A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Note: This take/article is not about a “conspiracy theory”. I reject the idea that the world’s governments are all planning something sinister for their own citizens. That is a common conspiracy theory constantly fear mongered on both sides of the political spectrum. There is no basis on fact/logic that supports such a bogus story. Never has a government just out of the blue decided to become totalitarian overnight. Totalitarianism has always given warning signs/symptoms prior to fully taking over a nation. Totalitarianism has always taken over nations via coups, revolutions, civil wars and collapses of a nation. Not to mention that every non totalitarian country has put several safeguards in place to prevent politicians from gaining too much power. With that being said, while there are conspiracy theories have been proven true, this conspiracy theory is not one of them.

The following is a frightening and realistic hypothetical(fictional) scenario of what could happen if the developed world in the future were to fall to radical left wing totalitarianism. Before you call it “exaggerated” or a “slippery slope” just know that this is meant to portray a hypothetical worst case scenario.

What you’ll read below will show you why I distrust and dislike the radical left wing so much.

Synopsis: The year is 2086. After a series of natural catastrophes, wars and political incompetence. The world’s countries and currencies collapsed, superpowers like the US ceased to be both a world power and a nation. While many other nations that heavily relied on the US were also negatively impacted. Chaos and anarchy followed after the collapse. Many soldiers went AWOL in order to be with their families, Many civilians perished in the ensuing chaos. Many survivors who knew what was coming fled to safe areas off grid, while many also stayed put. Out of the ruins a new government came to be, a radical left wing totalitarian government. The founders of this new government saw the collapse coming many years prior and thus were better prepared than most other people. Their usage of giving false hope allowed to them gain many followers, this allowed them to effortlessly impose their will on the remnants of the old world order. What followed afterwards eerily coincided with both biblical and scholar(Orwell) prophesy.

What will rise from the ruins of what was once the mightiest nation on Earth?
What will rise from the ruins of what was once the mightiest nation on Earth?

Fate of the world: A very large portion of the world collapsed and succumbed to the new radical left wing regime. The only countries that managed to get back up and didn’t lose sovereignty are Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Israel, Vatican City, China, Russia and some countries in sub Sahara Africa. While these countries remained sovereign/free they became powerless to oppose the radical left wing regime by themselves. For the purpose of this take/article I’ll be strictly focusing on the society of the fallen developed/first world countries.

World’s current superpowers
World’s current superpowers

Censorship: One of the first things citizens would notice is the heavy restrictions on what they can can watch, listen to, read, or say. Some of their favorite movies and tv shows will be banned. Many of their favorite songs that supposedly have “political messages” will be banned, many of their favorite YouTube channels will be banned, many conservative and independent public figures will go into hiding/exile for safety, many books will be banned etc. The only way you can access censored materials is through the black market and work arounds.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Thought control: The radical left wing regime will also try to control people’s thoughts by using their version of behavioral sciences(pseudo-psychology and pseudo-psychiatry) to create what they would claim are “mind reading devices”.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Gun Bans: In order to decrease a chance of an uprising, the regime’s secret police will take advantage of the disarray and quickly confiscate the guns of it’s citizens. The only people who manage to keep their guns are the doomsday preppers and resistance that went underground.

State Police, open up and surrender all your guns! The regime thanks you for your cooperation.
State Police, open up and surrender all your guns! The regime thanks you for your cooperation.

Usage of secret police: Every totalitarian regime has their own secret police force that keeps the citizens living in fear. This radical left wing regime would utilize it’s secret police force to keep tabs on people who exhibit so called “harmful” behaviors

Don’t mind us, we are just watching you 24/7.
Don’t mind us, we are just watching you 24/7.

Religion ban/persecution: As a result of anti theism being endorsed by the new radical liberal regime, religion is banned. All religion goes underground or in exile in the independent countries. The only religions that would be somewhat tolerated by the regime are the very few religions that are compatible with radical left wing ideology.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Heterophobia: The radical left wing regime would also try to add restrictions to heterosexual relationships. Men and women will only be allowed to fraternize upon regime approval and specifically for the purpose of reproduction. Men and women who want to date without restrictions will have to do so in private/secrecy or flee to a independent country.

Straight pride parade
Straight pride parade

Sexism and attack on traditional gender roles: Men would suffer a lot under this regime as a result of all the ideals they’d be expected to meet and for all the restrictions implemented on them. Men would be prohibited from participating in strenuous sports, going to the gym, flirting with women and buying certain items like men’s clothing. The only way men could work out without shame is at home and use the black market to buy items restricted by the regime. The regime would shame men for being short, fat, Chubby, muscular and traditionalist. Likewise women will also suffer from the reversal of gender roles. Women will be forced to act more “butch”, not wear feminine clothing, cosmetics and not flirt with men. The regime would shame women for being petite, slim, fit and traditionalist

Sexism then, sexism now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
Sexism then, sexism now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Environmentalist extremism: Extremist environmentalism will also be enforced, which will ban the consumption of meat and the production of any animal based product. People will no longer be allowed to grow grass or plant whatever they want in their homes. Any cultivation of flora would require special permission. The number of children you can have would also be limited and access to water would be heavily regulated.

Artificial meat would replace real meat
Artificial meat would replace real meat

Abolishment and restriction of private property: The totalitarian radical left wing regime would also prohibit privately owned lands(farms) and businesses. The regime would also limit Home, backyard and garden size

Antifa Commies
Antifa Commies

Mandatory RFID chip: In order to be able to make purchases or have a job, a citizen will have to have an RFID chip implanted in them. If a citizen is to refuse an implant they won’t be able to make purchases or find a job.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Weaponization of psychiatry and usage of psych wards as re-education camps: The field of psychiatry would be used as a means of suppressing political opposition and anyone who supports ideas that the regime disagrees with. The religious, centrists, independents, right wingers, traditionalists, straight people, masculine men and feminine women would all be at higher risks of being targeted and imprisoned in psych wards where they would experience psychological torture until they are broken and brainwashed.

