Why Pro-black Doesn't Equal Anti-White For Me

Why Pro-black Doesn't Equal Anti-White For Me

I was taught to love and respect those that love and respect me by my parents. I practice a religion that tells me to love everyone, even my enemies. And not be judgmental. I was born with brown skin and classified as a black person. A minority. I'm aware of the injustices, discrimination, and downright racist actions that people like me deal with on a regular basis. I've experienced it for myself. I'm all for equality and fair treatment. I speak out when I feel offended by something and I don't have a problem doing so. I support the marches and movements such as #blacklivesmatter. But guess what? I don't hate white people.

It comes as a surprise to people when I say that. Both black and white. And it warrants many different reactions. Mostly negative. And mostly from fellow black people. They don't understand how I can possibly be for people like myself and not be against people that are different. They perceive it as me "selling out". I've had people tell me I'm ashamed of who I am and that I'm a disgrace. They even go as far as calling me "white-washed". But what they don't see is how hypocritical they are.

Why would I hate an entire group of people based off something as simple as the color of their skin? Why should I shun them and look down on them and carry around hatred in my heart for them? Because that's what SOME of them to do me? Where's the logic in hating them because they hate me? Wouldn't that make me just as bad as them? And what would it solve? Absolutely nothing. It just widens the already huge division between races. I'm a firm believer in the whole "divided we fall, united we stand" thing.

At the end of the day, we're all human beings. We all bleed the same red color. None of us had a choice as to what the color of our skin was going to be. So to be mistreated because of it is wrong. No one is born racist. Racism is taught. I wasn't taught that way. I wasn't raised to hate anyone. I have friends of all different races. All while standing up for people like myself. I don't feel that you need to be hateful to do that. We can't expect people to respect us while we disrespect them. Pro-black doesn't equal anti-white. To me, pro-black equal's anti-hate. Anti-discrimination. Anti-racism. Pro-me doesn't equal anti-you.

Why Pro-black Doesn't Equal Anti-White For Me
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  • Prof_Don
    The one thing that always intrigues me... is why the idea of "black power" is so intimidating and uncomfortable to so many nonblack people.

    Almost every other group of people can gather as a community and band together to better each other, but when black Americans do it, it is somehow an issue.

    I truly believe some feel that black Americans will form a militia and overthrow the nation to "get revenge for slavery" , ruining the American Dream for everyone else.


    But that's just a theory. People with degrees like me tend to come up with theories in our spare time about macro topics. :-P
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    • Lol some do feel that way. But it's so much bigger than slavery.

    • I know right, they focus on blacks so much that they forget that Jews run the country, Asians are on an uprise, and this country's second language is Spanish.

    • Try saying white power out loud as a white person and you will get the answer.

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    I loved this, very heart-felt and inspirational. I'm beginning to fall in love with your work.
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  • lumos
    The fact that so many people seem to have an issue with saying "black lives matter" without saying "but all lives matter" implies that they have a problem with acknowledging black lives. They have a problem with admitting that black lives do indeed matter, too. I mean, it's kind of a given that all lives matter, so why do people think that it takes away from that fact by admitting that black lives matter? Because it intimidates them and makes them feel uncomfortable. And that is racist. It's just about as stupid as saying "spaghetti is delicious" and having someone else chime in, saying "but BREAD is delicious TOO!" like ok? Why didn't you just nod your head and move on? Why you gotta make it about bread when we were clearly talking about spaghetti?
  • justbanANNAz
    imma be blunt [well nothing new but anyway] and say that people who think pro black and anti white are synonymous are freakin messed up in the head.
    it doesn't even make sense! like it reallyyyy doesn't.

    "Why would I hate an entire group of people based off something as simple as the color of their skin?"

    ^^^ this. this is why i have counted over 300 generalisations on this site now. to make the point that it will NEVER stop. u dont like being put in a box do u? neither do i, but guess what? humans like putting each other into stupid boxes, almost like a freaking classification system. because u know, the common term HUMAN isn't good enough.

