A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

Men suffer just as much as women do but society doesn’t seem to care. Men have been considered expendable for far too long. Men are treated like working animals rather than people. Here are the biggest issues men face that need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

1. Sex crimes against males:

Males rarely come forward because they know they’ll often be made fun of and not taken seriously. One has to wonder just how many males out there have suffered a sex crime but are keeping it to themselves.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

2. Innocent men are wrongly imprisoned after being falsely accused of a sex crime:

How many times has a man had his life ruined because of a false accusation and yet no outrage from the 4th wave feminist movement. This is why men are afraid to interact with non related women.

Archie Williams exonerated after 36 years, when it was discovered that he never committed the rape and murder he was accused of.
Archie Williams exonerated after 36 years, when it was discovered that he never committed the rape and murder he was accused of.

3. Forced marriage against men:

You probably didn’t know that happens, did you? In certain countries men are abducted and forced into marriage. Yet the mainstream news sources don’t bother to talk about this.

4. Men suffer domestic abuse too:

You think it’s only husbands who are the perpetrators, think again. Sometimes it’s the other way around. But much like males who suffer sex abuse, they too are often times ignored and made fun of.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

5. Heightism/short shaming:

Whelp, so much for “body acceptance” yet men are constantly shamed for a trait they have no control over. Heightism is a illogical attitude because whether you are short medium or tall there are pros and cons to your height. For example, short people might have lower reach but they have the advantage of being more dexterous.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

6. Men make up a large percentage of the homeless:

There are more men than women when it comes to homelessness, I don’t hear 4th wave feminists bringing this up in discussions between “ privilege vs Underprivileged” And not to mention that a certain group of people stoop lower and accuse homeless men of having “toxic masculinity”

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

7. Men are more likely to be victims of a violent crime:

Statistics show that men are more likely to be a victim of a violent crime, yet no outrage. Where are the campaigns against “violence against men”? Where are the protests demanding justice for men who were victims of a violent crime?

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

8. Forced effeminacy:

Forcing a person to be something they don’t want to be is beyond cruel and is totalitarian in nature.

9. Male genital mutilation:

The worse thing that could happen to a male is genital mutilation. No male deserves to be a victim of such a barbaric practice. It’s disgusting how some people find it humorous. It’s an atrocious practice that needs to be eliminated.

10. Men receive harsher sentences than women for the same crime:

It’s well known that women receive lighter sentences than men on average, especially for the same crime.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

11. Male rape is poorly portrayed in the media:

Male rape in movies and shows is rarely shown in a serious manner, it often done in a humorous way and when it’s done in a more serious manner, a certain crowd throws temper tantrums because they think it is “unnecessary” to show that men can fall victim to rape. Even worse, when it’s a female on male rape scene, some members of the same crowd consider it “empowering” for women.

12. Socially acceptable to put down men:

You can poke fun at a man’s genitals, openly say that “women are better than men”, physically attack men, promote violence against men as “female empowerment” and outright vilify men yet the 4th wave feminists stay silent and play along with it or take part in it. On Father’s Day Topeka PD basically mocked all fathers by posting a very unprofessional tweet. Yeah they apologized for it but I doubt it was a sincere apology.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

13. Asian men are treated as expendable:

Out of all the races, Asians especially Asian men are the most underrepresented. They are treated as if they are at the bottom of a hierarchy. They rarely get lead roles in the entertainment industry, they get laughed at and nobody vouches for the Asian community when an Asian is a victim of discrimination or a crime. And when an Asian male stands up for himself, people get upset.

14. Double standard of male objectification:

Why is there only outrage when women are sexually objectified yet there’s absolute silence when men are objectified?

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

15. Men have a higher workplace fatality rate than women:

It’s a well known fact that more men die at work than women. It’s been like this for many years. The reason being that more men take up the higher risk jobs that pay handsomely.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

16. Men more likely to die in war:

This should be obvious but surprisingly some people think it’s other way around. All research has proven that men make up the largest casualties of war.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

17. There are higher suicide rates among men than women:

The entertainment industry makes it seem as if women are the primary victims of suicide but in reality men make up the larger numbers of suicide victims. The reasons being that men aren’t usually open about their feelings and because male suicide victims usually use more “effective” means.

A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long

For the record, I’m not saying that women don’t have their own issues they deal with on a daily basis that need to be fixed but it’s unfair to treat men’s issues as “unimportant”. Us men aren’t machines, we are human beings too.These are all issues that men go through that are almost never talked about. The only people who actually have brought these issues to public attention and have actually been trying to combat these issues are the men’s rights groups and non feminist women.

In order to solve these issues. People, specifically the liberals and 4th wave feminists need to stop looking in the wrong places and blaming imaginary boogeymen. Don’t blame so called “toxic masculinity”, don’t blame the so called “patriarchy”. If you want to blame something then think critically and look in the mirror to root out the toxic elements on your side but most importantly, acknowledge that some things can’t be blamed on anyone. Further more, crocodile tears aren’t sincere but if the liberal and 4th wave feminist communities truly want to help males, then they should listen to what males want and don’t force their political agendas onto males.

Don’t forget about this special day that goes under most people’s radars.
Don’t forget about this special day that goes under most people’s radars.















