Let's Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): "White Guilt", Speaking Up, "All Lives Matter".

Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.

Firstly, I wasn't even going to write about everything that's gone on now

Because every time I speak my opinion on this website, people come down on me like a ton of bricks. I've been called names, had horrible things wished upon me, been accused of things I haven't done, and even in some instances people have accused my family of things they haven't done and eventually you just get sick of everyone bothering you, and you just think: "Fuck it, I'm trying to give these people an alternative perspective but they don't want to hear it so just fuck it, I don't need to be giving myself this extra stress."

It's like on one hand, some of y'all cry for freedom of speech yet the minute someone says something you don't like or agree with you cuss them down, rather than trying to understand their perspective- you just shut them down. And if you're reading this and thinking: "yeah but once we had a discussion and you started swearing at me and calling me names" and I'm not going to deny it, yeah I have at some people. Was it right? No. But I've been on this site since I was 15, 16 and now I'm 17. And some of the shit I've put up with on here, for simply speaking from another perspective, those of you that know me really well will know- and chances are if I swore at you or insulted you, it's probably because I was sick of all the shit I was getting from people so you probably reminded me of those people and I took it out on you even though I shouldn't have but I mean I'm only 17 I'm still learning and I'm trying not to do that anymore.

I sort of do and don't want to do this MyTake, but I suppose I'll just risk it, it's not like it's a college night.

So what made me want to write about whatever it is I'm going to write about?

I was wasting a good percentage of my life on this website as usual, and then I came across this really really interesting MyTake by @Apope16 - The Silent Guilt of White People in America

Now usually, you read an interesting MyTake it's the author who's the most interesting, but this time, what I find equally as interesting is the responses he got. Firstly, the dude has some strength to see all those responses and not respond to a lot, because in the past I've written stuff where people responded with a similar sort of attitude, it's fired up me and I'm fucking clickety clackiting at the keyboard so fast because, feeling: triggered. But it takes some serious strength to just ignore those responses, which in some instances, I kinda wished I'd done.

And again, seeing those responses it did get me a little sparked up on the inside, and I wanted to respond to them all- and I know some of you are thinking: "Dude, it's just people on the internet, chill." But whether it's in real life, or on the internet, they're still people and believe it or not I believe most of them aren't bad, a lot of the time they just misunderstand so I kind of feel the need to try and make them understand from another perspective, then I feel guilty if I don't, but when I do meh you read my rant above I don't need to repeat it- it's all just really complicated I guess.

Now the questions I'm about to quote, aren't from specific people, and they're not just from this MyTake they're more general attitudes of people I've seen around G@G and the internet in general. I just felt the need to credit his MyTake because it's kinda what pushed me to finally say something on here.

As for the MyTake itself, and what he wrote, in some ways as a brown Muslim girl growing up in the UK I definitely feel like I could relate to some of it. It was very well written, and I honestly people just need to put their Captain America shields down, and listen to what he's saying because it's not at all an attack, so there's no need to defend yourself.

"Why should I feel guilty for being white?"


You should not feel guilty or apologise for being white. That's not what we're trying to say.

I've had so many interesting discussions with my friends who are white about this. One actually messaged me today, he didn't directly say it to me, but he certainly implied that he felt ashamed to be a white male because of white supremacists defending statues of slave owners. And I sent one lengthy ass text message, I don't wanna copy & paste it here, because it's apart of our private chat and I don't know how he'd feel about that but I'll sum what I said:

- That he should not feel ashamed to be a white male

- That just because the majority of white supremacists at that protest shared his skin colour and gender that doesn't make them his people.

- That just because they're his race and gender does not mean he has to claim them or feel responsible for their actions or idealogy.

- (He was worried about people thinking he's one of them based on his skin colour and gender) That his skin colour and gender does not speak for him and if someone does think or accuse him of being one of them to stand up for himself and tell that, that firstly he isn't and will never be one of them, and that his skin colour does not speak for him, and tell them that they just racially stereotyped him which was racist. And if I was there, and any of our other POC friends happened to be there we'd all be on his side because we know him and we know what he stands for and he's our friend.

"So what's all this business about 'white guilt' then, if I shouldn't feel guilty for being white?"


When people say the phrase: "white guilt" they DON'T mean, "feel guilty for being white."

They mean "if you're white, and you haven't spoken up about racism when it comes to people of colour because you believe it's not your place for some reason because you're not POC then you should feel guilty."

"But why should I speak up for black people, brown people, or people of colour in general, shouldn't you speak up for yourselves instead of relying on us to speak up for you?"

We do speak up for ourselves. The biggest difference many are saying in these #BLM protests is that there's a lot more white people protesting with us.

Why is that important?

We are all apart of this society, and we should all speak up against injustice and oppression regardless of our skin colour. Just look at these police brutality stats right here:


"Black people were 24% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population"

Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.
Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.
Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.
Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.
Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.
Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.

