The Banning Of Blue Story And Debunking Misconceptions (As Usual)


Recently on the news I have seen the banning of the film "blue story" from cinemas in the UK, now this for me has sparked discussion online and among my friends and of course has led people to blow the event which occured way out of proportion.

Firstly, What Is Blue Story?

Blue Story Poster
Blue Story Poster

"Feature adaptation of Rapman's YouTube series about two young friends who become rivals in a street war."

That's the description google gave.

In all honesty, I really want to see this film, because Britain has a problem among young people with "postcode wars." Now I am fortunate enough to not have encountered this problem in real life, but it does happen- and as an outsider hearing about this problem, I don't fully know why this happens.

This film, however, may give me an insight and help me understand why this problem occurs. Sure, I have my own vague idea of why things as such happen- that's a discussion for another MyTake though.

What Was The Incident That Occured Causing "Blue Story" To Be Banned From Cinemas?

The Incident occured in the city of Birmingham.

A fight broke out between youths at the cinema, a girl aged 13, a boy and girl aged 14 and a man aged 19, were all held on suspicion of assaulting police- and a boy aged 14 was held on suspicion of obstructing police.

All five were then arrested on suspicion of a violent disorder after an image was shared on social media showing a number of youths one of which was carrying a machete.

This article reports it better than I can so if you want to know where I get my information from, here is my source:

The Misconceptions I Feel I NEED To Debunk

"The Media Is Hiding Their Identity Because They Are Pakistani"

Firstly, you can't say they were Pakistani because no report on their ethnic background has been publicised. One photo of a group of kids with brown skin does not mean they are Pakistani. They may be Pakistani, they may not be Pakistani.

Secondly, the media has to keep even their identities confidential because while what they have done is awful, they are still children and the law states that because they are children their identity should be confidential.

Section 49 of the "Children and Young Persons Act 1933" places a restriction on reporting any information that is likely to or directly identifies any person under the age of 18 who is concerned in a youth court proceedings as a victim, witness, or defendant.

"There were 100s of armed Pakistanis"

Having already established we can't say for sure these youths are Pakistani because we don't know their ethnicity, I'll move on to the "100s" point.

There were not 100s of armed Pakistanis.

Police drew tasers and used a dispersal order to clear about 100 youths.

That doesn't mean 100s of youths were involved in the attack, what probably (not certainly but my best guess) happened was there happened to be a group of youths fighting and this attracted attention of other youths- so they went to watch and I can imagine they were most likely getting rowdy too.

Not 100s of ✌️Pakistanis✌️ attacking people with machetes.

Does Their Ethnicity Even Matter Though?

No ethnicity of these children does not matter. What stands out to me more than whatever skin colour they come in, is the fact that these people are children.

Rather than gawping at their ethnicity- if there is anything we need to gawp at it's their age. They are so young we need to ask why are they doing this?

What causes someone so young to attack the police?

What causes a young person to carry a machete?

Some people will hate me for saying this because they don't want to admit it, but ethnicity is not the problem here.

Accross the UK there has been knife crime involving Asian youth, white youth and black youth. The common denominator isn't ethnic background, the common denominator is the fact that it's happening among the youth.

I want to write a separate MyTake on UK knife crime, firstly, because I feel like it is an important issue happening in my country which should be discussed and secondly a g@g user requested a MyTake on the issue from me quite a while back.

Until then, thank you for reading this MyTake. :)

The Banning Of Blue Story And Debunking Misconceptions (As Usual)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pamina
    I advise you to stop talking to these "racialists" (a. k. a. "race realists"). They believe in pseudoscience that backs up their racism. There's literally no point in talking to people who choose to believe in pseudoscientifc mumbo jumbo. Might as well talk to Flat Earthers. Just remove their racist comments disguised as "science" and focus on people who actually make sense (whether they agree with you or not).
    Is this still revelant?
    • It's not just them. They can think what they want but I'm also writing this for normies who may be led to believe lies spread by these racists.

    • Pamina

      Oh, I think you misunderstood! This wasn't referring to your myTake, I think it's great you're writing these posts! I was referring to the discussion you were having in the comments with these racists.

    • Oh I get it now! ^_^

      But I love exposing racists for what they are and though there may be no point for them directly- it shows normies that actually they don't have a valid argument :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Lightningfire
    I must admit, I do agree with you that it’s the age that is more disturbing than the race. The fact that people are our age group (and sometimes younger!) are going round stabbing people is shocking. We know this, the question is why?
    Is this still revelant?

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  • MackToday
    Sounds like the UK Stasi wants to shut up the truth. The number of stabbings and gang fights in the UK is shocking and all because of "migrants" who don't belong there in the first place. They've created a pressure cooker that is going to blow right under their greedy asses.
    • No not really, if you look at the actual problem- British born teenagers are committing these crimes.

  • wankiam
    very well written and your site nemesis should take note but im sure she won't going on what she is saying about the latest terror attack
  • Black_Dynamite77
    Agreed some racist posted this pic claiming the media blurred and white washed the pics so the criminals appeared white.The Banning Of Blue Story And Debunking Misconceptions (As Usual)
    • Well, in my opinion, that is a blatant lie set to spark fear and create divide among communities in Britain.

  • KrakenAttackin
    This is what feminism and PC culture have done to once great societies.
    • No, this is what cuts and austerity have to done to our great socities.

    • These cuts are to programs that never should have been proposed. The politicians have bankrupted great countries.

  • Joeshek
    Um, I don’t know if you’ve never read statistics but wth its does matter. Certain ethnicities disproportionately cause much more crime. What you’re saying is that rattlesnakes should not be distrusted because even garter snakes bite. Turn off political correctness and let your brain actually think. Imagine you’re an alien from outer space and you see a certain group of people who make up 13% of the US population but cause 55% of murders and robberies but you see another group making up 65% of the population and causing 30% of the murders and robberies. Are you going to pretend that your eyes don’t work?
    • No it doesn't. Why don't you turn off your racism and let your brain think.

      The thing is they're not aliens from outer space, they're human beings just like me or you- and whoever commits crime surely has a reason. Rather than looking at the colour of their skin, and stigmatising a whole community of people- look at the content of their character and ask: "Why would you as a human being do this?"

    • Nachowedgie

      Observing statistics and facts and coming to logical conclusions isn't racist, it's intelligent, something you evidently aren't @SpiderManFan2002

    • @Nachowedgie If you're going to broaden it to ethnicity and act as if a whole ethnic group is responsible for a crime- why don't you broaden it to "human beings" and act like humanity has a problem?

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  • jwsstein
    You go girl tell thankyou for taking up for the human race
  • KaraAyna
    Good take