Guns Aren't The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!

Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!

With the latest mass shootings there's been a lot of talk again about how guns and people's right to bear arms should be abolished.

But do you ever question why the media mass reports these mass shootings and not other crimes that didn't involve guns? Or why the media doesn't mass report the times a legal conceal and carry citizen saved their life or the lives of others ?

People weigh in and throw their opinions around. Some who don't even live in the US, but even those that do, are you basing your opinions on real facts and truths or what you're being fed by media and those with a political agenda?

So here are some real truths.

These are some examples of where a gun actually saved lives:

Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!

The full stories examples above and more can be found here:

And these are examples of people being killed where guns were not involved and maybe if these victims had carried a gun they could possibly still be alive today:

Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!

And maybe if this woman had had a gun in her home, maybe her and her two little girls would still be alive today:

Guns Arent The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!

If you read the article, you'll see it's another instance where three people were murdered without the use of a gun.

Taking guns away from people that should have a right to protect themselves is not the answer.

Stricter punishment for criminals is. These days it seems there's more concern for criminals and their rights than victims and theirs. But to me, if you kill someone, you surrender those rights.

And also, what message do you think that sends to criminals when people justify their behavior instead of condemning it?

People have suffered enough at the hands of criminals, and a failing justice system. Don't further trample the rights of innocent, hardworking, law abiding citizens by taking away their right to defend/protect themselves and their families!

As always,Thank you for reading ♥️


Guns Aren't The Problem, Violent Criminals Are!
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  • najekim

    Goes to show what I just put into a different post:

    "Big media will not report the hundreds of times a year when a normal citizen stopped a serious crime using a firearm because it isn't shocking enough for ratings, isn't good for sensationalism, won't cause dim-witted knee jerk reactions, or goes against the liberal agenda to disarm the American public."

    "The media does not want their followers to know that the number of times a firearm was used for good vastly outweighs the number of time a firearm is used for evil."

    "Plus, they really like to vehemently blame an inanimate object than place the blame on the real problem, the person wielding it. For example, a few years ago when some guy barrelled through a crowd of people in France with a truck. Did the truck get blamed? No, the truck was only the object he used. The guy got rightfully blamed."

    You get a gold star! :)

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    • Lol really A Gold star? YAY me 🤣
      Seriously, I agree and I started the same thing on this post... Look at how many people get killed by drunk drivers, so should we make cars illegal or take drinking priveledges away from everyone. Taking guns away won't lessen crime, it'll lessen gun crimes but at the expense of more victims of people can't protect themselves.
      And changing gun laws don't have the affect on criminals, because criminals don't give a shit about the laws, if they did they wouldn't be criminals. I don't see how some people don't get that. If people read this whole take, they'd see some of those projects murdered were killed by being beaten to death, the woman and her two children, the boyfriend didn't have a gun, her beat her to death and then strangled both children to death and tried to burn their bodies. I'm sorry, someone like that should get the death penalty...

    • Excuse all the typos 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄

  • Jjpayne

    I personally don't see myself owning a gun, simply because I'd be too anixous. I'd rather have something I could do damage with, while being something that would not kill someone but be enough to stop them.

    But I understand the value of shooting at a gun range for fun or having a gun collection. And even a gun for protection is ok but I'd choose to be more careful with it.

    While it maybe unlikely, if it's in a shoebox somewhere it could be a little risky and prefer it's put into a safer place than that. Not a lock box per say but something like that...

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    • What were you thinking of instead?

      Thats your decision and thats okay, but some forces that idea on others and call them evil if they don't comply.

    • Jjpayne

      I'm open to options like a taser or bat

    • But if they have a gun, and you have a taser or bat, who do you think gonna win?
      The "you don't bring a knife to a gun fight" type moment

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Espresso-Grande

    Loved your myTake!!😍

    It's much better "said" than a lot of firearm advocates I've heard.

    It's not legal to carry any weapon where I live, but if it was, I'd definitely own a firearm to protect myself and family

    Long story cut short - Years back, my sisters ex human's was physically abusive to her. And a male friend gave her some pepper spray to protect herself. Anyway, her ex husband pushed his way into her home and attacked her. She managed to grab her spray and sray him in the eyes. She ended up getting arrested for it. But if she hadn't, she'd either be dead or have ended up in hospital, like before.

