Per black people logic= White people can hate Black people and not be racist.


I was reading an interesting article at the root

Per black people logic= White people can hate Black people and not be racist.

About a bigoted racist prayer in "A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal". A prayer goes

"“Dear God, Please help me to hate white people,” Walker-Barnes writes. “Or at least to want to hate them. At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively. I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.”"

The articles goes on to explain

"The Merriam-Webster dictionary has defined racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”

Our resentment towards white people has never been the result of a belief that the “human traits” of white people make them inherently inferior;

Which leads to an interesting conclusion.

Explicitly hating a race of people is not racist if you hate them over their behavior and you don't believe they are inherently inferior due to human traits. Or to paraphrase

"Our resentment towards black people has never been the result of a belief that the “human traits” of black people make them inherently inferior;"

Which literally means that by black people's logic, if white people hate black people due to their behavior as a group but believe that black people are equal and don't have any "inherently inferior human traits" then it's LITERALLY not racist. Which quite literally means that of White Americans who dislike, despise, or hate black people, only a fraction of them are actually racist.

Per black people logic= White people can hate Black people and not be racist.
Per black people logic= White people can hate Black people and not be racist.
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  • Grape-Soda
    Don't try and use logic or critical thinking with woke progressive SJW culture this degenerate ideology is based of postmodernism and neo-Marxism and rejects empirical facts, logic and reason.
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  • Bakcula
    Yes it's all the white man's fault. Black people are so perfect and don't shoot and rape like all other human's. Yes Black Neegro's can be racist too!
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    • Bakcula

      Thank you for MHG, Someone has to say it strait.

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  • adriheart7
    The fact that you thought of this question, typed it out, and read it, and still thought it was okay to post is beyond me. What went through your ignorant mind when you decided to post this comment. You guys will try to use anything to justify being racist as if its gonna make it okay. Just admit you’re racist and move on. I guess you forget what the word racist meant.
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    • Didn't you read The Root article linked and see exactly what the word racist means?

    • Redred56

      Sad part is media, politicians and people don’t care. You and I both know they will say use and do anything to get a certain reaction if it fits the "Peaceful protest" agenda!

    • Grubhub

      They’re never gonna understand because whites benefit from white privledge. They don’t have to worry about the things minorities go through

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  • doopayo
    When most block people say they hate white people it’s because of trauma they’ve been threw. And racism is a system that upholds white supremacy so if a white person where to do the same thing than yes. It’d be racism. Where as if a black person did it it’d just be ignorant but not racist
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    • Interesting how you redefine racism there to serve your purpose. How about I redefine racism to only mean non white people hating white people?

    • doopayo

      Search up systematic racism

    • So are you talking about racism or systemic racism? And black people indeed can and do do systemic racism.

      Simple example: a city council is majority black and the mayor is black. They then take action to remove people of other races from city jobs and hire as many black people as possible, as well as give city contracts to black owned companies and avoid giving contracts to non black owned companies.

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  • 420Rachel
    I don't hate any one group of people. I hate individuals for individual shitty behavior. And that's got nothing to do with physical features. It's about attitude. And if it just so happens that a lot of individual people from a certain group of people have shitty attitudes, than that's just unfortunate. I don't hate anyone at face value though.
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  • crazyish
    Aren't these articles just from someone's opinion? Or a few people with the same opinion? So your logic only applies to those individuals. You're grouping an entire race on a few individuals of said race. That's honestly what's the issue in society. We are all our own person. If someone wants to hate on a whole group according to their race, that's their problem and theirs alone. I've seen a lot of whites and blacks say they aren't racist. Why does that distinction even have to be made? In my opinion it should already be a given and shouldn't be used as a defense. Everyone should be given the benefit of doubt before being condemned just because they share any similarities with others. Assumptions about association is the problem.
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    • The prayer book it's from is a bestseller lol, target apparently has it in store.

  • NikolaiIvanov
    Yes, it's all a plot to destroy and make us extinct. Our own people defame our race and denounce their cultures the real enemtnofnour race isn't any other race but us ourselves. We should be proud of our achievements the entire world is influenced by European society and no other race has made the same contribution to humanity as us and we are the ones being destroyed.
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    • hahahahahahah, i find it absolutely hilarious how you think european people have contributed the most to humanity. What more have you guys brought then racism and descrimination. You guys have stole everything from everyone and yet you think you’ve made the biggest contribution to humanity. lmaoooo. Music, culture, trends, etc have all been set by black people and you flavorless people do nothing. You don’t contribute, you steal from other cultures, because you can’t come up with your own things. Basic dog smelling people.

