DEMONIZING THE DESIRED: Fake Moralizing and Fear of the Feminine amongst GaG Men


So... my engagement with this community has been reasonably brief.

I joined with curiosity and good intentions. My first observation was a bunch of men complaining about women. They made assertions that they were 'good guys', 'trying their best', 'down on their luck' and so on.

I had empathy. So I wrote a MyTake seeking to support and assist these men. What ensued shocked me deeply. A seemingly unending outpouring of misogynistic vitriol and victim mentality.

I've honestly never experienced anything of the kind in my real life.

I have had the good fortune of the presence of countless great men in my world. Let me tell you, great men do not behave in this manner.

What I have observed here amongst a large proportion of the male users can be boiled down to two things: fake moralising and fear of female sexuality.

And at root is just one thing: utter desecration of the feminine principle.


DEMONIZING THE DESIRED: Fake Moralizing and Fear of the Feminine amongst GaG Men

There are countless schisms to be easily observed in the collective male psyche amongst many of these GaG users.

Women here are frequently described by men as "hoes", "used pussy", "only good for twerking and OnlyFans" and on and on...

These same men then wonder why women never "give them a chance" (I dunno... would you want to give someone a chance who kept calling you a hoe?).

They suggest that women have relinquished old school values. That women have no loyalty. That women can't cook. They portray themselves as men of honour who would be wonderful and loyal husbands "if only" women were not Godless and immoral harpies.

And yet, these same men also discuss women in terms of their "market value" (vomit). They talk (with relish) about women "hitting the wall". They do not acknowledge the wisdom and value of women which comes with age. The soft and unconditional caress that a grandmother provides. The comfort that two wrinkly hands will find in one another after a lifetime of togetherness.

On the one hand they suggest women are only valuable in terms of their appearance and sexuality, and on the other they denounce women who have taken the time to deeply invest in these things.

On the one hand they castigate women for having "impossible standards", and then in the next breath they suggest women are "too easy".

They weigh in moralistically on issues such as abortion - demonizing women who find themselves in heartbreaking situations. Never once do they encourage their brothers to insist on contraception or have reversible vasectomies to prevent the situations that give rise to abortion in the first place. It is always and only the women's fault.

They suggest they will never marry a woman - they are 'going their own way'. They then complain about the proliferation of single mothers.

I could go on and on. But what I sense underneath it all is this. These men have experienced rejection, betrayal or lack of access to women - for whatever reason. And by denouncing that which they deeply yearn for, yet cannot reach, they create psychological distance between themselves and the object of their unrequited affection.


DEMONIZING THE DESIRED: Fake Moralizing and Fear of the Feminine amongst GaG Men

See, it is easier to demonize women's bodies, women's sexuality and women's souls than to admit the truth - these men actually want and need us more than anything. And by the same token - women need men just as much. We all suffer in this odious void and rift-space between the sexes.

But the truth is this: we must remember that women's bodies and women's sexuality are life-giving. We are life. Wisdom traditions the world over have venerated the feminine principle because it is the mother of all of us. Our sex, our bodies, our fecundity are the stuff of magic. As are yours.

Interestingly, many of the men who have spewed the most pernicious vitriol here have done so (apparently) in the name of the Christian God. By clinging to a transcendent code which affirms the apparent superiority of the masculine principle while (conveniently) denying and seeking to suppress the sacredness of female sexuality, they can retreat into a 'safe space' of moral superiority.

It is easier to think of oneself as morally superior while doing little to advance ones own life. It is easier to fill oneself with the puffery of the myth that God is on your side, than to acknowledge that deep down you are suffering in aching loneliness and angst. You crave a gentle woman's touch, but you cannot get it - so you retreat to the space of faux puritanical vitriol and judgmentalism.

Yet this fake moral highground is not reserved for the Christian evangelists. The red pill and MGTOW mouthpieces here also suffer from being similarly poisoned by the ideology of hatred for the feminine.

I get it - love hurts. Women have hurt you. Bad women exist. Yes, it's true.

And yet, a great man will never allow these facts to prevent him from reaching the magnificence that is possible in honest and deep communion with a woman of heart and soul.


DEMONIZING THE DESIRED: Fake Moralizing and Fear of the Feminine amongst GaG Men

Until men can resurrect their reverence for women, they will never experience the ecstatic bounty of endless love which is possible in deep relationship with a wise and radiant woman.

