America's Common Case of Kyle Rittenhouse

Americas Common Case of Kyle Rittenhouse

I expected Kyle Rittenhouse to be found not guilty. In the days leading up to the verdict, I followed the details closely enough and already came to my own conclusion that he was going to be let off.

It was already set up that way. The judge pretty much didn't even hide the fact that he was all in for Rittenhouse, and he dropped the weapons charges which helped keep any major conviction at bay. And he openly scolded the prosecutor, which journalists and legal experts said was even unprofessional.

“Technically he did nothing wrong"

I love the way a lot of people always try to use laws and technicality to support or excuse these criminals - including some of my own co-workers. By law a 17 year-old can possess a machine gun rifle, but not a semi-automatic handgun. This in itself is standard American legal perversion and imbalance. Why in the world would a 17 year-old be able to possess a rifle but not a smaller handgun?

Also, anyone who could possibly believe Rittenhouse’s story that he went out there as some kind of medic to protect protestors or businesses, and that he “defended himself,” is no less of a fool. There was no need to defend himself with that rifle. Rittenhouse went out to the protests hoping he would have a reason to use the weapon, hoping someone would provoke him, or that major violence in some form would take shape enough for him to fire shots, and probably hoping some would see him as a hero. And he got his wish.

Gaige Grosskreutz, Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum
Gaige Grosskreutz, Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum

His defense attorneys argued that Rosenbaum, or one of the other two men Rittenhouse shot, threatened him or came at him, giving the teen a reason to use the weapon. Even if this really were the case, someone who was out there that night just to stand by as a medic or protect businesses wouldn’t have carried a rifle with him, he most likely would’ve had a pistol hidden on him until it was seriously time to use it. But instead Rittenhouse openly displayed a heavy weapon in the hopes that he would be provoked to use it.

Rittenhouse would’ve been convicted if it were the other way around

And deep down, whether the other side wants to admit it or not, we all know that. If he was a black teen who killed those three men with that rifle, all the weapons laws and technicalities would be completely ignored. The judge would’ve left the weapons charges on the table. And all the conservatives who support guns and love to say, “You don’t understand how the law works” would not be saying any of those things. Black males with guns terrify conservatives and the legal system.

Furthermore, if Rittenhouse was a black teen he would’ve been convicted far faster and even faster than an adult white male held on trial for the same crime. Even worse, if he was a black teen with conservative views and the three people he shot were also black, he would not be convicted at all.

Americas Common Case of Kyle Rittenhouse

The jury who gave the final verdict - who Rittenhouse was allowed to randomly select at the behest of the judge who said “I think people feel better when they have control.” - was made up of seven women and five men. When juries are given more women than men it’s to even out the chances of a person on trial getting harsher charges. Which probably worked in even this case, as the women jurors most likely felt like they wouldn’t want to convict a kid and see him go to prison for life, even though he didn’t think like a kid when he brought a rifle to the riots and used it. Again, if it were the other way around, the jury probably would not have looked at it this way.

The bias was already there. As we saw through the case, the judge was all in to defend Rittenhouse. As I said in the beginning of this Take, I expected him to be found not guilty. It was no surprise to me. America failed again. But I think what is more disturbing than the actual justice system is a society that says it's okay or was perfectly correct for a boy with a rifle to be let off the hook, when they would not at all be saying the same things if Rittenhouse was a teen of color.

Americas Common Case of Kyle Rittenhouse


America's Common Case of Kyle Rittenhouse
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  • purplepoppy
    One simple question. If I walked into an American police station and said I wanted to help out in the riots, would they give me a rifle and send me to wander about without any training? Probably not, even regular police officers wouldn't be sent in unless they had competed riot training.
    It seems ludicrous that a guy who's barely started shaving can just turn up and have a go without any training, backup or accountability.
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    • ManOnFire

      Excellent point.