    THEN of course leading on from that, u have the ridiculous stereotypes associated with each group. to think that we're so pea brained to allow things like that to cause wars, kill masses of people and create divisions so strong that they will not break before our lifetime.

    ok rant over. i applaud u for writing this. then again, your uniqueness has always been refreshing.

    • Thank you for reading! I seriously don't understand people sometimes. So much turmoil. So much pain. So much division. So much hatred. And for what? Because we as a human race don't all look the same? It makes me no sense to me. And the generalizations are ridiculous. It's sickening.

    • no problem!
      it's done NOTHING useful for our world. at all.
      you're a strong woman and i know u will rise above it, and help others to do so as well.

    • Thank you Anna. I appreciate that. From one strong woman to the next.

  • Stacyzee
    I don't hate anyone either.
    Leave me in a room with someone for 30 minutes then I may dislike them because of their character.
    Totally different story obviously !
    Most races are born with brown skin. What separates us all is our phenotype. We all have different facial features and hair textures that make us different.
    These characteristics are what distinguish us the most, not our skin.
    The differences in us all are beautiful.
    When we come together a beautiful blend is formed.

    I think those that tell you to hate are those who can't let go of the pass and those who probably still face discrimination from the opposing race.
    We never know anyone's story unless we are them.
    I know it's hard to love when you've had bad experiences with the same race over and over.
    But these people need to understand these few bad experiences with that race doesn't equate to all members of that race being that way.
    When you hate you are allowing yourself to be a victim to the same heavy emotions you dislike.

    Is that what they want to be?
    A victim to hate that continues to spread?

    The beauty is in love.
    • Very well said. And I agree. I try not to allow hatred to come into my heart because once there, it grows quickly and consumes you. I don't need or want that in my life.

  • DodgersGM
    This is another great Take.

    It sucks that you catch it from people on both ends, though. I imagine that most of those people are just mired in an "us vs. them" mentality, which is so sad to me. Some white people think that you're trying to knock them down a peg, and some black people think that you're betraying your "own kind." All due respect, I think they're all idiots, both of 'em.
    • Thank you. And it's definitely the us vs. them mentality that bugs me. We're all human beings. The color of skin shouldn't be wrecking so much havoc in this world.

    • DodgersGM

      Yeah, I don't get it either. People get can get very defensive when you say something like #blacklivesmatter, which is so strange to me, because of course they matter. Taking that one step further, they have not mattered enough in this country (and others); anybody who disagrees with that most likely has their blinders up to protect them from the ugly truth.

    • I can't understand why people get so worked up over #blacklivesmatter as if it it was created to mean that no one else matters. I think people know what the #hashtag means but they want to go against it just because.

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  • BellePepper
    YES!!! Can we stamp this, just, EVERYWHERE? Justice and equality are not a pies. There is not a finite amount that has to be taken from to be given to someone else. They're infinite just like the care and concern we should hold for one another. AWESOME take!
  • NedfromtheNed
    First of all, an astronomically better name for blacklivesmatter would of been all - lives - matter. (That has to be the biggest mistake in our entire solar-system...)

    Now, you state that "I'm aware of the injustices, discrimination, and downright racist actions that people like me deal with on a regular basis". However, you fail to realize how many 'minorities' you could create and/or exist and what forms of discrimination they could face. For instance, i should be considered a minority. Based on my background (Croatian) and religion (orthodox christian) alone, yet i am still not classified as a minority. However; i digress, the point being that if we were to take into account every single 'minority' and every single way in which they could be offended... well that would be insane. Furthermore, who is to say which "minority's" suffering is worse than the other? Is a black person being called a n***** more offensive than calling a Colombian a "gunmaker"? As you can, hopefully, see it would be impossible for the human race to avoid offending anyone (heck our very existence might offend some wack-nut hippy!). Every race faces racism, its only human nature to target things like skin color or religion when looking for a scapegoat or an insult.
    (this is not to say i support racism)

    In addition, i'll be honest when i say i have a problem with black - lives - matter. It isn't the fact that they are black (lol), nor is it the fact that they easily get out of hand and start rioting. It is their target that i detest and feel is grossly idiotic and ignorant. These people protesting against the killings of blacks are literally protesting against those who wish to protect them (can you be anymore dense?). Although some of the "police brutality" cases were extremely shady, the vast majority of them were, in my mind, just an accident that got blown out of proportion by the media. In, as far as i know, every one of the cases that has arisen in the past months the black person that was killed or harmed was a criminal. In conclusion (im running out of characters), if black - lives - matter really wanted to protect black lives, why are they not protesting the criminals and gang violence that is killing way more blacks every year than than cops are.