Until men can relinquish their insistence upon desecrating the feminine, they will never experience her grace. They will remain in a perpetual loop of bottom-feeding attitudes and behaviour. Calling women 'hoes' at 3am in the morning is not the behaviour of a great man.

Of course, this reverence must go both ways.

I have great respect for the masculine principle. I hold deep honour and an endlessly open heart for men who fearlessly show up to the world with integrity. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, I have not seen very much of that here.

In terms of my own accountability, I myself have engaged in debates with men on this site who are not worthy of my time. I will no longer do so. Instead, I will remain open to fruitful and respectful discussion with men who show up here with thoughtfulness, intelligence, respect and good intentions.

May this be a call to elevating the dialogue between men and women here.

Because God and Goddess knows, we need it!

Peace out, GaGsters. Let's try to be good to one another.

Love, NicoletteXO

DEMONIZING THE DESIRED: Fake Moralizing and Fear of the Feminine amongst GaG Men
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  • CrazyGirl2
    This was beautiful, powerful, insightful, truthful, and very-much needed to be said! When I first joined GAG I was 17. I followed instructions and uploaded a picture of myself which appeared next to my screen name and another for my home page. I answered my first question. Everyone seemed so nice, then I began getting “what do you know, you’re 17” it wasn’t to bad, but it was enough for me to avoid politics from then on! My second answer was re: sexuality! I put a lot of thought into my answer, and men and women alike complemented me, and it did feel good to be praised for my intellect. Then came the unwanted comments about my appearance “wow you’re very pretty”, “hey cutie”, “damn girl, you hot!”, “wanna f**k?”! They kept coming. My mistake? I engaged w/ them. After I made clear I would never be interested in a man THREE times my age, the attacks increased. Men, older than my father, attacked me because I DARED dismiss them b/c of their age, and just who the fuck did I think I was? I told them, I was a child, and believed it illegal to ask me for sex! It just got worse, and my father demanded I close the account, I did, but I was chased away and it bothered me! I decided to thicken my skin, and return but a forgotten password caused me to create a new screen name. I really liked my old screen name, it’s a nickname from middle school, and friends still call me “CG”, so I created a new acct, this time, after my name, was a 2, then I picked right up where I left off, (after removing my pics) attacked for rejecting men three, and four times my age! Ironically, I was a slut because I wouldn’t have sex with random strangers 3 times my age! That I was useless and unmarriable because I was not a virgin (even though my virginity was stolen from me) my virginity was all that made me valuable to men who had just offered to fly to my hometown for sex with me (still aged 17 mind you)! So thank you, for putting into words, that which I’ve long wanted to say myself!
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    • Stuff like this makes me angry seriously. You are the same age as my sister in law and I can't imagine how much I would lose it if a man acted like that to her in front of me.
      Fuck all those senile old farts who said those things to you. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • CrazyGirl2

      @This_Is_My_Opinion8 Thank you for your kind words! And while I don’t think guys in their early 50s suffer from much senility, the second part of your recommendation however, definitely rings true… Fuck ‘Em!

    • No offense but when guys hit on teens under 18 it makes me sick to my stomach. It's pedophile like and I can't stand pedophiles.

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  • Rachelspiks
    Thank you Nicolette for saying what needed to be said, and I hope you don't decide to leave GAG because of the rotten, misogynistic morons who like to get up on their soapbox and spew their disgusting, hate-filled vomit. GAG needs women (and men) like you, and besides, we make a great team :)
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    • Hahaha you always make me smile, Rachel. You and I do make a formidable team. I'd be pooing my pants if I had to face off with us 😂

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  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    The result of your first Take was expected in this community. They have no intention to change. They want the world, or better saying the opposite gender to change.

    You know that most men on this earth are not like this, good. Many women can come here and get the wrong impression of what guys are like.

    This perfectly describes their illogical way of thinking and their hypocrisy. Just going to add the one where they actually believe thta women will be rejected by all men when they reach 30, While them at 30 will have young girls throwing themselves at them. That's one of my favorites. And it falls down to the revenge idea. "You reject me now, but you will know how it feels someday and I will be the one rejecting women like you because I will have better options". Or so they hope...