“Mr. Miller, owning a Bible is both toxic and illegal. Why don’t you own a Communist manifesto instead?” -Corrupt shrink
“Mr. Miller, owning a Bible is both toxic and illegal. Why don’t you own a Communist manifesto instead?” -Corrupt shrink

Advanced surveillance: Aside from public cctv, the radical left wing regime will also keep tabs on it’s citizens via the cameras on smart phones, tablets, computers, TVs etc.

Racial profiling: The regime would also profile and target each race for exhibiting cultural traits they consider “harmful”. For example: Asians would profiled for being too smart. Hispanics would be profiled for being Catholic, Whites would be profiled for being Christian and Blacks for being potential rebels.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Pseudoscience would slow the advancement of science: As a result of the radical left wing regime rejecting authentic science, logic and reason. All in favor of pseudoscientific and pseudo intellectual PC ideas. Science lags behind while the independent nations’ scientific achievements prosper. Whether it be medicine, technology, weaponry, transportation etc.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

lack of variety: Whether it be what you eat, the movies you can watch, the shows you can watch and pretty much whatever can be purchased. Citizens would find that there is no variety. Boris Yeltsin himself was surprised by the wide variety he could find in American supermarkets.

Propaganda machine: The radical left wing regime would use propaganda to brainwash it’s citizens into obedience. Whether it be posters, movies, tv shows, internet articles. The propaganda would be used to shape public opinion to be favorable towards the regime

Obey without question
Obey without question

Decrease of life expectancy: The regime’s pseudoscientific pursuits and poor quality medical services would cause medicinal technology and research to lag, causing is population to suffer a decrease in life expectancy.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Drop in IQ and education: As a result of people not getting any kind of proper education because of the distortion of scientific fact, using pseudoscience to educate, censorship and the brain washing techniques used by the regime. The average iq would drop very low. What was once 90 and above would soon be 70 and below.

A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

Mass distrust: As a result of people trying to stay on the good side of the regime. There will be a lot of selling out/tattling amongst the populace. Whether it be out of fear, jealousy, ambition, vendetta or ignorance. Neighbor will sell out neighbor, co worker will sell out co worker and so on. This would lead to mass distrust, citizens would never know who they can or can’t trust.

You plotting against me?
You plotting against me?

The radical left wing regime’s weaknesses: Fortunately for the oppressed, there would still be hope that one day the radical left wing regime would meet it’s demise as a result of it’s weaknesses.

Weakness 1, Incompetent army: As a result of the radical left wing regime’s army being too use to tormenting docile and frightened civilians rather than fighting other armies or an uprising. Plus there would always be the chance of the army turning on the regime once things start to look rough, just how the Romanian army helped the Romanian civilians overthrow the communist Romanian government in 1989.

Weakness 2, Prone to infiltration: The regime would also be susceptible to infiltrators who are determined to destroy the regime from within. It could be a person rising through the ranks until reaching a high enough rank to have the means to destroy the regime from within. Or it could be a high ranking official that has a change of heart that also decides to destroy the regime from within.

Weakness 3, Prone to hackers: As a result of the regime’s heavy dabbling in digital technology, the number of hackers working for resistance targeting the regime would rise.

Weakness 4: Knowledge is power: The reason why totalitarian regimes rely on strict censorship, misinformation and delusion is because the regime’s know that once the populace knows the truth and starts thinking critically, the chance of uprisings happening greatly increases.

Weakness 5, the shadows: The biggest weakness of the regime is it’s inability to know who is the resistance and where is the resistance. While the regime operates out in the open which allows the resistance to know the regime’s every move.

Conclusion: While we in the developed world can rest easy knowing that our generations(Baby boomers-Generation Z) most likely won’t have to deal with a totalitarian regime anytime soon, a lot of proto totalitarian sentiments are starting to manifest themselves to a certain extent. Future generations will have to thread carefully and listen to these warnings in order to prevent totalitarianism from taking over the developed world. Totalitarianism is never a good thing. A government that uses force, intimidation, censorship and right/liberty infringement to govern is a government that doesn’t care about it’s people and eventually collapses. Totalitarianism is not to be debated, it’s to be toppled.

Demolishing Soviet WWII red army monument in Poland
Demolishing Soviet WWII red army monument in Poland

Supplementary readings:

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Some of the many historic stands against communist/Marxist tyranny and injustice.

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Radical left wing proto totalitarian ideas that are starting to manifest themselves in society:





Marines attacked by Antifa




A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism
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  • Girther10
    Extremely well written and researched kudos to you for this mytake. I hope everyone reads this and takes it seriously because it is all based in well researched facts and in my opinion is entirely an accurate prediction of how our future may already be shaping up. Many of the conditions you listed are already taking place as we speak I would have to do is look closely at what the social justice warriors and the progressives are doing they are pointing us in that direction totally and that is why I am anti-progressive to my very core
    Is this still revelant?
    • Nobody cares what you are.

    • Girther10

      @supercute- except for you and the Asker who declared my remarks as the most helpful. So yeah, nobody cares... 😂🤣😅🤪

    • I think she just called herself a nobody, by commenting she indicated her level of commitment to your answer. Not caring i. e. apathy would be no response and no mention. Clearly a nobody.

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  • Grobmate
    Bravo and very wrll put together. Yes, the same warning signs we saw with the Birlin Wall, Lenin and Stalin, even chairman Mao... they are already upon us.

    Marxism, (including feminism), postmodernism. This is all just history repeating.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I really want to believe you are trolling the asker. Please confirm so I can keep my faith in humanity?

    • Grobmate

      @devilman666 you can keep your faith in humanity if you cease to troll and go and educate yourself on 20th Century history, since it is apparent you know very little.

      History is indeed repeating..

Most Helpful Girl

  • TayTay21
    I hate to say it, but this is all underway right now. I never believed in all the globalism talk until my friend and I started discussing stuff like that in college. I slowly started seeing that these "conspiracy theories" were more than just theories.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Globalism has existed ever since international trade had existed. It's called capitalism.

    • Oram52

      It IS a conspiracy theory.

    • @SirRexington Capitalism is not the same as globalism. Capitalism is about free trade, globalism is about removal of national identities and borders. Two very different systems, one is about a society with individuals interacting, the other about a hive mind.