    - Side note -
    how come black - lives - matter are silent (as far as i know) when a non-white cop 'kills' a black person?

    You made some good points, i believe i have made some good points. Let us see what happens!
    • I can speak only for myself. I speak out against all wrongful deaths by the police. And why is black on black crime always everyone's counter argument? Im. very well aware of the black on black crime that happens everyday. But that's irrelevant I'm this conversation. The whole reason why BLM was created is because of the unequal treatment that black people receive. Are you saying that because there is black on black crime that blacks deserve to be mistreated and treated differently from white people?

    • I dont know how ANYONE could arrive at this conclusion, "Are you saying that because there is black on black crime that blacks deserve to be mistreated and treated differently from white people?"! If you did, please reread.

      The reason it is a popular, and just, counterpoint is because BLM (they totally high-jacked that from Bank of Lake Mills) is protesting the wrong thing. Everyone of their rallies has been about the death of black people, yet they all seem oblivious to the fact that gang violence is destroying their communities and that those who they persecute are only trying to save them (besides a few shady cases). WAKE UP! This isn't the 50's anymore! Cops are NOT targeting or 'hunting' black people.

      So, no, black gang violence is not an irrelevant point in this debate.

    • There's no point in going back and forth with you. You have it all figured out. Thanks for your input.

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  • nativepride73
    I don't know, but coming from a Indian (American) perspective, isn't Black Lives Matter sorta narrow? I mean, yeah, of course I believe black lives matter. Do I support the Black Lives Matter movement? No, because why should I support an organization that doesn't represent me and my people. Yes, Black Americans have experienced very direct and terrible forms of oppression and racism for the last 400+ years. I just don't like it how they make it seem like they are the ones that had it the worst in America, when they clearly haven't and try to make it seem like they are the ones facing the worst amount of racial discrimination and oppression in the current era, which, again, statistics are showing that they are not. At least, not when compared to Indian and First Nations statistics of direct government, police and individual racism.

    Again, I'm not saying blacks have it easy in America, I'm simply saying your not the only ones who experience direct police oppression, especially when you consider the person most likely to be killed by cops are Indians, not blacks. But don't you think it would be better to unite the causes together instead of having them independent from each other? I mean black Americans at least have had some support and national attention unlike reservations and other Indigenous people have had in America. Cause I don't know, but I think Native Lives Matter too, at least for me as an Indian. But that's just it, Natives get no support or anything from any mainstream group. So we are always forgotten and have to go it alone and can never gain any real traction nationally because simply there aren't enough Natives to make a real difference.
    So, again that is why I don't support the MOVEMENT of #blacklivesmatter. Because at least someone has to support Native Lives if we have to do it ourselves, like we have for the past 500 years.
    • BLM is a Marxist front. They are a form of brownshirts. They masquerade like they care about black lives, but they ignore black-on-black crime and even sometimes perpetrate it during their riots and arson.

      They masquerade that way, because it sounds better than admitting they are really about white genocide and the death of free society.

    • Well I speak for myself and I can support #blacklivesmatter while supporting other movements. I believe wholeheartedly that all lives matter. But everyone doesn't fee that way and that's the problem

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  • Mustachekitteh
    Awesome take and the part where you said," No one is born racist. Racism is taught." It made me think about this video.
  • SakuraChii
    I feel like people like Gazi Kodo gives this group a bad rep, I used to watch his videos but now it makes me uncomfortable since he refers to white people as cave men, cave beckys, toliet seat and mayonnaise. He also makes fun of their features and praises ours. Now that's racist, and doesn't help us in anyway.
    • As I told someone else, I don't support that type of behavior. It serves no purpose, which is kind of the point of this Take.

