How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

There are unfortunately many dangers facing women and girls on the streets of Britain such as rape, gang, rape, assault, stabbings, acid attacks, stalking, robbed, kidnapp and murder. Obviously if your a White Queen like me you've no intention of hiding indoors but would rather continue to live your life. So here is some advice on how to stay safe.

1. Learn Self-defence

Self-defense isn't about knocking the crap out of someone who annoys you when out and about or about living in fear or anticipating an attack. It's about taking control of your own safety since, unfortunately, we don't live in eden just yet. There are many self-defence classes some are useful while some are nonsense, like one class I took actually told us that if attacked by a rapist to pee ourselves to discourage him, I would think that would if anything just encourage him. I've been taking judo since I was young and there's a lot of techniques in judo that can allow a short light girl such as myself to use an attackers bodyweight and strength against them, I'm a realist, I'm not going to be able to overpower some 200llb guy but maybe I will be able to do enough to escape or tire my attacker out which is what my sensei teaches, judo has a lot of ground techniques that can help a girl protect herself if put onto the ground and pinned there by an attacker, she can inflict pain or frustrate an attacker into giving up. I saw a great women's self defence course on YouTube run Gracie Jujitsu tgat looks really good though it's only on in America I think. I would also recommend a martial art over some of the women's self defence courses that are taught. Something like karate, boxing, taekondo, jujitsu, MMA or Sambo. (My fella is big into Sambo & mma). A lady guest instructor who came into teach the girls in my judo class advised us " ladies if you get attacked don't try to be something your not. 9 times out of 10 your both weaker and smaller than your attacker, most men are just too big and strong. So fight dirty. Do whatever you have to do. Use your nails around the eyes, grab anything you can get your hands on, continue to fight no matter what to dissuade your attacker from continuing, don't stop. Remember techniques you've been taught and train hard in them so that they are 2nd nature."

2. Good Cardio

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

Yes I'm ripping this off that film Zombieland film but this is good advice if you think about it. The best self defence for a girl is running away and the ability to run fast for long periods can help keep you safe as men are naturally faster, with more stamina and longer strides than women so being able to run to quickly to a public area is so important, running away has saved me in the past as I was being chased by a group of Pakistani men that were harrassing me, fortunately some of those men are now in jail for certain crimes and luckily wasn't one of their rape victims. I ran to the club I was working that night and the followed close behind, I pointed them out to my fella who was working the door that night and he and some of the other bouncers gave them a beating. I reccomend doing as I do, wear high heels but keep a pair of flats or trainers if you have to walk home.

3. Have a male escort.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

Many won't like me saying this but a woman is less likely to be attacked if she is with her father, husband, boyfriend or brother. Well that's what I've found at least. Men that are looking to harm women are usually cowards and other men are a threat to them so it's not worth their effort and other women who wish to do you harm don't want to tangle with you if there's a man with you. My fella walks me home at night when I'm working in the club.

4. The buddy system, or safety in numbers.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

Walking alone at night or more and more on the streets of Britain can be very dangerous so walking with a friend or a group of friends can be enough of a deterrent for most violent thugs.

5. Carrying a weapon.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

The laws in Britain are very clear on weapons for self defence and that is you are not allowed any. So that's no guns, tazers, pepper spray, batons, knives and anything else for the use of self defence or even carrying them. Im not a solicitor so don't quote me in a court of law but I think keeping even household objects such as hammers, bats, knives specifically as a weapon to be used in self defence is seen as a premeditated act to use a weapon to assault someone but I think there's a loophole in that if your not carrying a weapon for self defence but happened to use something for self defence that you had use of in your everyday life such as a tradesman and a hammer or in my case a hockey stick when I return from hockey practice. Somebody explained to me that I should be fine legally provided I carry a hockey ball if I need to used my hockey stick for self defence but honestly I'd rather face any legal consequences than get gang raped or stabbed.

