Why do both the political left and the political right love having the government control people's bodies so much?

Why do both the political left and the political right love having the government control peoples bodies so much?

This is going to be another one of those posts that pisses people off. Hold on to your butts cause here's your Trigger Warning. Anyway...

I grew up classically liberal. I voted for Obama twice (even though I think he sucks nowadays), and voted for Trump twice. I've NEVER once been a "Democrat" or "Republican," even if I mostly leaned left before. Nowadays, I'm an Independent, and about 55% classic liberal, and 45% conservative. Meaning I'm likely to piss BOTH sides off. And this is where that comes in.


The political left have become tyrannical tyrants, dictator-wannabes, and fascist pieces of sh*t in America, and most of the Western world. You seriously think you have the right to force people to get vaccinated? Even though that sh*t can f*cking kill them? I feel like I'm living in clown world. The same side that is all "My Body, My Choice" and "human rights" all of a sudden wants to force people to take something that spent like half a year not even being medically approved. Something that HAS killed thousands and thousands of people with blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. Something that NO ONE needed for the past two years now, but all of a sudden is trying to be made mandatory. Even though natural immunity is thing. These people piss me off the worst because of the following Ben Franklin quote below.

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

You same assholes who like to pretend to "trust the science" but then call all the scientists and doctors who disagree with the vaccines as "quacks." Not that your premise isn't stupid as f*ck anyway. Do you seriously think scientists and doctors are immune to corruption and giving you something that is bad for you if they're getting paid a sh*t-ton of money for it? Jesus, how f*cking retarded can you be? This is Common Sense level thinking, here. Also, do you seriously f*cking think Draconian policies like this just go away? Hey, remember the Patriot Act and how that sh*t's still in the American government to this day? The wire-tapping and spying on you nonsense. Did that ever go away? Do you have any idea what "precedent" means?

Most of you don't even have a single idea how vaccines work. They aren't full immunity to a virus. They're basically a training course for your immune system. But you can also be plenty trained naturally without needing a vaccine forced onto you that can kill you, and won't stop others from being infected as well. That's why you can be pro-vaccine without being pro-mandate. But that's regular vaccines in general, not the case with COVID. Where we have MOUNTAINS of f*cking evidence of it being shady dealings and all about money. As if you don't know who Peter Daszak is. Wait. You probably don't. How about 'As if you don't know who Anthony Fauci' is.

Vaccines are MOSTLY good, but *this* COVID vaccine hasn't been handled like "most vaccines," nor was it given roper testing, proper experimenting, or proper safety clearance. But yeah, be little pricks anyway and force that little prick onto people. It's for "safety" even though you're the same heartless jerks who laugh when unvaccinated people die of COVID, regardless if they were anti-vax or not. Self-righteous heartless, dickheads.

The word "cringe" has been overused lately. This is not one of those times...
The word "cringe" has been overused lately. This is not one of those times...

You are so "My Body, My Choice" until it comes to people who are hesitant about listening to what f*cking Stephen Colbert, Joe Biden, and the president of Krispy Kreme are telling you is "a great idea, so you should totally do it right away or we'll MAKE YOU DO IT."

One more thing to get your little noggin joggin: There's been more COVID deaths with the vaccine existing and with more information on it, then there has been with no vaccine and little information on COVID. 385,361 died in the US from COVID-19 in 2020, that we KNOW of. And 405,769 have died in the US from COVID-19 in 2021. The vaccine has been available since December 14th, 2020. So what gives?



COVID deaths were going DOWN before the vaccine was introduced. But its so necessary to be forced into people though!
COVID deaths were going DOWN before the vaccine was introduced. But it's so necessary to be forced into people though!

Yes, vaccines offer SOME protection from the disease, and not immunity, but that still doesn't explain the deaths going UP with vaccines available, as opposed to being lower with no vaccines and less information known on the disease (and by "less information," I mean publicly. The ones who made the initial coronaviruses have known about it since 2001 and had vaccines since 2009). The US has also been mostly locked down throughout 2021, as well as the rest of the world, as well. Yet, still COVID cases happening, including those who have been vaccinated, as well as those who haven't. Delta, Omicron, Sigma, Omega... When will it ever end? Can you really blame "lack of vaccinations" here?