    • No one is arguing that rioting is good or the people he killed were nice people. The point is it wasn't his responsibility to sort it out. There are people trained to deal with those situations who have procedures they have to follow and most importantly can be held accountable. Idiots like Rittenhouse inflame things and make them worse

    • Joker_

      rioting is good

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Honestly the same people who claim to care about facts so much on this website are doing everything to dodge the legal facts of this case, these clowns are actually hilarious lol
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    • BillyBalls

      The legal facts lead to the correct verdict.

      Those who deny legal facts tend to deny scientific facts too.

    • No, not really. The legal facts, suggest that he had no business being there in the first place, and he himself provoked the situation. The legal facts also suggest that it doesn’t matter what crimes the individuals he murdered committed he still had no right to kill them- yet I see people in this comment section such as yourself and others disregarding these facts.

    • BillyBalls

      He had every legal right as the rioters who were actually committing criminal acts.

      Do you think the three scumbags he shot were actually there to peacefully protest.

      The scumbags he shot should not have been there. If they were not there they would not have gotten shot.

      They are the cause of their own shootings and deaths.

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  • Avicenna
    It was the prosecution that was totally "unprofessional", i. e., unethical.

    And please stop with the tired old nonsense "a black teen would have been convicted"- there is no chance a black teen would have been put on trial in exactly the same circumstances because this was a clear case of self-defense and a malicious prosecution by leftist prosecutors that should never have occurred. No prosecutor would have risked DOJ civil rights charges and disbarment for charging a black teen under the same circumstances.
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    • ManOnFire

      "And please stop with the tired old nonsense "a black teen would have been convicted"- there is no chance a black teen would have been put on trial in exactly the same circumstances"
      - Yes, he certainly would have been. I guess you don't remember the trial of Nathanial Brazill back in 2001, or John Lee Malvo. And it's Michigan, which is known for its racial issues.

    • Avicenna

      What are you smoking? Brazill killed his teacher, and it had nothing to do with self-defense and
      most definitely wasn't a case with similar circumstances

      Malvo took part in a mass shooting spree over several weeks:

      Again, not comparable in any way to the Rittenhouse case. And I sure hope you agree both Malvo and Brazill deserve to be in prison right now. Neither Malvo nor Brazill committed their crimes in Michigan, by the way.

    • ManOnFire

      Doesn't matter. They were still tried just like other weapons felons and no prosecutors in those cases faced any civil rights charges.

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  • HighValue
    1. It wasn't a "machine gun."
    2. He didn't cross state lines with the rifle.
    3. You are a long time liberal racist liar that I remember from years ago when I used to be on this site just like how most of the editors and admin used to be back then.
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  • Exterminatore
    Kid did right morally and legally. People have a right to defend their lives and property and the lives and property of others.

    People do not have the right to commit arson, rape, sexual assault, manslaughter, theft, vandalism, assault and battery, and take their angst out on people and their property who had nothing with George Floyd, Jacob Blake, the police or any of the other situations that served as the catalyst to burn down half the country in the summer of 2020. All of those illegal acts I stated occurred at one riot or another that summer.

    Your mental gymnastics are nonsense. You’re just upset about your dead communist comrades who are probably in Hell on a rotisserie right now.

    Thank God he was acquitted. I want to see more of what he did in the future. Let it be fresh in the memories of the communist scum who think they can do violence at will unopposed and terrorize citizens who did nothing to deserve or legally justify such animalistic behavior.
  • BrosephBrostar
    Cope, commie. I know that you're sad that he wasn't beaten to death by the leftist mob and subsequently raped by Rosenbaum, but you don't get to attack someone just because they're too old for you, even if they're carrying a big, scary, black rifle.
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  • YesICan

    "Rittenhouse went out to the protests //HOPING// he would have a reason to use the weapon, hoping someone would provoke him" -False.

    "Rittenhouse would’ve been convicted if it were the other way around
    And deep down, whether the other side wants to admit it or not, we all know that. If he was a black teen who killed those three men with that rifle, all the weapons laws and technicalities would be completely ignored." - Just a speculation nothing more.

