Why Do We Address Kids Who Bully, But Not Adults Who Bully?

Bullying someone is wrong at any age!
Bullying someone is wrong at any age!

Bullying is wrong at any age, but I find it very disturbing that adults who should know better engage in this practice every day. Whether you engage in this behavior in public, or on the internet, bullying is bullying and not right.

Being bullied never feels good
Being bullied never feels good

Kids are bullied every day. At school, online. And it is wrong. And can have lasting effects, emotional insecurities that can affect that person for the rest of their life. We need to do more to stop kids who bully other kids.

Practice what you preach
Practice what you preach

I am in no way excusing kids who bully other kids, but how can we really get them to understand how wrong it is, if they see adults behave in the same manner?

We have to teach our children by example
We have to teach our children by example

People don't want their children to be bullied at school or online, yet some themselves engage in this behavior and think it's okay, what because they're an adult? All the more reason they should know better. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to verbally attack someone just because they don't think/ believe or share your opinions or beliefs.

Be an adult not a bully
Be an adult not a bully

Adults who bully are even worse in my opinion, because it not just reflects badly on you, it may have impact on the way children learn to deal with conflict and someone who doesn't always agree with them.

Unacceptable behavior for an adult
Unacceptable behavior for an adult

We as a people are never going to always agree. And that is ok . What is not ok is to think it's acceptable to call other people names, verbally attack them. On this site, I have been called and seen others called bitch, slut, stupid, dumb dumb and much worse. It is one thing to say someone's behavior is stupid, but to call "them" stupid? I've also seen people respond with " just kill yourself". Would you want someone saying that to your child?

Remember to be respectful
Remember to be respectful

There is a respectful way and disrespectful way to get our points, views across. And again, how are we ever going to teach children about respect: respecting other people's rights, differences, and feelings if we don't do this ourselves?

Other ways to get your point across
Other ways to get your point across

Everybody has a right to their opinions. You have a right to voice your differences. You don't have a right to verbally attack someone for theirs.

Politely agree to disagree
Politely agree to disagree

If you are going to use a public forum, you should behave the same way you would in actual public. You are still dealing with real people with real feelings.

All bullying is hurtful and unnecessary and doesn't accomplish anything in the end. And it could be damaging to how our children learn to behave and treat people. And please remember:

Be a positive influence for our future generation!
Be a positive influence for our future generation!

As always, thank you for reading!

And please keep your comments respectful!


Why Do We Address Kids Who Bully, But Not Adults Who Bully?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Moonchild714
    Another Awesome My Take my Dear Gal Pal... We often don't address Adult Bullies because one don't want to admit we are capable of being bullied as Adults. I had a Boss that was a Bully and I was always known fir protecting everyone against Bullies growing up, wouldn't this one girl whobtried to Bully me in 6th Grade but fought for everyone else, didn't think I was a reason to fight for. Anyhow, as an Adult I was still he most Popular person always protecting everyone but when it came to this Boss Bully I couldn't or wouldn't go up against her, hell I wasn't going to put my career on the line if others weren't willing!!! I became her Primary Target everyone kept asking me why I'm letting her get away with it and I would just say I tune her out. It was until she was Fired I felt bad for her I realized I suffered from Stockholm Syndrome which considering my childhood I'm a Prime candidate because I always suffered from Stockholm Syndrome... Believed the Abuser was my only True Ally. Also, in Adulthood, we know Numbers Matter if others aren't willing to fight the Bully you're probably going to go down as a Martyr...
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  • arabgoddess
    Yes exactly.. I was bullied all through my schooling years.. Then got bullied in the work place and my own family bullies me.. I'm so fed up that I treat bullies like crap now, not worth my respect at all
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    • Sorry you were bullied. Even sorrier when I see adults behave that way. Iit's not just bullying is verbal abuse. People who behave that way make me sick. Sorry son, you or noone else, child or adult should be treated that way by anyone, but especially someone that's "supposed" to be an adult!