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  • Randomawkwardness
    So are you going to do a radical right wing one too? Or are you just set on demonizing the left? I understand that maybe they're against your ideals but posting stuff like this make it seem as if every left member is like this. Everything you stated is a huge exaggeration and a true radical left wouldn't even go to this.
    • ADFSDF1996

      Do the names “antifa” “metoo”, “4th wave feminism” “he for she” and “communist party USA” ring any bells?

      Radical left wingers are the ones that preach proto totalitarian ideas, not the “radical right wingers”. Not to mention that radical left wingers have a big influence over the media as well.

    • Why would he do something that the left has been doing for literally decades? Also as @ADFSDF1996 pointed out, Antifa is a violent left wing terrorist group (as was the weather Underground who's leader not only wasn't arrested for terrorist acts commited, but is a college professor and got to meet Obama in the white house), feminist have altered laws to the point where men have lost many rights and are not even seen as human in society, they are actively calling for the revoking of the first and second amendment (hate speech laws and beto O'Rourke outright stated he wanted to take every law abiding citizens guns from them and was cheered for it). You also have the media fabricating stories (provably) about Trump, the leftists in congress have abused their power to try and rid themselves of political rivals, Obama, a leftist, spied on his political rivals (not just trump either), Google and facebook have actively suppressed conservative voices (provably), and out right admitted that they failed in their attempt to sway the election to the democrats favor when Trump won the election. You don't have an argument.

    • Bullshit. All you have to do is switch "radical right" for radical left and the take plays exactly the same.

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  • devilman666
    This has to be a joke, right? This ignores everything we know and oversimpligies it to a point where it can't even be close to accurate. For example, "after a series of natural disasters, wars, and political incompetence the worlds countries and currencies collapsed" uhhhmmmm... what? They just collapsed because? Like the romans collapsed because of barbarians, the german reich collapsed because of other world powers, the austrian empire collapsed because of inbreeding, etc.
    Yet you want to imply the entire world, or even just the USA, would collapse because of natural disasters, wars with smaller countries, and "political incompetence" which is completely subjective. It would make more sense for you to simply say the americans fell to communism in a similar fashion as the russians did during ww1, a prominent communist American is released from prison and starts a political revolution during a time of economic turmoil.

    "The founders of this new government saw the collapse coming" bullshit. I call bullshit. At this point you're not creating anything realistic, you are trying to make a strawman that makes liberals look bad. "See, this is what happens when those crazy leftists get control, SEE? SEE?". They saw the collapse coming because we are not talking about real people, we are talking about Dr. Evil and his crew of diabolocal henchmen. They saw it coming because they're smarter than us, but also they're not as smart as us, that's why they make the worst government possible, we'd never be so dumb.

    You set up an advanced government that apparently can effortlessly impose their will on others, but you try and make them seem stupid and weak at the same time.

    Finally, you didn't establish why or how the government is "leftist" you simply made up a dictatorship and said "see? It represents the left, this is what will happen if the left takes control!!" Typical fear mongering
    • @devilMan666 *Yawn* Don’t you have any valid points to support your counter argument instead of an incoherent rant?

      You obviously missed the whole point.

    • @devilman666 “It would make more sense for you to simply say the americans fell to communism in a similar fashion as the russians did during ww1, a prominent communist American is released from prison and starts a political revolution during a time of economic turmoil.”

      That doesn’t sound much different from what I said.

      “At this point you're not creating anything realistic, you are trying to make a strawman that makes liberals look bad. "See, this is what happens when those crazy leftists get control, SEE? SEE?". They saw the collapse coming because we are not talking about real people, we are talking about Dr. Evil and his crew of diabolocal henchmen. They saw it coming because they're smarter than us, but also they're not as smart as us, that's why they make the worst government possible, we'd never be so dumb.”

      Way to take things out of context but then again the whole premise of your comment is a straw man.

      “You set up an advanced government that apparently can effortlessly impose their will on others, but you try and make them seem stupid and weak at the same time.”

      You do realize every totalitarian regime has it’s weaknesses right? Pointing out simple weaknesses doesn’t mean said regime is stupid or weak as a whole.

      “Finally, you didn't establish why or how the government is "leftist" you simply made up a dictatorship and said "see? It represents the left, this is what will happen if the left takes control!!" Typical fear mongering”

      Since when is pointing out flaws of an ideology considered fear mongering?

    • I didn't even read the whole thing, I skimmed it because there is no point in wasting more of my time. Your argument creates a dictatorship and then assumes that the dictatorship is liberal/left wing.

      "That doesn't sound much different thab what I said" really? You said it fell apart because of natural disaster, war; and political incompetence. You essentially just said it collapsed "for a number of very real reasons". I pointed out the economic turmoil of Russia at the time, you did not. And finally, you said the communist government came in the aftermath of the fall, where as in the russian revolution the old government fell as a result of the communist government rising.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    I find this hilarious that you would "publish" this at GaG. The forum where males are all confused about what is or is not masculine. Where masculinity is defined as whining about feminism. Here I am a 47 year-old man, whom has never had to subvert my masculinity to appease any woman. And if a woman is offended by my need to define my masculinity, I am pretty certain I hardly notice. In my thread where I talk about masculine traits, I was attacked by more men than women. With the men, the thread really struck a chord and resulted in endless debate. With the women, well that was easy. They are women, they can't define what is or is not masculine. I dismissed them without a thought.

    1. Let's take your craziness from the very beginning. At GaG and of course throughout the net, there is no such thing as non-"White" Conservatism. A "White" person advocating the insane nuttiness of racial segregation, "White" extinction theory, and all manner of craziness is embraced as being "Conservative". But an American Indian looking to preserve what left of his culture and his people is not "Conservative", he is racist. Muslims who are just as "Conservative" from an unbiased point of view, aren't Conservative. They are leftists. In your insane world, Conservative is a racial/political definition. It isn't a listing of ideals, virtues, or qualities not based upon a person's politics or mythological race.