A brief list of men’s issues that have been ignored for far too long
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Very glad you wrote this. It seems lately it’s all about women and “poor us” but really we are forgetting about men’s issues too. Not saying all women do, but these days it is so easy for a woman to take advnatage of a man because they know that their side will be taken vs the mans. It is good to get this out publicly and sadly, there will
    Still be backlash even when it’s true

    • Gopnik

      seems feminists just want to be upheld to empower themselves without any regards for others, whether they be male or female.

  • RussianNestingDoll

    This is an amazing write! Can you get published other places besides in here? I’m asking because these things are correct and so many people are ignorant to these injustices. You deserve a far reaching platform. 👍❤️

Most Helpful Guy

  • SkipStop

    Very happy that you are red-pilled. Stay strong and raise your voice. We need more and stronger men's rights groups. Greater outrage and push real information into the media. Get rid of gynocentrism and imprison all misandrists.

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  • PinkMichae

    I understand some of these. But I believe the reason why women have so much support when they are abused and raped is because women came together to make safe places, education and shelters. It would be hard for traumatized women to allow a man in these groups because a man was their abusers or rapist. I think men need to ban together to make shelters and groups for them for abuse and rape. I believe it's more men that would make fun of the situation. As a woman I would be horrified to know a man was raped and abused. And I do know it happens because a few opened up to me about it. I think if men could stop being so prideful and tell their stories instead of being ashamed it would help. I feel most women minus maybe the feminist would be sympathetic and are to a man opening up and saying he has been abused or raped. Its other men that don't believe it or think they need to suck it up. Men need to empower themselves like women did to bring attention to these issues and start doing something about it. Do you don't think when women started to speak up they were also turned away at one point. Or had no help. That's why women came together opening abuse shelters and getting it out to the world the issue. And that's exactly what you men need to do. I agree you guys need more help. But until guys need to talk about it despite what others say.

    And I'd like to know where you get your info that women feel empowered by male rape scenes. I know that's never been my reaction. So please show me the study that says this.

    I agree women are way to picky when it comes to a man's height. I think it's stupid. But when you complain that we poke fun of your genitals, do you not think us women deal with the same ridicule about out breast size? Both men and women claim the other is better with this stupid battle of the sexes. I too wish that would stop on both sides. And once again please produce info how we promote violence against men. I mean so much so that it's a general issue amongst men.

    I don't live in Asia so I can say whether men are expendable there. If so I agree that needs to change.

    I think women definitely need to stop being so sensitive about men objectifying them. The first thing men see is a womans appearance so of course he's gonna form an opinion on her physical body first. If a guy thinks I'm hot I take it as a compliment. I don't feel degraded. I'd only feel objectified if he called me ugly. That's degrading. Men don't usually complain about those things and usually take a woman checking him out as a compliment.

    Men choose to work higher risk jobs. And I'm thankful and proud that they are not afraid too. It's unfortunate that anyone dies doing their job. But I'm sure they knew the risk when they took the job. I don't see that as a bad thing. I see it as honorable. I wish more women were equipped to do them but only a handful compared to men are. Same with men in the military. They know what they are signing up for.

    • PinkMichae

      I agree men do need to be seen as important because they are. Life would cease to exist without them. But change needs to start with remembering we are all humans that are needed in this world. And I hope men will stand up and support abuse and rape support groups, shelter, and changing perception so they can report these crimes without feeling ashamed it makes them weak. Because it doesn't.

    • ADFSDF1996

      It’s usually the male feminists aka “soyboys” who make fun of male victims. Because they are a bunch of sycophants who put more emphasis on women’s issues than equally caring about men’s and women’s issues.

      Men’s rights activists are the only ones who care men’s issues and have actually done things to help men.

    • PinkMichae

      I don't necessarily agree. You got the male cops that may make it uncomfortable for men to report rape or abuse, you got the men who tell their friend they will look weak by letting admitting a woman rape or abuse them. You got a lot of the male judges placing harsher sentences on men.

      With that said I'm glad there are men activists that are trying to change things. But it's mostly the man's perception in society that needs to be changed. And today's feminazis need to stop devaluing men. But besides them I believe women do care and would have empathy for men and wouldn't see them as weak.

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  • Kas19

    I was with you until you said "non feminists". I brought these things to attention with my father and he disagreed that men were victims, that men can't be abused or raped, and that they need to toughen up. So yeah, it is because of toxic masculinity that people turn a blind eye to it. Because men taught eachother that they're supposed to be "strong" and not show emotions, that they're always supposed to like sex, so they can't be raped.

    Also, when you're referring to malw genital mutilation, are you referring to circumcision? If not, the news source you referred to received negative backlash, and no one laughed. A better one would have been the woman that squeezed her boyfriends genitals too hard and it hurt him, or the women that cut their boyfriends genitals off. People usually laugh at those.

    I agree that women need the same prison sentences as men, but who are we referring to as men? Because black men receive harsher sentences than white men.

    Also, I was the one that had to point out International Mens Day to several men who complained that they didn't get a special day to themselves during International Women's Day. So that's typically mens fault for not knowing it.

    • Ayer93

      Keep in mind that international men's day is no where near as highlighted as international women's day on the media.

    • @Ayer93 I couldn’t care less about international men’s day, these issues need to be tackled and toxic masculinity is at the root of most of them. The MRAs claim to stand for us but spend all their time attacking feminists pointlessly.

    • Kas19

      @Ayer93 Combat_Orca is right. I believe MRAs are part of the reason International Mens Day doesn't get a lot of attention in the media, though I'm not sure.