I would copy and paste all the victims on the page but there is simply too much of them, so I think that says everything in itself, so scroll down this link to see for yourself here: https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed

And here's another: https://policeviolencereport.org/

So clearly there is oppression and police brutality going on, and black people are affected the most by it. And they're only affected the most by it, due to racism i.e. racial stereotyping "he's black so he is more a threat" kind of mentality.

And it's everyone's job to speak up regardless of your skin colour. You may think: "it's not your problem" but I'm sorry, it is. These people being killed regardless of their skin colour are your people too, they're in your society. I'm not black but I still consider black people to be my people. I'm not white but I still consider white people to be my people. I'm brown and I consider brown people to be my people. I consider everyone who isn't bigoted to be "my people" because it shouldn't be skin colour that defines who "our people" are. It should be so much more than that.

If you're apart of a religious/non-religious community surely there are people of different races apart of your religion, aren't they your people? If you go to school/college/university or work and there's people of different races who work with you or study with you aren't they in a way apart of a community you're apart of? Therefore doesn't that make them your people?

Why is it when we define who our people are we limit that to skin colour? "You look like me, so we're the same people" I'm sorry, no, I wouldn't consider a racist person of any race to be my own, even if they look like me. It should be what we believe in which makes us one, not the colour of our skin. And I believe in anti-racism, anti-fascism, all to sum it all up nicely anti-discrimination, and anti-bigotry so anyone who believes in those things regardless of which race you belong to you, I consider you to be my own.

As a brown girl, by speaking up with black people (not 'for' them but 'with' them), with white people, and with brown people I am speaking up for myself and others.

By speaking up against racism, discrimination, oppression and bigotry I am speaking up for myself and others.

So if I can, why can't you? It's just your problem, or my problem, or their problem- it's our problem, and part of that problem is we divide ourselves based on skin colour. So let's not do that and speak up as one voice and one community.

"But I never committed brutality upon anyone, so why should I speak up?"

Lets Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): White Guilt, Speaking Up, All Lives Matter.

I never committed any brutality on anyone either, but I'm still speaking up. Why? Because by being silent, I'm allowing it to continue happen.

I think most people would agree with me, when I say- I want police brutality, racism, and discrimination to end, right? Well what's good saying all those empty words and not actually doing anything about it? I've always been told, if I want something I should do something to get it.

So speaking up, is doing something, educating myself is doing something about, standing with my people against racism, bigotry, oppression and fascism is doing something. Staying silent is doing nothing and it makes it easier for people to carry on committing these atrocities because nobody is speaking up. And now that people are, I shouldn't have the mentality: "Oh they're doing something so I don't need to" No, everybody needs to, that's what makes the cause stronger.

Every voice acts as a catalyst towards change, real change.

"If you're saying, 'we shouldn't divide ourselves on race' and we should just be 'one community' then why do you say #BlackLivesMatter instead of All Lives Matter?"

One powerful example
One powerful example

Of course all lives matter. That's why I'm saying #blacklivesmatter . Because police brutality statistics are suggesting otherwise. Yes white people and brown people are affected by police brutality but not as much as black people clearly.

#blacklivesmatter doesn't mean other lives don't matter, it is trying to tell you black lives matter because the law enforcement certainly doesn't seem to think so, judging by the stats I provided.

100+ black people were killed in 2015, and most of their killers have not been arrested. Don't their lives matter? If they did, then why weren't their killers arrested back in 2015? Why are we in 2020 and still talking about this?

I also find it so ironic how "all lives matter" isn't applied to everything. Like where is all lives matter when Trump imposed the travel ban? Some people in those countries would want to flee to America to escape oppression, but they can't because of the travel ban so where were y'all with your 'all lives matter' then? Or at the Christchurch shooting, where I saw a number people on G@G think it was okay that those people died because they were Muslims? Why didn't you all come at them with your 'all lives matter' then? Or when neo-nazis marched through Charlottesville chanting "Jews will not replace us" where were any of you, condemning them saying "all lives matter?" And how many of you saying "all lives matter" now defended them neo-nazis in the name of freedom of speech?

Why isn't "all lives matter" applied to every injustice? Why is it that I only ever see "all lives matter" when people say "black lives matter?"

I don't think the term "all lives matter" is to actually say 'all lives matter' it's just to counteract people saying black lives matter trying to divert attention away from a problem.


I haven't said all I wanted to say yet, so we'll call this part 1. I'm probably not going to reply to most of you in the comments, especially those with opposing views. Instead, I'll listen to what you have to say, and have my response in another MyTake- unless, I feel I need to respond here.

Replying to everyone individually is too time consuming, and chances are if you're asking that question many other people will be too, so it's better just to write it all in one MyTake. There's too much to say in one MyTake alone. But just because I don't reply to you or answer any of your questions on this thread doesn't mean I'm not listening, just lookout for my next ones and I'll try to answer everyone. And for some of your questions, I may not know the answer to, so I'll have to research and find it- these things take time.

But please be respectful on here, I can't do with a repeat of previous times. In all honesty, I'm worried about some of the responses I'll get because I don't know what people are going to say.

I'm just really tired now, so that's a wrap for today.