    2. Censorship isn't your issue. Your issue is you do not want to be confronted when you spout something ignorant about groups you define and exclude. The funny thing is, you use ignorance as your way of "knowing" them. You beat them over the head with everything you do not know about them, then whine like a pup when they show you how ignorant you are. You do not want a society with the free flow of ideas. And you pretend that you are trying to offer alternative thinking by making the false claim that stifling the free flow of ideas is actually just another alternative view. Never once accepting that under this type of totalitarian regime, your ideas or ideology could be stomped out just like all the other views you dislike or cannot tolerate.

    3. Mind control? It isn't even a sane thought. We are in the trump era. An era defined not by differences in ideology, but in belief and faith in one man. Trump has never held a belief in a political ideology outside of which belief system will give him the most money or the most praise. He will ally himself to Saudis who murder citizens in the street in broad daylight, if they buy rooms in his hotels. We no longer argue over political differences. We argue whether or not the citizens of this nation can voice their disagreement with a president that the minority claims approaches the infallibility of God.

    4. This may be the only point holding some validity in your rant. This is a topic is worthy of debate. But extremist positions destroy that possibility. Somehow, someway, we have got to get back to talking and communicating. But your kind thinks you can win by simply putting your hand over your ears and screaming.

    5. Secret Police? There are not too many militant groups that are left wing. There are not too many police officers holding secret affiliation to left wing groups who are going around persecuting "Whites" or non-"White" who are supposed Conservatives. Again, just nonsense.

    6. I have argued with atheists here. My only point to them has been they are just as unreasonable as the religious zealots they accuse us of being. The funny about this rant is that it does not recognize that obviously, the vast majority of people on this planet are religious. Even the Soviet Union could not stop their people from holding religious beliefs.

    7. So the world would be run by women? Haha! Next!
    • 8. Yeah because in your version of the world, somehow corporations owning things while private ownership dies would not be possible? Just like now corporate farms are thriving and private farms are barely surviving on the few tax dollars they are getting from us. Again, just more nonsense.

      9. Yeah this whole RFID thing is nonsense also. What about credit, loans, and access to capital? It is a more restrictive system everyday based on race, class, social status, etc. That is a left wing conspiracy too?

      10. Yeah all the surveillance legislation of the Patriot Act was passed under that lefty George Bush and lefty Republican House and Republican Senate.

      11. I think the whole heterophobia conspiracy nonsense stems from the deep-seeded fear in Western culture that women don't need men. That they could just get some dildos and/or get together with some other women and take care of each other. And somehow masculine men will just die off and the only ones left are the er. . . gay or something insane like that.

      Dude, women will do whatever they have to do to get a man. It is hard thing to talk to a man who simply does not engage in logical, balanced common sense thinking.

      12. Hilarious. The number one thing fake conservatives claim is that there isn't enough money put into psychological counseling. You show here that the entire argument is based upon lies.

      13. Racial profiling? This is too funny and too ridiculous to comment on. Who pushes Kumail Nanjani to be a comedian? The supposed "left" or the supposed "right"?

    • 14. Sorry dude. I have never met a more unscientific bunch than you conspiracy theorists, fake conservative, anti-pcers. Somehow, it is scientific to ignore the conclusions of science when it comes to race mythology. It is scientific to ignore the conclusions climatologists when it comes to climate change. It is scientific to ignore the conclusions of doctors when it comes to women's health care. We get idiots claiming that a woman can stop herself from getting pregnant after she was raped. I could post nuttiness from here until next week about all the unscientific nonsensical claims repeated by politicians, GaGers, youtubers, 4channers and on and on.

      15. How is diversity defined by having everyone reach the same conclusions about the same things?

      16. Life expectancy of the States in the U. S. All I can say is Wow!!!


      17. Selling out? You mean like trump's administration?

      In conclusion, basically each point is just a strawman you create then take down. You even contradict yourself and common anti-pc talking points in every other paragraph. Your project you own insecurity about your masculinity rather than taking responsibility and understanding it is you and only you who can define what it means for yourself.

      Its weird, so many of you guys think you are projecting toughness. You don't you project weakness. The world is doing you so wrong. You can't create your own path and take ownership of your own power.

      Weird and sad.

    • 1.) Saying there is no such thing as a bob white conservative is no different than denying the Sky is blue.

      2.) It goes both ways, I don’t go astound telling people what they can or can’t like.

      3.) I never said anything about mind control, I was talking about thought control. Even though no technology to monitor thoughts exists as we speak, the idea of thought control can lead to unwarranted suspicions.

      4.) So we agree for the most part when it comes to gun laws.

      5.) Many secret police organizations started off as common trouble makers with extremist political ideologies

      6.) I’m starting to think you only skimmed through my post. Of course religion would still exist, albeit underground.

      7.) A totalitarian matriarchy isn’t impossible. We already have gynocentric societies in the developed world.

      8.) Do you really think communist regimes just look the other way when it comes to privately owned businesses and lands?

      9.) You do realize some companies are already chipping their employees right? And no it wouldn’t necessarily have to be about race.

      10.) Yeah just because one side of the political spectrum does it, doesn’t mean that the other side can’t do it as well. *sarcasm*

      11.) Tell that to the Buffoons who claim that nobody is 100% straight.

      12.) Right because there aren’t shrinks making unsolicited diagnosis on Trump based on his political ideology. *sarcasm*

      13.) The left wing has a long history of discriminating against Asian Americans. Tell me, who was it that gave the green light to intern Japanese-Americans? Hint: It wasn’t the republicans.

      14.) Strawman fallacy

      15.) I’m talking about choices.

      16.) Wikipedia eh? Don’t know what your point is with statistics that wouldn’t be accurate in a world that is radically changed by the worldwide societal collapse.

      17.) Non sequitur

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  • JesseTheMan
    No one would actually support this. Majority of people are straight, it's not like Nazi Germany where most people hated the jews anyways, before the Nazis even came to power.

    Some parts are true to any kind of authoritarian government, regardless of ideology.

    I see a lot more extreme right wingers as opposed to extreme left wingers, regardless of what right wingers like to say.
    • ADFSDF1996

      There was an Anti Semitic sentiment in various parts of Europe and in the US even before the Nazis came to power. Anti semitism was not invented by the Nazis, they merely adapted it.