    • soleil2666

      It does, unfortunately, start within a family, and others then just pick up on it. You'll have to slap the bully in your family back hard for it to stop (it will then stop across the board but will feel odd/risky because you are used to depending on some bully for subsistence)

    • Thanks for understanding...
      I'm a sensitive person and people picked up on that..

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Most Helpful Guys

  • wankiam
    in life i will certainly tell any adult when they are being disrespectful and on here i moderate both kids and adults so in answer to this i think adult bullying is adressed
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    • Not as much as it needs to be in my opinion.

    • wankiam

      well we have strong laws on harassment etc hee in the uk and on here the mods can only do so much... i do recognize the fact though that from talking to many americans, you laws do allow for offensive behaviour to be normalized so i can see why you would ask the question

    • Yeah, people think cuz is social media they can behave anyway, but still act like an adult and keep it respectable.

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  • Woodsrdr
    Because we usually call the bully "Boss" and most people are to scared of losing their job to stand up to that same boss.
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    • Not all bosses are bullies. And not all bullies are bosses. There's people that insult, attack people by their gender on here and other social media, as well as IRl settings. The point I was trying to make is if we expect kids to know how to behave, shouldn't adults be held to the same standards? Where do people think kids get the behavior from in the first place?

    • Woodsrdr

      Gotcha. That's generally a do as I say not as I do issue. We tell kids that things are simple, cut and dried & right or wrong. Adults generally believe this in most cases, especially things like bullies. Then when faced with the situation as an adult, we tend to use a more convoluted, pragmatic and "Adult" approach instead of the overly simplistic solution we gave our own children. My life changed a great deal when my kids started holding me accountable as an adult for the advice and instructions I have given to them about similar situations. I have to embarrassingly admit that there was a time when I would have overlooked and ignored a bully that was in a position to fire me or even cause me discomfort in my life. After having my daughter ask (at the tender age of 8) why I didn't "Tell that man not to talk to people the way he does because he's being mean," I decided to live by my own advice to my children and I have enjoyed a much higher quality of life and even a higher quality of friends and associates in the process. The advice I gave my children before that was to help them be the person, citizen and patriot I wished I was. Now they saw me actually being the person I wanted them to be. Not only am I proud of all of my kids for the people they are today, they are proud if me for being the man that taught them right from wrong and how to be honest and upstanding as a father, friend, neighbor, employee and as a general person.

    • That's so awesome. And exactly what I'm saying. If more people understood what you realized.
      And yeah, my kids have done the same when they were little.
      Out of the mouth of babes right? Lol maybe that would make a good anti bullying commercial. Kids asking adults why they're bullies.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • winterfox10
    It's because we expect that adults will not only know better, but that they will also handle being being bullied better. When I was younger, I got after bullies. Like I literally got up in people's shit for bullying. Now I"m going to law school so I can pick more fights. I really, really, really, don't like bullies.
    • Me neither. And more adults need to realize they're sending kids the wrong message. How can they see iit's wrong, if they see adults bullying each other. We need to set the example for kids with our behavior

  • kymberz
    my goodness - YOU are an angel! so let me state here and now to the world or the internet that in grade 5 i didn't stand up when the kids picked on Margaret Dawe and i have never ever ever allowed anyone to be bullied in my sight ever since. i will carry the fact that i could have protected her and didn't until the day i die. so if anyone of you know someone named Margaret Dawe - please tell her that i tried to distract the kids away from her. but not before they hurt her. and she is probably still hurting. and i will never let that happen in front of my eyes ever again. and i never have. i learned my lesson, Jesus. so i love this post with all of my heart (and rob thomas is singing "problem girl" in the background and i just have to accept that my repentance is enough to be saved. now he sounds like an angel. like you Glinda.) ok - i got a ton of stuff in my feed that i need to check. i love you Bbb... and it's just a pure feeling k? and it's nice. and i love your posts. and i love following you but heck i'll follow anyone who makes no sense at all cuz it's only then that all the senses can be released to feel properly for themselves. see? you invite me and then i blather.
  • RickPen
    Some may perceive adult bullying as a means to an end, that the almighty dollar is the reason for one's actions. I have seen this to be true: the bully is lauded as a "take charge" person, and often will take credit for another's work. They will "call out" others as they see fit, in order to prove themselves better. In short, a bully succeeds on the backs of others. Yes, I believe it creates a toxic culture, as others see this behavior and subconsciously assimilate it. Adults may have completely developed physically, but mental and emotional development is lifelong.
    I have seen this firsthand in every job I've worked. The genuine person is overworked, passed over for promotion, and left to rot, while the bombastic liars, manipulating, egotistical abusers will always get the promotion, especially to their worst possible position.