6. Don't dress too sexually provocatively.

In my view slutty
In my view slutty
In my view classy but others may differ
In my view classy but others may differ

I'm sure I will get a lot of hate for daring to suggest this but it's true, some people have an odd attitude towards rape and sexual assault where no means yes if she wears the wrong clothes. I know I certainly get a lot more make attention when I show a little bit of leg or clevage but the sad truth is that in Britain many men see women who dress sexually provocative as asking to be raped and many come from a culture where raping a girl is normal if she's unescorted by a male relative or husband and dressed less modestly. Withthe mindset that if she's allowed to dress like this then there's no one that cares about her and no one that will care if something bad happens to her, this is just a sad fact and dressing provocatively does paint a target on your back for any creep or weirdo. Of course women can still get raped no matter what we wear and a girl can look attractive even if she's not dressed sexually provocative. Then there's the question of what constitutes dressing sexually, even what one person considers modest attire maybe risque to others.

7. Vigilance in pubs& clubs.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

If your like me and love to be out in a club or pub chatting to friends, having crack'n banter with who ever and dancing all night it can be easy to forget yourself in the moment and be oblivious to what is happening around you, often some shady stuff and often some predators are lurking for an easy target.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

A few years ago I went to a club with my sister (underage of course not that it matters) well anyway I was dancing all night and was absolutely buzzing. A Pakistani guy asked to buy me a drink to which I politely refused as I already had a glass of club orange at our table and he was a stranger and kinda creepy and forceful. While the girls were up dancing I was talking to a friend at our table watching the handbags and drinks, well this guy came over again hitting on me and I wasn't intrested and let him know and still he wouldn't stop until my friend told him to "f*ck off". Well that was fine, I drank my drink and went back to the dance floor and that's about as much as I remember. My sister said she saw me looking wobbly (which was odd because i dont drink) from the 2nd floor stairs of the club where she was chatting to her ex and the same Pakistani guy came up from behind me and grabbed my arm moving me towards the exit door of the club, as if I was his girlfriend who had too much to alcohol to drink and he was taking me home, well that's what he told the club's bouncers when they stopped him after my sister told a bouncer what was happening, at this stage I could hardly stand or speak and didn't know where I was. I was taken to hospital and had to get my stomach pumped because they'd no idea what or how much he'd given me, I couldn't speak and couldn't move and I was told it was Rohypnol that he spiked my drink with when he had come over to our table, I dont know how I missed it. He got charged with it and was bound over for it with no jail time. I used to still see him almost everyday coming from the local mosque, he's now in jail for rape. Now if I have a drink in a club or pub I never set it down, i never take drinks from strangers(not that I ever did) and if I leave a drink unattended I never drink it. This was far far too scary and far to close a call. My parents have me he'll for being in a club at my age and for not being more careful but they were glad also that nothing happened to me.

Well I dont drink alcohol really, my experience is with being spiked but there are many predatory guys looking to take advantage of girls who drink too much, so I would advise any girl not to get get blacked out drunk.

One thing to watch is guys who have a bit too much to drink or are just butthurt at getting shot down, they can get aggressive or violent if they embarrassed or rejected after hitting on a girl which kind of leaves a girl with the dilemma of whether to shut them down right away which may anger them or try to turn them away in a nice gentle way that cushions the blow which may just encourage them either way may result in them waiting outside the club or pub for you at closing time or following you home.

There's also a thing that's started recently in clubs where a large group of men surround a girl or girls trapping them and the inner men grope her/them while the others provide cover on the outside as though nothing was happening, if it is allowed to continue it can only have one possible conclusion.

Another thing is to watch out for women. With ladette culture being so prevalent with women acting less like ladies and more like lads women are now drinking as much as guys and can be just as aggressive and violent when drunk. Unlike guys women today are less restrained when it comes to being violent espicially when drinking or taking drugs. Usually it jealously or some imagined slight, it's not uncommon in a club bathroom to see girls gang up on another or one girl swinging another around by the hair or outside the establishment. Girls are more likely to throw bottles or glasses, a common thing now is to strike with a stiletto high heel. Sometimes even jabbing a bouncer or girl with a needle then the bouncer has to get an std check. Anyway it's something to watch for.

8. Carry a rape whistle

I know what your thinking, "what is help will a rape whistle be?". Well maybe some maybe none but if you make enough noise you may discourage a rapist or at the very least signal others that you need help.

9. Carry a mobile phone.

This is a must, if you get in trouble you can call the police or phone somebody to let them know what is happening say if you being intimidated by an aggressive person or followed. Merely talking on the phone to someone may deter an attacker.