  • blue_sun
    I've just grown tired of all this. Why can't people just treat folks right? It really isn't that hard. Jesus, it's not even required to have heavy social interaction with people of other races, but you shouldn't get to be an asshole because of someone else's race.
  • passageone
    While I agree with your view about us all being human, I do want to add that being pro-black DOESN'T mean being pro-white. It simply means supporting blacks, and that's it. While you CAN be pro-black and still support whites, you can't say "I am pro-black, therefore I support white people."
    • Well above all else, I'm pro-equality. I believe everyone should be treated fairly.

  • Esplorare
    It's really annoying when white people feel the need to make everything about them, their thoughts, their feelings, and their understanding. Do you see Asians, Mexicans, Native Americans, Arabs, Hawaiians, or any other group of people claiming that pro-black means anti-their race? -_-
    • I agree

    • Esplorare

      I think it's really ridiculous that you should even have to explain this considering the history of your ancestors in this country, the way they were brutalized, harassed, and oppressed for 75% of their time here, and the fact that "Black Power" was created as an AFFIRMATION. Those were words created to empower and uplift Black men who were powerless when a white man broke into his home and raped his wife in front of him and his children. Or Black women who were harassed and picked on by groups of white people for nothing other than their genetic package. Smdh

    • I mean it's just annoying me that people are missing the point.

  • GirlsLie
    Nice take, completely agree. It reminds me of the gender equality issues a lot as well. People take such offense when you speak out against something wrong for either gender, they think you hate the opposite one. Not everything is a competition and you don't have to hate someone elses race or gender just because you stand up for something that is wrong.
    • Exactly. You don't need to hate something or someone in order to be against it. Thanks for reading tho.

  • Goldie757
  • EvilPimp
    You might believe in the united we stand, divided we fall mumbo , but this country has been divided since the end of the civil war. While some things have changed , racism is still very much alive and well in the world especially western countries. Anybody not acknowledging that very fact is lost for real.
    • Oh I know full well that it's still alive. And thriving. I just choose not to be apart of it.

    • False, racism is dead as an overall societal trait.
      (and racism was an issue before the civil war, that why we had the civil war...)

  • jjmarvin
    #blacklivesmatter is ruffling alooooot of panties lol.

    White people are shitting themselves because black people want a thing that's just about them

    And black people are shitting themselves because other black people aren't as angry as they are
    • You make it sound like it's some sort of race competition rather than a "Help black people" thing.

    • jjmarvin

      @BruceJender no i don't. But if anyone incorrectly infers that, i invite them to write a long angry essay :^)

    • You said "white people are shitting themselves" which is not only rather offensive, but also implies you're extremely happy a black pride movement is making white people (in general) feel bad about themselves.

      Furthermore #blacklivesmatter was a movement formed in the wake of the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in Florida. However, after sixteen hours of deliberations over the course of two days, on July 13, 2013, the six-person jury rendered a not guilty verdict on all counts.

      Repeat, NOT GUILTY.

      Most, if not all the occasions where the #blacklivesmatter flag has been raised is when a (young) black male has committed a crime and aggressively attacked a police officer or member of the public, leading them to being shot. *cough* Michael Brown *cough*

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  • ccp16
    One of the best questions at the last democratic debate was asked by a black American teen, 'do black lives matter, or all lives matter?'.

    I can tell you how the candidates responded impacted how I felt about hem.

    Basically- I agree with you.
  • Phoenix98
    Ehhh don't like the group to be honest, an no offense to black folks but whenever I see them in rallies or arguing with white folks about this and that they really come off as unintelligent. One black man said that they've been under 400 years of oppression which I find quite funny since America has only been a country for less then 300 years.

    At this rate though I see nothing changing.
    • Don't like what group? Black people? You talk about pride in yourself and your country all the time but you don't like a group of people that just wants equality in what's supposed to be a free and equal country?

    • well... this is new. 😔

    • Phoenix98

      -shakes head- no their skin color and agenda have nothing to do with it, it's how they go about things that makes me despise them.