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    • Thank you! 💛 I'm glad she's safe 🙏🏼 But wait, why did she get arrested? See that's the problem, people get in trouble for protecting themselves... It's crazy to me...

    • She got arrested because he called the cops.

      Typo ex **husband ** not ex "human" 🙈😂😂

    • The cops didn't care about why she sprayed him with the pepper spray. She didn't have time to call the cops either. They wouldn't have arrived on time to help her.

      Like they say" when seconds count, the police are minutes away"
      We should be able to protect ourselves and our own family.

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  • Elliegirl

    I could say so much about all of this, but I’ll give the short version. I agree with you and believe guns aren’t the problem. Taking them away or restricting access to them (including that stupid proposal to require guns be locked or have a trigger lock on them in the home and ammunition be stored separately from the firearms wtaf 😱) would create a bigger problem. I won’t even start about the right to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government.

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  • razelove

    I have to agree with you there, I have bought and owned many weapons, in younger years doing more stupid things, if they were going to be used in crime at all, they were bought second hand with no link to my name and no receipt from owners who probably "found it".

    It would be an inconvenience to get ammo if there was sweeping gun reform, but the value of my legal guns would rise exponentially, those can be sold, cheaper, not so legal guns bought, safes buried, and yeah, things will be alright.

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  • ShadezMcgee

    If people want to truly do harm and kill someone, they will use whatever they can be it a knife, gun, baseball bat, etc. Violent people are the cause, not the weapon being used. It just depends how much damage someone wants to do. Guns are used more frequently because of the damage and effectiveness as a tool, but like the articles here, there are other methods violent people use.

    Just because one whack job decides to go postal or on a spree with a weapon doesn't mean others should be punished because of one jackass. So when someone goes on a spree with a machete, or a knife or some other object that can hack or beat someone to death, are we going to ban those from common use as well? Are those technically assault weapons in that sense since you are attacking another individual with it?

    I am pro gun and hate it when it is always used as the scapegoat because of something like a mass shooting because it is being used as emotional manipulation. Mass shootings are a miniscule subset as it is compared to other firearm related deaths, but that is what is focused on whenever it happens.

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    • Exactly!! Why not put more effort on fighting crime and violence... Instead of catering to criminals as seems to be more and more the case these days 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Lliam

    Thank you for this, bbb. <3 <3 <3 It's true.

    For many years, some powerful people have been trying to strip Americans of their most fundamental human rights. The motive for this has absolutely nothing to do with compassion. People like Bloomberg, Feinstein and Schumer look at commoners as filthy animals who are a potential danger to elites. They think animals need to be managed, which is the opposite of the principles on which the U. S. was founded.

    They spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to create astroturf organizations/propaganda factories; to lobby, to buy advertisements, memes, op-eds, editorials and air time, to maintain a constant barrage of one-sided, 100% negative propaganda about guns, gun ownership and defenders of second amendment rights. They create fake statistics by cherry picking and twisting information. They take every opportunity to cynically manipulate people with emotionalism.

    Somehow, these totalitarians managed to spin their agenda as liberal, even though it is the exact opposite. It's actually more in line with the Patriot Act, the NDAA and other unconstitutional, authoritarian attacks on liberty.

    There are in the neighborhood of 16,000 unjustifiable firearm related deaths each year. Does that sound like a large number out of 330 million citizens and more like 450 million people in the U. S. at any one time? In reality, it's a relatively tiny number if one considers that around 40,000 die from accidental poisoning and another 40,000 deaths from accidental falls. There are over 35,000 vehicular deaths and close to a million deaths due to medical error and pharmaceuticals. Where is the outcry and activism over those deaths?

    Of the 16,000 gun deaths, the FBI says that 80% are gang related. That leaves approximately 3,600 that are not gang related. But most of those 3,600 are related to robbery and other criminal activity. By definition, criminals to not comply with laws, including laws against illegally obtaining and using weapons. Only honest people do. So how would stripping every single American of their rights to self defense and recreation reduce gun violence?