Use your damn common sense. Not everyone wants to get the vaccine, and when you force people to get it, even if you sweep all the deaths under the rug, it makes them more likely to tell you to piss off. Maybe try being sympathetic to all those "women, minorities, and gays" you CLAIM to care about, instead of acting like a douchebag people don't want to trust what Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci tell them to do with their safety and health.


Don't clap yet You'd think this would be an issue just on the tyrannical left, wouldn't you? But then here comes Texas! Banning abortions. The hypocrisy kills me! I never understood why people pretend to give a sh*t about abortion. It's usually the most selfish people on the right who pretend to care, as well. And I don't mean "selfish" in the malicious way. But I genuinely mean the "I only care about what serves me" types, who pretend to care the most about abortion.

You all are so disingenuous with the "human life is sacred" BS. You're the same people who are pro-Second Amendment and pro-war (not that I'm against either of those), but also vehemently against welfare and helping out the poor or single mothers. But then claim that unborn fetuses should be "protected at all costs." I seriously don't understand. You're the type to laugh at single mothers and call them whores and undateable, but then want to ban abortions as well. You're actually making me almost side with feminists here with how idiotic your logic is, and it pisses me off that you are!

You REALLY give a sh*t about kids. Im sure of it.
You REALLY give a sh*t about kids. I'm sure of it.

We can't even take care of the people we already have on this rotten planet! Most human beings, like 99% of you, are selfish and self-serving. Like, in the worst way humans can be. You're the type who usually doesn't recycle, doesn't believe in global warming at all (not even "questioning the narrative" which is logical; but believe 0% of it is possible, not even natural global warming, as opposed to man-made global warming). You couldn't give a single flying f*ck about starving children in Africa or innocent dead little kids in Afghanistan being drone strikes by the US military. But ABORTION? THAT'S what makes you pretend to give a sh*t about the species?

You know, I'm not even trying to be negative here, but I've always been the type to call a spade a spade. But stop trying to act like you're some kind of humanitarian. You're not a vegan and you eat fried eggs everyday, but want to go all Babies Lives Matter, all of a sudden. You'll proudly kill a pig for bacon, but want to act like "life is sacred." You'll tell a single mother to close her legs and not sleep around, but also force her into not being forced into a lifelong position she's probably not suited for... Without so much as even wanting to pa a dime more in taxes to make sure that kid doesn't drown or starve to death by said unfit mother. Pretending like you're not also being manipulated into pointless controversial subjects just to be distracted by those in power.

I'm not even trying to be judgy here, but most human beings do not give a sh*t about each other. Like, at all. But you want to control what some random woman will do to her baby. You seriously think an incompetent, unfit mother should be FORCED to carry a child for nine months, and FORCED to raise that child and not f*ck it up or accidentally kill in any number of ways she's likely to post-birth? I'm not in favor of "endless abortions" for women, but forcing sh*tty mothers into raising abused, f*cked up, unloved children is not something that makes any sense to me.

You say "abortion is murder," yet you wont pay taxes to make sure her kids dont die or become psychopaths, either.
You say "abortion is murder," yet you won't pay taxes to make sure her kids don't die or become psychopaths, either.

I'll make this personal, if you want me to, since some of you may not be able to know what it's like without having family. I grew up with an abusive mother. A mother who told me, on Easter, when I was 7, in the kitchen, that she never wanted me and only because my father wanted a son, was I kept alive. My mother has mentally f*cked me up in ways you couldn't image. Although I did talk about it before. I had a grandmother, but she was 70 by the time I was born. She was old my entire life and died in 2010 at the age of 90, but was mentally checked out since 2007. My grandmother is the closest thing I had to family and I had to share her with other little assholes, especially on the Dutch side of the family, with two white cousins who may have gotten more attention from her than I got, cause they came from stable families. I wished, every night, that my mother would die and never come home. But it never happened.

My mother is 61 today. I feel nothing for her. No love, no affection, nothing. I literally don't know what love is. I had a woman who I *think* loved me, but I wasn't even in the right state of mind to receive love. She proposed to marry me, but then she died in 2012. I kinda admit, deep down inside, that I'm grateful, because I feel like I never deserved her in the first place, and couldn't know how to be good to that woman. And she was the closest thing I ever had to love. Almost solely due to my mother, I would seek validation from others, especially in school. But when I stopped growing at the age of ten and ended up being short and therefore, unworthy of love, I lost even the superficial "love" I used to get from being popular and athletic.