      And I guess another way to look at it is, if not a lot of men care about international mens day, how is it going to be in the media? Why would people put something that possibly wouldn't generate a lot of views in the media?

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  • Alice2398

    Thanks for sharing, i know it seems like women dont care or understand but some of us really do, i have so many male friends who've had girlfriends who have truly just emotionally, physically and mentally abused them and taken them for granted and their told to get over it and called pussys.

    The main reason i feel so strongly about mens rights is my childhood best friend (no longer, she's dead to me) constantly lied about being raped for attention. The first person she ever lied about was a relative of mine, she told the whole school and i had to suffer the consequences of her lies people thinking i was related to a rapist but i also couldn't be mad out of guilt but once i spoke to her about it i realised she was lying. She said it was when 10 and she was 5, he's only a year older than me. After this she went on to lie about being raped my two other men, it's totally unforgivable and there's no excuse for it. I have nothing to do with her any longer and the sight of her maked me sick

    • Janncis

      Because there really aren't any consequnces about it. Because woman can do so much more than man and claim it under emotions, distress or hormons, and no one will bat an eye for it.

    • Yup I too have had that experience there was this girl you always cried suicide like everyday talking to her trying to convince her not to kill herself etc. And if anyone tried to leave she would threaten to take her own life eventually she accused my best friend of 10 years who I grew up with since the age of 10 she accused him of threatening to rape her which nearly destroyed our friendship and she would often say all the bad shit other people did to her eventually she got round this me she blocked me but couldn't think of anything I would do that people would believe a few weeks later she came running back and I told her to piss off

    • Alice2398

      @Janncis i think the justice system are to kind to women and men are not provided there's rights in court, even if they are found not guilty that women has ruined his life, wasted police time, tax payers money and she gets no punishment what so ever.

      Woman pedophiles are getting up to 5 years max whilst if a man even misplaces his hand on a child he's locked up for life not saying being a pedophile is okay by the way.

      But if women want equality we have to start taking responsibility equally just like men do we should be treated the same even the court room

  • kittycat119

    1. Lots of times they don't come forward yes because they get shamed. And a lot of other times as you see on tv and stuff they don't because other men make them feel like they should have enjoyed it
    2. That doesn't happen as much as one would think. Though while they don't get imprisoned they do have their lives messed up because a bitch accused them
    3. That's a fair point
    4. Everyone knows men suffer and they've been now getting places made and done to help them like women
    5. You can't really expect help on that when men are high up there on making fun of each other over this
    6. Mainly due to the fact veterans make up a huge percent of our homeless which by the way they are highly talked about
    7. Because they make up the larger percent of America
    8. Women are forced to be things they aren't as well
    9. No one makes fun of that. And sorry it's no where near as bad as what they do to girls
    10. That's very true and wrong
    11. No women other then creeps find enjoyment in men being raped on tv. And I can make tons of rapes of men on television that where serious and well done that people didn't make fun of
    12. The first statement is false. The only true one is no one really cares if we say we're better
    13. True but that's racism not really anything 2 do with him being a man all that much
    14. Mainly due to women being smaller and seen as weaker by everyone. Though I'll be the first to say I hate how males are treated sexually in certain areas. Especially male strippers and that the women and grope and grabbed them all they want and security does nothing yet you touch the women stripper you'll get beat up
    15. Because they work in jobs that have higher fatality rates vs jobs most women do
    16. Yeah cause way more men go to war... so of course way more die
    17. If people didn't already know that fact they're idiots. I've known that since I was a little girl. It's like 1:4 Or 1:3 ratio

    • ADFSDF1996

      1.) Its called gynocentrism. Blaming men is no different than blaming the victim

      2.) It sure does happen a lot, especially now with the metoo movement going around. Why do you think men are trying to avoid random women all of the sudden?

      4) It’s the men’s rights activists who are making those places, not the feminists.

      5.) More victim blaming. If you want to blame someone then blame the so called “male feminists” or soyboys.

      6.) only the men’s rights activists talk about it.

      7.) It’s the same worldwide

      8.) In the developer world it’s mostly men who are victims to this. Trying to make this about feminism, shows that you don’t actually care about men’s issues.

      9.) There you go again, assuming that women have it worse. You are a woman, I don’t expect you to see it from the male perspective.

      11.) There are many women who use it as fap material.

      12.) It’s all true, it’s been made socially acceptable to attack men just for being men.

      13.) It racism, misandry and Classism put together. Liberals don’t like Asians because they consider Asians to be “privileged”.

      14.) That’s no excuse, it’s hypocritical

      15.) I’m sure I said that already.

      16.) This includes civilian deaths

      17.) Apparently many people don’t or simply don’t care.

    • 1. Not victim blaming society blaming
      2. They aren't going to jail most of the time
      4. And do you see men making homes for battered women or feminist.
      5. Again not victim blaming
      6. Not even remotely true
      7. No it's not
      8. Not true
      9. Yes because having a trained doctor cut off some skin is way worse then a random person using dirty tools to cut off a girls only link to an orgasm. by the way most girls die having this done or are left severely scared.
      11. Lmao assuming much
      12. No it's not
      13. Privileged far from it. They just work for what they have
      14. No excuse I'm just telling you the reason
      15. So blame men then for choosing jobs they know the risk for
      16. Men make up the higher percent of people... so again
      17. And those people r retarded

    • ADFSDF1996

      1.) blaming men is victim blaming

      2.) Their careers and reputation is still damaged

      4.) Why should they, when that’s already covered?