    In reality, armed citizens are a deterrent to violent crime. Cases of self defense are very difficult to estimate because most cases go unreported. In the vast majority of cases, no shots are fired and in fewer cases is anyone injured. Only a tiny fraction of self defense instances result in the death of the assailant. And there are virtually no cases of collateral injury or death.
    The most conservative estimates on the number of self defense cases range around 150,000. At one time the DOJ estimated the number at 1.5 million, although I'm not sure if it still does, given political pressure. Other estimates are as high as 2.5 to 3 million. But even the lowest projection means that there were 10x more cases of self defense than homicides. How many cases of rape, robbery, brutalization, trauma and murder were prevented by armed citizens? There are endless examples of this, and none of them are covered by mainstream news.

    I'll add that the oh so scary semiautomatic rifles that have been fraudulently characterized as "assault weapons" account for maybe 300 deaths a year. How is that an emergency or reason for panic? Would banning them have any impact on gun deaths? More people than that die by electrocution from home appliances.

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    • Lliam

      Furthermore, the government imports and distributes illegal drugs while prosecuting "the war on drugs" against mostly poor people. It does the same with guns because the ability to point at gun violence gives more justification to crack down on civil rights.

      If there was any interest in reducing gun violence, the focus would be on reducing the incentive and the circumstance that drive people to crime and violence. We would also take mental health more seriously. And we would stop putting so many kids on psychoactive drugs that can cause depression, psychosis, and suicidal and homicidal thoughts. There are many other ways that we could reduce factors that lead to violent behavior.

      In the end, "gun control" is just a means of achieving totalitarianism.

    • I think it's a great Answer, but being honest it's long I'm buzzed and taking to my daughter.. I'll come back and re-read it.. Especially if get a hot flash 🤣

    • Lliam

      From the movie Phantom of the Paradise "That'll bring me down, man. I don't wanna come down."
      🤣 🤣 🤣

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  • fjh80

    The media reports on what ever suits their narrative. You gotta ask who is trying to ban, or take your guns and ask what THEIR motives are.

    I might be more inclined to get on board if I thought that I could believe such peoples’ motives. It’s fishy when they only want to focus on the cause of tragedy that suits them, and not other causes. There are often more than one cause.

    The guns aren’t the cause, they are the tool.

    If someone who honestly believed that banning or restricting guns would make the world a better place, I could take them seriously, and they might even have hope of swaying my opinion.

    When someone merely claims that banning or restricting guns would help, I start to feel manipulated. That puts my guard up, and in that case, you don’t get to take my gun.

    Consider in the USA all the talk of government manipulating truth, and trying to curb rights.
    Then consider that the entire point of the 2nd (?) amendment is to oppose a tyrannical government.
    Finally, consider that it’s the leader of that government that’s trying to take your guns.

    Add to that, the media is only telling stories that would make people side with the anti gun argument. There is too much suspicious things happening in the USA.

    So long as your government is acting shady by hiding things from the public that they should know, and arming the capital, then I don’t suggest letting your guard down.

    Don’t get me started on the suspiciousness of the election, and the refusal to properly investigate it.

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  • humanearth

    In my 20s I gave a friend my shot gun. That gun ended up saving life about 10 times in one yr.

    His girlfriend left him and told her new boyfriend about where he hide his valueables. The 1st time they tryied to rob him. They beat him so bad he couldn't talk and spent some time in the hostipal.

    He ask me for my gun because he was afraid to live there without protection.

    Well they came back, they were beating on the door trying to kick in the door. This time he was ready. He picked the phone and called the cops and told the cops that he had the shot gun ready to go in case they made it though the door.

    Cops got there and told them to leave. No one was a arrested or nothing.

    This went on for over a yr. They kept trying Till he was forced to use it and he was the one that got in trouble.

    They got in though a second story window and got to him and starting beating him. He got loose and went for the gun and shot.

    He shot the at them, he never got them, but they got the message and took off.

    He called the cops, told what happened, and the cops fined him for firing the gun in the city.

    Thats second district cops in Milwaukee for you. On the side of the bad guys.