      By the way, do the names antifa, communist party USA, and Green Party sound familiar to you. They are all classified as radical left wingers and they’ve all been very active as of late.



    • Thing is these leftist ideas are there and actually taken seriously to some people. It's an ideological and psychological warfare.

  • The_White_Queen
    "Never has a government just out of the blue decided to become totalitarian overnight." isn't that every totalitarian goverment the day they get into power such as the nazis, the facists in Spain and Italy, the communists in Russia, China and elsewhere?
    • anhydride

      What I have to say is I think that Queen Elizabeth is
      A reptillion of lizard.
      And TBH idc that is fine
      What ever you say about
      It will be a good thing
      So what you can do is use you
      Higher intellect and then
      The internet reverse engineering does not matter.
      Ty. 👋

    • anhydride

      What I have to say is I think that Queen Elizabeth is
      A reptillion of lizard.
      And TBH idc that is fine
      What ever you say about
      It will be a good thing
      So what you can do is use you
      Higher intellect and then
      The internet reverse engineering does not matter.
      Ty. 👋Ttyl

    • Edanurus

      The problem with those regimes is that there was a lot going on that paved the way for them. It wasn't like the government suddenly became nazis in Germany for instance.

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  • shyapples2
    As an American left winger I Gaurenty most American lefties don’t believe in any of this, in fact we believe the exact opposite in many of the examples you listed, we are simply fed up with our governments corruption, stupidity and in some cases inaction and in others there action
    • ADFSDF1996

      Antifa, communist party USA and anti theists would disagree with you.

      Besides, many founders of totalitarian regimes also claimed to be against tyranny, it didn’t take long for them to show their true colors.

    • shyapples2

      “The left” is not all or most antifa or communists or “anti theists”

    • ADFSDF1996

      Hence radical left wing. Then again you never specified what kind of left winger you are.

      The man you see in my profile picture is George Orwell and he was a left winger but unlike most left wingers, he understood that the left wing was prone to totalitarianism. Hence his book “1984” about a dystopian society run by a radical left wing regime. The fact he acknowledged that his own ideology was prone to totalitarianism says a lot about his morals and character.

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  • goaded
    “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”
    • goaded

      "Pseudoscience would slow the advancement of science"
      This from the people exiting the Paris agreement.

    • goaded

      "Decrease of life expectancy"
      Universal health care extends life expectancy. If people aren't dying at birth or of toothache, they're living longer!

    • ADFSDF1996

      Fascism is a dead ideology, it was crushed by the end of WWII. It merely exists in fragments now, so that argument is invalid.

      And there are differences between a regular left winger (moderate liberal) and radical left winger (communist).

      And yes radical left wingers frequently spout pseudoscience, don’t act like they don’t.

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  • yas137
    Well it could be worse. The right wing extremists could take over.
    • Not realistic or relevant to the current political climate. And I disagree, radical left wingers are a lot worse.

    • yas137

      Bruh it is VERY relevant to the current political climate. You nazi's are trying to destroy everything.

    • So everyone you disagree with is a Nazi?

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  • Funny thing is a lot of this is already happening and most don't even notice. Smart Phones Smart TV Smart House, Alexis, all online activity, DMV records, Medical Records, over taxing (like Carbon Tax) to keep us poor and so much more that is already in place.

    Sure some are waking up, but not fast enough.
    • goaded

      Which side is advocating for a living wage and higher taxes on the rich, again? "over taxing (like Carbon Tax) to keep us poor"?

  • saeyamazaki
    This is like never gonna happen. Having a left-wing totalitarian state is so much better than right-wing totalitarian state. I mean that’s why all the axis powers lost the war in WW2
    • Girther10

      Wouldn’t wouldn’t be better to have neither totalitarian state?

    • @Girther10 yeah none would be good and I mean, that's where we kind of are right now.

    • @saeyamasaki

      While both types of states are bad. Totalitarian Left wing states have committed far more atrocities than totalitarian right wing states.

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  • BearTwoEight
    I think it's funny that conservatives eat up the works of a card carrying socialist and twist it around.

    Here's the thing guts, Orwell was a socialist. He fought for the socialists in Spain against an established conservative government run by fascists.

    Anyways, I worry about you guys, get help. This is early onset paranoid delusional behavior.
    • ADFSDF1996

      @BearTwoEight Typical liberal making baseless assumptions instead of forming an valid argument.

      And congratulations you just proved many of my points right by using psychiatry as a political weapon.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @BearTwoEight And I know Orwell was a socialist but the difference betweeen him and other socialists is that he was a critical thinker who acknowledged that his political ideology could go wrong. That’s why his book “1984” is about a radical left wing regime modelled after Stalin’s Soviet Union. He was also very critical of Stalinism.

      Orwell didn’t let his political ideology cloud his logic, can you say the same about yourself?

      By the way, I don’t consider myself a conservative. I’m politically independent but registered as libertarian.

    • You sound insecure and unstable, but that's cool.

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  • Phoenix98
    Yeah we already know what that kind of future looks like so did Gorge Orwell he wrote it in his book after all 1984. Or if you are more of a movie goer then watch the movie demolition man slightly different future but just as bad and ruled by the left.
  • genericname85
    that's just impossible. the radical left can't establish order or government. it will end in a chaotic infinite fight for power of fragmented individualisti parties. totalitarianism and unity can't be left wing.
    • hbg84

      The left would ultimately end up falling in on its self because of infighting. They end up killing each other because they would all want to rule as dictator. And would battle back and forth about who is more radical.

    • @hbg84 well the same goes for the radical right though. that's why most people are actually pretty close to center politically even if they say otherwise. only those on the extreme ends will riot and be violent as if to show that their ideology isn't survivable.

    • under far right governance, the suppressed majority will fight back and destry the government from the outside, under far left wing governance, extreme individualism and the struggle to pleaseevery single snowflake will defeat the purpose of governance eventually and selfdestruct from the inside. that's exactly why the political system that we have is what it is. a checks and balances system that prevents itself from tipping into the extreme.

