The Crisis of Islam

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

Part of the headache of 2020 - may it never return - was the phrase in the title of this Take. I know that we're ideologically confused today, and there is no offence whatsoever here to any group of people including all those involved in the subject.

I will try to brief on that, from my perspective in four points. Feel free to scan reading and shower me with insults and trolling, anyway.

Absolute Truth

Humans beings tend to embrace the idea of absolute truth. Absolute truth is an idea that is not subject to questioning.

Basically any form of inherited knowledge with the greeks and the Egyptians was taken this way. You can add to it, and pass it to generations, but don't touch or change.

House of Wisedom 1237 AD
House of Wisedom 1237 AD

The revolution began when muslim hands reached Alexandria library in the second millennium [it was the juice of human thought] . Islam was a young philosophical belief at the time. So Sir Alhassan Ibn Alhaitham started to notice that his colleagues are treating the natural science heritage in the same tradition "take it or leave it", the same way Muslims are supposed to treat prophets and faith. No evidence, no verification, no questioning.

So he started talking about this, which eventually established the scientific method. This new philosophical belief of Islam, actually resulted in the separation between natural sciences and philosophy in greek literature. From the perspective of that scientific community, there was nothing, NOTHING in religious heritage that needs questioning or debate.

The great discourse

Well, the problem is that the Islamic empire let's call it, used to sponsor thinkers regardless, this new trend didn't go far. For knowledge remained merged for most, and we have religious scholars, and earning living isn't exclusive to anyone. Here begins the competition, here begins the book "whispers of philosophers", and all the game. And if you notice now in Islamic heritage there is a big FUSS, a lot of BRAINSTORMING on how to fart, how to pray, how to eat, how to have sex, how to fight wars. They got it into economics, politics, military, everything!

The expiry of Imperialist Islam

And this was just a form of corruption, they divided it up to many sects and until the cash flow stopped. The mangols invaded the empire collapsed, the business was closed! they said you take this as it is, ABSOLUTE TRUTH, no touch!

Until Muslims now are lost, they don't know "what is what?? "

Example, for every single Muslim it is solid that "Music is FORBIDDEN", they can't deny that or challenge scholars, they are not able to act on it either 🙄

Because in history, doctrines, philosophies, truth is NOT verifiable, you'll get lost, words cancel each other. But natural science there is a method of test, there is verification that is not subject to our flows of perception.

And I think President Macron has a point to put it this way. A non Muslim comes and takes something from Islamic heritage labels it as a morally wrong idea and mocks it. A muslim in the other hand can not disagree, well if they did then they can respond in the same way, the law guarantees free expression. But no! neither are they able to kick this idea out of Islam's heritage.... He/she gets angry, so they resort to violence.

And this is what an intellectual crisis means, it is not an insult! It is an advice. And I think it is a call for a large part of the world to have enough humility for self correction. Outside of all the nonsense of the right and left wing, especially the left who encourage Muslims not to reflect and take intellectual criticism as racial attack.

How can we reform?

The Crisis of Islam

I think that what is happening in KSA and UAE is very much useless. To enforce fake reforms by authority in order to satisfy your economic partners in a globalized world.
Authority is what fucked things up in the first place, unless there is a real intent for self correction, the only way to use authority for reforms is by letting truth defend itself. You can bring anyone who can represent this lost assassinated heritage to debate this dominant dead outdated one, and this can happen publicly. So that the public can decide what to teach their kids without fear and influence!

May they rest in peace. And notice that the mangols, searched all the books only threw their books in the river. How did the other ones survive? Only God knows, I don't wanna know.

thanks for reading 🌷

"Searching for the truth requires removing obstructions. Such as the leftovers of ignorance, control of habit" Ibn Alhaitham
"Searching for the truth requires removing obstructions. Such as the leftovers of ignorance, control of habit" Ibn Alhaitham
"We are cursed by folks who think Allah is exclusive to them. Calling people to paradise, but they wont feed an orphan" Ibn Sina
"We are cursed by folks who think Allah is exclusive to them. Calling people to paradise, but they won't feed an orphan" Ibn Sina
"Feeling ignorance is at the foundation of knowledge" Ibn Khaldoon
"Feeling ignorance is at the foundation of knowledge" Ibn Khaldoon
"I dont think the earth is flat, it is curved. The curvature isnt appearant due to vastness, rather measured..." Alhamadani
"I don't think the earth is flat, it is curved. The curvature isn't appearant due to vastness, rather measured..." Alhamadani
"The laws of quantity and quality determine the shapes of objects.Therefore man can learn it to create what nature does"Ibn Hayan
"The laws of quantity and quality determine the shapes of objects.Therefore man can learn it to create what nature does"Ibn Hayan
" The truth must be aquired from any human source, regardless of faith" Abu Yusuf Alkendi
" The truth must be aquired from any human source, regardless of faith" Abu Yusuf Alkendi
The Crisis of Islam
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  • OfDeath

