Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women


Let me start off by saying that I'm not a Christian. I'm a polytheist who believes in a pantheon of Gods. This belief is absolutely abhorrent to Christians. I am also not a progressivist. I don't believe in freedom or equality. There are not many women that come remotely close to my personal beliefs. Most women I can choose from will either be progressive, or if I want a conservative one, Christian.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women

I have however found some things that I would like to share with you today.

Often times left wing people like progressives or feminists tell you that their beliefs are better than Christian beliefs or general conservative beliefs.

They are sex positive, respect liberty, human rights, equality and highly value individuality and gender neutrality. Christian women are none of these things.What progressives want to say is that their beliefs lead to a better human experience and general happiness than conservative beliefs.

I am willing to accept this can totally be the case for many people. However, it hasn't worked out for me even though I did everything to try and make it work out in the past.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women

If I talk about sex with a progressive woman, she often says that having many sex partners is good, have lots of sex is good. They are often curious how many sex partners I have had in the past few months.

If I tell them the number is zero, they always react as if there is something wrong with me. In a contemptuous or sassy way. Not to make me feel bad, but simply to tease me a little. I don't mind that. I'm not offended by this. They often say they don't understand why I'm not looking for women to have sex with.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women

Often they point out their female friends who are sexually liberal and who would likely not reject my advances. I always feel anxious when this happens. I reject the offer and that's the end of our conversation.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women

When I talk about it to a Christian woman, the conversation is much different. She asks me if I have found someone yet and the answer is no. They often ask me why. I tell them I don't know why.

There is clearly something wrong with me when it comes to my love and sex life.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women

Christian women are much more understanding of my feelings as a man compared to progressive women. The problem is not that I'm not having sex or in a relationship, but there is an underlying cause to my problems.

That cause is that I have a hard time with being touched on my body. Conservative women who I have talked to, who all happened to be Christians have been understanding of this but not progressive women.

Why Christian Women are better than Progressive Women
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  • Anonymous
    Progressive women suck. But Christian women are no better than other more traditional women, and worse on some ways. It is the values that are important, and traditional values do not require Christianity.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    "Progressive" women are total disasters, but at least they are easy to get into bed.
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    • Kitz95

      Lol pretty hypocritical. Eh to each it’s own.

    • I would never slide my dick down any other hole besides the hoes mouth.

    • Ronnie_45

      @Kitz95 You are the only hypocrite in this site. You are a misandrist feminist. Everyone knows this in this site.

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  • Homie...
    • You’re looking for a woman who sees you as the victim you see yourself. You’re looking for a woman who’s an idiot and you think Christians are that, and you’re right.

    • You’re in for a very toxic relationship that’s build on sympathy and pity towards whatever you think is wrong with you, not actual desire or compatibility. You’re being foolish to the max.

    • I am in the process to solve my problems. Thats however not talked about in the mytake.

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  • Jamie1865
    I don't think the problem is 'progressive women', I think the problem is whatever you call the 'problem' that you say you have, plus your own insecurities about how you will be perceived.
    Firstly, please understand that I read your question three times and I am NOT in any way mocking you, laughing at you or being contemptuous is any way.
    I don't find it weird that you're a virgin, it's a little unusual these days, but I know men and women who are both virgins and are the same age as me. Some for religious reasons some for other reasons which I won't go into on here, but it doesn't make them ANY less of a 'good person' or any less funny, kind, giving, compassionate etc.
    I do think it's a little bit of a broad stroke to cover 'progressive women' with a blanket assertion. Again, not to be contrarian, but some of the most progressive women I know are also the most compassionate. I know you caveated you statement with the words 'Often times' but that's still seems to be a sweeping statement - at least IMHO? I think that for your own sake, you need to try to focus more on what this 'problem' is that you have and not project/deflect it onto other people, by presumption of mockery. And as for your assertion about 'Christian Women' let me tell you when I was at uni, it was the Christian (particularly Catholic) women that were WELL known to be not just promiscuous but perhaps what their church elders would call 'sinful' - I think it's something to do with the forced repression, but that's another story.
    Don't demonise (no pun) half the women out there as 'the enemy' or as people who'll mock you, based on a few bad experiences.
    Lastly, is Christianity really a Monotheistic religion? I would disagree. More like the Greek Gods. You've got the big G at the top, (Zeus) but you then have the Cherubim and Seraphim, St Peter guarding the gates, Angels, Archangels St. Michael (Commander of the Armies of Light) the Mary (x 2) then Jesus and the disciples etc etc... Getting awfully crowded for a 'Monotheistic' religion!!!
    • Thanks for reading the mytake through. I'"m not a virgin, I have had hook ups before but I didn't like doing it and I won't do it again.

      About repressed sexuality/libido. Yes certainly this is an issue. Its more of an issue than you think. Both people with big libido's and wild creativity are repressed by many conservatives across the world. This leads artists and very sexual people to revolt. I dont deny that reforms are needed in conservative thought if it wishes to not push these people away.

