Race doesn't exist... Ethnicity does. #PoliteTalks


I don't put much effort into myTakes. I just talk like normal so here goes.

According to science race doesn't exist. According to historical record race doesn't exist. Ethnicity does exist. But here is the key key point. There are more difference biologically between the 54 ethnicities in Africa then there are between White and Black people... Let that one sink in. So Race doesn't exist guys. You need to understand that consciously so you can began to work on it subconsciously. Ethnicity is the difference you see in man not Race.

Go do your research and watch out for 20th century racist.

Wake up from your paradigm
Wake up from your paradigm
Race doesn't exist... Ethnicity does. #PoliteTalks
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  • ohshee
    This is the best my Take since I've been here 4 1/2 to 5 years. Every single human being on this planet has 97% the same DNA. Our loving God with common sense added in that 3% of our DNA the ability to adapt knowing this planet had harsh conditions no matter where you go he made it so we could adapt and that's what we did We Are All One I think you for this my take I've been waiting for this for a long time our planet our world we are headed in a direction of unknown chaos I feel there's going to come a time on Gag that there's going to be a major race bait our media start shit every fucking day A government start shit every fucking day and one of these days you and I and every other person on this planet are going to have to come together because we are going to have to unite and stop all the bullshit that keeps going on I say if you're part of the solution welcome if your part of the destruction get off the fucking planet we don't have time for this and since there's a lot of immature people here it's best not to use Black or White in a sentence when somebody ask a question about one or the other there's an issue fuck that grow up and I hope everybody that's fine this might take it becomes United because we are all going to need each other very soon if we don't already
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  • 1b9l8r1
    Scientific terms often differ in meaning than the vernacular. While your statement is scientifically accurate, the term “race” is widely understood to mean what “color” you are. Genetically I have ancestors from east and west Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. What’s my ethnicity? People who see me would overwhelmingly describe me as white. Am I judged by ethnicity (which would require medical testing, genealogical research, and an analysis of my life experience to determine) or on my race (as superficial as it may be)? The diversity of African genetics has little to do with how Black Americans are treated. Would Nama immigrants be treated differently than Hamites? Race may not exist genetically, but it definitely exists socially. Racism is a well observed phenomenon which can only occur if people can assign race in a repeatable manner.
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  • sunshineglow
    Races do exist, people are not blind. However, believing any race is less than some other race or acting that way, is racist. Whatever "political correctness" is, can pass for "scientific fact" if needed. Be more careful with making opinions. It's worse and more racist to deny races than say they do exist. Denying races also cuts off possibility of recognising the Racial-based violence and our ability to work that problem through.
    Also, which exact differences are those between those African "nationalities"? If physical features are that much large, we can talk about sub-races that are part of larger race - group.

    Nationality obsession is far more toxic. Remember Hitler started nazism on this ideology. Racism he insisted on felt like a logical follow up. Don't play with fire, please.
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  • NicoletteXO
    Incorrect. Race refers to the biological differences between different groups of humans. Ethnicity refers to the differences between groups based on identity - religious, cultural, nationality-based and so on. Race and ethnicity often have overlaps, but they don't have to.

    It may be true that understanding race in simplistic terms of 'black' / 'white' is wrong. However, what you described regarding biological traits between groups in Africa is an indication of different races of people. We may need to adjust and better define which races exist - but they do exist.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    So you call it "ethnicity" and that is acceptable, but if I call it "race," I am stupid. I think that's brilliant the way you worked that out so that you are right and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong.

    Why is it important WHAT we call the difference? And why does choosing YOUR word prove that we are thinking on a much more advanced level?
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  • suisuiola
    Race is literally just a social construct that made to differentiate people. Ethnicity is more specific and more relevant because though you’re African, you’re ethnicity is going to be way more factual and way more specific to you than piling you up into one division.
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  • jshm2
    Your mostly wrong of course. Ethnicity is more to do with culture than genetics alone. Africans are many nations and tribes - just like everyone else.
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  • ktttt
    I think there are races, but the differences are only in appearance. But in the future we will all mix and stop being different from each other.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    If the only reason why racism exists is because of race then ok let's pretend you are just going to call race "ethnicity". That would also mean "ethnicitism" exist.

    But if race don't really exist, how can one classify him if he is white or if he is black? Like really the exist to classify people even better but that doesn't mean you're supposed to make a big deal out of it
  • CantGetItUp
    What is ethnicity then? Is a tiger the same as a lion? Same family but the differences keep those two apart for evolutionary reasons. People always talk about race but never culture. We humans have evolved into our own tribes. Race is no longer relevant therefore we should be talking about whether we can coexist in a multi racial society without killing each other. America is a perfect example of a risky experiment.
  • anylolone
    Yes. Though ethnicity is not wholly biological, you are talking about clines/ecotypes here.

    And unless we travel between stars, there will never be human races because humans are too slutty and mobile.
  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    👏👏👏 EXACTLY!!💯
    Great Take.. For those that STILL don't get it! 🙄🤦
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  • TheSpaceGnome
    Race and ethnicity are both shorthand for racial ethnicity, they litterally mean the exact same thing...
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  • Wester1967
    Still trying to convince yourself it's OK to be a vulgar racist?
  • invalid1
    This is the best Take ever. I loved what you wrote. I think during the expeditions, people were called according to the color of their skin. it was quite inhumane, their whole time was. "Black man, Yellow man, Brown man, Red man, White man". With the lack of scientific education today, some people's attitudes become toxic, as some don't even know why our skins look in different ways!

    They don't know what DNA is, or they think that evolution was all about a monkey who became a human, even if they were taught that stuff, they don't embrace it. So these attitudes become SO PROBLEMATIC for those of us who understand and trust science as much as we use its benefits.

    Well written sir 👏🙏
    • ktttt

      You said what I think in scientific language)

    • invalid1

      I think it's good that you think like that.

  • t-8900
    Humans are broken down by genome types. But race continues to exist as long as people cling onto it
  • Babygirl_S
    It exists but some countries have too much of a mixture. I have seen all types of Indians so when people say Indian is a race then it makes me giggle.
  • noohair
    I believe the same way. One race many aspects.
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  • Kvynhanma
    Splitting hairs dude🙄