      It was Martin Luther King Junior who said let someone be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin. That's what I'm doing and I don't like what I see simple as that.

      There are far better people doing a better job of it like Ben Carson. But the way black folks in general are handling things it's just going to make things worse not better.

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  • BigJake
    It's anti-white when you're expounding racist concepts like "white privilege" and calling for every white public official who disagrees with you to be fired or resign. It's also anti-white when you call for favorable college admissions practices that favor black students with lesser achievements. And finally, it's anti-white when black people focus solely on the few acts of violence by white officers against blacks while ignoring the rampant crime committed by black people against whites.
    • I do none of that so what's your point? And why don't you run me a list of anti black things while we're at it.

    • BigJake

      Regardless if you do or support these things, they *are* supported by the black lives matter group and other "pro-black" organizations. To answer your second issue, there are no "pro-white" groups because such organizations would be considered racist in the contemporary definition of that word, so there is no Caucasian analog to black lives matter.

    • Sir, are you aware of a little group called the KKK?

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  • CapricornSwagL
    Those black people call you that because they SEE how white people treat black people. They probably want to be equal soooo bad that they believe liking white won't make it happen. They live in the past AND present. They believe if black people respect white people freedom won't happen for us. They believe white people will never understand and don't deserve our kindness. They believe black and white should never mix. They feel sooo much hate towards white people. Look what's happening today. KKK forming and trying to intimidate black people. Black are tired of being nice but what they forget is that not all white people are in a kkk klan and hate black people. Don't want to see or believe it because they think it's gonna mess with our possible freedom. They don't want black people to get hurt anymore by befriending the wrong ones so they shun them all. They're just hurt and that's OK. Problem is they shun the good ones too and will NEVER think good ones are willing to be our friends, family, our support. They hate. They have a reason to hate. At least I feel they do and yeah it's wrong but I don't judge them because I don't know what they been through. Yes we are all human but racist people do not feel that way at all. I respect those that respect me PERIOD. I don't care if you're yellow. My best friend is awesome and I love her. Wouldn't trade her if I could
  • coconutelixir
    Love your post... thanks for sharing. I like how you think, and I think more people will listen to you and consider the movement, because you don't put others down to bring yourself up. Good for you.
  • Intraluminal
    • Don't even

    • I'm not trying to flip, but why not? We should be, to the limits of our abilities, working to accept everyone EQUALLY. That means no one gets preference, and no one is put down. We need to move toward social structures (like BLINDED interviews) that avoid unconscious prejudice, and punish conscious prejudice.

    • I don't completely disagree

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  • mr90skid
    Preach! It's only an issue with others when it's black pride but not other races smh
    • False, ever heard of this thing called the break up of Yugoslavia?

    • mr90skid

      Yeah and?

    • Croatian pride, killed. Muslim pride, killed. Bosnian pride, killed. Non-pro-yugoslavia pride, killed.

      You have obviously never heard of it.

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  • jacquesvol
    "At the end of the day, we're all human beings. We all bleed the same red color. None of us had a choice as to what the color of our skin was going to be."
  • Lolomon
    I wonder when is it that we started dictating people by their skin color. anyway excellent take. People gotta realize race isn't real.
  • MysteriousFlower
    Do you think its a Generational problem? Has people criticised you are much older? Of course I believe in equality and I agree with your take.
  • Powell-Peralta78
    Absolutely nailed this! Hates, stereotyping, and division has increased even more recently. All of us need to come together and end these injustices, whether it be under "black power," "Black Lives Matter" or another term to unite us.
    • It has increase drastically. I feel like I've been teleported back to 1950. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Possibly because all of the racism in our society had a lid placed over it that after the string of murders by police the lid blew off and the water boiled over causing people to either reveal their true feelings or develop these feelings.

    • I agree. A lot of people have shown there true colors.

  • Evil_romantic
    But does being pro-white equal being anti-black to you?
  • Octavius
    I think just a lot of people are freaked out by that "Justice OR ELSE" slogan from the recent million man march.
    • I think a lot more people should be freaked out that signs such as those have to be made in the first place

  • adquidorator
    I understand what you mean. Being pro-X when X has a lower standard of living than the general populous isn't being against the general populous.