  • You dont believe in equality nor freedom? I don't know if you worded that right but thats a dealbreaker for 90% of women unless you find like a super submissive woman who caters to your every need. Im a Christian woman and i respect liberty, human rights, equality and individuality so I don't know where you got that from. Maybe you forgot that there are diff types of Christians (Catholics, Baptists, etc). If im going to date/marry someone then i am going to ask how many sexual partners they had YET i do not think having many sexual partners is good. Anything over 3 honestly disgusts me but i’d be willing to go witth someone whos been with a handful or less. I prefer virgins but its only fair if they dont prefer me since im not a virgin myself. Anyways, you believe in whatever you want but its gonna be hard to find a girl who thinks close to you based off what u mentioned above. It sounds like u want a slave (no freedom/equality) and i doubt you’ll find that in new America. Maybe you're stuck in the old days
    • Yeah, that was my thoughts regarding the no freedom or equality part. I don't know which Christian women he talking too.

    • He speaking from prob one experience and just resorting it to all this and that women.

    • @DizzyDesii Im from Europe though.

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  • Edanurus
    So progressive women aren't as good because they are further away. Sure you're a polytheist but you are still a theist and as such other theist would be closer to you even if they only believe there is one god.

    There is only one difference between Christian Women and "Progresive" Women and that is what religion they follow. Progressives are just people that left theism but never left the mindset of religion.
    • Thats a very strong position that make me reflect on things.

  • Thatsamazing

    Uh... "progressive" isn't a religion. Why are you comparing these two things, dude. By the way, please read my related myTake: Why Super NES controllers are better than violins.
    • I would beg to differ. Many theological aspects of Christianity were secularized and used as foundation of progressive ideology. Linear perception of time is copied straight from the Bible. Equality of the soul before God has because material equality on Earth the same. Not to mention universalism.

    • "Many theological aspects of Christianity were secularized and used as foundation of progressive ideology." Such as?

    • I gave examples.

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  • Kitz95
    That’s an interesting take. I’m not religious, but I don’t see the problem with you not being in relationships. I think it really comes down to is whether or not they are compassionate. I don’t really care about someone’s sexual past, what I care for is the person they are at the moment. Whether it’s someone with no experience or lots of it. But I guess is good to know what kind of woman suits you better.
    • Ronnie_45

      You feminists are misandrists.

    • Kitz95

      @Ronnie_45 And you’re a scared boy that wants to play victim for stupid things. If you want to talk about real men problems you can tell me about unfair treatment in family courts, financial problems for widowers, suicide rates, the fact that they aren’t taken as serious when they suffer from domestic violence, the hate crime is much higher for gay men, etc. Now those are real issues that affect men. You even got rid of my comment in your stupid take because you can’t take someone disagreeing with you.

    I agree 100%
    most christian women have the right amount of compassion and understanding a progressive woman could never have.

    Not only that but if things get serious you know that your Christian woman has a good moral compass and probably wants a family.
  • Serenity2014
    Why are people making it seem as though you can’t be liberal and Christian?
    • Well, I assumed that everyone was gonna agree that Catholicism was Christian and not any other denomination.

    • I always considered Catholics as Christian. They are just one of the Many branches of Christianity. Just like I’m Baptist and I know people who are Methodist, Lutheran etc.

    • Jamie1865

      I'm always so curious as to why the US (on the whole) is so religious compared to the rest of 'The West'? Perhaps that's one I should float out as a general question, rather than on someone else's thread, but I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of an American Christian Woman on it - if you don't mind me asking, given that the bible really does treat women as second class citizens?

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  • BurnHollywoodBurn
    There are many reasons for one conservative women shower and don't smell horrible. Real conservative women don't support virtue signaling BS like BLM, LGBT or any of that BS. Conservative women are way more intelligent and research the truth they don't just take someone saying science backs this or that up as proof of anything. Conservative women all the way!
  • The_Other
    Everything you talked about has 0 to do with being "progressive"
    I don't understand why people tend to generalize about other people with meaningless labels.

    I can guarantee you that many "progressives" aren't like that.
    Every human is a mix of different ideas.

    There's no such thing as a "progressive" person or "conservative" person. Period.
    The truth is that if you go issue by issue with people in a clear concise and unbiased way, you will find that most people are reasonable to a degree and we can throw away all those labels that create fantacy divisions that don't really exist to the degree that we think they do.

    For all we know the women you talked to probably have more "conservative" ideas than "progressive" ideas on issues you didn't get to talk to them about.
    • I would recommend you to read some political literature. You have no clue what you are talking about. There are different schools of thought that have been developed by humans for thousands of years which so greatly impacted our way of thinking its impossible to say that an individual's beliefs are 100% his or her own.