Bye :)

Let's Talk, Listen, Ask, and Understand (Part 1): "White Guilt", Speaking Up, "All Lives Matter".
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  • tartaarsaus
    Firstly, good mytake. Well written.

    Second, I find this entire debate on one hand rather funny, I guess. Perhaps a bit inappropriate, but hear me out. What I get from the media here is that typically the far-right (every single major political party except those calls this really justified) stigmatizes immigrants as bringing evil stuff to the country, taking away jobs, being intolerant, hating this nation yadayadada. And when there is a debate that encompasses the role of white people in racism, they get mad. Just an interesting observation.

    But yeah, I agree with the main sentiment. It is important to speak up about prevalent issues, as those significant issues typically only get reformed if there is extremely large pressure to do so. You really need all the people you can muster for such events, as it ain’t changing without that. And then it becomes a matter of “do you care enough about other people in your country to not want them to suffer from racism?”, which I think deserves a fairly obvious answer, namely a resounding yes.

    My dad was also on the alllivesmatter thingy but just because he felt that it was wrong for people to largely ignore stuff happening to jews, mosques being firebombed here, and other types of violence. But he does agree with the goals of BLM. Anyway, I do think the AllLivesMatters more or less is something that people say to prevent BLM from getting traction. I don’t find it a legitimate point to be honest. Of course there are many types of injustice around the world, but every campaign has a specific focus. Unicef trying to decrease hunger in the Malawi does not imply they tell everyone in Bangladesh to go fuck themselves.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Eventually, I do typically maintain that there are other structural problems related to the position of black people in society, as in artificial barriers, that are likely more impactful (education). To cite Paul Krugman: “Dumb rich kids go to college more than smart poor kids”. And that problems is at the basis of an extremely large part of inequality (per Piketty). Basically implies that without sufficient government effort, severe inequality, from which PoC suffer disproportionately, is perpetual. That chain ought to be broken up. My opinion is that to break this chain of inequality and injustice among black people and others is 1) reform in police, 2) significantly more spending by the governments to actually tackle severe inequality. It reduces educational inequality, which has a significant impact on income inequality. Of course everything regarding racism among police (and more) is an incredibly important debate and quite justified that requires focus, but far more significant reform ought to tackle income inequality (in my opinion).

    • " And when there is a debate that encompasses the role of white people in racism, they get mad. Just an interesting observation."
      Yeah I agree with this. Maybe a better term to have used would have been ironic instead of funny, I guess?

      But yeah, it's certainly a classic case of they can give but they can't take.

      And yeah totally it's always important to speak up against any form of oppression or bigotry- I mean we have to accept that we have different people among us, so we shouldn't want them to suffer from any form of discrimination or bigotry- this time, the case being racism.

      I can see where your dad is coming from, antisemitism and Islamophobia are both huge problems in society, so is any form of discrimination. I don't think BLM wants us to ignore those issues but it wants us to be aware of the racism black people still face in 2020.

      And yeah your "Bangladesh" scenario, is true. My problem with 'All Lives Matter' is it's only ever said when BLM is said. If it was genuine, you'd hear it at any time of oppression, but you don't. A number of these people saying 'All lives matter' are also people who say shit like "Muslims are outbreeding us" "Jewish people wanna take over the world" and "immigrants are taking our jobs"- dumb shit like that you know? I just don't think it's sincere, or genuine or actually means all lives matter at all.

    • And to that reply you did, and yeah Krugman is right, that isn't the case 100% of the time but it is in a lot of instances, in my opinion.

      And yeah I totally agree about reforming the police. To be honest, when people say 'defund the police' I think a lot of them really mean 'reform the police' or 'don't spend so much money on the police' given some police departments get billions spent on them. I honestly don't believe they need billions, especially with the whole police brutality crime they're committing. And yes, much more does need to be invested into education. Whenever you say this you'll always get some whiny person be like: "Oh you can't just throw money at the problem" But who says only throw money at the problem? It's no secret that in certain areas schools and education needs more investment.

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  • Celtero
    Umm... No.

    Not going to read your "thing" thoroughly because as usual, it's super boring, long, and lacks concise and clear content.

    Seriously... why would any of us want to read WHY you wrote this mistake? Boring as fuck 5 paragraphs right there. You're wasting my time. Not to mention the two long introduction paragraphs about your experience on this website, because again, nobody cares. I've read full mytakes before, so it's not like just my attention span is tiny.

    I know in your highschool classes they give you length requirements but once you get in the real world your job is to make your content ENJOYABLE to read.

    And it's really about your narcissism. You like reading your own crap, so you assume everyone else does.

    Lastly, I don't even know who your target audience is. Everyone against BLM thinks they're bullshit, and what you're saying is bullshit, and you're not going to convince anyone to be an "ally" when it's obvious you're ignorant to what their perspective is in the first place.

    So I'll give you a hint.

    The black crime rate is very disproportionate to their population size. Black males make up what... 6 or 7% of the entire US population? Yet in prisons 40% of inmates are black, that's the same amount as white people in prison when they make up 60% of the total population.