10. Be vigilant

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

Be aware of your surroundings ie people, the area and the time of day. Don't be wrapped up in your own thoughts with you headphones on listening to music or playing candycrush that's a recipe for disaster and sure you don't deserve to be attacked but your certainly an easy target to be punched in the face and robbed. You're most vulnerable when you aren't aware of your surroundings, so take out your headphones, look up from your phone, and know where you are. By demonstrating you're alert, aware, and ready for anything, you're less of an "easy target" for would-be attackers in the first place.

11. Seek help- scream for it.

If you don't have time or are unable to call 999 yourself, you need to get attention from someone who can. If you need "help," yell and scream the word "help." If it's attempted rape yell "RAPE", shout "call 999", do whatever you can to grab people's attention.

12. Avoid internet dating

Just my advice. The thing about internet dating is that you don't know what weirdo is on the other end. He could fabricate an entire fiction about who he is and you won't realise until it's too late. No better to verify dates before dating them.

13. Body language& eye contact

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊

You can deter attackers by non verbal communication of you body language. Walking confidently with your shoulders back and your head up rather than being hunched over looking at the ground, making eye contact is a way to show any potential attacker that you are not only aware of them but not afraid of them. You should always meet others gaze when out and about rather than shyly and meekly looking away. If people think You a victim they will treat you like one.

14. Try to desculate.

Try to desculate a situation where a violent attack is likely to happen, this is often not possible but certainly it's better to avoid being hurt if the situation gets out of hand. Often in fights a person will keep goading and harrassing another until something happens. Best to walk away if you can, after all words are just words. Trying to desculatea situation also looks really good in court if you had to defend yourself.

16. Avoid public places where you may find yourself alone with predators.

This one speaks for itself, these vile pieces of of human excrement can be found in or outside almost anywhere, trains, public libaries, bus stations, pubs, clubs and so on best not to risk it. Likely you will have heard where not to go. Where I live there's a place where a Pakistani rape gang hangs out, best to avoid at all cost if alone.

15. Use your common sense.

Common sense is so important and a great tool. So much of what I mention on this my take comes down to employing common sense. Important common sense aspects of self-defense that can deter an attack such as simply being aware of your surroundings, making eye contact with others, pay attention to what's going on around you and if you have a weird feeling in your gut or if the hairs on the back of your neck stand up then really pay attention to your intuition.That feeling you get when someone is watching you, following you, or you generally feel unsafe — listen to it! You feel it for a reason . A woman is most vulnerable when she is alone, not paying attention, with her headphones in and looking at a phone.She added, being drunk never helps.

Conclusion: Well that it from this White Queen, I'm sure there's plenty I missed out and you should feel free to comment on them. I hope this is helpful to my fellow White Queens on surviving the mean streets of Britain. Be safe out there.

How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well Britain is a fucked up place (can't believe their are people who want to enact the same horrible policies in the US), but you can use certain items as weapons. I believe they actually have "combat" pens, basically they are reinforced, slightly weighted and designed to be used in a similar way as a knuckle duster would (fits in the hand, looks like a pen, easily disposed of if necessary). if you have a keychain that has something weighted and about the same shape you can use that (make a fist and then use a downward strike, it doesn't need to be sharp, the blunt portion will put enough force into a small enough area to easily break bones (especially if you strike downward on the collar bone, the jaw or temple). Also yes, be aware of your surroundings, if you hear some one behind you and you are alone, keep your eyes on the shadows and reflections to keep track of them without giving away that your watching them (if you act afraid your more likely to be a target (most don't want a fight, they want an easy target, so behavior that screams victim (skiddish, afraid, oblivious, etc.) will make you more of a target.). Otherwise yes, be very aware and very prepared.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Combat pens are ilegal to use or carry as is anything designed as weapon.

    • MrOracle

      Yes, but a Zebra F-701 is just a very inexpensive, decent pen that just happens to be made out of stainless steel. I'm just saying.