No one respects a short sh*t. And while I could blame my f*cked up brain and shattered self-esteem on my mother, I won't quite go that route. All I'll say is, I wouldn't have minded being spared a pointless life, with no family, no woman to love me as an adult due to genetic circumstances outside of my control, and essentially, a meaningless existence, with no family, no future, and no prospects. And I'm far from the only one raised by an abusive, negligent, hate-filled mother. Not even the only one who tried to seek validation and love through superficial means and lost it all when that superficial value was taken away from them.

Why am I saying all of this? Because in all honesty it's a miracle I didn't end up a serial killer or rapist. I 100% could have ended up as either one. Not to toot my own horn, but I think that's pretty remarkable, given my childhood and circumstances. But obviously, not everyone can create their own sanity like me. We live in a world FILLED with terrorists, rapists, killers, pedophiles, and so on... And almost ALL of it can be traced back to sh*tty parenting and/or child abuse. And you would REALLY rather f*cking have all of that, just to espouse some bullsh*t about "not murdering babies?" Would you really feel the same when some psychopath escapes the ward and threatens to kill YOUR own family? Are you going to "spare his life" then? Are you going to "spare his life" when he goes to jail and the judge has to decide doing a few years in prison or capital punishment for the 47 women he slaughtered?

The truth you dont want to hear: Some children are better off having never been born.
The truth you don't want to hear: Some children are better off having never been born.

Tell me something... Do you REALLY believe all women are it to be caring, decent mothers? And that none of the messed up people we have in today's society come from bad parenting? Is that what you really believe? That children should grow up suffering and develop mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide, all so you can spew out some self-righteous bullsh*t about "not murdering babies." Are YOU going to pay for millions of children's therapy? Get them into foster homes? Make sure they're well fed and taken care of?

If not them, since you don't care once they slide out their mom's cooch, how about preventative measures? Making sure the single mom has a decent job and can support herself? Making sure she has proper mental health. Making sure she can go to hospital visits and that the baby develops healthy? Making sure she's educated enough to get a job to raise her baby and paying for her community college courses? Well, how about her groceries every single wee, for let's say, five years? Is that reasonable?

...What? Don't want to pay for that either? Well, then, what DO you want to pay for, since you're so f*cking adamant to tell other people how to be parents and when they need to be, then? I want to know. There's 8 billion people on this world and the planet isn't getting any bigger. How about you mind your own family first, before telling others what to do? Or at the very least, become a vegan and withhold all sex until marriage and ready for actual children, since you care so much about pro-life. Why are you having sex outside of procreation anyway if life is so sacred to you? Aren't condoms and morning-after pills just another form of abortion?


In conclusion, people on the left AND right need to learn how to do one of two things. Either work on their own lives and stop trying to tell others how to live theirs. Or at the very least, stay the f*ck out of strangers away and stop getting involved with people who you have no business getting involved with. Neither the left nor the right seems to give a sh*t about their fellow man nowadays; why do you want to start pretending to care when it comes to fake bullsh*t morality like "vaccines save lives, even if they take some lives away" or fake bullsh*t morality like "abortion is murder, but passively letting children die after birth is a-okay with me."

My original question:


It's ironic how similar most human beings are, but how much time they spent bickering over the minute differences. It's so ironic, it's annoying.

Why do both the political left and the political right love having the government control people's bodies so much?
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  • Lliam
    First, it's interesting that you and I both took a similar path to arrive at a similar perspective.

    From the time I was old enough to have cultural and political opinions, I was a Democrat. I believed in liberty, freedom, tolerance, and fairness. I was distrustful of authority, including government and media. I was anti-war. I supported the civil rights movement, women's rights and gay rights (trangender wasn't a thing yet). I thought my values were liberal until Liberalism became more like a political platform and aligned with the increasingly neoliberal Democratic party. At this point, even though my values haven't changed, I don't want to be associated with the word liberal because it has come to represent intolerance and authoritarianism.

    I agree with your position on abortion and mandatory vakseenes.

    I believe in "my body, my choice" on all things - abortion, medical procedures, and even substance abuse. I support free speech 100%, except for bald faced propaganda by licensed media outlets.

