was trolled on social media by the Hijabi community. A lot of youtubers including Ali Dawah bullied. Everybody made a reaction video to shame her. Ali Dawah made three videos against Dina Tokio to shame her for removing her Hijab.

He even attacked Adam Saleh in public for not being modest and Islamic enough when he was meeting his Hijabi fans. He literally stalked Adam Saleh when he chose to ignore his Islamic reminders on youtube and twitter. Ali Dawah attacks everybody to be a "saviour of Islam." He forces Muslim youtubers to listen to his Islamic advice.

In England, Boxing Champion Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom was always trolled on social media by her Pakistani community for wearing revealing clothes. Her own brother-in-law tweeted about her plastic surgery to call her Michael Jackson. Her conservative in-laws judged her so much for three years that she finally spoke about it on television, on good morning Britain show. Her in-laws and the Pakistani community kept encouraging Amir Khan to divorce her just because they hated her for being westernised. This shows the toxicity of my Pakistani community.

Pakistani actress trolled for receiving a national award
Pakistani actress trolled for receiving a national award

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan was trolled by her fellow Pakistanis when her pictures leaked with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. She was criticising for wearing a short dress and for smoking. Her Bollywood film Raees was even banned in Pakistan because of racism.

Pakistani actresses never even wore a bikini or did a lip kiss yet for Pakistani religious keyboard warriors it is too much.

Sana Javed was trolled for her song called "Beliya" where she was just wearing a saree, no lip kiss, no bikini and still it was porn for Pakistani religious people.

As a Muslim girl, I know that Muslims troll actresses to make them cover up, they force women to follow their culture and religion. Whenever a woman shows her arms, shoulders and knees, it becomes a threat to their conservative culture and religion. Things like honour killings, domestic abuse, cyber bullying, backbiting and emotional abuse is done to control them, to control their dressing and their love life because many are not allowed to have boyfriends or love marriage.

Actresses are even trolled for dancing in weddings because Pakistanis think that is a threat to their conservative culture and religion. I am a Pakistani, Muslim and a Hijabi but I am fed of those religious keyboard warriors, those toxic, patriarchal and controlling people including orthodox women.

My advice to religious keyboard warriors who shame fashion and entertainment
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I love it! I stopped reading as so much, but I get it. .. I think I'm starting to understand Muslims and what is going on. oh if could sit down and talk to them more. Suffice to say, why can't they do that... because the powerful emotion in those men is honor... their own. there are other emotions wrapped in there... shame of looking, of being lured in. So the solution devised by the Prophet is to cover up the women. odd they never had the idea to put coverings over their own eyes... how history would be different. .
    This is all well understood if one looks to teh human being as an emotionally warped one. All this shaming and... sometimes... killing... is to avoid having the society go down the drain further like the west. They want to stay where they feel comfortable. The real issue is the emotions are messed up... where is the love in all of this? I can only see it in the heart and action to address teh long list of issues youve provided, which are human tragedy.

    • Shezadi

      You said a lot to absorb but thanks for your comments. It is difficult to talk with my people.

    • "Though they have ears, they cannot hear"! I know what's going on, do you see it yet? It only took me 50 years... I need to meet more Muslim people, I think I can understand them. Not easy to sew up the wounds between societies though, the wounds are deep... they are us.

    • Shezadi

      I like your thinking. Liberal Muslims are easier to get along with.

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  • Inbox

    I don't agree with the shaming in these matters, especially when there are new ideas, BUT I only feel some sympathy. Isn't all about "my choice?" You chose to go a different route and be in the driver's seat - now you have to pay for ticket/consequences.

    Here's the twist: as someone who has been an outlier his entire life, I know those consequences very well and I also do get frustrated at times, BUT I accept them because I dared to be different. What I encourage you SJW people is to understand that idealism without a sense of realism is trying to convince me that you're flying unicorn.