    I don't think you hate men, but sadly you discovered that many here hate women. It can still be a nice place to talk, share some ideas... and bring donw the logic hammer over a few heads.

    Anyway great Take!
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    • Thanks for your reflections :)

      I actually love decent men. In fact, I'm a super devotional woman, and have no hesitation worshipping a man who worships me! It's just good ju-ju all round then :-D

      Sadly, I suspect the vast majority of GaG men have never had a decent relationship or connection with the opposite sex in their lives. However, the reality is that mostly this is a result of their own attitudes and choices.

      The idea that a woman will be rejected by men at 30 is ludicrous. I'm 35 and men are not at all shy with me. Men my age, men in their 20s, silver foxes... they all seem to want a piece!

      But I think it is completely normal that if a woman or man lives well and is full of vitality, they will always be attractive to others. And if they fill their minds with poisonous ideas about the opposite sex, they likely won't have much luck!

      Anyway, always lovely to receive your thoughts. Thanks again.

    • @NicoletteXO "Sadly, I suspect the vast majority of GaG men have never had a decent relationship or connection with the opposite sex in their lives. However, the reality is that mostly this is a result of their own attitudes and choices."

      This is the core of the matter. I feel sad for them for never having a good relationship.

      About dating over 30 I will just let them get to that age. Then they will hit their heads on the wall.

    • Haha... they're gonna turn 30 and be like "what?- 20, 30 and 40 year old women STILL think I'm a loser? But I thought all I had to do was keep eating Doritos, jacking off to porn and complaining on the internet about women all day... and that suddenly when I turned 30 they would be like moths to this sexy, sexy flame?" hahahaha

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  • JustinTimberlegs
    Great writing, completely agree. Unfortunately one of the biggest downsides to the internet is how people get away with posting whatever they want with little consequence. I would like to think half of them are trolling, but I cannot understand the logic of the other half at all. Something must be have gone really wrong to result in this kind of hate of an entire gender.

    Well you are a braver person than I, I assume this post will be bombarded by hateful comments. Good on you for having the courage to stand up against all of it.
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    • Thank you :) And yeah... I mean, I hope to God they are trolling, however I suspect a decent proportion truly believe the ideology they spew. Ultimately, it's sad for them, since it indicates they have no experience of the joy and magic which is possible in a heartfelt connection with the opposite sex.

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  • ADFSDF1996
    Because you are coming off as too aggressive.

    Just look at how you titled your previous take and the picture you chose for it.
    How to get a woman if you are an Incel

    Not to mention that you are promoting the effeminate male agenda.

    And by the way I’m not a so called “incel”. Just because I criticize left wing politics doesn’t mean I’m an “incel” or “misogynist”.
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    • @ADFSDF1996. When a woman hurls the term "incel" it is recognition that all she has to offer is sex.

    • Halibut

      I completely fail to see how anything in the author's notes encourages any "effeminate male agenda."

    • @Halibut that's because you actually read it and have a clear mind. Actually I am highly unattracted to feminized men and there is absolutely nothing in my Take that encourages that. I am 100% in favor of strong and balanced masculinity rising. A strong man values himself and values women - he doesn't hurl unprovoked puerile insults.

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  • Lliam
    That was such a great MyTake, Nicolette! So thorough and so eloquent. I couldn't agree more with everything you said 💯

    I've noticed the same thing here on GAG. It's baffling because I've rarely in my entire life met such disrespectful misogynists. I mean, young guys may occasionally make crass jokes among themselves. But to have such contempt for the entire female gender? These guys don't represent an accurate cross section of society. I don't know what draws such misanthropes to GAG. GAG is actually a great platform and thank goodness there are many really good people here.

    Here's to the sacred feminine and masculine; to the gods and goddesses out there.
    And here's to you, NicoletteXO. <3
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    • @Lliam. It's funny you use Leonardo DiCaprio as an example as he doesn't take any shit from entitled women. He only dates hot women 25 or younger and he dumps them the moment they get cunty.

    • Thank you so much Lliam - appreciating your reflections! :) You are certainly one of the few men here from whom I can always expect an intelligent and thoughtful dialogue.