    Should they be held more accountable? Yes. Will they be? Highly unlikely, as adults have odd ways of thinking due to assimilating the bullying mentality. "Mind what pays you" is a fantastic phrase that sums of the nature of one who loves money. There is no regard beyond the dollar. Those people are husks.
  • ThatGuy133
    Because it’s about establishing a hierarchy. I’m better, you’re not. You’re funny, she’s not. And it’s assumed adults have thicker skin so they can take a good ol’ fashioned ribbing.
    I believe in do on to others as you would have them do unto you
    • That's very true.

    • soleil2666

      With the middle eastern abusers than getting to be at the top of that hierarchy. A wise system for Christians, that is.

  • R_Cakes91
    Kids can learn at a young age to stop bullying. As an adult, if you haven’t learned yet, you’ll never learn how to treat people right. One word: karma.
  • lightbulb27
    we're numb to it, entertained by it, submissive to it, or we don't care.

    I think we do address adults who bully... if it's a law violation and they are caught, but not nearly enough.

    The other category you are missing is adults who bully children.
  • Unit1
    Easy solution. Just permanently block these degenerates, idiots and bigots. It's literally a non issue.

    and in the real world? You better make a lot of money so you can afford to eat right and eat enough and so you can enroll into self defense classes like judo and give those idiots, who get physical with you a piece of yourself 😎

    keep doing that.
    • This isn't about me. This is to make people aware that bullying is wrong at any age, and unless grownups stop behaving this way, kids won't either. Set the example. Be part of the solution, not add to the problem.
      If people don't want their kids to be bullied, they shouldn't bully others.
      We expect kids to know better? But not adults?

    • Unit1

      Yeah, and i spread the solution to the problem, making others aware because stopping bullying is more effectively applied with force.

    • soleil2666

      That's nonsense. Once you are faced with 3 angry bulky men, no amount of judo classes will help you. It's a police and law enforcement issue, and a systemic problem. If anything, martial arts classes give you a false sense of security. Ever heard a bully might carry a knife or a gun?

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  • Lynx122
    I think it's because children have less experience and can't defend themselves as well so when they get bullied it's more devestating and harder to deal or stop it. On the internet there's a lot of stories of how somone punched their bully and was never bullied again and things like that. But I was bullied and in my situation there was nothing like that, I could do. I was younger and smaller and I was not prepared for this situation. I did actually try and punch my main bully once but it didn't have much of an effect. As adults we can handle it or we're expected to at least when someone tries to mess with us. I haven't had any problems with bullies since I've grown up.

    But also if you're dealing with an adult you have a lot less options to change their behaviour. You can tell them to stop being an asshole but that's about it. They don't have to listen to you or respect you if they don't want to. There are still ways to confront an adult bully but if they're really determined it's tough.

    I agree that adults can behave worse than children. But that's just the world we live in the only thing we can do is try and be a positive influence like you said.
  • theCobbler
    A-F'ing_Men ! We all got to be the Change we want to see. !
    and Why, we scold children, because if caught and corrected in time , these young people will/should grow up to be better adults.. , grown ups, well , there's not a lot of Hope. saddly
    • Thank you sir. Agreed. We expect kids to behave and some adults behave worse than kids smh 🤷‍♀️

    • theCobbler

      Dont we Know it! Blessed be !

  • LinkxPeach
    Because they’re minors. Adults bully each other too. It’s just that adults can’t fight adults who bullies them. Also, it seems like adults used freedom of speech as an excuse to bully each other. That’s verbal assault, verbal abuse, and verbal harassment. That’s not the reason why this country has the freedom of speech to hurt someone who did not do anything wrong to you. If you go verbally attack someone as an adult, then you need to shut up or go somewhere.
    • Exactly. Plus sending wrong message to kids. Telling them not to bully, but then they see adults do it. Kids don't always do what you say, they do what you do.