    • All you did was help us plant sugarcane and cotton were speaking English right now a European language. okay name your contributions or your inventions I can go my whole life telling the contributions of Europeans, blacks are nothing but pests.

    • Black people have just ruined society the worst man in the history of America is Abraham Lincoln for setting the slaves free and not sending them all back to Africa.

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  • ashley_85
    That's the most sideways logic I think I've ever heard anybody use to try to describe something as complex as racism especially when it involves so much more than a textbook dictionary definition of a word. Historically white people believe that they are superior to black people because they believe that they're more intelligent that they are God's chosen people and because for 400 years they enslaved them and then when they couldn't do that legally anymore they set up a criminal justice system and a prison system to do it legally.
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    • Brutus977

      Racism is a marxist invention. So is anti-semitism. They were invented by Leon Trotsky, one of the fathers of communism. They are used to quell dissent amongnst the populace. Don't like a Jew idea/action/philosophy? Bam you're an anti-semite. See how that works? One of the oldest political tricks in the book. History lesson: Jews owned 90% of the slave trade and 90% of slaves in the south. Only 3% of white European men owned slaves in the south. Furthermore. Blacks have had nearly 200 years to get their shit together. That's 10 generations! They still murder eachother in the streets over fucking tennis shoes! White people don't behave like that. Maybe the worst of the worst do, people with mental disorders.

    • Actually Africans also enslaved europeans for hundreds of years.

    • ashley_85

      Anti semitism wasn't invented by Trotsky. It has been around since Biblical times, hence Pharaoh enslaving Jews to build the pyramids, Moses and the freedom of Jews from bondage

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  • SavageGirl101
    If you’re white and you hate black people you are fucking racist💀thats exactly what racism means stop being dumb
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    • Brutus977

      There are blacks that hate white people. They are just as fucking racist! I can't count how many "knockout game" videos I've seen where grown black men will punch the weak and elderly in the face while walking down the sidewalk, minding their own business. Or a group of 5 or 6 will gang up on one loner white kid and beat the shit out of them. I welcome that day they try that shit with me.

    • Don't let the door hit you on the way out you "black racism" apologist bitch

    • I mean that towards SavageGirl

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  • SlightlyEccentric
    White people hate any non-white people = Racism

    Non-white people hate white people = Perfectly acceptable

    Liberal logic
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  • KaniCrab
    This is the dumbest shit I've ever read. the logic is doing loops. and what article are citing. and its funny how the point of this post was to make fun of how black people generalize white people and then you proceed to generalize all black people with this post.

    Please explain the dumb fuckery.
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  • RealMarek
    It isn’t “black people logic,” it is critical race theory. Critical race theory is what results in the “prayer” asking for the ability to hate white people. It is bad news. The truth is that if one hates someone just because of their race it is racism, no matter who is doing the hating.
  • Jesus_is_the_guey
    You trying to use some radical idiots beliefs to justify your hatred of other races is like me using idiots like you and other alt right cucks as an excuse to white people ( which I don’t)
  • bannacookies
    I don't like any race because all races can be very stupid.
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  • DCooper
    Typical lefty bullshit; egging people on to judge one another by skin color.
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  • nobodyspecial99
    I don't really believe in racism and race it's more just good and bad people. If you don't like black people it's fine I don't really like them either but I'm not racist.
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  • jasco
    Well I understand somewhat about your logic. However as a black person myself I understand where a lot of black people come from. So far tho both white and black people are annoying and I don't wanna be bothered by either of them. My parents are racist to white people who haven't even done anything to them, however they say that there ancestors did this and that. Honestly I don't take into account what someone's family did when judging them, i judge that person base off of what I know and see. White people can change, all people can change. I don't think all white people are racist. Nor do I believe that every person who is racist, had become racist on there own. Some become racist threw parenthood and therefore its ignorance. Black people can be racist. Hate is hate regardless of reason. Racism is the hating of one skin color regardless of personal traits and deeds.
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  • OddBeMe
    You didn’t understand your own definition of racism then.
  • karaspara
    Meh 😒
  • KrakenAttackin
    Yeah, more left wing gibberish.
  • Anonymous
    What I notice is whenever a non-white person committs some awful crime there's a preemptive SJW thing to defend it rather than seek justice for the victims.
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  • Anonymous
    I hate white people too
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