      I agree with you, I don't believe that the shocking proliferation of misogyny amongst GaG men is reflected amongst 'men at large'. Honestly, I'm starting to think some of them here are just jonesing for a fight with attractive women, because that 'passionate energy' is about as close to sex as they are likely to achieve with their crummy attitudes (see Exhibit A above, hahah!)

    • Lliam

      Their unsolicited dick pics aren't generating success? Imagine the frustration! It's feminist's fault. LMAO

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  • NathanDavis
    the inadequate males have an ego that is quite fragile... that's why they're never here to engage in true dialogue but to confront and vent as much bitterness and frustration they do harbor within their guts...

    their cowardice, their resentment and their ineptitude is always heavier and then it becomes their need... a need to unleash against what they fool themselves to believe, that everything wrong with them and about them... is always the fault of women
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    • Mmm... well put, and you speaketh the truth!

  • Ez-Bri-Z
    Excellent MyTake. I too have spent countless hours on here trying to be a counterpoint to their stances of hate against women and while I do feel I have made some paths of begrudging respect with a few who have this mentality you have written about, a vast majority have no interest in debating in good faith about their stances.

    The most frustrating thing I notice is exactly the thing you mentioned in your write up, the self sabotage they exhibit. They put themselves in an echo chamber of hatred and begin to lose all reason. They get rejected a few times and begin to view women as an obstacle to not only be obtain, but then to humiliate and subjugate for their past hurts.

    The idea they are nice guys or "men of value" are just flimsy defenses of bravado that are seen through easily. Bit of advice to those of you who identify yourselves as such, ACTUAL nice guys or "men of value" never have to identify themselves as such with words. Their actions actually prove it.

    Your hypocritical stances and misogynistic vitriol prove you are neither nice or a person of any value. This is why you are alone. You aren't "going your own way" you were dismissed and sent down that path by an ugly personality that nobody wanted. Time and time again, posts asking about the superficial things like size, height, looks and wealth have consistently lost in polls voted on by women here to one consistent winner, personality.

    We all have insecurities in some way, but those of us to be well adjusted enough to be dating or married have found one universal truth, someone liked us for who we are inside.

    Or to put this simply and crudely: stop acting like an ass if you ever want to get some ass.
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  • ChrisMaster69
    @NicoletteXO very good write up and agree with it.

    Apart for the reverence, I don’t do that, people are people irrespective of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or race, we are defined by our actions or what we say, equally by inaction and what we don’t say.
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  • Flower7
    I agreed with every word of this. I have noticed the same things myself, especially on this site. I don't know if most guys in the world are really like this or if this site attracts those types for some reason. But this is definitely a huge issue. And a lot of hypocrisy.
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    • Thank you darling! Yes, I think it's mainly the guys on this site (thank goodness).

    • How many guys do you know

    • Flower7

      @MrPlentyful None. Not in person.

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  • Massageman

    Are those bottom-feeding guys you dislike going to know "fecundity" without looking it up? but I digress - - - - -

    There are a few good guys around- I'd like to think I'm at least above average in that regard.
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    • Exactly, haha. Most of them can barely spell the insults they are spewing. My favorite is when a guy here tells me I'm an idiot in a sentence full of grammatical errors. The irony is usually lost on them, but it's still amusing.

      Glad you are a cut above the rest, sir! Good for you :)

    • *lost on him! haha

    • Massageman

      Using adjectives instead of adverbials ("He swam good," instead of "well"), and chefs saying a "stalk" of celery instead of a "rib" of celery- when they should know better- are two of my pet peeves. sigh

  • t-8900
    This was extremely powerful and we'll written. I hope I never came off that bad. At least I'm opened to learning and understanding and I think part of this journey is learning what it even means to be human. I read every, last, word of this. Very well though out.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    "Until men can relinquish their insistence upon desecrating the feminine, they will never experience her grace". Grace? Seriously? I have seen very little "grace" from the women of GAG (or modern women in general). Between the tattoos, piercings, high body counts, twerking, etc., "grace" has been purged from women in general.

    Do better.
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    • Subarugirl

      The same can be said about men today. It's hypocritical to hold only one piece of the puzzle responsible. You want women to act like 1950s housewives again, them men should start acting like 1950s men again.

    • @Subarugirl exactly. This guy above initiates foul-mouthed rants against women all over GaG. Then he expects them to make him a sandwich, and gets shirty when they instead respond in kind to his vitriol.