    • LinkxPeach

      Can’t you just report bullies online and in general?

    • This isn't about me being bullied im trying to make the point that people need to check their behavior.

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  • broken_heart_at_48
    I do but sometimes I feel like I'm being a bully when I confront them but the main difference is I don't just do it to be an asshole and if given the chance and enough reason I'll beat their ass
    • If people get too insulting and I feel like I'm going to stoop to their level, I just say, have a nice day sir or ma'am. That usually stops them cuz they just want someone to argue with, rage on.

  • MindYourEyes
    You’d think adults would know by now that’s childish and fucked up. But people don’t realize it still happens in so many different ways. It’s sad and a never ending cycle. So I’m guessing they just assume.
  • I'm currently among them in my life.. Those they believe they know the one and only choice... At least one admits that no matter what they say I have to make my own choices but it's hard knowing that deep down they beileve that any choice that is not theirs is wrong...
  • Koalamate
    Adults who bully are normaly in a position of power ie parents or your boss so you could risk your job.
    Other bullys havnt had there head kicked in or they puss out when somebody threatens them and they move on to a weaker target.
    Solving the issue of bullys now is hard being from a boss or hidden profile online.
  • QueenTanya
    because as kids they can still be corrected and taught better but as adults, if they're still bullying, then they're a lost cause.
    • It's more set the example. How can we ever expect kids to understand it's unacceptable behavior if they see adults not only behave that way but get away with it?

    • QueenTanya

      i'm not saying it's okay for adults to bullying. bullying is terrible overall, i'm just explaining why i think adult bullying is overlooked.

  • TheBootyChest
    I think because behavior as an adult gets skewed by the situation.

    Like if a boss is talking down to you, he/she can say they are "reprimanding" you. And yet kids are in a position of authority, so we call it bullying.
  • bente2
    Because if you’re being bullied as an adult, you need to deal with it yourself.
    • Omg I'm not being bullied as an adult. This is about ther message you send kids that bullying is okay if adults do it. Did you even read the whole take? How do we tell kids it's wrong and then shi it ourselves?

    • bente2

      I didn’t claim you were being bullied? I mean you as in everybody.

      Adult bullying is far less common than bullying among kids, and I think you should be able to handle that situation yourself. You’re a goddamn adult, you have no reason to be insecure and not speak up.

    • Still missing the point why should adults engage in behavior we tell kids is wrong? Lead by example!!

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    this place is the internet... no one should take unsolicited bashing to heart here... but some things just shouldn't be thrown around at people...
    • Exactly... And for me, it's more about what you're teaching/showing the future generations, than personally hurt feelings. Idiot asshats on the internet can't hurt me, sometimes irritating tho or so stupid it's funny

  • Statistics
    Emotional abuse is not looked at as abuse so people look to other things to blame for the change in kids. Bullying is one as teens are killing them selfs more and more familys are saying they do not understand why thinking they where so happy. There is no way to see what gos on behind closed doors so what gos on in the open gets the blame
  • Dargil
    We do. Blatant bullying (not subtle intimidation) can be considered Simple Assault, a misdemeanor. One definition of simple assault is: "Committing an act which places another in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury."
  • PrincessDuckie
    I think it's because kids don't know better! Adults do. You see a kid whos a bully and there is probably a reason. They probably don't even know they are doing it. You see an adult doing it and they are just an asshole.
    • Adults have to set the example. Again it's not about his adults handle it. Is about practicing what we preach. How can say it's wrong for kids to bully but okay for adults? Bad behavior is bad behavior. And Just where do people think kids ate getting their behavior from? Adults should know better. And people need to stop justifying it because they're adults. Set the example of the right way to treat people.

    • soleil2666

      Kids always copy someone. They don't invent stuff. And the adult isn't just an asshole but very likely a criminal or a terrorist.

    • @soleil2666 again good point!!