      5.) Putting all the blame on men is victim blaming. Most of the blame should be put on toxic liberalism

      6.) I don’t hear 4th wave feminists or the liberals talking about it, except for trying to blame men’s misfortunes on the fictional boogeyman “toxic masculinity”

      7.) Yes it is, look at the statistics from other countries

      8.) You didn’t watch the video or read the article did you? I’m not talking about circumcision. I’m talking about a much worse practice.

      11.) Many women have admitted to doing that.

      12.) Example promoting violence against men as female empowerment

      13.) That’s not how the liberals see it.

      15.) I never blamed men, what are you taking about?

      16.) When one country takes over another country, a large percentage of the men are killed off.

      17.) Yeah, their stupid.

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  • SiennaSurfer

    Perhaps if more women were in power there’d be more compassion and diplomacy to go around. Yes men are great at what they do, but women also have a valuable balance to offer too if it were embraced.

    I can see lots of blues downvoting this but forget the femenazi argument as most people aren’t extremists in reality.

    • Janncis

      Ouh common you aren't really beleawing that if woman were to have majority of power man problems would just end. Yes woman prowide great balance, if they know how to do it. But now it seams like almost every place wants to make woman lart of something, even when there sould not be a woman like boy scouts. If you want to get position at job you must earn it not use lav to get it. Common no one is going respect you for it. And this goes to major difference beatwen man and woman, man care about respect and reputation, woman not so much, or woman have magic power to escape backlash what man would recieve. I have seen a lot more woman scheaming something than man. And honestly that all "im going to be nice in your face but stab you at back" is annoying as hell.

    • @Janncis I’m sorry but I and many others (men AND women) do a job that you can only get by in by earning respect! So I know exactly how that works and I haven’t said anything against that particular thing so my point still stands! Your personal experience is just that, not a definitive model for how the rest of the world works, be careful about that and be sure to consider he bigger picture like I’ve mentioned. It’s actually about embracing each other’s strengths to create the best outcome! I don’t believe in such strong gender divides that are portrayed in the media and so forth, I’ve seen it time and time again where these have been broken, it’s more of an individual case by case basis, yes there are some aspects where gender plays a general rule, but it’s far less that what we’re often lead to believe!

    • cth96190

      Women “in power” is the problem, not the solution.

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  • Ayer93

    Absolutely disgusting to see how many females are down talking these issues.

    Most of the issues I agree with, however there are some that aren't as big a deal to me.
    For 7 there are more males involved in violent scenarios than females, so it's obvious the stats would be have a big difference for that issue. For 9, I don't believe there are many people who find male genital mutilation humorous. However, I do admit I'm tired of hearing "I'll cut your dick off" or "I'll cut your balls off" even as a joke. You never or rarely hear guys say "I'll cut your clit off" or "I'll stick a knife in your pussy". It's gruesome to even think about. 13, I think many races have it tough. Not especially Asians. I'd rather be an Asian than a black man in America, so you posting that as an issue makes me think that you are an Asian guy yourself. 16, obviously more men die in war. Its mostly men that go to war. And for 17 males have always suicided more than females.

    2 for me is the biggest issue. I would absolutely hate and probably try to kill a girl that falsely accused me for a crime and took 30 years of my life. And girls seem to have all the power nowadays. One word from them is all it takes to ruin your life. Society now benefits females mostly.

  • Now this is something everyone should be talking about more. I fully agree with you, and it’s plain said how so many people shrug it of. Despite women being naturally more empathic most women haven’t even considered these to be an issue.

    • At that immature little cunt that replied to me and then blocked me ; So according to your logic black on black crime is something no one should complain about or do anything about because it’s black on black?
      Also women do abuse their partner whether that’s physically and or mentally. And it happens more than you think. Male genital mutilation is something many mothers allow to happen to their baby, that’s cool?
      And why would I be a man? Because I recognize their struggles too? You are the reason so many men hate women. And I can’t disagree with them, you are awful.

    • Are women naturally more empathetic? to children yea, to how they judge men? Different story.

    • @Armourdillo if you study gender brain differences women are on average more empathic than men. Not just towards kids but in general. One of the reasons why there are less female killers and especially serial killers is because women are somewhat wired differently.

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  • Klara-Hitler

    Good take.

    Some women can't handle the fact they are not the only creatures in the world who face hardship in their lives, let alone not the only sex. Pathetic.

  • jujuthehottest

    peh, rapistas are always men.. killers are always men.. dictators are always men.. esad is male, hitler is male, stalin is male, trump is male, pedos are male, drug sellers are male, all crime offenders are generally male.. so shut up please.. dont defend a teenage or adult male's victimhood to me
    firstly you teach all males be a human!! then you can defend them

    • ecfresh

      Trump isn’t a dictator, he’s the president in a republic.

    • @ecfresh not dictator but a racist and hebephilia guy

    • ecfresh

      True, he is racist.. most people are racist to some degree

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  • ThisIsMyOpinion

    Hey ladies!
    One request... Try not to do the "Ya that is true, but women also have to deal with this, this and that". We all know that you also have your problems in society. No one is denying that here. We are simply adressing men's problems now.