    So when people complain about blacks being disproportionately affected by police brutality... it's like, DUH! You commit a crime you're more likely to be hurt by police.

    George Floyd was a criminal, he was committing a crime the day he died, and while that did not justify his death it's a key part of the discussion.

    Leftists like you would rather ignore that part and blame it on the invisible racism.

    And at that point you're place is in the bin labelled "against white people."
    Because you'd rather blame everything on white racism that probably doesn't exist than even bring the black crime rate into the question.
    • Knuxx

      Taking into consideration that this my take came from a 17 year old woman, it is far more insightful then the angry post that you have put bashing her for being willing to share her opinion in these times. Aside from taking us considerable amount of courage for even make the post she also touched on important points which nowadays there are a lot of people who are hateful and would bash her so I consider you check your priorities ingred the post thoroughly because @SpiderManFan2002 didn't say anything native

    • Celtero

      @Knuxx What do you mean insightful? She's just spouting the same ol' status quo bullshit all the other sheep are following. Of course it's naive.

      No, it doesn't take courage to share an opinion. That's retarded. It's easy, free, and anonymous.

      Not going to treat a 17 year old with kid gloves either when they want to talk about adult subjects.

      People bash her because she's a little twerp that gets on a soapbox to lecture us condescendingly.

    • Knuxx

      So you don't want her to have the confidence to speak like you seem to have.
      You don't want her to lecture people for being hypocrites.
      Would you rather she attack other people that your posts fully and provide some if any feedback (negative or positive). Saying they should stop wasting their time on you.
      Your such a big help man around of applause for for you.
      Please leave me alone since your to lazy to even read the full post and develop a or a few valid opinions.
      Have a nice day.

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  • ZackBan
    Impressive myTake Spidy.

    I'm not gotta agree or disagree with you on all of it, it's an opinion after all and no two people have the same exact opinion.
    However with everything that's been happening in the US and all over the world on this matter I began to notice exactly how controllable humans are.
    This subject is so stupid it should be a no brainier especially in 2020. Like the fact that some people are still seeing race as a factor in treating humans even after pretty much the entire planet is now educated (compared to hundreds of years ago during slavery) feels somewhat pathetic to me.

    I believe this entire noise is carefully crafted in order to further someone's agenda.

    Maybe it's done so people forget about covid before we realize it's not the monster it was advertised to be.

    Maybe it's about taking down Trump.

    Maybe it's something else entirely.

    But I just know that this sudden uprising regardless of it's righteousness did not come out of thin air.
    • Thanks for the response, I've read it but I'll respond to it later, simply because well you know how busy I get :P

    • @ZackBan Ugh another dumbass. "Hundreds of years ago during slavery" You're acting as if after slavery was abolished everyone wasn't racist. No ma'am not the case. Did you forget about the Jim Crow Laws that quickly. "further someone's agenda" Again ma'am wtf. You're acting as if this is the first time Black People have spoken out against police brutality. It's been happening for a long time and became more prevalent in 2016. (I wonder why, oh yea Trump) There were protests that were forgotten in like a week. Now in 2020 6 black people have been killed in a span of 3 days from police. Floyd was the final straw. We're sick and tired of this. It's no one's agenda and literally no one has forgotten about covid because they were wearing masks idiot. This entire thing happened because of trump. Why else would Trump supporters come to the protests yelling "Trump 2020" and "White Lives Matter".

    • @ZackBan No wonder people want to cancel men

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  • Snakeyes7
    I like your optimism about your opinion on white guilt but your view is radically different than the ones who are out rioting. There are videos online of them filming themselves running up to white people pointing a gun at their heads and making them get on one knee and beg for forgiveness for their whiteness. Whether you like it or not, these people exist and our government is actively letting them run around. I think this is what people think of when they hear “white guilt”. The fact is that a negligible amount of people think that Floyd deserved to die, even people who these cultists claim that are “far right” like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh believe that the act of killing Floyd was disgusting and that no one deserves to die in police custody which I think is a beautiful thing. As a result, your version of white guilt isn’t something I worry too much about.

    My biggest issue is your argument with all lives matter, especially the comics because both are strawman arguments. The first comic would make more sense if the guy spraying the house with the little fire saying “this house needs it more than yours” or the real life equivalent would be “white lives matter”. All lives matter exists because believe it or not black people aren’t the only victims of police brutality and BLM acts like it literally means “black lives DON’T matter” as if they have forgotten what “all” means.