  • PartTimeSaint
    Adult bullies have learned how to legally get away with it. Lots of rich people cover up their bullying with money and contacts.
    There is no point in going after them because they can't be touched. You may also find yourself targeted by them and that would make life absurd.
  • eron5p62
    Because we're adults and should be able to stand on our own two feet if ur getting bullied as an adult you can do something about it unless you were one of those kids that was taught it's never ok to hit someone if someone hit you tell the teacher etc. Which creates an adult who can't cope with a bully.

    Kids on the other hand are not mature enough to understand why someone is making fun or picking on them or have the emotional capacity to speak up and ask for help so we as adults have to be aware of bullies address and raise awareness to adults about teaching there kids about bullying.

    In short we address kids being billing and not adults because the adults are to busy helping the kids as is our job.

    I teach my son to always stick up for himself regardless what his teachers say someone hit you hit em back when he is older he won't be a pansy like this poster no offense
    • The point is not if adults can handle it or not!! It's how do we teach kids that bullying is wrong if adults do that every day on line. Shi basically we're telling kids how to behave but adults don't have to! Set by example!
      Verbally attacking someone online is verbal abuse which is a form of abuse. People need to quit behaving worse than kids!

    • eron5p62

      I believe you can just block people online if they are harassing and or being s bully to you most social network if not all also have a report button. Kids are getting bullied online and commiting suicide the fact you like we should take focus off that for adult bullying online is nuts.

      They are teaching kids about bullying in school every company has anti bullying campaigns for kids which is great. Adults tend to bully because we never had any education on the subject growing up. Also if an adult is being a bully who cares you should take comfort in knowing there life is miserable and maybe even try to reach out to them and help because something seriously wrong.

      You suggest we take away the tens of millions of dollars spent to educate the new generation on anti bully campaigns and spend it on anti adult bullying?

    • No I didn't... wtf you talking bout.. I'm saying adults need to think how they behave and what message their behavior sends to impressionable kids... but thanks for throwing all those assumptions of shit that wasn't in here out there. The best way to teach is a By EXAMPLE... I suggest you go back and read what I said before you add bs that wasn't said!!!

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  • whty8911
    You reach a point in your life where you need to be able to handle life. Life is tough. Kids are vulnerable and still developing. Learning what's wrong and right. How to handle things like bullys. And we guide them through that. We address kids as bullys because it is our job to not only protect the vulnerable but also groom the bullys into being better people. Adults should be able to handle these issues on their own. If you cannot. You're in for a rough ride.
    • The point is you can't expect kids to not bully if adults exhibit that same behavior. Its not about if an adult can handle it. It's be enough of an adult to set a good example of how to behave respectfully. Kids don't just learn by what you tell them. They learn from what they see.

    • whty8911

      Untrue. We expect kids to do a lot of things we tell them to and not do what they see. Dont cuss. Dont drink. Dont smoke. List goes on.

    • Those our things that hurt yourself... we're talking about actions that hurt others. Not right for anyone to hurt other people. There is no justification for that.

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  • Trooper205
    Good take, my Dear! We MUST keep this in mind! Well said!
  • Kiran_Yagami
    Because adults are expected to handle their own problems. Not only that, being somewhat of a bully is how you get places in life. You don't climb the corporate ladder by not rocking the boat. You don't make it in politics either without stepping on underlings. The world doesn't work like it does when you're a kid.
    • soleil2666

      Aha - you are busy selling some middle eastern Islam bullshit here. And people buy it. In Christianity, you DO climb the corporate ladder and get ahead in politics by helping and protecting your own. We don't set up 3 of our own for failure so we can marry 4 women and make our mom and dad proud of being a grand muslim.

    • @soleil2666 Yes, because Christians never stepped over bodies and pools of blood to get what they want. I'm not sure what you're smoking, but that's good shit.

    • soleil2666

      Right, and it was just Christians who did that - all others are innocent angels. A-ha.

