How I'd Sort Out Americas Gun Problem?



Whenever there's a debate about guns people being up the constitution. The logic seems to be, this ancient manuscript says I can have a gun therefore I must get one. Somehow not owning one is unconstitutional and makes you less of an American.
The problem is this was written in a different era, remember you were still burning witches back then, (about a hundred years after the rest of us stopped). In Scotland if you find a dead whale on the beach you have legal right to claim it if you can drag it away with 2 oxen. Do you think people take their oxen to the beach just in case? No, because that would be stupid, you can't base your life on ancient laws.
By scraping guns from the constitution you break the link in people's minds between being a true American and guns. It also let's you control who has guns.


Yeah we know you do it. The big bad British want to come back so you better be ready. Well here's the thing, shortly afterwards we had a gigantic war with France thanks to napoleon. Do you think we have guns under the bed incase the French invade? And then there's Germany, we had a couple of whopping big disagreements with them but we don't mention the war.

Oh wait weve still got cannons along the coast in case Napoleon comes back.
Oh wait we've still got cannons along the coast in case Napoleon comes back.

America needs to stop living in fear of a imaginary boogeyman who's about to pounce the minute you give up your guns. It's nothing more than a marketing method by gun salesmen. DeAmericanise guns.

Is this how you really want the world to see you
Is this how you really want the world to see you


Guns aren't toys. They're tools to do a specific job. Hunters, gamekeepers, pest controllers, farmers, competitive shooters all have valid reasons for owning guns that are specific to their needs.
Owning one because the constitution says you can is not a valid reason. Owning one because you don't like the look of the guy across the street isn't a valid reason. Neither is wanting to be a big man or nonsense about self defence. This is the key difference between UK and USA gun laws. It's incredibly easy to get a UK gun licence if you have a VALID reason but if you want one because your scared a guy will pick a fight down the pub they'll turn your application down.


If you have a valid reason for owning a gun you shouldn't have any qualms about doing this. But I guarantee it will put off the majority of people who want a gun to boost their egos or think they need one for self defence. If you can't put a gun to a calfs head, look it in the eyes and pull the trigger do you really think you could kill someone? No, then why have you got a loaded one in your purse.


Triggered? Put down that gun before you hurt someone
Triggered? Put down that gun before you hurt someone

If you're angry, upset, grieving or just got PMT you shouldn't be allowed near a gun. Guns are dangerous and shouldn't be handled by people in the wrong frame of mind and not thinking clearly. I know this would be hard to police but it would allow the police to remove firearms from people who's behaviour raises concerns.


Guns are like MAGA caps and Trump flags, they're an accessory to show what a good obedient republican conformist you are. The problem with making anything a left v debate is people stop looking for solutions and blindly follow the political line. Americas gun laws need to be looked at by a politically neutral body.


It doesn't matter if you used it or not, the fact is you took it with you with the intention of using it. If you go shoplifting and have a gun you must have taken it to shoot the store security guard. Increase the charge from shoplifting to armed robbery. This will discourage criminals from having guns.


Hand in a gun get free cash no questions asked. This not only gets rod of guns lying around the house but encourages criminals to steal each others guns for nice easy money. I'd also go as far as letting them use guns as tokens to wipe the slate clean of minor crimes. This wouldn't remove all guns but the less in circulation the better.


Yes it can be done, after all you get your mail delivered everyday don't you. It wouldn't be hard to organise. Anyone not complying could be hit with a massive fine or a prison sentence. And forget all that "out of my cold dead hands" crap because that's threatening to murder public officials and proof your not mentally stable enough to own a gun.

So there you go, America sorted. Would it stop the killing? No, buy it would reduce it a hell of a lot.

How I'd Sort Out Americas Gun Problem?
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  • theothersider
    Trust me when I say. ain't noooooo American afraid of the British, lol. But you do hit on some interesting facts about gun crime. In a average year there are around 10 thousand gun murders in the USA. Of those 8-9 thousand of them are usually Black on Black inner city gang murders. In the united states we do not have a gun problem. we have a gang problem The USA has 33 thousand gangs. 12 thousand of those are considered to be some of the most dangerous in the world. All while our justice departments are going ever softer on crime. The average Black on Black murder with see the perp do 10-20 years in prison with usually less than 10 served for first time offenders and good behavior and the like.