    • No_Archons

      Oh my god thank you, this needed to be said

  • Anjali090

    It’s men who put down men all the time. Who supports circumcision? Plenty of men support it because they believe it prevents diseases and is required in islam and Christianity. And who laughs when a man gets raped? Other men of course. They say things like “hahha you let a woman rape? “ “there’s no such thing as male rape”. Those comments come from other men. As for forced marriages? Done by other men. The father forces other guy to marry his daughter. And as for height? Short guys have no problem finding a date. Just you. Maybe you have a bad personality which shows by writing this poor Take! Take responsibility and be a man! 🙌🏼👍🏼

    • ADFSDF1996

      Funny. A couple years ago, I got in a bad argument with a female user on here that didn’t think male rape is real.

    • Anjali090

      The male downvotes make me laugh 🤣🤣😂😁

    • girl the 'just you.' is sending me 😂

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  • Great list. I would also add divorce/child custody disparities. One illustrative example is a recent case where the dad took full care of the child while the mother was incarcerated for eight years only to have the mother almost immediately being given full physical custody upon release.

    Also, there is a huge disparity in spousal support awards depending upon whether the recipient is male of female. In two cases last year before the same judge where the salaries and assets of all involved were nearly identical down to length of marriage, with the only difference being that the wife was primary child caregiver in the first marriage and the husband was primary child caregiver in the second, the wife in the first received a 25% larger dollar amount in spousal support per month with no end date while the husband in the second received less per month with an automatic termination in six years. The child support award were the same under statute, but the judge, who has discretion over spousal, looked at two identical situations and gave the lady far, far, far more.

  • Damiankane

    Every single person on this planet has to go through problems , sometimes problems based on gender , race or religion.

    Humans of every race , gender and religion have their own unique traits but that same unique trait can cause fear , hatred or even jealousy ( the common fear of something different )
    Here are some race based stereotypes (negative )

    1. Black men - seen as thugs , uneducated , worthless , abusers and horrible fathers ( also there are rumors who say they have the highest chance of having std )

    2. White men - although this may not be popular but these some I heard ) - seen as racist , sexist , mass murders , pedophiles , serial killers , rapes family members ( like daughters and nephews) and mentally deranged

    3. Asian men - seen as weird , feminine , small penis , weak , timid and short height

    4 . Middle eastern men - sexist and terrorists

    5. Mexicans men - well I think trump as explained to you all

    6. Indians men - sexist , perverts , immoral , smelly , ugly rapists.

    Negative stereotypes of women
    1 white women - gold diggers , flat assed , drama queens and spoiled brats

    2 black women - ugly , masculine , aggressive and bad mothers

    3 Asian women - gold diggers
    I'm not sure of Mexicans , Asian , middle eastern and white women as they have the least stereotypes

    I don't know much about religions but I know for sure that each of them have problems of their own

    So you see the human mind is made make generalisations , it is useful for scientific development and for survival but it also leads us to generalize people as well

    You can never factualize human behavior based on race , gender and religion.

    Everyone has their own shit to deal with , it's important for society to provide the necessary help for people to solve them no matter how ridiculous and shameful it may be

  • hana12

    mens are the problem even for another men isn't that ironic?

    i still think being born as a woman is way more dangerous than being born as a man.

    to all men actually suffering keep it strong search help

    • Janncis

      Funny how i see most woman jujing other woman, being mean to other woman, attacing other woman on there looks, about what they do and so on. Funny isn't it how woman bash other woman just because they dont conform to there normal standart. And dont get me started on all sceming and biching around at the end claiming to be a victim. Funny how you just dont see such behaivor around man.
      Next time when you try to make fun of other see if your any better.

      Ps. man at least fight it ower and keep living not go cry to bathroom.

    • I don't get why all the downvotes. She is telling us to keep it strong and search help.

    • feminazi opinion

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  • Jimhflmn

    The problem I have with the above is that it provides no specific male-related stats, e. g., most men who have been jailed were recidivists, not first timers, as most crimes (not murder, rape, etc.) are prosecuted with the thought of release or no long term prison stays.

  • goaded

    Wasn't the phrase “toxic masculinity” invented by a men's rights group?

    Lots of food for thought, there (I had no idea forced marriages of men was a thing), but like another poster said, in a lot of cases it's other men causing the problem as well as suffering from them - toxic masculinity.

  • UnicornLobotomy

    Family Court and an ex's allegations of domestic violence... these are directly correlated to the uptick of male suicides. Many times these men are veterans so they just throw them under veteran suicides as if it were due to their service or ptsd.

  • Poppykate

    I agree with you on these issues... but some are also a double edged sword.

    Men have a higher workplace fatality rate than women... but are also known to encourage in risky, dangerous and sometimes downright irresponsible behaviour in the workplace at much higher rates than women. You only have to look at workers compensation for statistics.

    Men are more likely to be victims of a violent crime... but men are 10 times more likely to commit a violent crime!

    While, I feel that these issues need to be address, men do need to take responsibility for their own actions.

    • No one is trying to blame those problems on women. We are just saying that those problems exist and are often neglected because they happen to men.

    • Let me take responsibility for the man who stabbed me. Nice.

    • Saying all individual men represent and need to answer for anything any man does is just wrong, im sorry. I refuse to take responsibility for shit I did not do. I will GLADLY help others in need and give representation where i can, but i REFUSE to take responsibility for another actions.