    The second one is a strawman because the people who like the idea of all lives matter are typically conservatives who are huge fans of the bill of rights which include freedom of religion. Now, you mention Trump (because he has to come into the equation somewhere right?) putting in a travel ban as proof that conservatives are racist but that ban was in because you can’t have people traveling during a pandemic because of the massive risk of spreading the virus. There was nothing racist about it.
    • I've read your opinion, thank you for taking your time to read what I wrote. :)

      I'm quite busy so I won't respond to what you say just yet, but give me time, and I will. :)

    • Snakeyes7

      No worries. Take your time :)

    • funny; its been 3 days and you still haven't responded

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  • American_Centurion
    More white people are killed each year by police in numbers disproportionate to the number of crimes committed by white people. Black people's biggest problem in America isn't cops or racism its black men. What were the odds without even checking that George Floyd had committed a crime before being dying in police custody or had committed violent crime or had previously served time? There was a 1 in 3 chance. Many more white people find themselves the victim of a racist hate crime than black people, but because it's by a black person it's just called crime.
    I dont feel white guilt at all, I wouldn't expect you to fell Pakistani guilt or Muslim guilt for the millions of Hindus and seieks your ancestors killed when they invaded india, or for the ethnic cleansing and religious persecution going on in Pakistan against Christians and Hindus, or for the racist targeting of underage white girls for gang rape and sex slavery by the men of the Pakistani community in Britain. #AllLivesMatter #ChristianLivesMatter #HinduLivesMatter #RotherhamRapeGangs
  • BoountyHunter
    I consider myself quite liberal, and have always supported the basic tenants of the BLM movement.
    However, much of what has gone on recently has made me question the movement...
    and its been one of the few times I've found myself agreeing with figures like Ben Shapiro.

    Yes, Police Brutality exists, and Yes, Blacks are disproportionately killed by Police officers.
    However, lets accept the fact that the Black community commits a disproportionate amount of the crime... nearly half of all murders each year are committed by this community (and often against itself)
    nearly all interracial crime (according to Manhattan Institute) were committed by black individuals
    nearly 90% of all crime between blacks and white were committed by Blacks (according to the 2018 report I listed above)
    Really.. the list on this goes on and on

    However... this does not validate police brutality or murders

    in my opinion.. SOME police departments are clearly prejudiced/corrupt/inept/disorganized
    but the idea that there is some form of systematic prejudice.. is quite ridiculous
    THOSE departments that show clear signs of prejudice need to be dealt with
    but the whole "Cops are Bad" mentality is not helpful to anyone... nor is it the reality for the majority of men and women who work in the police force.
    defunding the police.. or "abolishing" which some call... is absolutely disgusting.

    I think for most White people
    they are sick and tired of being blamed for problems of the Black community
    many are sick and tired of demands of apologizing for things in history (as if whites are the only ones to commit such heinous crimes)
    and to be honest... sick and tired of concepts like racism and privilege being branded to push an agenda... that ultimately does nothing but create more division... and enables certain bad faith actors in both communities to avoid accountability for their actions
    ^ and yes.. I mean the black community as well... its not acceptable to kill people.. its not acceptable to rob stores... its not acceptable to attack cops... its not acceptable to rape
    its not acceptable for white people to do it.. nor is it acceptable for black people to do it
    yet racism is always screamed out if it involves black people

    Now we have protests? which I SUPPORT
    but rioting and looting that has killing and injured many? (and destroyed businesses)
    and police shootings are used to push agendas? (take for example the Atlanta shooting)

    the issue is
    most people have forgotten the message of MLK
    most people are more than happy to jump on a bandwagon and spread hatred

    hopefully this makes sense

    youve covered a lot of things
    and i have plenty more to say..

    feel free to message me if you want? :)
    • Hey man :)

      I just wanna say I don't really care about what side of the political spectrum you consider yourself to be on, liberal or conservative, left or right, it doesn't really matter to me- as long as you don't hold extreme views which I'm sure you don't, then your political stance doesn't matter to me. :)

      I just want to let you know I've seen your response, I've read it, I hear you and I am a busy person so I'm not going to be able to respond to the length and depth I would like to right away. But I'm glad you're giving your perspective as a white person, this is what we need to do, we need to talk to each other to try and understand each other.

      I will respond to you, just don't expect it to be instant- I like to take my time with things, especially when it comes to important issues as such, and as I said I am also busy in my real life- I can't neglect the tasks I have to do.

      So I just wanted you to know, I see you, I hear you and I will respond sometime- I'm *not* ignoring you. :)

    • No Problem
      and I agree!

    • I will say that when speaking about this
      it would be better if we tackled one issue at a time?
      its such a conflated issue
      with so many different issues connected
      that it could get very overwhelming

      Sooo I think ultimately it would be best to keep it simple at first
      or discuss a certain issue... then move one
      and the conversation can flow naturally

      When you type as much as you have
      especially on an issue like this
      lots of details will inevitably be lost in translation (on both sides)

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  • skeetskeetskeet
    I dont get this supposed white guilt shit... i never owned anyone... neither did my parents and guess what... if you get down to it most of the time racism is called out when someone gets caught acting like a. . you know the word. . I've been harassed by cops my entire life and im white.. and I'm not sticking up for them. The nuch bigger picture is not institutional racism its that the cops have to much freedom to do whatever they want and get away with it

      people act as if White people are never harassed, or killed by cops.
      I have met plenty of jackass cops in my life.. and plenty of good ones
      and honestly i believe most of the time its about POWER.. and less about race

      We also need to stop with this "White Privilege" or "White Guilt" nonsense
      many Whites suffer just as much as Blacks (especially when people are arguing the Middle Class is dying)
      and WHY should I apologize for slavery? or pay some sort of reparations?
      what does that have to do with me, or black people today?
      seems like people forget that Whites fought to abolish it as well?
      not to mention my family wasn't even here...

      its just all nonsense
      and now you have things like what happened in Atlanta
      where arguably the cops didn't do anything wrong
      but still a police chief steps down... a cop is terminated
      and a black mayor is demanding "changes"

      its political nonsense at this point

    • Yes indeed it is

    • It's a high school girls writing and you guys should remember this

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  • captain_voidwalker
    White people have nothing to feel guilty about. Anyone who thinks only white people committed atrocities throught history is a damned fool and dosen't know what they are talking about. As a point of fact white people are largely responsible for eventually righting those injustices.