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  • doopayo

    Bruh what? Fighting guns with more guns just isn’t going to fix anything. The MORE guns we have in people’s hands is directly proportional to our GUN VIOLENC/Crimes

    In the US currently has the most amount of people with guns and surprise, surprise we also have the highest rate of gun violence ever.

    Japan has extremely strict laws for owning firearms. As a result they have at the absolute most, ten shooting deaths per year.


    Compared to the US, Norway has about one-third of the number of guns per 100 civilians- and about one tenth of the rate of gun deaths per 100,000 people


    Hopefully this gives people something to at least reflect on.

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    • You just mentioned percentages of gun crimes though. Where's the percentages of other crimes? You think all crime will go away with guns? Like the people that got beaten to death?; Or the mom and her two little girls that got killed with his bare hands? Taking guns from people who use them strictly for protection, You'll still see crime and violence, you'll also see more victims...

    • doopayo

      I’m not talking about other crimes, I’m talking about gun crimes in particular but as for the victims of crimes. Some proven policies to have worked with other crimes are.

      1. Stricter gun laws
      Alcohol has been linked to science


      And a study found a strong correlation between alcohol stores and assaults

      2. Behavioral intervention programs

      The program then uses once-a-week interventions, based on cognitive behavioral principles, to teach youth how to react in encounters that can turn violent.

      3. Eliminating blighted housing

      A 2015 study from Branas, who's part of the Urban Health Lab, and other researchers found fixing up abandoned and vacant buildings in Philadelphia led to significant drops in overall crimes, total assaults, gun assaults, and nuisance crimes.

      Their are many laws we could enforce and things that we could alter that could greatly decrease our crime rate, but many organizations benefit from crime and as a result I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have a solution to drop crime by 99.9% but just refuse to implement it for their own personal gain.

      Just look at what cancer research centers did when they found the literal cure to cancer. They have a cure, they have the remedies but won’t give it to cancer patients because theirs more money and business in people staying sick


    • yofuknutz

      ^^^^ criminal apologist maybe even a future criminal herself.

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  • queenimpala

    I agree that people can own guns (I plan to own one day) and I agree that violent criminals are the problem. However, my best friend was in Parkland. How do we stop mass shooters?

    Same thing with the Colorado shooting (10 people in a grocery store). Maybe just a simple background check for mental health history/disabilities/crime record? I'm just trying to think of ideas

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    • I agree they should implement that... But I also think stricter crime not only for criminals but for anyone caught selling guns illegally to criminals. Because not all gun owners, especially criminals obtained them legally... And maybe don't just charge the teens in the school shootings, charge the parents of it was their guns used... If you're going to have guns in a house with children, you have to be safe and smart about it...

  • Jaylaa2000

    Obviously but why do we need assault rifles?

    Are we expecting an army to break into our house?

    Or are we so scared and paranoid that we think we need an arsenal?

    I keep a handgun for protection and will put someone down that breaks in. But i don't need an arsenal 2 do it.

    As usual we take our god given right and over do it.

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    • I agree with that... Glad you have a gun... Please stay safe... I great it's going to be a very violent summer... It's already been bad here and ain't even summer yet ♥️♥️

    • *fear not great

    • 💞💞💞

  • normalice

    In fact, what you normally hear is a call for universal background checks, which something like 90% of the country agrees with. But because 90% agrees, the republicans are quick to change the argument by arguing against things no one is calling for, like taking guns away or banning bump stocks. Soinds like a dumb trick but it works every time, thus ensuring a next time..

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    • I've seen time and again on here where people say guns should be banned. Not background checks, but banned altogether. I don't have a problem with background checks. But that alone don't stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals. That's where there needs to be stricter punishments sentences for those that break the law. Whether it's being a criminal or selling a gun to a criminal

    • normalice

      Right, people on the internet say pretty much everything there is to say - some even mean it. But i doubt there are many U. S. senators on this site..

  • TonyMetal___86

    Miss brains, i think that we have different opinions here, your doing just like the media, instead your showing it's positive side while the media is showing the negative side...