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  • stuntbrain

    It's strange that a supposed patriarchal society provides men with the least amount of support

    • not all of them are rich and old. if men saw and understood that difference more, men would hate the patriarchy a lot more.

    • 0112358

      @yourfavperson It's almost like patriarchy isn't a thing, and actually money is what matters.

    • it still very much does exist who do u think made and kept the system going?

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  • yourfavperson

    whg does every issue you bring up revolve around women? and is somehow womens fault? sounds like you're projecting your insecurities subconsciously.

    • Anjali090

      Lmao 🤣 right?

    • ADFSDF1996

      Where did I say that I blame women?

    • read 2. 4. 6. 7. 10.12. 14. 15. 17. all comparing it to women. this isn't a competition. you managed to make mens issues all about women, how is that going to help you?

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  • Blame patriarchy that refuses to believe that men can be victims too.

    • ADFSDF1996

      The patriarchy doesn’t exist in the developed world.

    • Guanfei

      Except the ones denying it and doing everything to silence it are feminists, because apparently talking about men issues is a threat to feminism.

    • @adfsdf1996 so yeah let's disregard all other countries of the world. Nice.

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  • UncleJessieRabbit

    Absolutely. It's even scary that this sort of thing happens in so-called "civilized" Western countries like Europe and the USA.

    There is always some group of people society needs to hate on no matter what era.

    • It wasn't even much about equality since the beginning. These people knew what was going on.

  • Alpha09

    Good take. Though for 16, I don't who TF is thinking women make up most war casualties. Men are doing most of the fighting and paired with any men caught in crossfire I'd say the rate of men dying is definitely higher. For 14: the outrage for female objectification usually comes from the fact that women are seen as lesser then when the less clothes they have on. Whereas societies perception of a guy with no clothes doesn't really change. He's still treated with respect. No shirt on, no problem. If she doesn't have a shirt on, well she better cover up or she's a slut. We aren't worried about male objectification because a guy with no clothes on isn't seen as demeaning. There isn't a downside. It's starting to even out as society progresses but the stigma is still present.
    11: I haven't met anyone who thinks raping a guy is "empowering" thank God, most of us don't think that way.

  • cth96190

    All of the above is good, but there is more, such as unjust divorce law and laws that criminalise normal male sexuality. In Britain and France, approaching a woman can result in a man doing time for an Orwellian hate/thought crime.
    I say that nothing will change until enough men take the black pill. Walk away, go Galt, and let everything burn to the ground.
    Place upon society, especially women, the same value that they have put upon you.

  • TheAceholeSupreme666

    Aside from marriage, death, prison, false sex crimes allegations, and military service (I am not eligible), I have endured just about everything on that list.
    Rape (by a male in 1983 on my 6th birthday, twice by females. Didn't bother reporting it because I know it's fucking pointless, not the best time to be mocked and laughed at by the cops for bothering to waste their time making said report)
    Homeless (I was homeless for nearly 2 decades)
    Heightism (I'm short, but the dexterity thing is great as a lead guitarist)
    Genital mutilation in the form of surgical sterilization,
    Emasculation (my 2 Twisted Fucking Sisters and several ex's),
    Gender biased insults,
    Violent crime (numerous attempts on my life),
    & plenty of other things...
    The shit thing is, I am expected to just allow myself to be a punching bag and I am not allowed to defend myself in any manner. I'm 3xpected to just sit down, shut up, and take my medicine.
    The shit I have been through quite literally qualifies as torture.
    Even if I do say something, nobody believes me, then I get mocked, laughed at, and tormented even worse for bothering to speak up. If I raise a hand to defend myself, I am the one who goes to jail.
    The laws in CA are so very heavily gender biased in favour of females, it's tragic and pitiful.

  • Most of men’s issues are caused by men. And you just seem like a whining baby so can’t take this seriously

    • So because they are caused by men they aren't serious issues anymore?

    • You guys shouldn’t be trying to compare your benign issues caused by each other to women’s issues which are mainly caused by men. That’s what he was doing. Don’t know how you didn’t notice.

    • Why not? They are still problems a gender has to face.
      Yes men are most of the rapists, but women also do it. Most women problems are caused by men, but do you really think some women aren't responsable either?
      Each gender has it's problems and he is adressing ours. That is all.

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  • ShadowofRegret

    Good take sir!

    I had been sexually harassed by a female relative when I was a child, yet only my father took it seriously, everyone else did not even care to listen, not even law enforcement (they ignored me.)

    "Patriarchy"... what nonsense, if anything, we live in a matriarchy.

  • Cocacolaaddict

    Male genitalia mutilation the truth of the matter is girls find it funny they really don't care iv spoken to girls about male genitalia mutilation like when a mans dick gets chopped off (usually by an ex or gf) and honestly women just laugh at it (yeah thats right they laugh) then when you ask how can you laugh at such a thing they come back with he probably cheated I'm sure he deserved it why? Well because females have gotten this idea that all men are bad and the ones that aren't disgust them. its funny because they stop laughing when you mention about women getting their breasts cut off no not so funny then. the truth of the matter is nobody cares about males/men we are just tools to give them what they want and we are replacable just like that just a snap of the fingers if we start being human and fall short then they look for the next tool women only care about themselves that's why men are taught to be strong because nobody cares for men the only one who will care for a man is himself

  • jirwin7979

    damn thats deep i for one am a guy and yes got raped by a guy as a kid and still dont trust easy and its very hard to make friends my life is hard due to a lot of what i have read

  • Lliam

    Good MyTake, ADFSDF1996. All true. Thank you. A couple of things may have been overlooked and some could have gone into more detail. But I understand your attempt to be as brief and concise as possible.