    Before anyone starts accusing me of being blind to my white privilege, I'm Hispanic so take that bullshit argument elsewhere
    • I'll respond to what you said, later, I've read it, but I'm also busy- so I'm not ignoring you, but I can't reply right away. Thanks for reading though :)

    • @captain_voidwalker literally no one is forcing whites to feel guilty. That's your own horrible interpretation. But there is white privlege so stfu

    • No there isn't white privilege. Some people are born in good circumstances some are born in bad circumstances. It has nothing to do with race or class or gender.

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  • blank_expression
    White guilt is the same as white suicide. How about just go ____ yourself and make some blacks happy. I have zero guilt as my white ancestors were enslaved by black Muslims. You have been brainwashed out of your own existence so follow through.
    • " I have zero guilt as my white ancestors were enslaved by black Muslims."
      White guilt isn't just about slavery. And, the claim I just quoted, you know that how?

    • saudi arabia didn't emancipate their white slave population until 1963

      anyone expressing any support for white guilt is just racist against white people

    • @007kingifrit "saudi arabia didn't emancipate their white slave population until 1963"
      I'm not saying you are wrong, but I will certainly have to fact-check that claim for myself. As you say, I am only a "high schooler" and I am not a history student, so there is still so much history I don't know. So I will read up on Saudia Arabia and white slavery so I can form an opinion on the matter.

  • crazy8000
    If you feel guilty for something you haven't done you have been manipulated.
    Much simpler isn't it.
    • But not doing something is also an act.

      For example, in British law under certain circumstances you can be charged with an omission (failure to act) and in a court of law, you can't argue "but I didn't do anything" because that's the whole point of why you're being charged, because you could have and should have done something but you didn't, therefore, whoever is being charged with an omission should feel guilty.

      It's the same with whether you can or can't speak. Everyone has a voice, and if someone has been silent about racism because they believe it isn't "their problem" then yes you should feel guilty because everyone's voice counts- and they could have spoken but they didn't.

      However, if you are referring to slavery, while I do agree you shouldn't feel guilty for that because you didn't have a hand in slavery however everyone including you should acknowledge and condemn the history.

    • BlckGrl

      Whew. A sensible comment ty God

    • no not doing something isn't an act. you are not obligated to do something

      you do not owe anyone else anything. this is born from the false idea that you are not an individual.

      you are a racist for lumping people in and saying "you have to do something because you are white"

      that's why white guilt is racist

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  • sheat1
    Recently I've taken the stance that it shouldn't be "Black Lives Matter" but "All Lives Matter". I feel the statement alone of "Black lives matter" just continues to separate and devide and as long as the black community continues to separate them self's in this way there will always be a feeling of inequality and separation. If they were truly wanting equality the distinction and seperation needs to stop and the protest needs to be made "All Lives Matter"
    • Thanks for the response I'll respond to what you say a little later, it may take sometime but you'll get a response don't worry :)

    • @sheat1 OMFG NOOOO! why don't you racists understand this. After every analogy that could possibly be given. All Lives Matter when Black Lives matter. This isn't separating. You racists and trumpets are separating and dividing us. but ofc you will blame Obama or just the "liberals". Stop being brainwashed by your culty leader Trump.

    • sheat1

      @Froyologirl thank you for sharing your thoughts I appreciate and enjoy hearing everybody's thoughts and opinions. It help to build and expand my own perspective. Your comment made me curious why you would assume I was a racist when I thought my comment was suggesting equality between all. If you believe I am a racist you would be wrong, sorry. I try not to write long post's but maybe I need to get better at pervaying my message more clearer. Untill then I'll need more opinions like yours that added insights that will help me better my self.
      So I wanna know if there's something I had said that suggest im a racist? I can't figure out what I said and I don't want to think you just assumed I was a racist because assumption is not making anything better. (Ha, you thought I was gonna call you an ass) but (t) really uneducated options are litterally the most dangerous and damaging factors to figuratively everything.(did I get that right? is it the other way?) lol Please don't be part the problem, educate yourself take care and happy trails.