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  • talloak
    Why not discuss a real world dystopia? One that is likely to happen, even if the outcome is unknown? Trump is impeached and found guilty. Or he is convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to jail time. Or he simply is voted out of office. In any of these situations, he refuses to leave. He announces once again that he is above the law. He claims it is a deep state conspiracy. He claims 100 million illegal aliens voted. Whatever, he's pretty much guaranteed to make such claims. He announces that the second civil war that he promised has begun. He asks his followers to take up arms to keep him in power.

    The big question is: Do you go to fight against America or do you disobey The Chosen One?
    • ADFSDF1996

      Because that’s a highly unrealistic dystopia.

    • talloak

      Actually, he's already preparing for it. He has already announced a coming Civil War. He already lied about the deep state conspiracy and 6 million fictional illegal alien voters. He already said he would accept no election outcome where he loses. And he's already said he wants to stay in the presidency indefinitely. The huge surprise would be that he didn't attempt a coup in any of those scenarios.

      You didn't answer the question: Would you personally fight against America or against Trump?

    • ADFSDF1996

      Typical liberal fear mongering based on liberal conspiracy theories that can’t be proven. You didn’t even read anything I said at the beginning of the take/article did you?

      There are so many precautions in place that are meant to prevent a president from acquiring totalitarian power. If it weren’t for those precautions our country would have fallen to totalitarianism long ago.

      And that question is nothing more than a false dichotomy and a loaded question

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  • Blitzkrieg_88
    What you describe is litterally what happened after the Russian revolution which was only made possible because of large numbers of Russian soldiers fought for the communists, can you imagine anyone in the US military fighting for the extreme left wing? Didn't think so, the US has a large standing military back by a large reserve military and large state militias (national guards) as well as serious large pool of ex military vetereans all well trained, taking over the US without these warriors would be impossible even if you had all federal agents and police forces onside. Militia groups and home grown terror organisations no matter what side wouldn't matter too much. In your scenario it's more likely that if the left wing tried to take over in an extreme situation of societal collapse that a General from the the US military would overthrow that dictatorship and take power.
    • Yeah, everyone remembers how the communists in USSR banned gender roles and heterosexual relationships.
      Oh wait they didn't.

    • @JesseTheMan weren't the soviets the first to have women in frontline combat roles and to work?
      Banning hetrosexual relationships would be more for population control, easier just to give men the snip.

    • Yes, it's called "lack of manpower," which was a problem at times for the soviets.

      I also think it was the soviets who won the war, just a hunch though.

      While the Nazis were too busy using slave labor and death camp prisoners as workers, see how that turned out.

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  • MrHealthyHabits
    If you don't think our current right wing regime is a bigger threat to democracy than this fantasy... Then you truly have swallowed the kool-aid
    • @MrHealthyHabits Typical delusional left wing propaganda, labeling everyone they don’t agree with as autocrats, fascists or Nazis.

      If we truly had a so called “right wing regime” you wouldn’t even be allowed to make those bold claims in person or online. You far left wing folks sure like to take things for granted and aren’t appreciative of the rights and liberties you have as US citizens.

    • I... Get the feeling that this is not worth continuing, you should probably seek professional help and I'm not even trying to be a smart ass when I say this...

      How many times can someone contridict themselves in one post? I thought it was the left who was going to surpress my civil liberties...

      Face it, you guys elected a traitor whose sold you out to the commies.

    • @MrHealthyHabits What is it with you liberals using psychiatry as a political weapon. “Get professional help” Cliche liberal logic whenever they can’t form any valid counter arguments. Yet you people wonder why psychiatry has such a well deserved negative reputation.

      Not to mention that you are also using Red herring, straw man and a appeal to the stone to argue.

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  • Talbert
    Right wing identity politics meets unfounded persecution complex. USA has never been more right wing, the far right is rising around the world, and you think the far left is the problem? Mate, you need some learning. Statist does not equal leftist. Totalitarianism is just as compatible with capitalism as with Stalinism or State Capitalism. The horse shoe theory is a nonsense. Far left does not equal far right. Very different ends. The genuine, ideological and historical left aims to maximise freedom for all, the right concentrates power with elites, making a few winners and lots of losers..
    • @Talbert Ah pseudo-intellectualism at it’s finest. Promoting biased propaganda and conspiracy theories without proper explanation or any valid sources.

      In any totalitarian regime there’s two groups of people, those who benefit from the regime and those who suffer under it. Years after said regime collapses, those who benefited from the regime will reminisce it’s “glory” and defend it from those who criticize it. While those who suffered under it, will condemn said regime and educate the masses to ensure such a vile regime won’t rise again.

      Of course you being unable to put your political biases aside will try to sugarcoat and use a no true Scotsman to make it seem as if your ideology is “flawless”.

    • Talbert

      ADFSDF1996 Nice ad hominem. Do you have any valid sources to back up your rhetoric?

    • @Talbert It’s not an ad hominem to call out nonsense.

      You want sources, just look at Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, Bose’s Uganda, Pot’s Cambodia, Ceausescu’s Romania, Honecker’s East Germany and the list goes on and on. You’ll find that there’s two groups of people, the oppressed and those who benefitted from the regime.

      You being an obvious left winger, will have trouble acknowledging the atrocities committed by the radicals on your side of the political spectrum. All of those regimes were radical left, don’t try to sugar coat it.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    They do want total control. Just some of them refuse to admit that it will end badly. They believeeliminating this or that undesired group they can't control will magically make all their problems go away. Eliminating inconvenient thoughts or arguments that undermine.

    However, Pelosi really is that malfeasant.
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Oh dear gawd. Look, I get the so called left is whack at times, but "totalitarian left" is an oxymoran. You can't be be fully liberal and a dictator. It's not possible. Far left and right is usually just imagination. There's almost always some sort of crossover. Jeez, why do I even bother?
  • Try calling one, eight, eight, eight, t, w, e, l, v, e, t, and asking them about "the race," if you'd like an expected outlook on *when* the doom which is looming will come to a head, and what they're (the "Twelve Tribes Commonwealth of Israel") doing to provide an escape for the willing. Your decision to hear from them or not will leave you either informed, or. . .
  • loveslongnails
    Glad I didn't waste more time reading this, as I've seen it all before a dozen times. Just replace radical left with "radical right" or "radical anything" as long as it has the word radical in it, and it's exactly the same.
  • Dargil
    1. Excellent post. I just scanned it. I'll read it when I can.
    2. Is this an original work?
    3. Did your meds prescription expire?
    4. Those dead white men wrote the Second Amendment for times like these.
  • CrypticLOL
    Honesy I don't think it's as far fetched as you make it out to be. I mean Nazi Germany is a good example of a horrifying reality that could just as easily fit into a dark fictional story. Although I think its more likely we'll just all end up nuking each other.
  • Gods_Gift
    I lost it at " heterophobia" and I was already skimming.
    • ADFSDF1996

      @Gods_Gift Typical liberal who can’t put biases aside.