    In fact such weapons do not have a positive side, they only have a negative side, somtimes it can be positive but most of the times, NO!

    Your calling everyone to be armed, which means more murders and more crimes will come to action...

    Carrying a gun won't even make you think twice before pulling it and shooting someone...

    Sometimes you might be in a confrontation but not a deadly one, maybe just some argument, you will pull your gun and shoot to show some power over everyone or kill someone while he or she wasn't causing a lethal danger on your life... etc, the list won't finish!

    I'm against weapons and violence, that's why there are police departements, army and all the other security institutions...

    If you want to carry a gun, you must have a lisence and it won't be given easily, also using your gun without being in real danger which is deadly will cost you a lot plus a sever jail punishment...

    Sometimes a word or an action is worth a dozen weapon...

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    • Yes we do disagree here.
      So, first I'm not calling for everyone to be armed. I'm saying it is the right of people to choose to arm themselves.
      Obviously, anyone owning a gun should have extensive training in how to properly use a gun, including gun safety.
      And to imply everyone that owns a gun would just shoot someone in a heated argument is ridiculous.
      And lastly, the police. Not one now, but two people were killed within 5 miles of my house, one right on the corner less than 500ft from my house, just an hour after my niece and nephew left. That could of easily been them. And tell me how the police helped that? If someone breaks into your home, by the time the police get there, you would most likely be dead. Like the woman in the above article. The police WERE called while she was still alive, but that didn't stop her and her two daughters, children for Christ sake, from being killed. People can have their opinion, but noone is going to tell me it's wrong to protect me and mine.

    • But your gun can lead to your own death, it doesn't always work the way you want it...

      You have the right to protect yourself but it's not like everyone is running to kill the other, killing someone ain't easy at all! Killing means ruining your whole life but if someone wants to streal your house maybe he just want to steal and never thought about committing a crime but when he feels that his life is in danger cause the owner have a gun in his hand, he might kill the owner which means the robbery will turn into a murder... that's one of the examples!

      People tend to make lots of arguments and trouble, sometimes 2 people might beat each other and than that's it! No one dies but if one of them was carrying a gun, for sure he will pull the trigger, when you own a gun, you won't think twice before killing someone and not everyone thinks like you miss brains, you might be aware about the weapon's negativity but others aren't mature like you...

      That's why i said that owning a gun must have some restrictions and strict laws...

      Killing someone who didn't cause a direct danger to your life will make you suffer here and in your after life...

      Think before you act...

      Killing and weapons aren't always the answer!

      Try to change the laws, try to change the communities and the upbringing of kids...

    • Did you read the whole take? You say beating isn't bad. Did you read that those people were beaten to death? So your advice is to just take the bearing and "hope" they don't kill you. Our just stand by while someone beats one of my daughters or grandson and hope they don't kill them. Yeah I'm sorry hell no. If anyone tries to harm one hair in his precious head, I'm protecting mine. As hard as it would be to know you had to kill Another human, it would be fat harder to know your child or grandchild died because you choose to do nothing to protect them,. I agree they need to do more to protect our communities but until that happens, I will do what I need to protect mine. So sorry, but we just going to have to agree to disagree on this one

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  • ShortCircuit

    Yes, and a large subset of violent crime is associated with gang activity--which would practically disappear overnight if we ended the war on drugs.

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  • hellacray

    Yup I mean look at prisons. They don't have any guns so you know what they carry? Self made shanks to stab people.

    Well some of them probably don't carry it but I'd bet they got it secretly stashed somewhere.

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    • Exactly,!! Do more about the criminals, do more about the court/justice system that keeps letting criminals out to commit more crimes. With stricter laws, just maybe it would be a deterrent for some.

    • hellacray

      I think they should just bring back the death penalty in every state. I mean there's people being sentenced to like 80 years in prison. The whole time he has shelter and I'm pretty sure some of my tax money is paying for it as well as their food.

      And some prisoners that get released aren't reformed at all. If anything the prison makes them even tougher.

      So what's the point? Yup bring back the death penalty. Make criminals scared of commiting crimes.