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  • legalboxers
    If people notice, they are many people who cyberbully on here. And go ANONYMOUS then BLOCK YOU AFTER THEY DO. Its not addressed because we are suppose to be ADULTS, not thin skinned like someone they worship.
  • Jackblue
    Ultimately to some extent society feels that mean people are smart. We generally call mean adults "cynical" and this is often a compliment because we feel that they are realistic about how bad the world is whereas people who are cheerful all the time must be naive and sheltered.
    • Not bullying someone doesn't mean being cheerful all the time. And smart or cynical can be accomplished without name calling. Truly smart people can get their point across without that behavior.

    • soleil2666

      It isn't 'the society'. It's the anti-society online that promotes bullying as smart. American blacks, Islamists from the middle east, envious Indians, maybe North Korean 'heros'. That's the society serving you your norms...

  • sirlickalot69
    If we were considerate of the bullies and show them that they're the same as you and I probably wouldn't have that issue. But I think the issue mainly lies in the parents not bringing the child up properly
  • talloak
    We can manage child bullies because they are accountable to adults (at least theoretically). Adult bullies are rarely held accountable. In business, adults seldom suffer by bullying others and often gain by it. We elected the worst sort if bully as president and millions cheer with every new act of bullying. He flourishes as a bully the same way that child bullies flourish: the weak ally with them and the conscientious are too few to stand up to the bully and his thugs. What the thugs forget is that bullies are cowards who do back down when enough people stand up to them.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Adults who bully kids are called child abusers. Typically parents and they are addressed all over. A random adult bullying a random kid is unlikely because that random kid might have parents who cares and they don't meet in a place where they go together like school. Adult bullying adult is not that big of an issue. I mean sure bullying no matter who it is is a bad thing but adults can stand up for themselves. Bullying just affects kids more and their future.
    • Iit's not about if adults can handle it. It's the message you're sending kids that that's okay behavior. And it's not!! People need to act their age!!
      And realize that have to practice what we preach. So the message we want kids to learn is that it's okay to bully if you're an adult? No!!
      It's wrong at any age!! That's the message we should/ need to be teaching our children!

    • But on average, they can handle it. Also other adults will stand up for the victim unlike kids who just watch. You're asking "Why Do We Address Kids Who Bully, But Not Adults Who Bully?" Really not adults? Actually society do care but not as much as kids who needs more proper guidance.

    • That's a straw man argument really. Just because we address more bullied kids doesn't mean we don't address bullied adult. They do but by comparison, they focus on kids. AKA the root of all people growing up

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    Bullying is awesome, it prevents snowflakes from forming.
    • That's bull. So you wouldn't care of a bunch of kids bullied your child? And in some cases kids who were constantly bullied commit suicide. That awesome too?

    • Really awesome, we don't need weaklings in the gene pool. The world shall not miss them.

    • But assholes like you will rise. This world don't need anymore cancer. Are you complaining that everyone is a "snowflake"? If you don't like it just get out of here.

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  • humanearth
    You want to know. how bully were taken care when I was a kid.

    My mom would say this to us kids. You want them to stop bulling you. Then do something about it.

    She told us you want it to stop. Your going to have to beat their ass and once you do. They would leave you alone.

    Guess what it works and I told that to my kids and now my grandkids. Their parents don't approve. To fucking bad.

    I was so happy that my 7 year granddaughter. Whipped this kids ass. Sure she got in trouble. But she said that kid never picked on her again.

    That what a bully needs. A ass whipping.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Probably because adults are more stubborn and settled in their ways. A child has the opportunity of potentially changing their ways, whereas we would expect an adult not to have that desire.
  • TimTim90
    Its easier to begin good habits when you are young. It's also a bit harder to ground an adult. Eventually the adults that bully will die off and the better behaved generations will take over lol
  • Juxtapose
    When you're an adult, you should already be prepared to handle malicious idiots.
    • I don't get how people don't get that adults who bully send a message to kids that that's okay acceptable behavior. Isn't it a contradiction/ double standard to tell kids not to, but excuse adults who do?

    • Juxtapose

      The job of teaching children and settings examples falls squarely on parents and teachers. Nobody else should consider that in the slightest.

      Nothing I ever do is ever in consideration of children, ever. They don't factor into my life in the slightest.