    People who want government to control freedom of choice convince themselves that it's for the greater good. In reality, they don't care about other people's health or happiness. They are just bullies who want to impose their opinions on others by force.

    I support the ideals in the Bill of Rights, and believe that the Bill of Rights spells out natural, self evident, inalienable rights that are not granted by government but, rather, place restrictions on government. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

    The principles in those documents were never fully honored, but the Bill of Rights were the authority by which people could demand their fulfillment in regards to liberty, freedom, women's rights, racial equality, worker's rights, etc.

    The USA was under siege from the very beginning by a globalist banking system led by the Rothschilds. Government officials, including the courts, have been co-opted by corporate money. Then came people like the Rockefellers, Morgans, etc., as well as technocrats, eugenicists, and secret government agencies. As technology grew in the 21st century, the globalists, with their unimaginable wealth and power, finally saw the possibility of fulfilling their ambitions for total dominance. Read up on The Great Reset/New World Order/One World Government.

    They promote war, but always in the name of democracy and human rights. Yeah, we kill people and devastate their countries in order to help them. And imperialism is "self defense".
    The "gun control" movement has always been a campaign of lies and disinformation by elites. The purpose is to disarm people, not save lives.
    The false flag 911 event worked like a charm in kicked off long planned goals of usurping the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    After much planning, those core conspirators managed to make something comparable to the flu look like a deadly pandemic in order to impose tyranny, steal people's assets, and cull the global population of humans.
    They weaponized the "climate change" narrative to enrich themselves while imposing control over average people's lives.
    They use the canard of private corporate rights to censor free speech and increase propaganda.
    They use issues like immigration, racism, antifa, and LGBT rights to create terror and divisiveness, in order to get people to beg for more government control.
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    • Lliam

      They control government and ALL media, so they control information. Trust in those institutions is why so many people swallow the lies hook, line and sinker and believe them with religious-like zeal. People are kept in such darkness that they have no idea that there is a big agenda. They may sense that there is something is wrong, but they have no idea what it is.

      Many people, however, do manage to get information, open their eyes and minds, see through the matrix, shed their fear, reject political partisanship and ideological labels, and think for themselves. I see a great many people of all races, cultures, spiritual beliefs, sexual identities, and ideologies from left to right, coming together to fight for peace and justice against our common enemy. We are all brothers and sisters.

      We need to love each other, listen to each other, respect our differences and value our commonalities. We all want the same thing, we just don't know how to get there. We need to reject coercion and, instead, either honor each other's individual paths or engage in respectful debate. Let reason win out.

      I acknowledge that I don't know everything and learn by listening to others. All I can do is voice my opinions. I don't understand how anyone can imagine that they are so infallible that they have a right to force others to comply with their views.

    • MCheetah

      Couldn't agree more. You just have more optimism for people than I do.

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  • Aerissa_Jade
    People don't mind it when the government controls something in their life they approve of.

    If you approve of the vaccine, they have no issues with it being forced. In fact they want it to be forced.

    If you oppose abortion, they also have no issue with the government preventing it.

    It is a lot like rights, how people don't miss lost rights that they never really used. Never owned a gun, never plan to. No issue with them being outlawed.

    They all live in their own little bubble of a world and have a hard time seeing past it.

    This is why I'm a independent even though I lean towards a libertarian but am not registered as such.
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    • MCheetah

      Thank you.

      Also, because I cannot post it anywhere else or provide an update, please excuse the typos. I really wish GAG would let you edit your stuff. I would've fixed the spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • That's a short sighted way of thinking though.

      You don't want a gun. But wait till you don't have one, you ban your neighbor from having one, and the government comes for both of you.

      He will still put up a better fight and he won't be interested in helping you at that point.

    • I'm against taking anyone's rights away for any reason. Freedoms should increase overtime as more things are developed and more moderation is possible.

      The peoples rights should never diminish as the governments increase. That is a recipe for tyranny we have seen play out with almost certainty in every society.

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  • Aethereal
    This was an interesting read. I share your opinion on anti-abortion, but I support some form of mandate to control covid infection spread (even though I support a person's right to not want the vaccine). The problem is the same as you pointed out in your discussion on anti-abortion law; "most human beings do not give a sh*t about each other. Like, at all". People who might be infected do not care about whether they infect others. They only care about themselves and their own happiness. If God is real, only he knows just how many indirect murders have been committed by entitled people who "MUST" have their way in the name of "freedom", because their freedoms are obviously more important than others.

