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MODERN feminism lets rephrase that AND the larger misconception of the term feminism.

MODERN feminism lets rephrase that AND the larger misconception of the term feminism.

MODERN Feminism makes so many dramatic claims about men being evil and what not. Yet when it comes down to it none of these feminist groups. Have done just about nothing to get the ball rolling. There's numerous alleged "problems" that feminists bring up and claim. Yet if you look at modern feminism it quickly becomes apparent that almost ZERO of these "problems have any solutions IN SIGHT.

As a male I'd be open to trying to solve these alleged problems. But its excruciatingly hard to have a dialog when 90% of modern feminism is too focused on the attack than to actually solve their issues. If your goal is to make a great wall of China equivalent of issues women have with men. Then WHY NOT coherently explain the issues and lets deal with them like the adults we are. Instead of constantly demonizing men. In which lets be honest.

No man is going to even bother with a feminist if her only card to play are the "all men are this that," statements. Cause they are too generalized, in short how can a male even begin to make changes to what women WANT but most likely don't need if there is no equal ground. Plus you are just begging to get brushed off and forgotten if you are acting no better than a mosquito. (Female mosquitoes are carnivorous the male mosquito is primarily herbivore mainly fruit and nectar from flowers.)

And to add salt into the wound of that if there is no equal ground that also means there is no incentive for men to make said change. Without incentive you have truly come full circle as to why men ARE NOT and WILL not see what women claim to be problems as problems. BECAUSE men obviously don't see what women see as a problem so why change anything if it's NOT a problem?

Rather than in example telling men "there's a wage gap and its all your fault!!!!" This leaves men like "okay, WOAH chill out and we can talk after you quit acting like you're on your period 24/7."

Why not instead of being sexist and allientating men rephrase it as. "If women earn more for the work they do, the less we have to depend on you guys. Meaning we can buy our own necessities and toiletries and NEED's. And you the guys in our lives can save that extra money rather than see women as another expense. Which also would in turn make women less objectifiable" BOOOM DONE one big feminist claim already rephrased in a way men can appreciate the change women want done.

A easy less alienating way its also phrased in a way men can see how it benefits both parties. Plus if men gotta get knocked down a peg for women to be considered "equal" is that really equal rights?

Lastly it seems like both men and women on the topic of feminism are avoiding the blatant fact about feminism. And that is the literal fact that feminism and feminist HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EQUAL RIGHTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN OR FOR THOSE WHO GO BY THEY AND OR THEM. The terms "Feminist and or Feminism" is simply and plainly activist titles for FEMALE equal rights.

Nothing about feminism is about equal rights "for all."

Equal rights for women is all that feminism is for which is also ironic that feminism in itself is inherently sexist. O...O Something most feminists seem to gloss over like molten molasses.

The term and claim for equal rights for all goes to a completely unrelated ism organization. If you are vibing and fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL the actual proper organization you align with is actually "Egalitarian."

if your wondering why feminism doesn't use the term egalitarian. In short modern feminist appear to be too caught up with. Oppression and other terms that are synonyms and or relate to their age old phrase "toxic masculinity." That are all attacking terms that are HIGHLY dismissive to men. Which is probably the main reason men either are ignorant to modern feminism or simply have no reason to care. As the whole topic of feminism has slowly just become an echo chamber. Simply cause men lack a reason to care men and it doesn't help the movement uses these volatile terms to just further spread the conflict feminists say and claim they are trying to end.

MODERN feminism lets rephrase that AND the larger misconception of the term feminism.
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  • Fellator_95
    It’s truly sad how much they degraded the term feminism
  • Anonymous
    Feminism divides. That's all it does.
    • Anonymous

      I mean feminism can be attributed to why MGTOW exists.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, MGTOW is nothing but an equal but opposite reaction to feminism. If feminism disappeared today, MGTOW would be gone tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I think is slowly facepalming the most recent wave of feminists. its sad that its taken almost a decade for them to catch on.

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