    • Still missing the point. But ok

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  • RawaajUK
    Lot of people don't want their youngsters to address them. It doesn't matter if the youngster one is on the right way or path. It happens because of ego.
  • Daniela1982
    As far as I know adults don't commit suicide from being bullied like kids have done and probably will continue to do.
    • That doesn't mean adults should bully. And where do you think some of these kid bullies got their behavior from? The point is how can we tell kids it's wrong, but it's ok for adults to behave that way. All people need to be respectful, not just kids.

    • soleil2666

      Suicide? Maybe not. Mass shootings - most certainly.

    • @soleil2666 very good point!!

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  • because what chance is there to make an adult change how they behave?
  • cbshaw10
    Tbh. I come off as being a bully, when the truth is, I'm sick of people's b. s. most people are too stupid to get a clue and go away. So, I treat them like sht. If I like them, sure I will joke around a lot, but there's a difference.
    I'm not trying to justify anything, but I won't allow anyone to push me around, and act like I have to put up with it. I'm not the type who gives chances to those who make mistakes. Small ones, ok. Big ones. Nope, we done. Beg and act like it's ok, I'll get over it. I'll prove you wrong. Straight up.

    Treat me right I treat you better, treat me bad, I treat you worse.
  • Dashee
    We see children as defenseless while adults are not due to their experience. It's a lot less hard for an adult to stick up for themselves while children are still new to the harshness of the world. Children deserve a carefree life without the burden of insecurity and sadness. The fact that adults who bully usually have some form of authority also does not help, but most mature people try to not let things get to their heads as easily anyways.
    I still do not condone bullying in any way however, but I do understand why we feel bad when children get bullied and ignore it when it happens between adults.
    • But kids see adults bully. Does they not send them the message it's ok?
      Kids are more prone to do what they see others doing then doing what they're told to do. This is more about setting the example for kids to follow.

    • Dashee

      Of course it's bad for the children, and it's also bad for the adults. Most children don't quite notice bullying under adults, though.

    • That's not true behavior is mostly learned not inherited

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  • Bananaman177
    Nobody's stopping you from addressing any adult.

    Go ahead, go address them. See how it goes for you.
  • LightEnd
    The world is not a safe place, I know this may sound weird but bullies teach other children to stand up for themselves.

    Often the most painful things will make you stronger.

    Have you ever thought about how lies make you feel good and the truth always hurts.

    I think people are becoming too soft. These days if you tell someone something they don't like they think they are being bullied.

    When someone on this forum talks shit to me I talk back. I dont go to sleep crying because some random people on the internet dont like me.

    Also I believe in myself and I am talking from a place of truth so I'm not going to police my words to protect other people's feel feels.

    I suppose if the forum owners or moderators dont like me they can perma ban me. Wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.

    My comments, while they may hurt feelings, are given with the intention of helping.
    • I didn't don't wouldn't ever cry myself to sleep over what anyone thinks of me, but especially not cowardly internet bully trolls that ain't happy in their life so have to attack others to make themselves feel better. But the more people accept this behavior or justify it, what message are you or anyone sending the kids we're trying to teach not to bully? That bullying is only wrong if you're a kid, but not if you're an adult? That is what this is about!! I can take care of me and mine, thanks tho even if you can't see the real message.

    • LightEnd

      Wheres my pot pie?


    • 😂😂I did have your potpie ready but you know us sluts. I gave it to the first man who knocked on the door🤷‍♀️😂😂😂

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  • dinklas
    Because society does not give a possible second outcome
  • VanishingRickFood
    Because the adults who bully are the PC type the same ones who run the anti-bullying campaigns so stupid people are not going to call these idiots out.
  • Twalli
    Because most adults bully other adults and they figure at that pointvrhe ins being bullied can take it.
  • Bored97
    Lay the hater out

    Too many people are afraid of letting natural instincts out when NEEDED too
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    because they carry diseases. get pregnant and become a drain on society...
  • Nadim171
    Because adults know it's wrong yet still engage in it just like any sort of criminal
  • Cocacolaaddict
    Sheep mentality we follow where we are led by society and society tells us not to