    The thing most people don't understand is that freedom must always be limited in a society. That is what a law basically is. Because some freedoms can only be exercised by taking it away from others. If we allow potentially infected unvaccinated people to live like it's 2018, those who are wary of the virus have to limit where they go for fear of those people (maybe because they have a baby or vulnerable person at home that would die if he/she got infected). I don't believe the government should force vaccines on those who don't want them. But it is a fact that those anti-vaxxers do not give a damn about anyone potentially suffering/dying because of them not taking precautions when wandering about. You have people screaming about their freedoms being taken away over mask and quarantine requirements because no one is tracking them down and arresting them for infecting someone who ended up dying. There have been clearly sick people insisting on entering restaurants, not caring if they infect everyone inside. In my dad's country, I heard the first person to get infected last year demanded $1million or he'd go on a spreading spree. That is the kind of entitled, arrogance that is rampant in so many societies. It is the reason behind ridiculous things like vaccine mandates.

    I believe in individual freedom to live and die as you please, but ONLY if your choices do not unwittingly harm someone else. The fact is that complete freedom has unwanted consequences on others, that can (and does) endanger their own rights and freedoms. It is the task of the state to try and balance things in a way that one group does not endanger another. Both by freedom and by equality (in my opinion). This is why there are laws preventing things like murder and rape. And things like age restrictions, qualification requirements, etc. that all technically limit individual freedom; Because those actions can have negative effects on unwilling individuals who may have no other protection against the consequences of someone exercising that particular freedom. I think a vaccine mandate is excessive and wrongly takes away one's right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. However, I do believe some form of mandate (like a mask mandate or lockdown) is necessary to prevent these people from endangering others because they chose to not get vaccinated.
    There is the balance, not favouring one group over the other. Of course, since when has government ever not favoured one group over another?
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    • MCheetah

      If you want to know how to control COVID the right way, without taking away people's freedoms, just look to Scandinavia, one of the few groups of countries that recognize and believe in natural immunity. Also, when you force things on people, that only leads to more resistance. And there's probably not a group of people on the planet that are more strong-willed and freedom loving than Americans. Any person with common sense should have known forcing mandates on people would only lead to more resistance. If they wanted to be smart in their control on people, they'd have just sat back and did nothing. Far more people likely would've gotten vaccinated by their own will (regardless if it's detrimental to their health or not).

    • Freedom is you making your choice to stay home.

      Freedom is not forcing someone else to stay home so you can feel comfortable going out.

      That's fucking twisted.

    • Jdunnnn

      @Lost_in_the_Woods People scared of the China flu have their freedom to stay home as well, if my 60 year old parents with multiple health issues can survive it then anyone can.

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  • Cozzy81
    It's all just nonsense at the end of the day. The flu still kills more than COVID does. You have a better odd that you're going to get shot walking down the street than to die of COVID. What's going to actually kill everyone is the civil war we are all pushing so rapidly towards by picking sides and not just doing the right thing. If you get vaccinated good for you. If you don't also good for you. Unless they box us all up like bubble boys the shit will spread and it will still kill the ones with weakened and compromised immune systems thats just how the virus works. Technically COVID hasn't really killed anyone it's the underlying conditions they had or did not know they had that killed them. COVID only sped up the process. I am a Virology minor and have been studying this for a long time. This is getting way out of hand and instead of getting crazy towards one another over a 97.6% survival rate virus let's just be human and accept the choices of our fellow man. This world has been going to hell in a hand bag for a very long time and it's heading there faster than ever now with all the shenanigans lately.
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  • oobidee
    👏👏👏 Good read. I'm happy there are still people who think like you and can fully express it out in writing.
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  • Leonharted
    This is a false equivalence. I do not care about what the woman does with her body or life. I care about the body and life that's inside of her, with its own DNA which is not her DNA. I'm totally fine with a woman choosing to use the pull out method, fertility awareness ("the rhythm"), emergency contraception, spermicide, the pill, the patch, an IUD, the implant, the vaginal ring, and condoms (both male and female versions). I'm even ok with permanent contraception (tube tying). That's what, 14 different methods that I think women should have the freedom to use if she so chooses. Let's add another: abortion if the mother's life is at risk (and that includes suicidal risk, as determined by a therapist who is at least a nurse practitioner, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist).