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  • 007kingifrit
    alright first free speech doesn't mean i can't cuss you out. i am indeed going to cuss you out because while you indeed have the right to say these things. everything you said is wrong and stupid.

    inequality is not a bad thing, it is not necessarily something to be fixed and it is not proof of discrimmination. it is proof that different groups of people make different decisions and rise and fall based on those decisions. all freedom necessitates inequality.

    let's take one example from your post. black people shot at 5x the rate of white men. true fact... but is this bad or wrong? no. let's look at the data. statistical data disproves any claim that black people are killed at higher rates, infact they are underrepresented in police use of lethal force https://scholar.harvard.edu/fryer/publications/empirical-analysis-racial-differences-police-use-force

    infact studies show police hesitate longer to shoot black people https://www.researchgate.net/publication/290437363_The_Reverse_Racism_Effect_Are_Cops_More_Hesitant_to_Shoot_Black_Than_White_Suspects
    so while black people are killed more by police once we actually take into account the fact that they commit more violent crime and don't surrender we see they are actually UNDERREPRESENTED in police violence. infact cops hesitate longer before they shoot a black person.

    so you have no valid complaints. and your whole post going "oh we don't want you to feel shame... buuuuuut we are going to blame you for all this stuff" is indeed wrong and stupid. i do not owe anyone equality. equality is anti individuality
    • I'll respond to you in time don't worry :)

    • no you won't. you have had 3+ days to respond to the other people whose responses you didn't like and you never answered them either you coward

    • @007kingifrit Lol dude, you point out the fact I'm a highschooler which is correct, well I am a high school who is taking pretty content heavy subjects, does extra circular activities, and needs to write a personal statement for university- so while I enjoy coming on here and responding to people, I can't do it straight away or even in 3 days because I simply don't the time. I'll probably start writing responses tomorrow at some point, due to the amount of work I have left for today.

      It's not as if there was a three day deadline where I needed to respond to people in that period of time. I have a lot of responses and I plan to get through everyone but I can't spend my whole life on here doing that, I also have other priorities. But I will eventually, and when I do I suppose you'll be happy given you're this eager to hear my response. Makes me feel kind of flattered to be honest. :)

  • I don't really care about this subject to that extent but the statistics on the photo seem skewed.
    • Until you can bring me evidence proving to me, my sources are skewed undoubtedly I don't believe you have room to comment.

    • I can't teach you math (at least not over the comment section) but it's called statistics. en.m.wikipedia.org/.../Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States people with higher melanin skin were responsible for around 52.5 % of homicides while being only around 13 percent of the population, I don't know what causes it.. maybe financial conditions (check the per capita income per person at least in the us/united states for different racial groups) but you see what I am getting at here, it basis maths...

    • I don't know or understand what you mean when you say I have no room to comment, I just don't get it... Maybe try to be a little more clearer (if that's a word)/clear?

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  • To me this doesn't have to be about race. I'm shocked at the police brutality. I live in the UK/Switzerland, and I don't know much about America but I've been shocked by the videos.
    1. the video of kneeling on someones neck - quite casually may I add
    2. the video where a man shoots a police with a stun gun, runs, and in return gets two bullets in the back.

    They should have been taken in to custody, not murdered! That second man should have been sentenced for resisting arrest! Not shot twice in the back!
    I live in a low crime country (Switzerland) where the police do carry guns but I have heard anything like this. Not the UK either. And for both of these events to be within a week or two of each other... it's just terrible. I don't know what the training or protocol for American police is - but clearly it needs to be changed.
    • Okay I have read your response but I will respond to it in given time, I know I have said this to a lot of people and I haven't responded yet, but I am taking my time to respond to you all, really. It's better to wait a little so I can say what I need to say properly, rather than me rushing a response and not saying what I mean clearly enough and creating confusion :)

    • sheat1

      @sagevalentineee I've been following this thread for a few days and seen a lot of different views on multiple issues yet yours is the only one I've seen that is the right steps in the direction of completely fixing the basis for All the issues being discussed here. And it's se me to instead of commenting on countless statement that are sometimes closed minded and a lot of times contradictory, the solution is clear if it not clouded with overthinking. But I feel if I just tell you the solution without all other insights debated the truth would not be understood. But you are on the right path. I had made a comment a few days ago and gave just a generic view on one subject but you should bbe able to take the concept of my opinion and apply it to basically all the different issues being discussed and it would solve everything. And I mean everything completely.
      Unfortunately there are agendas of evil people and not enough decent people unafrid to stand against them unwaiverly and indefinitely

  • Int got time for that I don't know, is this like some essay for school or something way to much to read.
    • I mean if I read everything like that I'd have no time..

    • @mrgspoter then why tf did u click on it

    • Did not know that much, still thought I'd say something not to be ignoring it completely.

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  • AkshiJanjua
    i agree all white people seem the same to me acting good for some time but when the moment arrives they go running to lach on to the white privilege thing
  • not329446
    Only 17 and not yet intelligent enough to recognize a line of crap. Everybody is entitled to their opinion no matter who it fails to agree with. It's sad to see young people baffled by bullshit.
    • It's sad to see a senior citizen attack a high schooler too. 😎👉 Pretend you have pride maybe

    • "Only 17 and not yet intelligent enough to recognize a line of crap."
      Okay, though I disagree with you opinion, I hear you. What makes you think I lack intelligence and can you explain what you mean by: "line of crap?"