    All you did was write a long text and made it look presentable with a few pictures the use of a few big words, but once you break everything down it's just a giant pile of nothing. I don't understand how can someone be blinded by politics to the point they deny facts and proceed to demonize that kid. Your whole text is nothing more but a giant straw-man argument with a lot of speculations that don't even deserve to be dissected as it's nothing more but a fallacy.

    You are ready to demonize a kid that was practicing his right for self-defense and you along with other folks are painting this picture of him as he wanted to shoot people on purpose, and all that just cause he's more leaning to the right when it comes to politics. Which is sick and disturbing to say the least.
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  • goaded
    I can see, based on the contradictory aspects of American laws across the country, that he could be acquitted according to the law. What's terrible is that, instead of the state and country trying to amend the law to be better, right-wing leaders in congress and the ex-president are saying how wonderful he is. He killed people, with a gun he took with him into a dangerous situation (when he'd already said he'd have shot looters, if he'd had his gun).

    You just know that they're fans of the "she wouldn't have been raped if she hadn't been there/dressed like that" "argument", but when it comes to someone who's willing to kill?

    Georgia repealed their citizen's arrest law in light of the murder of a black jogger; that's the way to go.
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    • ManOnFire

      Excellent response👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • goaded

      There's a reason the anon who wants people to believe that "The gas station where it all started and where Kyle stayed up until they started attacking him, is owned by his grandparents. They came on to his property to attack him" doesn't want responses. It's not true.

  • Guanfei
    Another leftist bullshit. So, you're mad that your pedos and wife beater couldn't riot in peace?
    You're mad that couldn't murder a kid and get away with it, like they did with their other crimes?
    Well too fucking bad, Kyle was there for a reason, and if the 3 pieces of shit who attacked him stayed at home instead of burning stuff and attacking people, they would all be fine today.
    Guess that's the US today. Rioters, pedos, criminals are your new heroes. And kyle disturbed their riot. How dared he stop those peaceful people from burning and looting store?

    You see, I despise people like you at least as much than the 3 turds this kid shot. They were despicable human beings, and did what despicable human beings do. But to defend them and try to put the blame on the one who stopped them require a level of hypocrisy and rot I can't even comprehend.
    Truth is, you're against him only because he dared disturb a BLM riot, a heresy for any American leftist. And also because he's white. Which is another thing American leftists can't stand.
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  • jshm2
    Your assertion is wrong, and you should hang your head in shame.

    You also misunderstand that it was not an unanimous verdict to let him off. The prosecutor and judge were also incompetent in how they handled the case.

    It was a shitshow with too much riding on it, and should have been delayed further down the line.
  • FilmGuy93
    When dealing in matters of the law, the legal standard is the most important one. You asked about what would happen if a black person did what Kyle Rittenhouse did, well Black men are exonerated for acting in self defense all the time.

    You are viewing the situation under the impression that Black people are being persecuted in the United States, but it's just not happening. It's certainly not happening to the extent you've been told it is.
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  • Dargil
    Good of GAG Editors do not promulgate propaganda. The facts are known, correct and Kyle was properly acquitted. Don't waste my time with "technically" and "what if". I think you prejudged the case well in advance of the trial.
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  • Voodoo69
    Second amendment states I can own , carry and defend myself with a gun. We have freedom here in the United States and this is one of our rights. You want to twist it and talk about “ what if this was a black kid”. If it was a black kid I’d give him the same praise as I give Rittenhouse. If rioters want to riot then get ready for the retribution. Rioting is just a bunch of folks getting together because they are throwing a mass temper tantrum and want to be heard. Since when did the United States become a bunch of pussies and wimps? Folks , like it or not , there will be more folks now standing up and taking things into there own hands and I welcome it with open arms. If You kick a man with a riffle your probably going to get shot.
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    • ManOnFire

      "If it was a black kid I’d give him the same praise as I give Rittenhouse."
      - I really doubt it. People are only saying that because we put the question to the test. But in reality they would not be "equal" about it.