    • Gods_Gift

      Don't make assumptions about my politics!
      And people could have the opposite politics to me but not be prey to the kind of illusions and conceits you show in your description.
      One thing I will say in your favour is you have a vivid imagination. 😉

    • ADFSDF1996

      As hominems are not valid arguments buddy. You are almost 50 yet you are acting like an immature teenager, grow up.

      Nobody thought took the Nazis seriously either until they started rounding up people.

      “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

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  • SirRexington
    Oh no the SJWs are going to rule the world! Look, I hate them just as much as the the next guy but I'm far more intimidated by the far right than the far left.

    And don't give me this Antifa is scary nonsense. I'm tired of hearing it. Literally there are protesters around the world right now that have done more damage in 5 months than antifa has in years. And the Community part has no power or influence and not only that but their entire ideology is built around the Bill of Rights which I know right wing libertarians will argue til they die but that not the point. And as for Marxism, it is merely a critical examination of capitalism and how to use that system for thr benefits of everyone. Marx was a free speech absolutest and was banned from countries, entire countries for his writing...
    • ADFSDF1996

      The thing is that the so called “far right” isn’t as powerful as the biased news sources want people to believe. As someone who is politically independent, I can see the bigger picture.

      The far right doesn’t have much influence in the media anymore unlike The far left/radical left wing who basically tells various aspects of the media what they can or can’t show.

      It’s very easy to defend Marx considering that he never held any political power in his lifetime. But do you really think he would have been any better than guys like Lenin, Stalin and Mao had he acquired power? He was already opposed to religion and he advocated violent revolution. So no, he was no saint, he was a monster that thankfully never woke up.

      A hypothetical dystopian scenario of a world dominated by radical left wing totalitarianism

    • No one is a saint. I don't agree with Marx in many ways. I support a market system of some sort while advocated for the abolishment of money. I'm not a revolutionary, he is. He believes automation will benefit society, I do not. But the idea that the guy who invented the ideology would not do better than some jagoff who claims to support it is ridiculous. And there are people who are staunchly against Marxist leninism but who still strongly advocate for Marxist principles.

    • And the "far" left has ZERO, I repeat, ZERO, influence in mainstream media. To stay otherwise makes you an extremely unintelligent or willfully ignorant person.

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  • LoveyRae
    I'm thinking you need to research, or listen to views other than right wing conspiracy sites. This "extreme left" you are fearing, sounds pretty close to what 45's regime would do, only in the form of a monarchy.
    What, exactly, are the laws being passed, that give women more, and men less? Equality doesn't take from you. Christian prosecution? More like a fake form of Chritianity, with shyster "ministers", attempting to force us into exactly what the first settlers here, were fleeing. We have Freedom FROM Religion, not forced.
    Maybe get out more. Stop blaming equality for your failures. Banning assault rifles STiLL isn't confiscating all guns. Work on being more personable, compassionate, kind, thoughtful of others, and you might see us "radical leftists", really just want equality for all. The complete opposite of your nightmare scenerio
    • ADFSDF1996

      @LovelyRae I could say the same about you, why don’t you try to put yourself in the shoes of those who you disagree with? Also, you’re making baseless assumptions by assuming I’m a “right winger who’s using conspiracy theories as sources”.

      I’m politically independent which makes it easier for me to see the bigger picture from an unbiased perspective and I can tell you that the radical left wing is exhibiting more signs of proto-totalitarianism than the far right wing is.

      You should read the whole article/take instead of just skimming through it.

  • When are u gonna do the movie about this post? Because I am not gonna read it
    • DId you like the joker?

    • Yeah of course

    • Girther10

      If you don’t like it why even bother there won’t be a movie you just have to be able to read

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  • OddBeMe
    Funny, most totalitarian dictatorships are right wing. But this daydream of yours is darling!
    • @OddBeMe

      That’s were you are wrong. Most regimes are actually left wing


      And the list goes on an on, it’s you who is daydreaming pal. Spouting radical left wing propaganda.

    • @asker @ADFSDF1996 now make a list of right wing dictators and compare them.

    • OddBeMe

      All of Middle East
      (Rest of Latin America)

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  • Hannajenky
    Republicans are the ones advocating for voter id laws.

    our government actively uses our secret police to overthrow left wing governments around the world. Currently.
    It is already well documented right wingers already have lower IQ. On average

    Right wingers already mistrust immigrant United States citizens and people of color, in general

    Right wing denial of climate change and fight against universal health coverage is already lowering life expectancy. fox news is already a propaganda machine that does not use facts to back up their arguments you my friend are an idiot
    • @HannaJenky Ah the irony, it’s you who believes your own biased left wing sources.

      And who ever said anything about fox? You left wingers sure like to make sweeping generalizations

  • DWornock
    It could be and very well may happen much like you describe. And, it might last 100, 200, or 500 years but eventually it would collapse. However, although education and knowledge may decrease, I doubt that the average IQ would drop. In fact, it would likely increase because when more people die do to harsh conditions, it is the strong (which includes higher IQ's) that survive
  • Liam_Hayden
    No chance unless they kill ALL of the real Christians, libertarians, and Muslims. I mean, realistically, the 30% of California that is conservative would obliterate the Leftists in the state in a shooting war. Expand that worldwide. The Left would have to use nukes to win, alienating the tree huggers.
  • kukumaa
    Libertarianism cares for the environment. You're just a biased asshole.
    • You are naive, Libertarianism isn’t a left wing party.

