Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism


There’s no doubt that we should be taking care of our planet and we should also treat Animals with respect but just like all ideologies, there’s a point where eco-activism can become eco-extremism. And if such eco-extremists acquire political power, they will most likely resort to tyranny. The following is a description of a dystopia that takes place in a hypothetical future where the world is ruled by an eco-extremist totalitarian regime.

Eco-extremists are green on the outside but red(commie) on the inside
Eco-extremists are green on the outside but red(commie) on the inside

Disclaimer: This is only a hypothetical(what if) scenario. It’s not meant to be neither a prediction or prophecy.

Imagine a world where

  • your rights and freedoms are limited
  • Birth rates are controlled by the government
  • Your diet is controlled
  • The media only shows what the regime tells it to show.
  • your methods of transportation are also regulated
  • you must practice your religion in secret
  • animals have more rights than you
  • certain demographic groups are scapegoated for environmental issues and persecuted for being “too privileged”
  • Dissidents must hide or be sent to forced labor camps
  • One size fit all mentality
  • Variety isn’t respected and instead uniformality is forced onto the people

And the list of totalitarian tactics goes on and on. Such is the kind of world eco-extremists want to create.

Depopulation and heterophobia: Birth rates would be regulated by this misanthropic eco tyrannical regime. These commies would set some kind of ideal population size which they’ll call “sustainable” all so they can justify their depopulation agenda. Heterophobia would be used by this tyrannical regime as a way to control birth rates. Married straight couples would be shamed and kept under surveillance by this eco totalitarian regime.

“Two hundred million horsemen” of revelations 9 that will wipe out one third of humanity
“Two hundred million horsemen” of revelations 9 that will wipe out one third of humanity

Right, privacy and liberty infringement: This eco-tyrannical regime would impose several restrictions on the people’s basic rights and liberties. Just about every single amendment in the American constitution including the people’s free speech and right to bear arms would be revoked or “revised” by this regime. Certain foods, fashions, movies, songs and arts would be banned by this totalitarian all for supposedly being “harmful to society” and “harmful to the environment” which would be all nonsense on their part as they only seek to control the people.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Animals are placed above humans: Even today, many extremist animal rights organizations claim to promote “parity” between humans and animals. But if you do more research into them, it’s obvious that these organizations don’t actually care about humans and even hold misanthropic views. It’s safe to assume that this hypothetical eco tyrannical regime would give more rights to animals than humans. Humans would be treated as forced labor while animals would almost be deified by this eco tyrannical regime.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Forced veganism: As a result of this eco tyrannical regime treating animals better than humans, Veganism would be forced onto the people. The only type of meat that humans would be allowed to eat is cultured/artificial meat made out of who knows what. But even then, it’s highly unlikely that this eco tyrannical regime would allow the production of cultured meat cause they’d probably come up with some bogus idea of how even cultured meat is “bad” just because it’s based on animal meat.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Certain groups would be scapegoated and persecuted by the eco tyrannical regime: Even today, the radical left which includes eco extremists sure like to scapegoat several groups as being too “privileged” or as the cause of the world’s problems. Which is quite hypocritical for a cluster of ideologies that supposedly promote “equality for all people”. But in this hypothetical world many of these scapegoated groups would have to go into hiding or join resistance movements in order to avoid being persecuted by the eco-tyrannical regime.

The persecution of Christians
The persecution of Christians
  • East Asians would be generalized as being animal abusers, scapegoated as polluters of the environment and would be shamed for being too conservative. In this dystopia, East Asians would need to create a hidden nation state(or safe haven) equipped with a strong defense system in order to protect themselves from the eco tyrannical regime. This safe haven would also be home to the other persecuted groups on this list.
  • Men would be reduced to second class citizens regardless of how sycophantic they are to the eco-tyrannical regime. Men would be forced to wear feminine clothing, forced to act more feminine and they’d be shamed for taking part in masculine behaviors such as working out, playing sports etc. In this dystopia men would only be able to be themselves in secret. For example they’d only be able to work out in their homes but not at gyms. Many men would also join the safe haven.
  • Christians would be persecuted for believing in supposedly “anti scientific” ideas even though most of the contributors to science throughout history were Christians. Christians would have to keep their religion to themselves and only practice it in secret. Some would join the safe haven for the persecuted.
  • Traditionalist women who refuse to bow down to the eco-tyrannical regime would be viewed in a similar way that abolitionists were viewed. In order to be safe, many would move to the safe haven.
  • Traditionalist Hispanics: As a result of traditionalist Hispanics refusing to give up their cultures, they too would move to the safe haven in order to protect themselves from the eco tyrannical regime.
  • Germans: Even today, the radical left has a tendency to unjustly associate anything German with Nazism. I’ve lost count of how many times some radical leftist called me a “Nazi” just because I like listening to old German songs. It’s a pretty educated guess to assume that in this hypothetical dystopia, Germans would also have to migrate to the safe haven in order to avoid persecution.