    • He is correct, its a sturdy pen, for writing of course. Besides which, I know its an awful situation and quite frankly I would just start calling your government sexist for not allowing you to defend yourself (use their own rhetoric against them), but its better to have to deal with the legal consequences of defending yourself then end up being dead. Thats why I suggested the pen or something similar because it doesn't have to be a weapon, at least not a dedicated one, and its easily disposed of (though if their are camera's everywhere (I believe London has a lot) then that might not help. I am not sure exactly how the legal system works in the UK but have you considered setting up a protest or something about how they are essentially forcing you to be victims by not acknowledging the criminal issues while simultaneously removing your ability to protect yourself?(I mean its pretty messed up that they refuse to protect the people but then punish anyone who attempts to protect themselves).

  • Sad to hear that things have gotten this bad in the UK. This is the result of liberal policies of tolerance, elevating the "feelings" of minorities over the rights of the majority. Hopefully, experience will change the attitudes of many.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Great minds think alike Sir! More proof of your wisdom!

    • @Physics-Man I appreciate your kind words!

    • xyz94

      Words out of my mouth about elevating minorities’ rights over the majority (indigenous!) British population.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Do you live in the areas affected by this?

    How many experiences have you had to deal with?

    I have very little knowledge on this and not sure how dangerous these streets are.

    But if it is as bad you state why not just avoid them?

    That's what we do in America. We keep away from dangerous locations.
    Is this still revelant?
    • There is no avoiding these situations. It's everywhere.

    • If you say so.

      I don't live there but i think it would be more national news if it was really that outta control.🤷‍♀️

      Keep safe nobody deserves to be raped.

    • It is that bad. It's just ignored by the media and government.
      Thankyou. Hope you stay safe too❤

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  • janna_jcb
    1) this goes for all women, not just white women
    2) the way you dress has no influence on whether you’re attacked on the street or not
    Is this still revelant?
    • 1. Would you have a problem if it was "black queens" ?
      2. Britain is a multicultural multiracial soceity with many different cultural attitudes to women, rape and clothing so yes the way you dress does influence whether your attacked on the street or not. Naturally this shouldn't be the case but it unfortunately is.

    • janna_jcb

      1. yes i would, women regardless of race are disproportionately often the victim of sexual violence
      2. i read in a research report somewhere (sorry i can’t name the specific source, i don’t remember) that there is no correlation between the way women dress and whether they are raped or assaulted

    • 1. I dont understand how you can make assumptions about gender and not about race?
      2. To your report I ask if walking down a dark alleyway alone are more likely to get raped in a revealing dress or in a tracksuit?

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  • Metallsturm
    How to make Britain safe:
    How a White Queen can help keep herself safe on the mean streets of Britain !!!👑🥊
    • This should be a poster hanged on all the main streets of Europe (like you would see the swastikas around the cities in nazi germany)!

    • As if white sex-offenders don’t exist. Judging by her username ‘White Queen’, she’s obviously a racist, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was born into privilege to upper middle-class parents, who raised her in a secure gated community where there are no brown-skinned people. Considering the above, if I was in a position to I would personally would deal with her by making her worst nightmares a reality.

    • @Lucky1974 I wish. I'm working class and live on an estate rife with Pakistani rape gangs.

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  • Dongtai
    The world can be very scary and dangerous. There’s a lot of unknowns out there. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that categorizing yourself or others makes you any less vulnerable or those dangers. Anyone is capable of good and bad regardless of skin color.

    One of those brown people might end up being the one to protect the “white queen” from said threats. I’m sorry things are the way they are in Britain but race wars have never done anyone good “except the ones who start it”.

    • Nowhere was race or skin colour mentioned.

    • Dongtai

      White queen is pretty self-explanatory. You’re separating women based on skin color. I’m sure you have good intentions and you’ve written a lot of post that i enjoy, which is why i follow you. This one I can’t completely get behind.

      The world can suck. I’m not denying that. But the human race needs to mentally evolve from its need to identify with skin color and come together to rip apart the social issues we have. Separation makes these issues survive.

    • ... and if I was a black queen you wouldn't say anything.

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  • taterthot
    WHAT? I didn’t know people in Britain even commit crimes lmfaoooo all they do is drink tea eat crumpets and gram crackers while watching the royal marriage.
  • JimboGB
    You make some very good points but I feel you missed an extremely important one. A sense of community and local residents taking back control of their communities from a nanny state which has centralised power and cut police funding. A community spirit which makes a gang or stalker anxious at the thought of walking the streets.