  • StickStickity13
    Why do you assume these are left-wing ideologies? Also, do you think only left wing totalitarianism will prevail and not right wing? Because as it stands, there's more right wing totalitarianism on earth than left wing. (Saudis, Iran, Russia, Belarus) while most of the world's most free countries are left leaning.
    • siccorro

      You forgot the Philippines, North Korea, Turkey, Brazil and anyone else Ceetolini has a bro crush on.

  • kaito11
    will it honestly be so bad to be controlled? its what all humans secretly crave. we all want to feel protected and secure. there will be no more wars, no more senseless fighting. why does everyone see it as a bad thing? just wondering
    • Girther10

      Because it’s against the human instinct to be controlled. If being controlled is something you crave, then you are not human. Feeling protected and secured is instinct, it is also a God given right to pursue happiness, and a right, just as is our very life.
      Why tf would you think being controlled means no more war and senseless fighting? The mere act of attempting the control you crave, would be itself all out war.
      Your defeatist attitude is surprising and out of touch with the mainstreamm.
      Still wondering?

  • R_Cakes91
    Trust me, our own government is barely holding it together. I’m a federal employee and I know that our government is tired and outdated.
    • Rumor has it that trump will use gold to destroy the fed 🙊

    • R_Cakes91

      Only if the senate doesn’t pass the impeachment

    • They won't.

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    Everyone says trump is the last president. People have dreams and visions of it. Pope is also last pope. We have no borders 150,000 ilegals cross monthly. Meats diverted to china. They have plague, no meat. We are doomed. Prepair, of grid living.. Its a warning..😱
  • The left can't even agree a stance on if the UK should be part of the EU or not, i doubt they could organise something quite as complicated
  • TheRealQuestion2
    Very thorough and i think,

    A: though the instances detailed are quite exaggerated, i believe them to be for the most part, accurate.

    B: that this world is closer than you think and may come to be within my lifetime.
  • MoscowMitch
    I find it ironic that a guy who looks exactly like Oswald Mosley is worried about totalitarianism.
    • LOL, that’s not me in the profile picture. That’s George Orwell. He was a socialist but he was also critical of his own ideology because he knew it was prone to totalitarianism.

    • Damn, I knew he looked familiar. George Orwell was pretty righteous!

    • Of course you know all Orwell's observations of the extreme left can equally be applied to the extreme right. It's a false dichotomy in fact.

  • -Asca-
    How ridiculous, this is the opposite of what the left wing demands. For example dorfiving student loan debt will get a lot of people better education because there's more reason to do so.
  • October808
    I've already seen this move: Escaoe From New York, 1984, Logan's Run, Silent Running, THX-1138, Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, Alita Battle Angel, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Fallout 1,2,3,4 et al.
  • memnes
    😂😂😂😂this is actually the dumbest thing I've ever read, please write more, who knew there was space for so much crap. By the way you know this is all incorrect right, even despite it being a hyperthetical which you claim is "on the way"😂
  • Dennisjf12
    I will not be told what can do and not, or what I can watch or not watch, If I want to watch porn then I will, to give someone the power to tell me what I can do or not do, is being a slave, with no freedom of choice
  • steve99
    Just be aware, people are taught to think a certain way from day one, like brainwashing, if you don't question your beliefs and the world we live in, people won't begin to learn the truths
    • Linda625

      Can I ask you some question about this?

  • Sixgun77
    That stuff about the hetero relationships between men and women is right out of 1984.
    • But in 1984 it's for totally different reasons. 1984 was written decades ago, it's not some warning about the "SJWs"

  • wankiam
    jacob rees moog can make a coherant wory argument too but this is as reactionary as any left wing written article where thye just switch the words conservative and liberal, left and right. i can see why you arrived here but the far left and far right are so close they are the same most the time. so if you can picture that circle something has to be in the middle and to me its corporations, not even manned anymore but almost totally autonomous and all you have done is add to their amoury by perpetuating the politics of division. i just think you need to go back to your initial thoughts you had on what was really going on and look a bit deeper.. beyond governments having a plan because they are also just a tool to cause division and confusion. the world is and always has been ruled by a small handful of overlords and partisan politics just doesn't matter
    • @Wankiam The difference is that conservatives don’t have much influence in the media and society anymore. TV ads almost never feature pro conservative messages, movies and tv shows frequently demonize the conservatives. Social media heavily censors conservative content.

      It’s the liberals who are currently calling most of the shots in regards to the media and society. It doesn’t matter if a conservative is in office. Most tv ads feature pro liberal messages, most movies and tv shows portray liberals as the heroes, most social media sites allow all types liberal content, even berating conservatives on social media is allowed.

      I don’t know about the so called small group of overlords ruling, it sounds a bit too far fetched. Because as I said, governments don’t decide to become totalitarian overnight.

    • "Even berating conservatives online is allowed" in other words: "omg, won't someone protect my feelings?"

      if you really think conservatives dont have any influence on the media then you need to change what you watch. Conservative media exists, you complaining about the free market being liberal biased is nonsense. What law stops conservatives from purchasing a tv station? Nothing, meaning it is just people's preferences causing this, and if you want to force people to watch conservative media then you are the totalitarian.

    • wankiam

      @devilman666 he also needs to realize i was talking about the uk where the BBC and most the tabloid press is controled by the government or its party sponsors

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  • Billygee6969
    You do what you have to do to defend your family , just you should do now when out in public.
  • How are we not doomed over the next 5-10 years especially since people were basically tricked into this?
  • _Jay_
    ok boomer
    • LOL, you and I literally from the same generation.

    • _Jay_

      ye and yet you still talk so boomer

    • So what, at least I can substantiate what I’m saying. Unlike you and your childish insults.

    • Show All
  • blondfrog
    Just a little man you could have made your mytake shorter and still crossed all your points. Anyways I lean more towards the left side which you probably hate, but being on the far right is really bad too. You are too much on the right you can end up having a totalitarianism society as well. It's best to have your views mixed and more to the middle. You end up being too on the right and you end up with Trump. Which look how many shitty things he is doing now and starting wars in the middle east all for money.