    • Joker_

      black kids

  • globetrotter22
    “Also, anyone who could possibly believe Rittenhouse’s story that he went out there as some kind of medic to protect protestors or businesses, and that he “defended himself,” is no less of a fool.”

    Bro you have written some good viewpoints on other subjects but on this one I 100% disagree with you on.
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  • exitseven
    Notice the fake news media are really quiet about the person that killed 5 people in the Christmas parade in Wisconsin yesterday. If the guy was a Trump supporter it would be a hate crime an he was racist and Trump told him to do it etc, etc , etc,
    I found out that he was a BLM supporter so nothing to see here folks and besides everyone he killed voted for Trump/
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  • IncognitoBandito
    Why is it everyone with the title of Editor on this site seems to be a mindless tool who can only regurgitate talking points that have been handed down from somewhere else? If I can predict every turn in your spiel before you even start it doesn't say much for you as a deep thinker.
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  • Rangers
    Tell me you haven't watched more than 1 minute of testimony without telling me you haven't watched more than 1 minute of testimony...

    You either know Rittenhouse isn't guilty of a crime or you're so uninformed that you somehow don't know that but in either case, you're mad about the verdict.

    If he was black, he would've been given millions on gofundme, labeled a hero in the media, released on $100 bail the next day, and never charged with anything and you know it's true
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  • Sparks32
    Unfortunately if Rittenhouse did this in my country Australia he would go to jail for sure. I believe carrying a gun to make a statement like "" you better not try and assault me because I have a gun"" is legitimate. 3 savage thugs tried anyway and justice was served and the world became a better place. Place stupid game and win stupid prizes.
  • Levin
    If he was black, let's face it, he would have received the electric chair already.
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    • Cool story bro. Guess what? Not only are you full of crap but no one gives AF about your hypothetical assertions.

      3 white guys were just convicted of murdering a black kid and a black guy was acquitted of shooting at the police on a no knock warrant case in KY.

      In this case and the other 2 the juries came to the correct conclusion.

    • Levin

      @Exterminatore another one who needs to take a chill pill. Sense of humour, remember that?

    • Dude. I’m am the king of sarcasm and dry humor.

      You do realize libtards are actually saying that and mean it so…. kinda kills the joke if that’s what you were aiming for.

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  • Celtero
    lol. "Boo hoo, rioters can't riot without impunity. Boo hoo, we can't attack someone wielding an AR15 without getting shot. Boo hoo, the average American can see through our bullshit. Boo hoo!"
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  • slisk250
    Here’s the thing. That boy should have been home doing his schoolwork, not being driven to a violent political protest armed with an assault rife.

    The guy and his mom are trash. This is his defense. “ I broke into the polar bear exhibit and killed all the bears when I was threatened. It was self defense.”

    The fact that people hold him in high regard disgusts me. The POS killed people. That’s all. Is that what we want in our country? Vigilante justice? F that punk.
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  • BazookaTrouper
    Oh no, someone call the WAAAMBULENCE! Another libtarded soyboy is triggered by someone getting away with *GASP* SELF DEFENSE!

    How does it fear that you butt-buddies who you simp for (Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber) are dead now? Your precious chomo and domestic abuser aren't coming back from the dead to ruin this country. Good riddance.
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    • Jouth

      Naw. He was attacked, physical contact. He then opened fire in defense. Nothing can change this fact.

      He did go to a riot armed to the teeth like he was a fucking Navy Seal. I admit and agree that he was a complete fucking idiot who acted with recklessness and put people's lives in danger.

      But when it comes to the question of why those people were shot. Who's fault it was, it seems to be almost entirely the fault of the people who decided to chase and then attack him. The moment these dudes decided to chase a guy with a gun, they entered a new level of stupid, not seen anywhere else that night, and this entrance was rewarded by the cold crack of 5.56 echoing into the night, extinguishing their lives. It fucking sucks. It's sad. It was unfortunate, but I still don't believe self defense is wrong or legally undefendable.

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