    It's not an argument about her body. It's an argument about the separate body inside hers, which is a separate human by every tool we have that can discern such things.

    You can disagree with me on that. That's fine. I'm not unsympathetic to the arguments in favor of abortion. But what you presented here is a strawman. This theoretical woman is free to do to herself what she likes. She is NOT free to end the life of another, however.
    • MCheetah

      The biggest point of contention among pro-life people and pro-choice is, when does "life" begin? When it is a "baby being murdered" and when is it not? And whenever I bring this up and how many pro-life people kill thousands of sperm in a single week, they never have much to say about that, usually equating some stupid "well, a fetus is DIFFERENT (for some reason)" point that makes no sense. Sperm counts as life the same way a fetus does.

      Regardless, the most accepted medical term for a fetus becoming "a baby" is at 24 weeks, since it could theoretically survive outside the womb at that point. Which means pro-life people COULD be "pro-abortion" at any point up before 24 weeks, essentially compromising on the issue. But they usually aren't. And if we had a universal "abortion is legal before 24 weeks" law, they'd still complain.

      Besides of which, I already stated if you people were TRULY against abortion, then they wouldn't be having sex without the purpose of reproduction to begin with, otherwise they're massive hypocrites. But that's too "inconvenient" for people to talk about for them. As is the MAIN point of the argument in that pro-life people don't tend to give a sh*t about the baby after its born, a evident by how everyone already treats each other as it is, which makes the whole argument about "baby murder" even more hollow.

      So I suspect you either didn't read the whole thing, or you just ignored the parts you disagreed with.

    • Leonharted

      Sperm does not have its own heartbeat, or its own DNA. It’s my DNA. So that is also a false equivalence. As to after birth, I’m not certain what you mean. I am in favor of all sorts of assistance programs, from WIC to Medicaid to the Baby in a Basket program, which has been adopted in all 50 states.

    • MCheetah

      It's still life, however.
      And you didn't answer my other point about having sex to begin with, but don't worry: I'll just turn it into a question.

  • RationalMale
    There's a very critical difference.

    Banning a medical procedure is pretty common. Whether or not we agree on abortion, I think we can all agree doctors should not have carte blanche to do whatever procedures a person wants due to how their harm outweighs the good.

    Now... forcing a medical procedure? That's some Soviet Russia death camp shit right there.
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    • MCheetah

      That's not the point. The point is people should be concerned with their own lives and not the lives of others, whether that be forced vaccinations or banning abortions simply because one doesn't like them.

      Related to this same train of thought, I can't stand marijuana or weed culture in general, but I'd never approve of banning it or keeping it illegal. If people want to be losers or addicts, they should have every right to. The only reason to ban something is if it is hurting the person involved or it's a danger to society.

    • You say that's not the point because you're ignoring the reality of both issues.

    • MCheetah

      I'm not ignoring anything. You just didn't say anything relevant.

      "Banning a medical procedure is pretty common" doesn't make it logical, sound, or "the right thing to do." Nor does it explain why it's a "good idea" to ban abortions in the first place. It's essentially a "whataboutism."

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  • Msputiton
    Both sides from the politicians to the voters only care about themselves.
    Not the country.
    They have beliefs and are so egotistical that they do not care if they are helping of harming others as long as they get to stay in office, or if it's a voter, their cult wins.

    It's to the point that if someone from the other party has a good idea, they will block it only because it wasn't the same party who is pushing it.

    This happened in MD over gambling.
    A republican to help a struggling economy wanted slots legal, it got blocked because the governor was a republican.

    The next election a Democrat got elected and they voted the exact same law in that the democrats refused.

    It didn't matter that something that could've helped jump start economy was pushed back an entire year. All that mattered was which party took credit.

    There are examples of both parties acting like this.
    So many controlling children running this country and same for voters.
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    • Some of us actually do care about everyone but that just means we end up with no friends getting attacked by both sides.

      I still care about everyone, but I have nothing left. Nobody I helped gave anything back. So now I have to only care about me to survive.

      I think most people do care about others. The problem is people can't actually accept diversity in opinions. So many people attack anyone who doesn't 100% agree with them that the people in the middle have to join one side or the other to avoid being attacked by both.