    Well T. O. S I hear you say, get rid of the guns and you will get rid of the tools they use to commit these murders... not likely. Disarming the law abiding citizen in the USA does little to disarm the criminal element. even if the USA banned every single gun tomorrow. there is not enough law enforcement in the world to confiscate every single known gun in the US... I say known because there is thought to be over 450 million legal guns in the USA. There are thought to be at least half as many that are not serialized or entered into the system legally (guns that come across the border ) there are also 10s of millions of guns on the illegal black markets ( the guns that do most of the killing in the US) That have been stolen from LAGO's that common sense gun reform or gun confiscation would not touch.

    Yeah but at least we will stop the Mass-shootings, right? This is a problem that is unique only to the USA right? Noooo little grass hopper. The USA ranks 64rd in the world for mass shootings. not only are MS much less frequent in the US but also far less deadly per event. Namely due to the fact that police or a LAGO is there to quickly stop a mass shooter.

    Much like this woman who just recently stopped a massshooter... yet the media does not want to touch this story with a 10foot pole because this is waaaaay more common than shoot and mass shooters.
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  • Anonymous
    Doesn't take a genius to work out that if a crazed lunatic that wants to make the world pay can't get an AR15 with 30-100 round magazines that shoots 5.56 and they have on their person 30-600 rounds of ammunition that there's the possibility of 600 or more deaths.
    The US is in the top ten with almost the third world countries for murder rates. The majority of murder in the US is committed by a firearm.

    P. s we British are cumming, hard.
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    • Juxtapose

      But nobody wants to talk about where most of these shootings are actually happening and which group of people are killing each other..

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  • exitseven
    I never had any interest in owning firearms until this year. I no longer feel safe in my environment. My next door neighbors house was broken into while I was recovering from surgery. The police are being defunded and cops are retiring in record numbers and nobody wants to be a cop anymore. I am also concerned that maybe next year it will be illegal to own a firearm.
    There are already laws on the books designed to get unlicensed firearms off the street. They are not enforced because 99% of the people who will be arrested are gang members so it would be racist. The Constitution allows for gun ownership to maintain a well armed militia. This militia is designed to protect citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic including the government. It is eerie how prophetic the Constitution is.
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    • DCooper

      I see a lot of people reacting as if getting rid of the US Constitution would somehow make it illegal to keep and bear arms. Maybe in the Californias and New Yorks it would, but who cares? The rest of the states would be free of their influence.

      You see, the US Constitution isn't *just* the Bill of Rights. It's the document that gives a federal entity the right to exist and govern. Without it, DC would just be another deep blue hellhole in Maryland. I doubt Virginia would want their half back.

    • exitseven

      @DCooper good point. nobody ever talks about it but I suppose it is true.

    • excellent points.

  • Twalli
    The war with Napoleon was never in doubt. No country had the naval might of Britain. Everyone knew that, that's why he was an ally with Spain, because he knew that alone his navy was insufficient. With the exception of one major naval battle all the battles against Napoleon were fought on mainland Europe, not the island that is Britain.
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    • There was a battle on British soil a few years earlier in 1797 Fishguard during the war of the first coalition. Fortunately they got drunk and were rounded up by the local women

    • Kilapan

      Well there were several wars, generally won by Napoleon. The United Kingdom was the one that supported them financially, but they were waged mainly by Austria, Russia and the Spanish rebels.

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  • Wsx2wsx2ws
    Here is something interesting. If you want to get rid of the constitution did you know you have the right to do so? ANd it was actually tried.
    Here is the bill of rights.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …

    Did you notice that we can abolish a government that is oppressing us? So if the constitution is not working out we can do something about it. How? A strongly entrenched government of people who are well entrenched living high off the backs of others is not going to just roll over. Do you think there might be a struggle to do so? You bet. So what do you think is in the constitution that gives you a little more power to accomplish that? Could it be in the second amendment somewhere?
    The right to bare arms is not about hunting. The good reason you talk about is always present. And even more so today. Not only crime but crooked government threatens us. If Ukraine had their right to bare arms do you think the US would need to be putting guns in the hands of 18 year old kids, and for what purpose?