    I travelled to Ireland when I was younger and remember keys being left in the keyhole of the front door, everyone knew each other and their dog, that level of neighbourhood togetherness is greater protection than all of the above.
    Instead, we have lost our sense of community with the introduction of a multi cultural society, where everyone sticks to their post code and speaks their own language. Now we have a woman been raped in broad daylight in a Dagenham park, only recently.

    Self-defensive training is tremendous advice to give women if anything it builds confidence and a sense of independence. I would personally suggest women in particular focus on Brazilian Jujitsu, as that martial art truly gives a much small opponent a genuine chance against a much bigger, stronger adversary.

    At work, I am in charge of certain training courses and one is organizing a self-defence class. The man that ran the class, is ex-military and his advice to the women was, if you were getting raped in a public area, NEVER to scream rape. Unfortunately, many women have found out to their cost, nobody comes to the aid of screams of rape. Most people are cowards and think of their own safety, they worry about the rapiest turning on them self consciously. Scream FIRE 🔥 scream help but NEVER "I'm getting raped". Statistics show people are extraordinarily more likely to come to the aid of someone in a fire than a victim of rape. Sad but true.

  • Ronald_25
    Do what my girlfriend and niece does, aspire to become a black belt in Krav Maga and Kickboxing. Problem solved.
  • FreshOutaIdeas
    A large chunk of the problem is that too many girls drink too much these days. The pakis and other coloured minorities prey on the often times, unbelievable naivety of little white women out on the lash.

    Same for the fellas too, but women are the ones with vaginas...
  • hafinjun
    So you can't carry anything for self defense because thats what? Premeditated defense. And when some ahole decides to drug and kidnap you he walks? Thats great advice your majesty, wink well done.
    • It's silly. Like you can't put up a beware of the dog or beware of the bull warning sign in case a person trespassing gets attacked because that makes you liable for damages because by putting up signs you are admitting your animals are dangerous. If a burglar falls through your skylight or roof or trips in a hole in your driveway and hurts themself then there's a good chance you are liable. It's crazy.

    • hafinjun

      It's worse then crazy

  • It’s sad that it’s illegal to carry guns in The UK.

    It seems like The UK has become totalitarian with anti free speech laws, censorship, and needing licenses to do anything.
    • Lmao calling the UK totalitarian is ridiculous.

      Totalitarian nations are places like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union where political opponents are locked up and executed, where there is zero free press and where there is no separation of powers.

    • @tartaarsaus
      NS Germany wanted to secure it's own existence against Zionist/Soviet aggression. As for modern "democracies" of today, they are Orwell's wet dream, and then some...

    • @tartaarsaus I’m not saying The UK is as bad as your examples, I just think they are going in that direction.
      There are different levels of totalitarianism and big government.

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  • British streets seem brutal and the law in favour of criminals. Stay safe.
    • They're brutal in the sense that you could be stabbed in the throat, bleeding out, and most of the zombies will walk past you. Or wait until the attackers have fled. Take it from a guy that can be incredibly violent, it's the cowardice and malice of others which frightens me the most about British streets these days.

    • @FreshOutaIdeas there's a few cities like that in the US. New york and LA espicially.

    • Yeah I can full well imagine! Places like London never used to be like that, all the old skool gangsters, communities and so on would look out for each other. Not to romanticise it, but now we're flooded with entire villages of foreigners and whitey has no real communities anymore. Plus like I say, people these days have rarely been in a fight themselves, so they just shit a brick whenever violence does occur...

      Only when the white boys are drunk and ballin' on cocaine will they decided they're "hard" enough to release their repressed handbags and "throw down" (lol). Normally then someone ends up getting bottled for starting on the guys missus, usually a drunken slag who ain't worth shit anyway.

      As you can see, I'm more critical of whites than the ethnics, black and brown will always chimp out. I just can't stand how degenerative whites are these days.