  • tenchu11
    I've always been indifferent towards it. From people at my liberal college saying black lives matter and black power etc. It doesn't matter to me since I don't treat people of race different.
  • AdamThomas
    Pro-black groups aren't anti-white, but:

    "It comes as a surprise to people when I say that. Both black and white. And it warrants many different reactions. Mostly negative. And mostly from fellow black people. They don't understand how I can possibly be for people like myself and not be against people that are different. They perceive it as me "selling out". I've had people tell me I'm ashamed of who I am and that I'm a disgrace. They even go as far as calling me "white-washed"."
    • Ok...

    • Ahh, I smell what you're cookin.

    • Yes, there are some very hateful people in these groups, but the majority of them are not. And I know that I am not. I dot have any issues calling any person out for being hateful. Black, white or blue.

  • plinkett
    Every group should protect its interests. Likewise pro-white groups are by no means necessarily ant-other groups. Protecting the interests of your group does not mean you have to hate anybody else. It is a fundamental right that every group should exercise, if it has any sense of self-preservation. However, I think it should be obvious why mixing groups within the same country can be very problematic.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! Agree and love your post.
    • Thanks bestie!

    • False, all lives matter.

    • @NedfromtheNed are you going to go on everyone's post?

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  • Blackwatch8494
    I completely agree. The Black Lives Matter movement is unfortunately hijacked by people who are sanctimonious, vulgar, and in many cases regressive. Just as those are truly racist against blacks and hide behind conservative policies, many Black Lives Matter "champions" hide behind the movement to disguise their bigoted view of "the white man." This is not to say all or even most of the people who support this movement are anti-white. A vocal minority though really do preach hate against their fellow humans. One can argue that this may be a reactionary symptom to racism but this is what alienates many white people from supporting the movement (such as myself). More distinct separations between groups of people is the absolute last thing this country and world need right now. It would be far more productive to include and cooperate rather than to exclude and alienate.
    • That's true. There are people that "support" #blacklivesmatter simply to bash and spread hatred and go against what the meaning of the movement is. They usually fall under the category of those people mentioned above. The ones that hate me for not hating white people. I pay them no mind. To me #blacklivesmatter is not excluding anyone. It's just a reminder that "hey, we're people too and we have just as much of a right to be treated equally as anyone else".

    • Good for you! I'm glad that their are many people like you out there!

    • Thank you sir.

  • BruceJender
    If we're all human beings, then why do we need to use these darn labels like "Gay" marriage or "pro-gay", "pro-black"?

    Sure pro-black =/= anti-white, most people know that anyway.
    • Everything gets a a label these days. More ways to divide and conquer I guess.

    • Well it's rather moronic, but you can thank left wing radicals for that.

  • SonicDare
  • Bards
    Great take!
  • kxera
    Great take as always!
  • LogicBomber
    Does pro-white mean anti-black to you?
    • Based off what I've seen for myself, yes. Do I think all white people are like that? Of course not. But any kind of pro-white group I've seen has had hating blacks as the purpose. But that's based on what I've seen.

    • Well that can be explained by the fact that the only people bold enough to claim they are proud of being white are the hillbilly bigots.
      But I am proud of my race just as much as you are yours, although I don't have the freedom to say it without being considered racists. But I have no issue with any race.

      I also see many pro-black groups who are anti-white which gives some similarities to what you said about pro-white groups. Yes it isn't all pro-black groups, but there is a lot of anti-white bullshit spewed under the topic of being pro-black.

      I understand the need to rise up from the hatred of the past and there definitely needs to be an ability of a marginalized group to speak up and overcome, but I don't believe it should also allow bigotry of the other side.

    • I agree. Bigotry gets us nowhere and fast. I hate that there vendors has to be pro-this group and pro-that. Especially in 2015. Race should not still be an issue.

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  • You're such a white racist.
  • Krillanr
    Any life that works to survive deserves respect.