Limited methods of transportation: The eco extremist regime would also limit people’s methods of transportation. It would be very difficult to go long distances as vehicles that rely on gas and ethanol would be banned. And if there are no alternative “eco friendly” vehicles available or are limited in numbers, then most people would have a hard time getting around with the exception of the few people who own cars that run on corn. While everyone else would be riding bikes.

Dissident camps: Openly speaking out against the eco tyrannical regime would be very brave since it put the person at risk of being labeled a dissident, arrested by the secret police and sent to some type of re-education work camp. The Soviets were notorious for using psych wards as prisons for political dissidents, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this eco tyrannical regime tries to do something similar with those who speak out against them.

“A crime is a deviation from generally recognized standards of behavior frequently caused by mental disorder . Can there be diseases, nervous disorders among certain people in a communist society? Evidently yes. If that is so, then there will be offenses which are characteristics of people with abnormal minds. Of those who might start calling for opposition to communism on this basis, we can say that clearly their mental state is not normal” - Nikita Khrushchev May 24 1959

Uniformality and lack of variety: The radical left is notorious for their hostility towards variety and differences. This is an ugly ideology that wants people to all be the same. So it wouldn’t be surprising if this eco tyrannical regime greatly limits people’s ways of expressing themselves including by telling people what they should like and dislike. For example, this eco tyrannical regime would only allow certain brands’ products to be sold.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Shopping: As a result of the eco tyrannical regime’s anti variety policies, only one store per type of products would be allowed to operate. Only restaurant company, only one supermarket company, one general goods store company, one online store etc. All of which would make essentials scarce.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Forced communal living: As a result of the eco tyrannical regime’s radical ideas, most people would be housed in communes in order to “save space”. Those who refuse to live in communes would only be allowed to purchase very small homes with only one room, one kitchen, one bathroom, a small garage and a small garden which the eco tyrannical regime would consider enough for a couple and their child.

Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism

Everyone gets paid the same: Much like communist regimes, this eco-tyrannical regime would pay everyone the same regardless of profession which would make the people live in poverty as a result of the “one size fits all” policy.

Soviet supermarket
Soviet supermarket

So what would be the ultimate fate of this hypothetical dystopia? Like all tyrannical regime’s throughout history, this one would also eventually end up in ruin. The regime most likely wouldn’t last that long. If this eco tyrannical regime is the beast that is mentioned in the book of revelations then it would only last 3 and a half years. Afterwards the heavenly warrior of revelations 19 would make his presence felt by rescuing his persecuted people and by demolishing this communist eco tyrannical regime(beast government) in the battle of Armageddon.

“He has sounded forth the Trumpet that shall never call retreat!”-Julia Ward Howe
“He has sounded forth the Trumpet that shall never call retreat!”-Julia Ward Howe

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Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism
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  • RagnarRedbeard
    Real eco-extremists will never gain power. The rich and the powerful would not allow that to happen.

    They will however use the green folks' naivety to line their own pockets. All "green" technologies which are pushed as solutions are inefficient both in creating energy and also in preventing pollution, in fact some of them are even worse, but they are profitable to those who own the technology.
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  • lexiepotter
    This was actually very interesting to read. Thank you for posting
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  • Dragonpurple
    Half or more of what posted is already happened, or happening... but to do the other half would require a big war. Guess that would be one way to lower population.
  • RingOfFire
    Eco-tyranny: A hypothetical dystopian world controlled by eco-extremism
  • msc545
    Why don't you do a mytake on a world ruled by Trump next? Or is that asking too much?
  • zagor
    The risk of over-population is much greater than the scenario you describe.
  • psychoticanimaIIover
    Sounds perfect. I can’t wait.
    • ADFSDF1996


      The only thing I’m looking forward to is it’s collapse in the battle of Armageddon.

  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Didn't you create a similar take before?
    • ADFSDF1996

      Yes, that’s the one I linked in the post script if this post. This is more of a follow up.