      " Everybody is entitled to their opinion no matter who it fails to agree with."
      Of course everybody is entitled to their opinion, I never stated they aren't.

    • not329446

      Example 100 black people killed in 2015 killers not caught, don't their lives matter.
      There were a lot more than that. Chicago gets more than that every month.. Do the lives matter? They do but at the same time they don't. It's sad to see so many die but how many would have survived had they not been involved in some sort of crime. Any resistance to arrest is nearly guaranteed to result in injury or death. At the end of the day dead. or alive don't matter black or white don't matter. Your just a $ on somebody's Tally sheet. I'm white but no stranger to police harassment and brutality
      I know what it's like to have fun stick in my face. Pigs use to harasss people just for having long hair. Haul you off to jail just because you don't have enough money in your pocket. Roll your sleeves up to search for needle marks. A little scratch would subject you to arrest for drug use.
      Black people don't seem to see the whole picture a lot of white people don't either. A great deal of police brutality has nothing to do with race. Some cops
      Are thugs with an attitude. This is why I say s lot of. This is senseless crap.

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  • ItalianGuy322
    I just think we all need to take into consideration how this division all started recently. Police have been treating black people unfairly for as long as I can remember. So why of all times are we seeing police brutality so much lately? Why are people protesting, rioting, tearing down statues and attacking police? Because the mainstream media picks and chooses what news stories to cover. Because George Soros paid people to go out and cause chaos. People watching at home joined in because they are broke and angry about the virus and very bored. What we need to do is not buy into the division. I am not going to support BLM and I am also not going to side with the pro-police side either. I do believe we cannot defund the police or things will be way worse than now. Cops definitely do save lives however you wanna look at this. I am not saying look at it like it is not your problem I am saying do not pick a side in this because it is just a way for the people who rule the world to force some sort of civil war between BLM people and the people who oppose them that I will not be a part of.
    • I've read what you said, I'll respond to it later on- I know I've said that to everyone here but I'm a busy person so I can't respond quickly, and by the looks of things, not even in 3 days kinda quickly as some have been complaining lol :)

    • Ok no problem

    • @ItalianGuy322 it started bc of trump

  • cush_ebo
    OK. Great... mystical you are not wrong that does not mean you are either right you see? You have your point of view... but it tends that you will prefer yourself, that's where during in a protest, you came with your message. You are just pretty embarrassing in fact... black is a color, white is a color.. no competition but inequalities are real out there, as longs as the First standard is European white. But of course you don't see the side effect. You just into your own business careless addressing issues of others.
    • She's 17 go somewhere else

    • cush_ebo

      OK. She needs to know.

    • 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    The issue isn't one of race, it is one of class and controllable population vs those capable of and reliant on individual thought and situational attention.

    In short, we're fucked. Humanity has divided and those of individual value that refuse to comform will be removed.
  • Djaay
    First of all...

    When black baby was born he/she was black
    When they are in the sun they are black
    When they are happy they are black
    When theyre sick they are black
    When theyre about to die theyre black
    White folk
    When they were born theyre pink
    When theyre in the sun theyre red or tan
    When theyre happy theyre pink or red
    When theyre sick theyre pale
    When they die theyre gray
    And white people call black people colored.
    Secondly , NO ONES LIFE MATTERS unless you're salvation has been saved through JESUS CHRIST. You should be saving souls , not skins.
    • Thanks for you response, I've read it but I will respond to it later given how busy I am but you will get a response eventually :)

  • BlckGrl
    I honestly don't understand the narrative that you're supposed to feel guilty for being white because of your ancestors good mytake
    • Yeah I agree, I'm sure at points our ancestors would have all done terrible things- maybe or maybe not as bad as slavery but nobody should feel guilty for the actions of their of their ancestors because none of us can control what their ancestors did. Sure, I admit if your ancestors did bad things you should feel ashamed of them and what they did, just like if your ancestors did good things you feel proud of them- but don't make yourself feel guilty, don't feel ashamed of yourself, or don't feel like you should take credit or proud of yourself if they did a good thing.

  • Froyologirl
    Excellent myTake. The one's saying it's too long want to stay ignorant. Just ignore them and the All Lives Matter People.
    • I think what they mean is that the first few paragraphs were (pretty much) irrelevant to the topic

    I love this my take and i love you my friend. 😂 keep up the great work and never change. 💓💓💓🌹🌹🌹
  • 1828avaava1828
    🕷 👩 🤗
  • Be4rdy
    I hate everyone equally. Go fuck yourself 😁
  • Oric50
    Did anyone read all that? Ya me neither
    • Okay then stay ignorant to another perspective.

    • Oric50

      I dont have white guilt. Ignorance is shooting or killing anyone non threatening. Police kill all races without reason.

    • To be honest, if you're not going to bother reading the MyTake then I have no idea why you bothered commenting.

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  • Knuxx
    Good mytake
  • alance99
    Nice mytake
  • michael1469
    Trump sucks since 2016...