    • Subarugirl

      @NicoletteXO oh I know lol his wife divorced him so now he is convinced that women who won’t roll over and kiss his feet and agree with everything he says are the devil incarnate.

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  • NewgodX
    Well first of all I don't belive in the endless anything you can say thats coz of my broken marriage which lasted like for 3 months or less maybe
    So logically I banned all females from my life forever but I didn't do it out of hate for females I did it to save myself from the situation again , I never played the victim I take full responsibility of my broken marriage and yes 50% of that is my ex wife's as well.
    When a house is on fire you only save what you can or what's important but you can't save everything
    So I saved a little bit of me and moved on, I am not someone who would insult other females or tell other men to leave females or anything like that but I won't allow them in my life and that's my choice coz it's my life

    Now feminist have a way to first screaming they are victims and then put 100% of the blame on men but that's not always the case, I own law firm and I get cases everyday where females clearly say they want their husband to keep paying good money and their husband should stay away from them, pretty clear what they want I am sure you would understand
    Feminists talk about equality but they don't want to face it, they talk about being independent but they don't follow it , ,

    Recently my team got a new case the wife is a dentist the husband is a bank employee the wife earns 40000 the husband earns 18000 ,, they don't have children and now the wife wants to leave her husband and still she wants her husband to pay her good amount of money every month
    She already owns bigger than her husband, even if she wants to leave her husband she could just leave him and never look back she is financially safe and her husband could never legally ask for money from her,,
    But still she wants her husband to pay

    I can go on and on coz I face reality of women every day but I think you get the point.
    Keep smiling live a long and wonderful life stay safe take care
  • HighValue
    Says a woman past 30. lol
    Biology doesn't care about anyone's opinion. Being a very good man myself, I refuse to accept a trash person as a long term mate. People's past behavior and choices matter. Only immoral, low value people say otherwise.
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    • Any man who must say I am High Value is not high value. Maybe in his own mind but nowhere else.

    • HighValue

      @EnglishEuropean You are just pathetic trash and jealous.

    • "Says a woman past 30" - What is that supposed to mean? That beyond the age of 30 a female no longer has any "market value"? That the reason for this "depreciation" is the fact that, since the only thing valuable about women is their physical appearance, they are no longer desired or desirable? Look at yourself for once, and see what needs to be improved. You're 40, so you're not exactly young anymore, and your own "market value" is vanishing rapidly.
      This is the kind of absolute bullshit that Nicolette was talking about here in this 'MyTake', the belief in some kind of 'wall' for women that, strangely enough, doesn't apply to men according to the pathetic losers who like to think they're going their own way.

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  • karaspara
    Hearts sweetie i've forgotten how many times i've told guys i've never encountered this behaviour elsewhere
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    • Right! I mean... thank God. So glad most men in real life are nothing like these morbid crazies. I'm sure there are equally horrid corners of the internet filled with vitriolic feminazis too. Though here it seems the redpillers proliferate.

  • Hanrej
    Basically all your saying with your "my take" is that instead of hoping women change men should just accept their bad experiances and cope with how women are?
    How did that work out for feminists? Have women not for the last hundred years or so complained, nagged and leverage themselves to the position they are now? Would they have gotten there if they had just accepted how men were?

    This "my take" is written just as much as a complaint of men as mens posts on women. The simplicity of the matter is that the sexes are different, women have enjoyed the attention and slow rise to power on males willingness to bend and accept but as it is with all things there are limits to how far one can bend before breaking. Women in general and feminists in particular have utterly disregarded the breaking point and now wonder why a growing number of men harbor the same recentment for women that feminists had for men.

    I'm sorry if my post seems unfair. Perhaps YOU are not a part of the problem just as the men who bent were not a part of the patriarchal problem for feminists however... That hardly mattered for women who would hold all men responsible for their lives being shitty, quite the opposite, complaining about it benefitted women in the end even if it took a hundred years. And so the pendulum has swong and now you're on the recieving end of the opposite sexes scorn. The irony. 😊
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    • Halibut

      No... that's not how it works. There is a very serious online problem of vicious, petty, chauvinism. That toxic chauvinism is almost never focused on any central goal except for women-bashing. Feminism, on the other hand, even modern feminism, I would argue, has always been focused on more specific goals for societal changes. Even when feminists talk the harm the patriarchy does, as vague as that can be... that's not man-bashing, at least not necessarily. That's referring to a type of societal change they want.