    If I went to another country (any for that matter - don't limit it like a lot of SJWs always do) and acted or dressed TOO differently compared to the rest of the locals, the local human population will come to detest you. Humans naturally fear what's TOO different, what they don't understand, and the unknown in general. You think it's coincidence that ALL horror films or evil characters are ALWAYS in dark/black colors? You can't see what's in the dark...

    • Shezadi

      I don't agree with you. It only takes one person to bring a change.
      For example: Malala Yousafzai
      Or Pakistan's Prime Minister called Imran Khan
      He is a former cricket captain who won the world cup for Pakistan and 20 years ago, he got into politics to end corruption in Pakistan. After 20 years, he finally became a Prime minister and got two former corrupt prime ministers jailed for doing corruption and money laundering. One is Zardari who is world's third richest person and he did corruption of 400 billion rupees. The second one is called Nawaz Sharif who became a PM three times but did corruption of 300 billion rupees. Both of them are now in jail because of Pakistan's new prime minister called Imran Khan. However, it took Imran Khan 20 years to put those two corrupt prime ministers in jail and to become a prime minister himself. After 20 years of persistence, he changed the country. Corruption was considered a norm but now because of one person, it is now considered a crime.

    • Shezadi

      I will write an article on one person can bring a change. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Inbox

      I'm talking about behaving in a way that directly opposes the local culture where you are like dressing in beach clothes going to a marriage, religious event, etc - not fighting crime like this Yousafzai guy. Crimes are universally detested across all cultures... The people who think they can do whatever they want without understanding how it will impact those around them are the ones I am saying that need a sense of realism. You could end up dead - literally!

      Culture does evolve, but it takes time. Don't be naive and think that you can completely change human nature - even the most successful idealists such as Martin Luther King Jr or Gandhi were also intense realists because they knew how to play the culture at hand. You'll never read about them being clever strategists because many SJW prefer to think that having a higher ideal is all you need and I can't help but laugh because you might as well go up to a lion who is charging you and say "no I won't eat or kill you because you're a thinking, feeling, creature and it is morally wrong" - that won't stop the lion from eating you...

      Build a better world, but you MUST have a foundation based on intense realism FIRST, then you can have the luxury of debating idealism. One of the biggest problems right now in the USA is that no one will hire criminals because of their record. It's highly likely criminals go back to crime or jail. A leftist will try to preach and hold hands with the criminal trying to convince him to change their ways. In reality, many repeat criminals go back to crime because they have no choice (no money), not because they wanted to. A realist understands that no amount of whining will help and instead builds a better system that allows criminals to not want to go in that direction. For example, a government could give tax incentives for hiring a criminal. You save a shit ton of money and reduce a lot of suffering.

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  • Oram52

    It could be simplified in ONE word... CONTROL. That's why they do it.
    As soon as women achieve gender equality in these countries they would simply be free to make their own choices. If few women start making free choice as in how to dress then other women would demand it to, which is a threat, and they would lose control over how they dictate women to behave.

    I don't think much would change until these countries achieve at least certain threshold in gender equality.

  • Seket

    I believe muslims need to find a way to prove they are not terrorists before thinking about fashion. I pity them for forgetting how their priority should work.

  • Muhammad1999

    Those Islamists should be executed by putting them on the ground and then a tank running on them.

    • Shezadi

      including your parents

    • Shezadi

      you take things too far

    • My parents aren't terrorists , we are talking about your terrorist country , you know how many Pakistani terrorists in ISIS have been killed? ISIS are mostly arabs and Pakistanis.

  • You're right, but they can't, in Islam fashion an entertainments are haram.

  • SpiderManFan2002

    I couldn't agree with you moreπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • esotericstory

    Just be careful that you are not westernized.

    • Shezadi

      ? I am not. I am talking about being peaceful. I am disappointed how my Asian and Muslim community is intolerant towards westernised people, their lifestyle and their fashion. If western countries can accept burkhas and niqaabs then why can't conservative countries accept women wearing western clothes without shaming them?

    • Westernization will remove your culture all together if you are not careful.

  • Anonymous

    Good take. Stick it to them.

    • Shezadi

      What did those pictures have anything to do with this article?
      I know you are Britanic.