      It really makes me sad. I don't want to live in a world like that but if all the good guys give up, what's left? That's more important to me than my own happiness.

      I don't do it for me. I do it because my cat deserved to live a free and happy life but humans are ruining the whole world fighting over who is more virtuious. 😣

    • MCheetah

      I fully agree with you.

  • MoJoYoYo
    I understand where you are coming from. However, I do not agree. I appreciate this post and the brutally honest way you wrote it. Good for you for speaking your mind!

    When a woman chooses to have sex and becomes pregnant due to that activity, that is the end of the choices she can make concerning her body. The second the egg and sperm unite, it becomes another person with different DNA. After that, every choice she makes doesn't just affect her body. It affects someone else's too. And she needs to make choices about that child that are in that kid's best interest. And, let me tell you, that is not to abort it. Yes, there are many mothers out there who don't deserve to have children, like your own. She didn't deserve to have a son who would grow up and be such a good person. But you managed to become someone you yourself are amazed that you have become. And for that, I applaud you. However, there are literally millions of couples in the world who struggle with infertility and do deserve to have children. They would gladly adopt those babies. Instead of making abortions free and legal, we should instead put our resources into making adoption cheaper so that good parents can adopt those children. (Note: I know that people are going to bring up the whole "rape mother have no choice" angle. Which, no, they didn't have a choice when it comes to getting pregnant. However, when they do have the option of choice, when they are finally in control, they shouldn't treat that baby the same way the rapist treated them, like they are not a person and are expendable. Those mother can have their children and never, ever have to even see them. They can go directly to a family waiting to adopt them.)
    Also, there is a reason that God says to wait to have sex until marriage. A lot of these problems would be gone.

    When it comes to the vaccine, getting it only affects ME. And don't try to argue that if I'm vaccinated and get sick and give it to someone else, then it affects other people. Because if their vaccine worked, than me not being vaccinated shouldn't affect them at all. They shouldn't get sick. If their vaccines actually work, then my choice to not get vaccinated wouldn't affect anyone but me, just as their choice to get vaccinated doesn't affect me at all. I cannot hypothetically get it from them and they cannot hypothetically get it from me!
  • Dragonpurple
    I was considered a far left Democrats in the early 90's and even though my views haven't changed much. I am now considered far right, society changed a lot since then.

    As for abortion, My wife and I did try to adopt... problem is there is a huge long waiting list for newborns, after 10 grand and 2 years of waiting we gave up.

    No one would ever have to raise a child they did not want. No woman is ever forced to do that, so many loving people wanting to adopt they often adopt from other countries due to a lack of newborns here.

    Then there is the definition of abortion, some say its from conception. I personally have always said, the morning after pill is not abortion and there should always be exemptions for rape.

    The pro-life people don't see it as a body choice, they see it as murder or killing another human being.

    Try debating with someone that murder is a personal choice. You cannot ever convince someone killing another human being is okay under certain circumstances.
    • t-8900

      never considered surrogacy? I know there are many reasons for not depending on why you wanted to adopt in the first place and the legal ramifications without the presence of a decent lawyer perhaps. Do you mind sharing your views on it out of curiosity?

    • Left parties and politicians are great actors! They used to run their show for decades when there was not many sources of news! They like creating mysteries, stories, hero/s, etc. That is why they love Hollywood and vice-versa. Now with lot of source of news, they are exposed, both left and so called celebrities, because they say something and do something else. Now there are no heros no legends.

    • @t-8900 Never really considered it, when you hear the stories about surrogacy mothers deciding they want to keep the child and the legal battles, figured adoption would be easier. As attorney's are so very expensive, and if you have to go to court, even more so. Don't have unlimited cash so would of ran out quick if it had to go to court.

      As you know you can burn through 10,000 in legal fees in a month.

      Not necessarily opposed to it though, but not sure if surrogacy could be done for 10k or less for all fees... didn't seem likely.

