Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

It is coming out that not only is there evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election, but that there was significant foriegn interference as well. DNI Radcliffe told CBS News that there was interference from "Russia, China, and Iran", but there is only one foriegn nation with the Means, Motive and Opportunity to swing the outcome of the Americans elections, as well as hack Solar Winds, a company providing Cyber Services to many US government agencies including The US Treasury, and that is China.

Motive: China has invested heavily in Joe Biden, partially via his son, getting $10 million dollars for "introductions alone", as well as putting Hutner Biden on the Board of a CCP controlled company, that he wasn't qualified for, for large amounts of money.

And no Hutner Biden's laptop is not part of "Russian Dissinformation" and it has been forensically verified as real.

Don't beleive me? Even democrat Superstar Nancy Pelosi admitted the CCP has a motive:

Means: In the entire world there is only one foriegn country with the Financial, Physical, and Cyber capabilities to change the outcome of US elections and hack multiple US government agencies. That is the world's seconds largest economy, with the highest population; China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has massive Cyber warfare capabilities, and have erected "The Great Firewall" of China, in order to censor and opress their citizens.

Also, before the 2020 elections UBS, a CCP owned company, acquired Staple Street Capital, the Parent Company of Dominion Voting Systems for $400 million. Dominion software is used not just in Dominion machines, but to some degree across all electronic voting Machines in the US! This gives them unprecedented access to US elections!

Actual SEC filings linked in article!

Forensic Analysis has shown that Dominion machines switched votes, and sent 68% of ballots "off site" for "adjudication."

Opportunity: Under the guise of the pandemic and lockdown tens of millions of mail in ballots were sent out before the 2020 election cycle, and still are in the Georgia runoffs and other elections. This gives an unprecedented opportunity for ballots and votes to simply "appear" as if by magic, in addition to electronic manipulation by a company controlled by a foriegn government.

So there you have it Motive, Means, and Opportunity!

Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.
Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Excellent discussion of the evidence!
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  • Massageman
    Plus the 2008, 2012, and 2016.
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  • Dargil
    The question is will Republicans actually do something about it or wander away befuddled and just go on more "conservative" cruises. I think they value ideological purity over victory.
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    • Except, the really pure are now in the Constitution Party, as most of the real ones have been kicked out by frauds and RINOs. And it's not even about ideological purity. It's about materialistic indulgence.

      Those like McConnel who play the game of political WWE, as well as judges like Kavanaugh and ACB, get yacht parties, caviar, and champagne, and $6000 steak.

      Those who are faithful to wanting to do what must be done, get spit on, accused of being "conspiracy theorists," and dumped in the river if they become too credible. Or found headless in a dumpster.

    • Dargil

      @ObscuredBeyond Unfortunately, what will inevitably be needed if this country is not going to die at the 250 year point like so many prior empires is a Second Amendment solution. And it will require suspending our beloved Constitution while we clean the house of the money and mouthpieces of the enemy.

    • That seems more and more likely.

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  • Bananaman177
    Everybody is hoping that the US military will step in and remove Biden for being a Chinese spy.

    I don't know why people believe that the CCP left our military out of their calculations.

    As soon (or sooner than) the military makes their move, China will reveal their counter-move. They're not playing games or fucking around, they're fully committed and they CAN'T go back at this point.

    I won't be surprised when we get nuked, and people don't realize that our infrastructure and economy is already SEVERELY compromised. We can't take a disaster on the scale of 9/11 (or bigger) right now. We can't take a punch like we used to, the fight hasn't started yet and we're already rocked.

    So-called Patriots are way too fucking complacent. If we knew how much danger we were really in, we'd be getting a lot more radicalized and organized, not just waiting for January. Do you think the CCP is content to just wait for their plans to be foiled and exposed in front of the whole world? You really think they'll just LET us enforce our own Constitution?
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  • Bratsondanielle
    They had to get rid of trump. The greatest country in the world was becoming too great. The unemployment record low. Everyone has money. It was too good for them. Now Pakistan gets the cash for gender studies.
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  • cth96190
    Everything that you wrote is proveably correct and on the public record.
    Everyone who was so stupid that they voted Democrat deserves every bit of the enslavement, misery, poverty and tyranny that will come of that.
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    • Jack9949

      @cth96190 I’m pleasantly surprised that Australia has Trump supporters.