    I think what you're trying to say is that Islam has become its own worst enemy. It started out as a refreshing new take on the natural world and then descended into fanaticism.
    If that is what you're saying, I agree with you. I'm not sure they needed to invent a false story about the prophet Muhammad being exclusively dictated to by god in order to pen the Quran but that was an effective way of convincing people in those days. It worked for Jesus and they probably felt they could emulate that. Which they did. The problem we're having with Islam is that the Quran states itself to be the FINAL word of God. So zealots can easily convince themselves they are justified in carrying out heinous acts because they're doing it in the holy name of Islam.
    The issue we're facing in the current era is a clash between gods just the same as back in the days of the holy wars. Except this time, rather than it being the god of Islam vs the god of Christianity, it is the god of the traditional religions vs the god that is liberalism and humanism. What makes it even more awkward is that the right are often religious fundamentalists and the left are the liberals and humanists but the left are playing into fanatical Islamist's hands by grouping them in with the "persecuted" minorities which include blacks, women, gays, etc they've sworn to defend. The cancel culture being lead by the extreme left is coming down on critics of Islam just as hard as critics of homosexuals and that is inadvertently protecting Islamic extremism which is in stark ideological contrast to the liberalist agenda. It will take time but I think the humanists and liberals will win. God in the traditional sense has been long dead. It only survives through indoctrination and stubborn traditional values. However, I believe humanism and liberalism is about to face a new enemy which is just now coming over the horizon. That enemy is artificial intelligence. What will the humanists say when they're told a machine has calculated the most efficient way to run an economy and it comes at the price of their individual expression? Time will tell.

    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      I couldn't have put it any better. However, I don't like uniformity, I think that dissolving cultures into one humanist culture is against our nature, we tend to be different. But the issue is how to be different in a modern way. I think the Church has reformed a lot and it was not rewarded by the left, they will still put in the same basket with today's Islam, which needs reforms into a way that's accepted by both globalists and classical western civilization while also has some grounds in parts of its heritage. And if you think of Rumi for example who is from the past, but his God was not different from the Liberal God you discribed so.
      As long as it's the selectiveness of history and ancient texts, that make up a religion. Regardless of how violent these times were but there was still humanism resisting throughout all that. And I think we could do better than either validating religions entirely or denying them entirely in the first place which is proved to be useless. Even if I agree that they aren't in our best interest in this age.

      And the statement that "God of the traditional sense is long dead" is quite wrong, it might be absent, but it's on life support. Hence comes the necessity for societies to change their view collectively.

      According to what you've written I think you know that Liberals are still in disagreement because each one thinks their tradition is ought to be pushed back relative to the other one's tradition, in which case they fall into the game of their intellectual adverseries, and nothing productive comes as a result. For if you don't know, the right do cancel culture as well from time to time.
      What they can do, is prioritise globally to where their values are threatened most and still go down the list after that but not in a way that jeopardizes the human rights of any minority.

      As for artificial intelligence and transhumanism. I agree completely.

      Thank you for your opinion 🌷

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  • Thatgirl_r

    Tbh don’t understand this post. But as a Muslim woman I believe the bans France is imposing are ridiculous

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    • Anonymous

      I understand France can be full of shit, even now legalising pedophilia and the media blames Muslims for it.
      Which is stupid, how can you criticise muslims for having that in their tradition and then go ahead and legalise it.!
      I worry a lot for the muslim community in France.

      Even the calls in the Muslim world to boycott France doesn't care about them, where they will be damaged within the country. I think they are screwed by both their country and the Muslim world. But in the same time they CAN opt to get themselves outside this of this mess and decide what to say against all governments treating them like political ball.

    • Anonymous

      @Ghinkua Wow!!

    • @Ghinkua don’t know how I’m a terrorist 😂

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