Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets


I will explain why I am no longer watching the news and have not since 2013. There are 3 main areas I will focus on.


All the big stories the news carries is local murders and it is depressing to hear and watch. I understand they are not glorifying the crime but it gets me riled up and angry hearing this day in and day out. They spend over half an hour discussing certain details and the other events takes a back seat. I just don't want to associate with this potential negative mindset. So and so murdered in cold blood or somebody taking their own life is just depressing to hear and view.

Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets


It seems like you can't go more than a week without hearing about a woman or a little girl being raped and it's so depressing. I don't like hearing about this nor hearing and witnessing the man getting exposure time, which he likely enjoys. Sure, it's nice to hear him getting exposed but giving him what he really wants such as TV time and recognition is only adding to his fame, which is terrible.

Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets

Theft/break ins

This seems to be the most common crime happening in areas and especially in poor neighbors where people don't have decent jobs. It seems like all the time, somebody is stealing something or breaking into a car or house and all we hear is the same thing said about not all details are in but when they are, we will give it to you.

Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets


They always discuss the crimes and focus on it and it's down trodden and boring. They always put the sports and weather last or after the crime stories. I'm tired of the crime stories getting the recognition over the other stories just because it's bad news. They need to give the good news some recognition and more so to show what we as a nation are about. This only adds to the fact that bad news sells and wins interest in people what they like to hear.

Why I don't watch the news and keep away from potential negative media outlets
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  • My theory on the crime reporting is that they are actually a form of social control that is implemented by police intelligence to dissuade people from crime with the lie that if they do the crime they will do the time. I know of at least 3 instances where an innocent person was framed for a crime because the police could not find the correct person and wanted to reinforce legal obedience by pretending to be able to catch the wrong doer.
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  • Annie12234
    Watch the news is so depressing for me 😂 mostly politics are so boring for me to watch 😬
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  • coolbreeze
    News always report bad stuff because that is stuff people would watch If hood things was reported all the time then they would get no ratings.
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  • Yeah... I don't watch the news that much myself :) I usually hear it from gaggers or other people :)
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    • Jjpayne

      Wow! Another instant MHO!! Thank you!

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  • shimmeryns
    I still watch, listen and read to the news so I have some idea about global issues.

    Anything that maybe one-sided, I guess it is up to me to find it out myself.
  • lightbulb27
    Right on brother! I gave it up years ago as well and don't mis it and am better for it. It's the worst things that happened globally mixed with mind control. It's bad.

    It could be done well, it wouldn't sell... emotions are what get faces to the advertising and that is fear, shame, guilt, war, terror.

    For that matter, turn off TV shows... most are terrible for the mind.

  • SkipStop
    I stopped watching TV years ago. Now I just read online. It's easier since you can quickly find what interests you. No need to wait two minutes for them to finish talking about some knife attack and another two minutes about a break-in or whatever. News is an important factor that you should stay up to date with. Just ignore the pointless ones.
  • yogurtlishis
    I don't watch it either matter of fact I don't watch TV at all very rare anything I watch is forts so if there's a big game on or it's a final I'll watch it football soccer boxing and UFC that's it other than that I have not watched TV in like 6 years because of that it really really does put me into a bad mood to hear all the negative ship that goes on in the world
  • pizzalovershouse
    i watch what I like an still hear the bad an goid if I miss the news but I only listen about news I like
  • Sabretooth
    the coverage of trump and his stupidity is amusing... usually.
  • Gottabsavagee
    Yeah news is always about dramatic stories
  • Kayla45
    The news is mostly crime and politics.