    • cth96190

      About half the country votes for the faux conservatives. They would vote for true conservatives if they existed here.
      Consequently, based on voting, I would say that about half the population here support Trump.
      Hard-core Deplorables, such as myself, are also common along true conservatives.

    • @Jack9949 I believe as many as half of Australians like Trump and quite frankly, like America and Americans. I say this based on what my friend in Australia says about it. According to him, while some Australians are brainwashed and believe the news, the other half know it's bullshit and they hope Trump drains the fucking swamp in America so they can hopefully get a leg up on draining some of their own swamp creatures over there who are nothing but Chinese puppets.

      Basically, the government of Australia is already completely owned by the CCP and only a tiny majority of Australian citizens think that's a bad thing.

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  • TeeBar
    Trump had tens of thousands of voters attend his rallies whereas Biden couldn't turn out enough people to fill a high school gym. The results of the election turn this around. It is an impossibility that the American People decided to turn away from a President who brought them hope, jobs, and prosperity for a senile molester of females of all ages. I still get sick watching the clip of Biden slowly moving his hand down a young girl's chest and her twisting away from this pervert.

    The use of machines to accumulate and tally votes is absolutely bone-headed stupid. These votes leave no audit trails. Machines like the Dominion brand are tailor-made to be manipulated and obvious were in this election. The ONLY way to ensure a corruption-free election is to use paper ballots that are initialed by the presiding polling official, marked in private by the voter, then deposited in a ballot box in public view, and when the polls close, for that box to be immediately opened in place and the ballots publicly counted.

    No movement of the ballot box should be allowed and the box should NEVER be moved from public view. Mail-in balloting must be avoided as much as possible and allowed only in extreme circumstances as serious illness or disability. When used very strict signature an chain-of-custody measures must be in place to prevent fraud.
    • msc545

      Don't agree with your comments about Trump. However, excellent discussion of the problem with mechanical or with internet-connected voting machines such as the ones Dominion makes. You are absolutely right all ballots should be paper and the Box those paper ballots go into should never be moved. This latter point is one that I have not heard before but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for that.

  • ThePinkKnight37
    Well we accused them last time, found out they did not and this time they did. not to fix the election but to find out who tried to pin it on them. Putin is not a man to be messed with. He fights back when challenged, so everyone should have suspected they would this time. Because it effects his country too when we get a new President
  • jshm2
    You need to learn the meaning of words, and get some fresh air, kid.

    There is no evidence of any sort of meddling that stood up to US court scrutiny.

    You've just built a house of cards, is all.
  • DWornock
    Why hypocrisy! Whatever meddling in USA elections by other countries pales to insignificance compared to the amount of meddling the USA does in other countries.
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  • TerminallyChill
    And? The US not only meddles in foreign elections but we extrajudicially assassinates, coups and regime changes democratically elected leaders in sovereign nations every other day. You seem very ignorant of how the world works.
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  • Exterminatore
    I’m sure you’re right about most in not all of this. The question is what can be done about it at this point?
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  • captain_voidwalker
    The liberty tree looks mighty thirsty Foriegn meddling in the 2020 elections. Motive, Means, and Opportunity.
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    • Careful. I just got a week in the FB gulag for agreeing with Jefferson.

    • I dont use Facebook. Zuckerberg can go play a game of hide and go fuck himself for all I care

    • @ObscuredBeyond Fagbook is for fag-goots.

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  • Avicenna
    Maybe there will be a years-long investigation of this foreign interference in a US election... oh wait...
  • zagor
    So were the Chinese also influencing the pre-election public opinion polls that showed Biden winning by a much larger margin?
  • ChefPapiChulo
    You guys repeat the same shit over and over that has already been fact checked.
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  • IlluminatiExposed0
    Let's all talk about China. Let's nobody mention Trump's buddy Putin. Russia? Never heard of it.
  • supercutebutt
    Join me in reporting this bullshit.
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  • goaded
    Da, tovarishch!
  • ninaneedshelp
    There was no other way Biden could have ''won''.
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  • Anonymous
    China-Joe. That says it all.
  • Anonymous
    No no no you dont understand. There is only collusion, fraud, interference... in elections that democrats loose. At least that's what cnn and biden told me. Lol
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