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  • InsertNameHerex
    I don’t like commenting about politics on this app because people can get very aggressive with their views but your take here was a very interesting read. The extremes of both sides want to control whatever fits their agenda; it’s very hypocritical and their arguments on why they support one and not the other are usually flawed.
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  • DanielBlack1904120
    because the 2 party system that was created is doing what it was designed to do. It's actually brilliant though. how do you manipulate & control a country this size? devide it... keep them at odds over EVERYTHING so your actual agenda goes mostly unnoticed. I admire the strategy to be honest
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  • OpenClose
    I mean to put it short and sweet, we generally believe in personal freedom unless what we do harms others. The right believes abortion is killing someone. The left believes refusing a vaccine is killing people.

    I side much more with the latter, but I don't think either of these views are held out of malice. Perhaps I'm naïve like that.
  • Wolfie2755
    It mainly just has to do with the constant need for the two main parties to one up each other and the people are just caught in the cross fire. Abortion should have been a dead issue a long time ago but given the culture of autonomy we have in the country people fight about it because of its position in a relatively grey area of said autonomy.
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  • AviatorTom
    Contrary to your initial sentence, you didn't piss me off.

    You told a good story with facts. I'll forgive the profanity.

    by the way, Like you, I am an Independent, although I was raised a Democrat.
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  • Hellraiser1984
    To make $$$. There really is no left or right anymore. It's one party and they pretend there are two sides. It's control. When is the last time the us had a non Democrat or repubican president? They pretty much have made sure that won't happen ever again. It's money and control.
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    Regarding the abortion issue, that would have remained in the background had VA and NY not made it legal to perform post-birth abortion (aka murder). But because commies kept pushing and pushing to where it's at now, is it any wonder why TX went the complete opposite direction?
  • taylorallen
    You answered your own question in your question. Politics are just a tool to control. Even above the presidents there's someone in charge telling them exactly what to do. The elites.
  • DWornock
    Because there is not a dime's worth of difference between the parties and because almost all politicians love having control over every aspect of peoples lives.
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  • fjb2021
    Blah Blah Blah. First off, I can't stomach half or 99% of the question. I just want to know why you went down the avenue that tilted you to where you should have been in the first place. None of that matters either. If you have not figured out divisiveness and drowning the truth in the sake of the Deep State no one has anything for you.
  • Snakeyes7
    The only criticism I have is with your interpretation of the graph in the middle. The vaccines have been available since around the 2020 election thanks to operation warp speed.

    This seems to imply that the reason the death rate took such a huge drop because the vaccine WASN'T mandated prior to April 19, 2021 and more people were fine with taking it because of it.

    I got my jab April 2nd not because some sleazy politician told me to but because I didn't want to get covid.
  • front2back
    What I find interesting is neither side will take the plunge and mandate exercise and people be under a certain Body Fat percentage.

    That would actually improve everything across the board.
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    • I think it would be a good policy.

      But I am against the government telling people what to do. Even if it's something I personally think people should do.

      I believe people should make their own choices and suffer their own conciquences.

      The Republicans don't believe in having the government tell people what to do.

      The "Democrats" don't want Covid to end because then they would lose their emergency powers and they would stop making billions of dollars by helping their buddies sell drugs.

      There is no motivation for a fitness mandate. It would be as unpopular for the republicans as the vaccine mandates are and it would undermine the "Democrats" plan to control everyone all the forever by rendering their most powerful weapon absolutely harmless.

    • There would be no benefit for either side to do that.

      The republicans who voted for it would lose all their support.

      And the Democrats who voted for it would lose the support from the puppeteer who pulls their strings.

      The republican voters don't care about Covid. That's why most of us aren't vaccinated. It's not a concern.

      The "Democratic" politicians don't want to stop Covid. They profit off it and gain enormous amounts of power from it.

      If they wanted to keep people safe and healthy they would have been encouraging treatments to save lives Instead of trying to ban them and discourage anyone from doing anything to actually treat the disease.

      People who are cured can't spread the virus. And if people stop spreading the virus it goes away so they can't tell people what to do and force them to buy untraceable proprietary drugs.

      Mandating fitness would render covid entirely harmless to the vast majority of the population and that would make it useless to them.

      It's not about safety VS death.
      It's about freedom verses control.

      Mandating fitness wouldn't benefit freedom or control. It would only save lives and end the pandemic.

    • Remember the guy who ran a salad company who suggested that people eat healthy to improve their chances against covid? The liberal media tared and feathered him three times a day for a whole week.

      They don't want people to be healthy. Healthy people aren't afraid of covid.

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