    I was shocked but not surprised by some of the toxic comments by females whose membership in the victim mentality cult prevent them from empathizing with men at all. But I was heartened by a few enlightened and understanding women who commented.

    I will say that haters are over represented on this site. In my experience, most women like men and can understand the kinds of points that you made while being also fully aware of the problems that women ace in society. I wish that both men and women could empathize with and support each other to create justice for all.

  • Unit1

    Unfortunately only few do care.
    And since those issues won't be addressed anytime soon in terms of invisible social rules or laws in a greater scale it would be wise to simply adapt: stay safe, stay low profile and if needed then isolate from society. People are assholes anyway.

    Find the right community and stick with it. Observe more before you do something.

  • No_Archons

    I love how all the chicks turn around and make this about them, or continue to minimize these problems

  • Someguynamedbob

    Yup here in calgary Canada someone opened the only men's shelter, it was protested by feminists until it was shut down and the guy who started it hung himself in his garage, all the women trying to justify feminists, fuck I wish they only knew the damage feminism actually causes to men

    • GraveDoll

      ehhh you answer would be better if you say

      Did feminists shut Mr earl s. shelter down? That is is technical no.

      Did feminist and their loud chanting for women right "drown" him out and getting government funding for his shleter... maybe and it a big maybe.

      another case of the big story.

      Also, the year dude killed himself and closed his doors. a non-women victim's laws came into effect and 7 women shelters shut down as well that year.

    • Janncis

      @GraveDoll So how many bodies you need? Next one could be your husband, son or dad.

    • GraveDoll


      Im not auguring with you as I agree.

      I dont have a solution to this problem that still gets swept under the rug. I work with a lot of homeless shelters and I can tell you it a mess.

      But feminists do not help they are any better the ones who do much of the oppressing many of the world face. they just adding more gas to the fire.

  • bannacookies

    This is good. It's always being talked about with women, but it should be talked about with men too.

  • Combat_Orca

    I would say toxic masculinity causes so many of these issues though. How many of us have been punched in the face because some dickhead thought he’d show off how manly he is? Plus there are feminists (not all) who do talk about this.

  • JustWorthlessMe

    It's funny that you believe women truly care, it's just PC lip service that they don't believe you forgot one by the way, women who scream at and belittle men for rejecting a woman who is 100lbs overweight while they reject a guy who is 10lbs overweight... and we all know about the looks double standard

  • sp33d

    Is #5 supposed to be a crowd-pleaser? I don't get why it's on the list.

    #7 is a poorly presented point. Likewise, I could say 'statistically' (whatever this means to you) people eat out more often during the day. Are you saying women should be victims in violent crimes more often to 'even things out'? The emphasis should be on the fact that there are such crimes taking place, but you decide to make this about gender. Will we counter by saying 'statistically' men are more likely involved in criminal activities compared to women, hence they are getting shot. Or perhaps, significantly more soldiers are men and are deployed in wartorn regions of the world. Why point this out in the first place?

    #10 I'm assuming you don't know much, if anything, about law enforcement. "It’s well known" that the sentences depend on the severity of the crime.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Read the links.

    • sp33d

      Good advice, now do it yourself :D More likely you just googled something that might come close to the thematics and then linked them to this topic without knowing what they're saying. You might have skimmed, at best. This is evident from the first six references you posted.

      In short, find better grounds to support your arguments for 'men's issues'.

    • ADFSDF1996

      You really don’t have a solid argument against, considering how you only picked 3 points to poorly argue against. it’s you who should his research better.

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  • Mailo

    You are a man and you should take it like a man because it is life and life is a cruel world

    • ADFSDF1996

      Sycophancy isn’t a good thing.

    • Mailo


    • ADFSDF1996

      Then why are you expecting men to be sycophants?

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  • morrowlow

    i'm not even going to read other's comments. specially women because most of them think it's against women's interests to admit that all these problems are real. great take but like always discussing this topic won't change anything. how could it when the other side doesn't want to listen.

  • PrettyRegular

    I agree, but those problems are also created by men.

    • PinkMichae

      I agree with you. But I'm curious how you see them creating the problem. I also believe men are gonna be more the solution than women are.

    • @PinkMichae Because men are the ones thinking that oh we need to help women and men will be ok and male judges are the ones who think that female criminals will learn even with a leaner sentense etc.

    • PinkMichae

      I agree men need to start supporting each other. And I hope women also will help the best they can. But men can better understand other men and know more of how they need to start supporting each other.😎

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  • Interesting take. Some of the things mentioned I have seen in my own country, like how male victims of domestic violence are not taken seriously if they report it to the police. But of course the feminists will spout their garbage...

  • alohaahyes

    I'm glad you wrote this. People need to be just as aware of men's issues as they are of women's issues. How are y'all gonna fix this? Obviously, the people in power could care less. A lot of people are apathetic to men's problems... even men. I wrote a question asking "how come no one does anything about men's issues" or something like that and many of the responses were from guys who feel as though they have to "deal with it". Men need to get out of that mindset and do something about it. I believe men can actually learn some thing's from the 1st TWO waves of feminism and use what they learned as a way to get their problems fixed. And also they should stop allowing feminazis to stop them from doing something that will help men. People tried their best to stop women from getting rights but women still fought for them. Men can do the same with their issues.