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  • ShadowofRegret
    It is always best to avoid going to areas where one can get hurt, places where people get drunk being one such example, of course, that holds true for men and women as I nearly got torn apart by a pack of pitbulls when I was younger, just from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, if God had not intervened, I probably would have died.
  • A good list, all good, #13 and 15. This is something guys worry less about, or not at all. I've only had a few scary scenarios.

    how about creating and wearing a woman's vigilant bracelet that means..."if you mess with me, I will have you severely punished"? There was a time if u mess with my friend, you get his whole gang at your door. That's vigilante thinking, but if it is that bad, then they need dealt with. Is that bad... too much of a turnoff? T-shirt, bracelet?

    Martial arts good, but reality is... gotta be well trained...
    high heels... a lot of clothes they wear may not be

    Or something that indicates you are trained and have a support network. To me... a support network is essential in dangerous places.. kinda like a womans gang.

    Confidence goes a long way, but reality is 5 guys can over power a woman and 1 guy.
    • This is all true, there's no foolproof way to stay safe.
      Martial arts is great but guys are simply superior pysically to women, for instance some of the yellow and a white belt have easily come out on top against two of our female instructors who are black, of of whom competed in national competition and was on the short list for the 2012 Olympics.

    • yes, I was in martial arts, I did a training with women. I'm way out of shape for that. Best defense, stay out of trouble, run, scream. I think really helps for women to practice... but who does that? Having female camps where women practice every year for certification, that makes sense and would help. Even with training, I could only do so much.

      When I was confronted on the street... my martial arts training kicked into gear. I was red/black (one step under black belt). I walked faster and crossed the street... avoided confrontation!

      Nothing is more attractive than a well dressed woman... who can whip a knife out of her garment, hold it like a navy seal and channel that inner "Clint Eastwood... mad dog mad" dish out the discipline that the others need! I see that, I'm in luv:)! If I had a daughter, she'd be trained!:)

      Unfortunately, church training on this is terrible... pray for them.. ok fine, turn the other cheek, etc.. That is submission, they love slavery. There's times u gotta stand up against evil. I can "love thin enemy" them while they are in handcuffs just the same.

    • Channel this energy!

      gotta learn to change thinking, think right in the moment. It's hard for empathic people to get the right mindset. takes work.

  • Danganronpa_senpai
    I love number six! I'm so glad this has been addressed because all I hear is "A woman can dress however tf she wants," and while that may be true, it's not wise a thing to dress like a prostitute.

    It's like leaving your car door open with a hundred dollar bill inside! People WILL take it, no matter if it's right or wrong, no matter your feelings. Be aware of your stupid actions people. You can't change the way of the world but you can prepare yourself against it.
  • Just stick to the nice places and you'll be safe. Avoid shitholes like london, Birmingham, Manchester etc and you'll be ok
  • Lightningfire
    Yes there’s more violence now in places like London and Birmingham but this doesn’t just apply to the UK. There’s places way worse out there than the UK.
  • Curmudgeon
    Disarm the normal citizenry, import an underclass and give them cultural license. What could go wrong?
    • Girther10

      @Curmudgeon- 😎😎😎😎what a novel idea... lol

  • BladeMan
    "White Queen" I didn't read rest of the others in your "my take". I read until the title "white queen". You are not a queen. You are just a typical woman and you are not different than a man. You think you are superior than men. Cuz you are a feminist.
  • Exterminatore
    I think that’s all pretty sound logic. I’d suggest pepper spray if it’s legal there.

    If not maybe get a small spray bottle and put bleach or some other cosmic chemical in it and go for the eyes.

    It’s a shame you can’t really own guns there.
    • taterthot

      You can own a sword though lmfaooo ⚔️

      Shit if I was there I pull an Addison’s creed

    • taterthot

      Knock that shit so hard they’ll end up in one of Shakespeare’s plays

  • ObscuredBeyond
    16: Be a pyromaniac. Might not make you popular with Khaaaaan, but even most of the sand vikings would be stupid to pick a fight with a dragon.
  • KiaTate
    Why do you keep inviting me to these discussions? I have no insight to white culture so I can't help with your race baiting questions/topics that I can't relate to because I have no idea what it means to be white. The best advice I can give is don't walk alone, carry your keys in your hand (keys sticking out of your fist), if you feel threatened scream fire make a scene, and if you get grabbed drop, kick, and scream.
  • Number 18, start a petition to deport all the Pakistanis
    • Oram52

      You being Polish, current similar xenophobic tirade you're displaying is currently being directed at people from East Europe.