      And you're not engaging in constructive criticism either. You're just saying "you're bad."

      If you have a problem with culture... fine... do what the feminists have been doing for the last century and say what the problem is and focus on solving the problem, because the emphasis of most groups that talk about problems with women is typically on how horrible women are, in general, rather than any requests for specific change.

  • cth96190
    You were close to the mark about the motivations of MGTOW. You were as close as I have seen any woman achieve.
    Something that I would like to offer from my perspective is that I have yet to meet any of the ‘good women’ of whom you wrote.
    When I was young women rejected me because I was not an exciting (aka sociopathic) bad boy.
    Those with whom I did form relationships broke my heart in ways that could be used as script ideas for a bad soap opera.
    By my mid 30s, women who would have told me to FOAD when they were 20 came sniffing around.
    I saw them for who and what they were.
    They were former carousel riders, who were looking for a safe reliable man to give them a white picket fence before their ovaries began to specialise in Down Syndrome babies.
    My reaction was a mixture of bitterness, cynicism, cold anger and resentment, beneath a mask of asexual politeness.
    Such women still approach me while I am working, or at church.
    I am adrift in a sea of lonliness and drowning in pain. Each day, I die a little more.
    I cannot, however, respond to the women in a positive way. I go into a type of PTSD reaction that causes me to pretend to not notice what is being thrown at my feet. My response is involuntary and reflexive. I think that it is my brain’s way to avoid a pain that, more than once, had me put a pistol in my mouth.
    The black humour is that at various times the lonliness had me reciting Shakespeare to a pistol.
    Damned if I did, damned if I did not.
    The only women who have been in my bed during the past 21 years have been cats and dogs.
    • Well, thank you at least for being honest.

      I'd say something akin to what you've shared is probably the inner truth of almost all of the men here who front with such horrendous vitriol.

      Well - you have met a 'good woman' here. I'm one. Obviously this is in a non-romantic context, but still. There are plenty of great women everywhere.

      PTSD reaction is a good observation. Have you tried therapy? 21 years is an incredibly long time to go without loving connection to the opposite sex - that would be a cause of suffering for anyone, not matter what they pretend.

    • cth96190

      I tried a psychiatrist about 20 years ago, after I spent a night with a Colt 1911 in my mouth, as I rocked back and forth and begged God to kill me.
      That experience taught me that modern psychiatry was useless. Instead of dealing with a problem, the psychiatrist prescribes drugs.
      I also visited a psychologist a few times. He was more useful, but became fixated on the sexual, physical and psychological abuse that I experienced as a child.
      The most therapeutic experience that I found was to sit around a fire with other veterans and listen to them. That helped to keep my own problems in perspective.
      Nothing will take away the pain and emptiness that is inside me.

    • I agree that psychiatry is a joke.

      Psychology can work if you find a good fit - though looks like the one you went to wasn't a good fit for you.

      That's cool that being around other men around a fire helped. You may be interested in these men's groups by Mankind Project - lots of campfire brotherhood goodness here, with an emphasis on masculine forms of healing and wilderness training.

      Also... so you are a veteran? There's some absolutely incredible work being done with MDMA specifically for vets, the clinical results are amazing.
      An experience with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has the capacity to take a person outside of their pain in a way that is almost impossible by other means. Sounds like you have nothing left to lose, why not try it?

      I really wish you well and hope you can heal and find solace.

  • iWantToCry
    1. Dont assume guys can only present themselves in a disrespectful way.

    2. They were taught men and women are equal so they're deeply confused why they aren't as attractive as women.

    3. I dont even see many hateful posts on here. Your sensitivity is acting as an amplifier. My suggestion is to realize men have found women to be subpar humans all across the world for millenia. The same is probably true for women but you know they're more quiet.
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  • AmandaYVR
    You started your mytake that you are referring to with, "Ok, so here is a PSA for Incels.
    Instead of whining about your 'unfair' lot in life, here's something you can do about it."

    That was the wrong move. You created a combative situation. That's why they attacked you.
    • No - I gave them genuine solutions to problems they continually complain about suffering from. I didn't have to do that. That's not combative. That's generous.