    • DWD94

      No point in fixing it. Men have tried to fix it. Their efforts are thwarted by feminists that proceed to disrupt events organized by men and proceed to harass/bully men attending these events.

      The more men fight, the harder feminists (as well as many women) will push back. Its an endless game of tug-a-war.

      Men should just stop helping women, stop doing the dangerous jobs, start draft dodging, and refusing to marry. Maybe then people will listen, but not likely.

    • alohaahyes

      Feminists back in the day kept trying and they still got what they wanted. I thought men were the strongest (mentally and physically) gender. How could they allow a bunch of feminist to bully them? Y'all had a a couple of MRA meetings/events and gave up. Seriously? Keep trying! I doubt you've even done anything to help. Sitting behind a computer screen isn't going to help you. If there's no point in fixing it then there's no point in complaining about it, right?

    • alohaahyes

      The misandrists aren't going to help you. Men don't seem to care. people in power are only worried about what happens to women. The men who actually care about getting their issues fixed aren't putting their foot down.

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  • All_Conspiracy

    I find myself typing something and then just quit half way through because i realize that my response is as impactful as the next. Posting here changes nothing. To whoever is reading this, allocate your time wisely because i just wasted mine typing this.

  • Jan_Classic

    It's enough that 99% of the successful people are men, those 75% of suiciders can deliver my regards to sir Charles Darwin.

  • GraveDoll

    So how do we fix it?

    I see we have issues everywhere that are downsized or just always plain ignored.

    How do we fix it. None of us (im talk all genders) started the fire.

    What is it going to take to fix it? I am sitting homeboys ( getting my ass kick in Soul Calibur VI) and three do not agree while the other three do agree with you. I too agree with you but I have no idea what solution would solve it.

    Society knows about the unbalance of the genders, yet refuses and even somehow deny it even with facts. Humans are really really good at that. Always have been.

    • Kaazsz

      If you ask me, its both genders making an effort to understand eachother, while also making an effort to help the opposite gender understand you better. I am on that kind of journey. Trying really hard to understand women on a deeper more connected level. i think that if we could come closer together it would help basically everything lol. But it's hard. It seems most girls automatically assume I'm some hateful incel virgin.

      Like just right there, the proof is right there. I'm trying hard to learn more about women but it's just not working because the division between us is so bad, that anything I type must first past some sort of test. If I say any word which applies to one of the groups of hateful incel men, than I fail the test. But I don't know what those guys do or say or think. I just type and try to make a bridge, make a connection. And it gets burned down because I'm assumed to be an angry hateful resentful of women, incel. I'm not! lol.

      It would be nice if guys and gals on this site talked right, but didn't immediately talk shit and call eachother names and begin the hate train for expressing a perspective or opinion. We need to listen to eachother, and gain eachothers perspectives without judgement.

    • GraveDoll


      I agree with you and in a perfect world, it works. It would take a really fine balance to do so.

      But people have taken opinions and beliefe and turn them into facts. which is indeed a problem. With all of us from different walks of life, it would be extremely almost impossible to do so.

      I have female friends who literally shut out anything I say when I tell them not all men are bad. But some have been hurt and rape etc. And I have male friends who have mother issues or hurtful relationships with women who truly did them wrong. Again falls on
      death ears.

    • @Kaazsz This is why we're on this website. we're all on the same team here, we want to end prejudices and turn them into knowledge

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  • SomeGuyCalledTom

    Part of the problem (as seen in some comments on this very thread) is that society views men both as being both the "violators" and the "violated" when looking at the issues you noted. It's easy to shrug off the fact that most murder victims are men by saying "well most murderers are men". And this is where I think feminists are wrong with their "toxic masculinity" doctrine. Because it doesn't delineate between victim and aggressor. In their eyes, every man is a potential rapist or murderer or abuser or bully. It completely washes over the experiences of the raped, the murdered, the abused, and the bullied. All they're looking for is something that supports the existence of "toxic masculinity", and so they focus on the perpetrator's actions rather than reactions and experiences of the victim. It's hard to maintain a position that "society is ruled by a patriarchal tyranny" whilst also acknowledging the wrongdoings committed against men.

  • Outstanding take. People need to start taking every single thing you have listed here much more seriously. It has all been ignored far too long.

  • monkeynutts

    Thanks again for pointing out the hypocrisy in our societies.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    As men we can not despair. I think the problem with men nowadays is the acceptance of victim mentality.
    Its also competing against women for jobs. They increased the labor force by nearly double in the last 50 years lowering wages for men. I blame the boomers who wanted to take advantage of female employees and get their dicks sucked at woodstock.

    Its also the lack of Coming of Age ritual. Men dont know when they become men. Men need a coming of age trial or ceremony where they have to endure something, celebrate their accomplishment, and are given more duties. These duties give them a sense of purpose.
    When a man has purpose he will work hard, accomplish his goals, serve his family and community.

  • thefutureisfemale

    A lot of these are true, severe, and should not be overlooked, but none of them are excuses to mistreat women or overlook women's issues. People should be EQUAL. Everyone.
    ~ Mrs Manson