    • @Oram52 Notice I said PAKISTANIS! Not Punjabis! Not Turks! PAKISTANIS! It's not xenophobic to want to deport people who rape underaged girls

    • Oram52

      My point was NOT all Pakistanis are responsible, same as not all Trump supporters are racist. My point was same xenophobic tirades you spew similarly people use same xenophobic tirades against East Europeans too. Hate just leads to hate.

      It is xenophobic when you start colouring everyone with same brush, in similar fashion Trump declaring all Hispanic rapists. Is Chancellor Sajid Javid of Pakistani decent a child rapist? Shoudl he be deported?

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  • Nadim171
    I generally agree Exept with have a Male escort. It will end up like saudia Arabia
    • You mean Egypt, where if a woman isn't escorted by a male relative she will get gang raped.

    • Nadim171

      That doesn't happen in Egypt, at least not in Cairo. My female relatives and family members always went out alone and nothing happened to them.

    • I stayed in Cairo, we were warned by the tour guide.

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  • If your so scared of the scary cocks going into your vagina, just find an all-female club and go there. Problem solved. I'm sure a queen like you knows her way around her kingdom.
  • Annie12234
    That is a great myTake 👏🏼👏🏼sounds like you do know how to protect and defend yourself!💪🏼 WOW 👍🏼
  • mace.. dont make eye contact and keep those. what do you call them. "jungliy people" away?
    • "jungliy people" that sounds s had racist, you might want to avoid the neo-nazi propoganda.
      Mace is ilegal here. The theory as to why it, tazers and other non-leathal weapons are ilegal is that criminals could easily get their hands on it.
      Farb self defence spray is legal but I dont see how that would stop someone from assaulting or raping you.

    • wasn't me. My friend in Manchester calls them that. I dont know. Then worse case, kick to the groin

    • What about raid wasp and hornet spray? It’s recently been recommended in California to use that instead of mace.

  • alice55
    Seem like the street in Britain are as unsure as the one of France.
  • tartaarsaus
    Alternative: attain such a great mass that you create your own atmosphere. And anything that comes close burns in your own atmosphere.
  • LoU_Hades
    Good points.
    In general losing situational awareness can become dangerous no matter where and who you are.
    Women are those who mostly support illegal immigration or legal one from Islamic regions, because media addresses in an emotional way of thinking the lack of humanity and intolerance towards those less lucky people. Even though the primary reason of immigration is only beneficial for elites and their never ending interests in wage dumping.
    Unfortunately many women are so eager to harness themselves to the cart of forced pseudo tolerance that western media propagates, but in reality are "infidel" women the first victims of the Islamic culture and of people who are indoctrinated with this malicious cult.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    If you were given a choice to leave and you took it, where do you think you'd move to?
  • do whatever keeps you safe some tines it mite mean stocking up before it gets dark early on many things
  • FatherJack
    Overall good sensible advice , and I am glad you pointed out that women are NOT angels either , they are actually MORE likely to attack a man , rather than another woman , and are often more ferocious , persistent and use dirty tactics than men. When working as door staff , it was nearly always women that attempted glass / bottle attacks , and I have been struck from behind , unprovoked with a stiletto heel , by a nasty aggressive woman , resulting in a deep cut to back of my head , I had to threaten violence to make her back off... I think she just hated men.
  • OddBeMe
    My wife took a self defense course. It’s crazy how easily smaller women can get the upper hand on larger males. It’s all about weak spots and deciding to fight. FYI- will update when my wounds heal :)
    • OddBeMe

      Also read the telling a potential rapists you’re pregnant could change his mind. That apparently that stopped the Original Night Stalker once.

  • wankiam
    its all about perception... of course many women share the same fears as you do but its also fair to say many dont and are they at any more risk than you? the stats would suggest not
    • Statistics matter little to the individual. Would a girl who was unprepared be more at risk than me? Common sense says yes if they are unprepared.

    • wankiam

      common sence or your own over reaction... i mean yeah the world can be an evil place but by your logic i shouldn't go outside the house for fear of being stabbed by some youth who wants my trainers... it makes no sense to live in fear but yes its good to have some common sense still so at least we agree on that

    • By my logic if your prepared you can be safer and don't have to live in fear.

