The Good of Orwellianism

Welcome to Dubai, a city with similar laws
Welcome to Dubai, a city with similar laws

Imagine you're a kid and you want to go get some ice cream but there's thousands...millions of perverts

50% of murders go unsolved.

Kids should feel safe in cities and towns. Surveillance needs to be updated in all cities.

Cities should have checkpoints you pass through to get into them

You have to wear a tracking band on your arm.

There are cameras everywhere, you can't hide.

When you're caught for being a piece of shit to someone, you get the appropriate punishment.

Killing someone results in heinous torture lasting for days, until death

Public humiliation is brought back in the form of highlighting humiliating aspects of your character when someone pulls your profile up

Your profile is a social media profile that harbors people's and the government's reviews of you, anyone can pull it up by taking a picture of your face.

Crime is ultimately forgiven and forgotten, criminal records do not last a lifetime.

Because the punishment for crime is real and effective. Not long and drawn out with no real pain i.e. prison and lethal injection.

Psychopaths are given their own colonies, we could use a few more australias.

The Good of Orwellianism
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  • b5fan
    None of these things have anything to do with Orwellianism and most are present with a combination of your phone and city cameras. However I ask you... what would you do if the government was a Nazi state? Or perhaps the Taliban? Or an Apartheid ethno state? Your rosy picture only sees a benevolent government given absolute power to do good. Unfortunately history has shown many times that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And giving a government this much power is always a very bad idea, because they will soon use that power to ensure they never lose power.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    "50% of murders go unsolved. . . . There are cameras everywhere, you can't hide." Not consistent.
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  • hahahmm
    It's the old hammer problem: If a man has a hammer he starts to think that every problem can be solved with a hammer. Same with technology. Same with cash. But the truth is that most problems are cultural and need to be solved in people's hearts at the family and neighborhood level. Of course it's a massive problem. It's a lot easier to say a piece of technology will fix things.. oh, and pay me $1k per unit or whatever.
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  • Juxtapose
    The Good of OrwellianismGo to China if you love authoritarian hellholes. 1984 was a warning, not a guide.
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    • 50% of murders unsolved

    • It was a libertarian nutcase complaining about effective governments

    • Juxtapose

      Dude, I don't care that 50% of murders are unsolved. Giving up my freedom is not worth saving lives.

      What's next? Banning people from becoming obese? Banning people from driving cars? Banning them from participating in dangerous sports? Banning people from taking drugs?

      I would rather be murdered than live with a boot on my neck.

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  • Moan_Chomsky
    You said "Killing someone results in heinous torture lasting for days, until death" and then "Because the punishment for crime is real and effective. Not long and drawn out with no real pain i. e. prison and lethal injection." Uhmm.. self-consistent much? One big problem with punishing perverts is that just about everybody is a pervert. Its not millions of perverts on this planet, but billions. Even women are "perverts" - for instance the prevalence of rape fantasy among women is about 63%- and thats just the ones who are comfortable enough to admit it. Meanwhile, upwards of 85% of men are attracted to 15-17 year old girls; so much that it isn't even regarded as a paraphilia. Fortunately, the majority of men can keep it in their pants. What is considered perverted differs from culture to culture. So while the Nazis murdered all homosexuals they could, the remaining non-perverted heterosexual soldiers stomped into the Soviet Union and raped 10 million girls and women. Homophobia and the resulting murder of gay people is actually one thing they (who were 97% Christian) have in common with Islam. And I'm gonna be bold in saying that people of both religions should try to adapt to the 21st century, if at all possible.
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    • He also said "Crime is ultimately forgiven and forgotten." Sounds like someone was drunk when he posted this.

  • captain_voidwalker
    I think Benjamin Franklin said it best. Its better 100 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man go to jail
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    • How is it going to jail to know who's done what

  • demonics
    Idealists tend to end up in boxes... often put their by other idealists and often of the same stripe. Its like a universal constant. Imagine inventing a revolutionary device for dispatching undesirables, only to end up undesirable yourself.
  • DarkWinterNights
    Apparently you missed the part in all these dystopian novels where the government becomes a tyrannical dictatorship that massacres anyone who doesn’t obey them.
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  • anylolone
    If you trade freedom for safety you get neither and deserve neither.
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  • Wester1967
    In my city, cops take over 1/2 of the city budget and solve approximately 2% of the crimes.
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  • vald9inches
    Go live in Dubai and go see first hand how wonderful Islamic and orwellianism is dumbass
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  • Deathraider
    What ever happen to right to privacy? Or isn’t there the concern that such technology, in the wrong hand, could crush any form of dissent, and used to go after those who hold different view?

    Also the Emirates isn’t the great country it looks like. I mean they use workers from other country and exploit them to the point that they’re pretty much slaves. The Emirates create all these building for tourism and try to look like a western country, and it’s build on the ecological damage done to coastal line for the islands and build on the backs of people who suffer.
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  • msc545
    Sounds absolutely authoritarian and hideous. The ends do not justify the means.
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