    • I agree 💯 but people say it's inhumane. I'm sorry I think it's more inhumane to care more about criminals rights than victims and innocent people. The cop that got killed in the Colorado Mass shooting had 7 kids. Where's the protests for his life? There was two people killed within 5 miles of my home in two separate incidents last week. One a 27 year old, one barely 19. Both black males. Where's the protests for their lives?
      But had it been a cop that shot them, the whole city would a burning again smh

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  • pigoat

    People's thought process over things are like addictions they will only see your MyTake as true if they want to

    By tomorrow they will be saying "guns kill people" again

    Addiction is a tough thing to overcome

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    • It's sad tho... Cuz people kill people... Take the guns away and people will still find a way to kill people... How about do away with the killers instead 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Andres77

    Well said.
    about 3% of the population commit close to 50% of violent crime in the US.
    Mental health issues abound.
    Racial fires are stoked by the media pushing an agenda.
    Things are only going to get worse now.

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  • _no_one_

    Exactly, they don't pow pow on their own. There is always a person pulling the trigger. Today's media us just relating everything to politics and agendas which sooo stupid istg these mfs would do anything for da fricling money.

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  • lancecantee

    Gun advocacy groups actively prevent research about gun violence so US socialogy researchers have very little to publish. Showing sources about gun safety is near zero for material. Other countries did report their gun statistics and started controlling gun access. Most all countries allow citizens to own guns, you just need a good reason, or you participate in competitive shooting. If people are the problem not guns, don't give the problem guns so others can use and enjoy them. All other developed countries have shown that common sense gun laws save lives and black market guns cost a fortune. Those who have them only use them in extreme circumstances because illegal gun ownership is heavily punished. A criminal with a gun in Australia is not going to harm you because if they are caught with their very very expensive illegal gun, they will face severe consequences. Very few liberals actually want to take away your guns, but conservative media will tell you the opposite. Most liberals are fine with people owning them who need them, if you don't believe me, go make a liberal friend and ask them. I myself grew up conservative in a very rural area and I know people living there need a gun, that's fair. I've also lived variously across Europe and Australia where the need for a gun is basically non-existent. I've traveled all over the US and Canada and never felt I needed a gun except in places where grizzly bears are present. I never felt the need for a weapon in my travels to cities, this includes the bad side of major cities.
    No, liberals are not coming for your guns if you're a sane human.
    I do agree large capacity magazines should be illegal, or heavily restricted, but I could budge on that a little. It can take a lot of bullets to stop a grizzly especially if there are more than one.
    But if you're a problematic person you shouldn't get a gun and move somewhere where they are not needed.
    If you're responsible, enjoy your gun.

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  • abc3643

    No, guns are the problem and scientific research has shown that...
    Why Does the U. S. Have So Many Mass Shootings? Research Is Clear: Guns.
    By Max Fisher and Josh Keller
    Nov. 7, 2017

    When the world looks at the United States, it sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested if noisy democracy, a crusader in foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and film.

    But there is one quirk that consistently puzzles America’s fans and critics alike. Why, they ask, does it experience so many mass shootings?

    Perhaps, some speculate, it is because American society is unusually violent. Or its racial divisions have frayed the bonds of society. Or its citizens lack proper mental care under a health care system that draws frequent derision abroad.

    These explanations share one thing in common: Though seemingly sensible, all have been debunked by research on shootings elsewhere in the world. Instead, an ever-growing body of research consistently reaches the same conclusion.

    The only variable that can explain the high rate of mass shootings in America is its astronomical number of guns.

    /* See the rest of the article. */

    HEADING: Beyond the Statistics
    In 2013, American gun-related deaths included 21,175 suicides, 11,208 homicides and 505 deaths caused by an accidental discharge. That same year in Japan, a country with one-third America’s population, guns were involved in only 13 deaths.

    This means an American is about 300 times more likely to die by gun homicide or accident than a Japanese person. America’s gun ownership rate is 150 times as high as Japan’s. That gap between 150 and 300 shows that gun ownership statistics alone do not explain what makes America different.

    The United States also has some of the weakest controls over who may buy a gun and what sorts of guns may be owned.