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  • This makes no sense... Shouldn't White Queens such as yourself have bodyguards and be living in Castles?
  • PrettyRegular
    I think those men are acting against their nature, because men should respect, support and care for women.
  • broncobryan
    I'm gonna go with number 1 and number 6 considering where you live and you aren't allowed the basic freedom to be able to defend yourself.
  • yeeeeeeeet
    I agree. Self defense and awareness are your best friends.
  • Most of these tips are very good. However avoiding online dating completely doesn't do you any favor.

    It is unfortunate, that the government does not care about the safety of it's people if it even comes to something as fundamental as personal safety and self defense. There are these pests, that belong 2 meters under.

    I think the most important thing you missed here is "Don't put yourself in potentially risky situations in the first place". As in moderate your plans. If you're sensing trouble or danger, activate your survival skills and don't stick for so long until it's too late.
  • nir2102
    Not just in UK
    But in the entire world!
    Things are getting bad !! ☹️
  • Or you could, I don't know, lobby the government to make guns legal.
    • 19magic

      I don't think I know of a school shooting in UK, only terrorist attacks yet I've heard of many and thats living across the pond

    • No school shootings but you motherfuckers get stabbed a lot lol and ran over!!! And get acid bombs!!! I'll take a bullet any day hahaha

    • 19magic

      Yet there's more murders in cities like detroit and New Orleans then there is in London, I might get stabbed but someone would have to get close to me to do so and generally this is at night only

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    I am usually that male escort for a lot of my friends. Lol i guess tall big guys are deterrents. 😎
  • Girther10
    My question is, why do you just accept that you have to live like this. Not everyone, nor is it everywhere that these conditions exist. All the precautions you make, hoping you haven’t forgotten one of them, scared to death to go out and live like you want to live.
    I say either endeavor to change these conditions, or consider moving to a society, or country, that practices better rule of law. Democratically run societies generally are mush safer, and don’t have to put up with all this living in non stop fear. Reject the laws and policies that favor only certain people, insist on equal treatment under the law.
    In short, get away from the left wing “progressives” that create and foster these renegade cultures. There’s a sane law abiding bunch of people that ware nothing like the monstrous conditions you describe.
    • Girther10

      Nothing personal, but haven’t you thought about your screename and realize there’s going to be push back by many on here, just bc of that? I noticed several replies that had some remarks along those lines... just sayin...🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • latinabutterfly96
    Love this Take! Great advice, except "6. Don't dress too sexually provocatively." A woman can dress however tf she wants, and we women aren't responsible for men's inappropriate behavior. We're not their mothers.

    Also I like how you pointed out that he did not receive any jail time (the Pakistani guy) because this is exactly what I mean when I say that it's an unfair place for women; our ancestors built this world especially for men, and now people are trying to re-configure it because they understand that women should feel included as well. These men who act like their girlfriends are drunk (and instead they're planning on raping her) should go to prison, because if they don't, they won't understand the severity of the situation.
    • Jersey2

      As far as dressing provocatively, it is that same type of advice as not flashing large sums of money. But whatever, put you head in the sand and take your chances. Smh

    • I have. Too many times to count. Most of the women I know do this too. We’re all great, because we live in a province that understands women’s rights perfectly. Thank you very much!

    • @Jersey2 No, they’re not even close to being the same thing. You are comparing women with object - money. Therefore, you’re objectifying women. Thus, who’s the problem here? People with mindsets like yours.

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  • CubaPirate
    Any or all of the above whatever your comfortable with
  • Shyssyboy
    Men who rape are pigs and deserve to be exterminated, it's just awful.
    • Shyssyboy

      And this comes from a very liberal tolerant person but it is what it is, some people deserve death.

  • Sabretooth
    a good list. i think these are things women should do in general.
  • MisterSir
    i will use your advice to stay safe on the mean streets of Britain, thank you
  • Cherokeehp
    A white queen?
  • My brown queen >>> "White queen"
  • BigManSAB
    Why do you need to get racial?
  • Hans222
    There's a lot of truth in there! Nice take :D