  • Tanisha69
    In general a guy will be happier with a Christian woman. I was brought up strict Baptist and most of the couples married in my church are still together not many divorces and they seem happy.
  • I do not judge you because I used to think in the exact same way. now, my opinion is that both suck in a way. someone in the middle is much better. you will find that conservative women normally are against having sex outside of marriage. progressive women don't mind having sex all the time but they're the same girls who will accuse you of harassment for a compliment or such. I simply prefer a realist.
  • Since you don’t believe in freedom or equality, conformist, cuckservative chicks are right for you. I prefer my women to have equal rights, intelligence and a personality. Maybe you should just get a robot with tits?
    • SInce me and my future wife/girlfriend would have the same citizenship, i don't see why she would have less rights than me.

    • As American citizens she has less opportunity. And I’m guessing you’re deeply religious so you force her into gender specific roles spelled out in the Bible.

    • I'm not a Christian. I have yet to read a traditional book that uses the term "gender roles". I think its a left wing innovation and many conservatives have unfortunately adopted it.

  • Massageman
    Maybe because a Christian- male or female- understands what it is to be a total sacrifice to the undeserving that they are more understanding of the feelings, trial and tribulations of others?
  • 888theGreat
    Any women that married you would not be a Christian. Christian women are to marry Christian men, not a non believer. So, you have a woman that says she is Christian , but is really not a Christian.
    • Im guilty of having crushed on nonbelievers but us true Christians know it won't work in the long run and will leave it at nothing more then an occasional stare/flirt.

    • @DizzyDesii If you want a father for kids, better get a Christian guy. Not that they won't cheat on you, but less likely.

    • My thing is, i dont have time to argue about what the kids will and won't believe in. So its best to get someone who already believes in the same thing that I do

  • scarlett774
    I don’t really understand what your trying to say, I’m Christian but I’m still liberal, I think some people just want to hear they words they feed themselves, but I won’t lie to you just because I’m Christian, I won’t give you false information or hope just because I’m Christian. You said They are sex positive, respect liberty, human rights, equality and highly value individuality and gender neutrality. Christian women are none of these things. I disagree I respect liberty, I respect sex positive, human rights, equality and gender neutral. I think most Christian woman would highly respect most of these things. I don’t conservative or liberals have anything to do with this topic, I also don’t think your statement “Christian woman are better than progressive woman is factual”.
    • Assuming that Christian women would actually do whats in the bible. Well, I would better say Catholics considering the other denominations are follow the Novus Ordo.

  • Konan_Harumi_Hatano
    Yes I think Christian women are good because I am a Christian myself although I still am somewhat secular in a lot of things. But having that same cultural background is still good though.
  • Condoriano
    Your argument is plausible, although there seems to be a prodigious amount of grey areas that are unspoken of.
  • Christian women are so feminine usually.
  • asshole_
    I would never date a Christian woman
  • mrgspoter
    • mrgspoter

      Your life it's so closed off and not even old fashioned it's ancient, I mean if you got what you wanted I would take everything u got then get anything from there on off you for me and it's ok, cause u weak. Or did you mean it's ok anything goes as long as you are fine with it?

    • I want a large family with many children.

    • mrgspoter

      Some people should not be allowed.

  • Always feminine. Never feminist.
  • Anonymous
    In honor of the user, "That's Amazing," I have decided to respond to this MyTake with a another mini MyTake that sounds nearly the same and I hope, will make a good, and hilariously satirical point.

    Why Super NES controllers are better than Violins
    Now, keep in mind, I am not a NES player. I actually play Playstation, which would abhor many NES players. Now many NES players would tell you just how awesome the controllers are. How original they are. How they beautifully black and grey colored. Etc. Now that may work great for many, but not me. Many NES players will ask me why don't I also like Mario Bros, why I don't play a lot of it, how playing a lot of it is good for me. I just simply don't. Meanwhile, violin players will actually listen and understand why I don't in fact like Mario Bros too much or talking about it. The main reason I don't like Mario Bros is the feeling the controllers causes to my thumbs. Where as, people, who ALL HAPPEN to be be violin players, actually understand me.
    THEREFORE, Violins are much better than NES controllers.
    • Progressivism has inherited and secularized many Biblical theological elements, such as linear perception of time and equality of the soul before God became egalitarian equality. Therefore the relation between Christianity and progressivism are much closed to one another than the relation between a game console and a music instrument.

  • Anonymous
    I'd rather date a conservative than a liberal tbh. Liberals are often very arrogant I find, and back up most of their political beliefs based on emotion rather than factual evidence (at least the far-left ones). I couldn't deal with someone like that. They may be more open to sex but they're also more likely to lecture you on patriarchy if you try to do anything nice and/or chivalrous for them.
    • Emotions vs evidence! YES! Thank you!

    • Kitz95

      Lol not to disrespect your beliefs, but you really want to say the right base themselves on facts? They literally want to make law based on a magical book and they’re bff Jesus. Like they never heard about the separation of church and state.

    • Anonymous

      I said conservatives. They're not the same as the far right. In fact most are quite central.

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  • Anonymous
    Christian women aren’t around and single around my age, if they’re I’m not physically attracted to them. Christian mingle has changed, allows trans people and gays on now. The service is very temperamental and always crashes.
  • Anonymous
    What is “better” for one person doesn’t hold true for others.