  • bulletbob555
    I try not to comment on this, politics, and other big conspiracy theories. You on the other hand did so very eloquently.
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  • Bogoboj
    The problem is that everything changed not just female empowerment but our way of communicating as well like social media (GaG).

    And everyone keeps looking for people that agree with them so men that are hurt by women find other men that are hurt by women just to agree with them that all women are bad like MGTOW and this becomes a vicious cycle reinforcing itself.

    Of course on the women's side we have the feminists that are reinforcing there hatred for men.

    Instead of constantly finding others to agree with us so that we never grow we should try to actually find those that want to help us out of our horrible state of mind.
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    • Yes, I agree - silos which affirm toxic attitudes are a big problem. People have to want to see beyond this though. Most (either red pill or feminize camps) enjoy wallowing in the victimhood narrative.

    • *feminazi

  • Shihab91
    most of the people are here because they have a bad experience with the opposite sex. when they trash talk about the other sex it's because they are hurt don't let that make you think that all people are like this.
    • I don't think that - in fact I specifically said this is not my experience with men in my real life, only on this forum.

      That said, I think that 'having bad experiences' or being hurt is a shit excuse for being a douchebag. I was molested by my father as a kid - and I spent decades doing the work to heal from it. I don't hate men and I never have. I've experienced extraordinary love and unbelievably profound relationships with men.

      So... even if the angry men on this forum were literally buttfucked by women without their consent (and the reality is, for most of them it's that they've been metaphorically - and perhaps financially - buttfucked), I still think that is no excuse for the kind of vitriol and misogyny they front with.

    • Shihab91

      I don't know what to say but I think ignoring is the best thing to do

    • Ok, whatever.

  • goaded
    I share your opinion of many of the morons on here, but I strongly disagree with "Until men can resurrect their reverence for women, they will never experience the ecstatic bounty of endless love which is possible in deep relationship with a wise and radiant woman.".

    What people need to understand is that people are people, they have preferences and biases, and just because you find them attractive it doesn't mean they have to find you attractive, and just because you find each other attractive that you'll both like each other.

    It's important to say the things that you think might turn them off you early on, because nobody wants to find a deal-breaker months or years into a relationship. At least, not if you're looking for a long-term relationship.
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  • doopayo
    This was a great take !
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    • Thanks honey. The voodoo powers of women only amplify over time ;)

  • bamesjond0069
    All the different stances you say men have like we are a monolith. No there are individuals each with one maybe two of the stances you mention. For example i think women are too easy and total hoes with no standards. Personally i think this not because women have "too high standards" but because im fucking lots of women and putting in little effort. While another man is in a different position and having a different view. And you say who wants to fuck with a man who thinks a womans a hoe... sweetie... most of y'all. Lol.
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    • DianaWest

      hopefully you don't get any STDs. those women are easy, but so are you since all you can attract are easy hoes.

    • @DianaWest my girlfriend was a virgin so obviously not. But she's the only virgin I've met in about 6 years.

    • I would not fuck with a man like you

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  • shadowlunitic03
    It's very scary to even engage with them. They will cause chaos just to get momentary pleasure 😖
    • Exactly. It's very sad that that is their only strategy to gain a dopamine hit.

  • Halibut
    I think that was a great and eloquent post.
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  • ChiPaPa
    Interesting take.
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  • anylolone
    Sheer projection here.
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  • Anonymous
    I dont crave any touch maybe a prostitutes. Not yours
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  • Anonymous
    It's really long text to read , anybody please summarise.
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  • Anonymous
    This is not a war.. why is it men against woman woman against men?
    You say you don't like how men are treating woman.. but your doing exactly what you dislike about men.. by engaging in some sort of war against the genders by writing all that generalising crap... Sure there's a lot of lonely virgin incels who hate woman on this site... But that's cos a lot of men on the internet are ugly and can't get girls.. that's why you mostly find angry nerd woman haters online... if you look in real life you don't really see guys like that... And I definitely don't see all woman as used pussy or hoes... Infact I don't care if a woman sleep with 1000 men... I don't judge and I don't believe in the word slut... Fuck as many people as you like... Enjoy life.. sex is good... Why should you be shamed for enjoying life and fucking a lot of people? It's not that deep.. your put on earth for a short time then forever in a grave... Might as well enjoy. your time while you're here
    • Anonymous