    Switzerland has the second-highest gun ownership rate of any developed country, about half that of the United States. Its gun homicide rate in 2004 was 7.7 per million people — unusually high, in keeping with the relationship between gun ownership and murders, but still a fraction of the rate in the United States.

    Swiss gun laws are more stringent, setting a higher bar for securing and keeping a license, for selling guns and for the types of guns that can be owned. Such laws reflect more than just tighter restrictions. They imply a different way of thinking about guns, as something that citizens must affirmatively earn the right to own.

    HEADING: The Difference Is Culture
    The United States is one of only three countries, along with Mexico and Guatemala, that begin with the opposite assumption: that people have an inherent right to own guns.

    The main reason American regulation of gun ownership is so weak may be the fact that the trade-offs are simply given a different weight in the United States than they are anywhere else.

    After Britain had a mass shooting in 1987, the country instituted strict gun control laws. So did Australia after a 1996 shooting. But the United States has repeatedly faced the same calculus and determined that relatively unregulated gun ownership is worth the cost to society.

    That choice, more than any statistic or regulation, is what most sets the United States apart.

    “In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate,” Dan Hodges, a British journalist, wrote in a post on Twitter two years ago, referring to the 2012 attack that killed 20 young students at an elementary school in Connecticut. “Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

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    • Really the solution isn't to take away guns but to figure out what makes people crazy and want to do mass shootings and address that. Fix people wanting to do a mass shooting without taking away our rights and I'll support that. Plus I don't trust the media or the studies when I was digging into the number of school shootings (a few years ago) I found that in many cases, if gangs were having a gun battle and happened to drive through a school zone, that was classified as a school shooting at 2 am.

      Data can be manipulated to suit which ever side wants to direct it. Every suicide, every mass shooting and every accident shooting is worth it to keep our right. Want to address a death problem, look at the 8% increase in car deaths last year and do something about that. That's not even a right, just outlaw all cars... problem solved.

    • abc3643

      I never said anything about getting rid of guns.
      I am only echoing what the fundamental analyses (note the plural) show: the number of guns in America is the reason why there are so many gun deaths in America. This is not data manipulation; it's fact based on logic and empirical evidence from all over the world documented in numerous studies. It's the number of guns because all other causal factors have been ruled out. That's called a disjunctive syllogism which Sherlock Holmes evokes when he says "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever left, however improbable, must be the truth.".

  • ILikePlants

    They aren't the sole problem but they're a problem none the less, mental health is the main concern with how common it Is that people "snap", thing is it's far too likely that person to already owns a gun or its ridiculously easy to purchase a gun both legally and illegally through countless loopholes

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    • Taking guns away does not solve the mental health issue or prevent people from "snapping". It just makes innocent people more susceptible to those attacks... People that are out to harm someone, will find another way, weapon... The same way a protection order/piece of paper really doesn't protect someone if someone is intent on harming them.

    • Thats why I said it's not the sole issue in gun violence, a 2 fold solution would be properly regulating guns with higher criteria and background checks along with easier access to therapists and counselors

    • Isn't there already free counseling programs for those that need it? The problem is you can't force people to seek help or force them to take/stay on their medications unless they are committed into facilities

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  • Twalli

    Deaths by shooting here is higher here than deaths by any other single weapon elsewhere. Outlawing guns save lives. In Japan their organized crime groups, the Yakuza, don't allow their members to carry guns. The penalties are so severe. Criminals don't carry guns due to the law there.

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    • But that would wipe out gun crimes not crime itself... You think taking away guns will stop criminals. They'll just find or make other weapons. You'll just see more victims of you take guns away from citizens who only have/use them to protect themselves. Do more to fight/stop crimes and have tougher/stricter laws/punishment for criminals...

    • Twalli

      But allow someone to shoot up schools, because they're just kids?

    • Now where the hell did I say that? Drunk drivers kill too, should we take all drivers priveledges away? Should we bad anything that can be used as a weapon, like baseball bats and knives?

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  • Kit_Kat88

    I don’t know what’s up with people in the US that more are becoming mass shooters. It’s more of how our culture affects mental health negatively that causes people to go crazy and shoot up a place

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