      You jus ignore the woman hating incels on here... Don't feed into it.. your jus adding fuel to the fire

    • I am very glad you are not like that :) I was quite specific to caveat that my experience with the men here is NOT reflective of my experience with men in real life. Please read what I've written carefully before offering suggestions for matters which have already been addressed. I also said this was my experience with the vast majority of men here - that is true. Certainly it is not all of them, and I have also encountered some wonderful men here. However, my point remains that this is the most intensely misogynistic group of men I've ever encountered anywhere in my life. I do not think that pointing that out and calling for resolution is me engaging in a war. Quite the opposite. If you read the piece careful I specifically call for elevation of the dialogue between the sexes.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I was jus projecting the built up anger over the years of men Vs woman woman Vs men thing into this comment... I believe what your saying is true.. a lot of guys here are that way... Bitter incels.. your jus tryna do a good thing by bringing it to attention and teach guys not to be like that... I see your not trying to cause a war... Sorry... I think I jus felt personally attacked since I'm male myself.. sorry...

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  • Anonymous
    Modern men hate feminists because of feminists statements and actions. Men and women are not friends. They are competitors sometimes enemies. It is the new reality and I put the blame on the sacred feminine and people you
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    • Anonymous... Very well said. Men and women no longer compliment each other, now they are ferocious competitor, with women having the power of the state behind them.

    • Anonymous

      @KrakenAttackin I look forward to the break down of society where they will have to stand on their own two feet and they won't have anyone to back them but themselves.

    • I see no reason why men and women can't be friends and no reason why that competition must anywhere else besides the work market.

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  • Anonymous
    That's what we call the 'nice guys'. They'll pretend to be nice until someone rejects them or disagrees with them. Some of them act like women owe them something.
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  • Anonymous
    christ when the fuck does it end? this men vs women shit mgtow redpill incel vs feminazi shit. it has to stop it's all self destructive and neither side is winning in this hopeless battle. instead of hating and fighting each other try loving each other and showing each other a little compassion and start treating each other like human beings. but then again this is gag where all you have on here are a bunch of whining asshole shit for brains BOTH MEN AND WOMEN who perpetuate the circle and violence of hate
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    • I agree completely! Though the thing is, the redpillers and the feminazis actually love clinging to their outrage narrative. You could solve every single problem they complain about, and they'd still find a way to unearth more complaints - and spew ad hominems all over you for being generous enough to try.

      Get a load of all the guys below telling me my MyTake was a 'dig' at Incels. What a sad interpretation - it was truly created with genuine intentions to give offer solutions to problems which these men suggested they were suffering greatly from. But the reality is, they don't want solutions, because then they would have to relinquish victimhood status. And they love it. It's much easier than self-responsibility.

      Anyway, speaking of self-responsibility; after that experience, I am taking it upon myself not to engage directly with these men (it is a waste of everyone's time) and to instead make more space for the ones who are interested in a worthwhile dialogue that cultivates good energy between the sexes. Because THAT is what we need :)

  • Anonymous
    “have reversible vasectomies”

    They’re not always reversible, and the longer you have a vasectome the less likely they are to be reversible.

    If you want less misogynists women should stop saying stupid shit like this.
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  • Anonymous
    "I had empathy. So I wrote a MyTake seeking to support and assist these men. What ensued shocked me deeply."

    Oh please, how about a little honesty? Your MyTake was a condescending jab at "Incels".

    "Until men can resurrect their reverence for women..."

    Spare me. Women have earned the bad rep they have today, due in part to treating men in general disrespectfully.
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    • "Disrespectfully", you say. Let me guess. Women are "disrespectful", in your view, when they demonstrate a modicum of independence of thought, don't simply roll over when the man screams, "Make me a sandwich woman!", and when they no longer see themselves as being inferior to, and the servants of, the men in their lives.
      Well, do you know what you can do? Make me a sandwich dammit! Go on. Off you go. Oh, and while you're at it, I'd like you to do the dishes and mop the floor as well.

    • Anonymous

      @Rachelspiks Nope, none of that, actually. Nice try though.

      I will, however, happily make you a sandwich after you blow me. But only if you swallow. Whenever you're ready...