    Its far to narrow minded to think this simply on the topic. A far broader look really needs to be taken to truly grasp the meaning of the 2nd amendment and the right to bar arms.
  • Agagagagaga
    Just what American needs. More people living in a tiny country across an ocean telling us how to live our lives.

    We killed you people for that. We shot you in the head and ran you the fuck out like the bunch of marys you are. And now you want to tell us how to govern our country?

    Lets just say it’s good you have an ocean separating you from the people you believe you can “help.”
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    • If it wasn’t for our help Britain would have been wiped off the face of the Earth by Germany.

  • Aerissa_Jade
    Problem is the police have no legal obligation to protect us. The US is setup in such a way we are meant to protect ourselves, the police investigate later.

    Where I live police are up to 90 minutes away, the sheriff. Cell phone service is okay on a sunny day, but when it gets rainy, snowy... its spotty.

    If someone is trying to break into my house, what am I suppose to do while I wait forever for a officer to show up?
  • jasco
    Some of your points, i agree with. Others not so much. DISCARD THE CONSTITUTION, I agree. Reason being because it is old. STOP TEACHING KIDS THAT THE British ARE COMING BACK, Disagree because most people who own guns don't do this because its stupid. They actually do say that the government may try to be more of a dictatorship so as to fight against the government or any other foreign government they need guns. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A VALID REASON YOU CAN'T OWN ONE, I agree and disagree. While I understand the thought behind this, its pretty easy to lie about something in order to get what you want so eh who knows. TO GET A LICENCE YOU NEED TO SHOOT AN ANIMAL AT POINT BLANK RANGE, most men can do this, women not so much unless they grew up with killing animals so in short it would stop a lot of women from getting a gun which in today's world that is actually bad. Most women don't practice MMA so they can't defend themselves without weapons. MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO HANDLE A GUN IF YOU'RE EMOTIONALLY COMPROMISED, 100% agree. DEPOLITICALISE GUNS. this till never happen but I agree. INCREASE THE SENTENCE FOR ANY CRIME IF YOU HAVE A GUN wouldn't work nor would it matter to criminals. CASH FOR GUNS I agree with this. A HOUSE TO HOUSE COLLECTION people will fight this a lot, at least give them cash in exchange for it cause its quite pricy to buy guns
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  • NathanDavis
    we don't care about each other in America

    we just don't... that is the truth

    everyone is on their own, that's why there's many guns around...

    we can say all we want over and over say that yes, we care of course... but we do not

    give it a few more days, or till the Depp and Amber trial flares up, and we are all going to move on

    generalizing, of course
  • monorprise
    We got a lot of reasons for wanting guns, fear of a British invasion is not high on the list.

    Generally on the top of the list is:
    1: The need to deal with criminals when you can't count on police showing up in a timely manner if at all.
    2: The need to deal with an oppressive Government federal or State.
  • SlightlyEccentric
    Once again, I'm reminded why the Brits are some of the most hated people in the world. Butting into affairs that are not their own, promoting tyrannical tendencies and forcing conformity.

    This is why almost all your ex-colonies have told you to fuck off.
  • goaded
    Fckn'A! My preferred approach is to have two people undertake to serve half of whatever sentence you get for any crime involving a firearm before you can own one. That might make people actually think about whether someone's stable enough to own one.
  • 888theGreat
    You might being from Fag England

    You would also make prostitution legal

    You would outlaw Conservatives

    You would not allow free speech

    You would also outlaw church and religion

    You would not allow traditions

    You would do away with military
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    You mean instead of guns... sort out the violence, criminals that society protects instead of punishing🤷🏼‍♀️ sort out the REAL problems...
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  • schittywok
    Everything you just said does not help your side. It just reinforces everything on my side. Live in my neighborhood. Live the lifestyle. It means everything. We still have unlocked door policies. Do you have that? No, you don't. And you live in a place that does not allow peace. But you are superior.
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    • schittywok

      And again, you live in the UK allegedly. We will not be those places. Name the 1st world's, US is still number one. Stick it up your hash pipe. We fight against communism.

  • BillyBalls have short memories.

    In Wisconsin, people were mowed down by a racist black guy in a SUV at a Christmas Parade.

    Guns aren't the problem. Criminals are!!
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  • bamesjond0069
    This would increase gun violence drastically. There are thousands of people who use a gun successfully for self defense in america every year. You would condemn many of them to death rape severe injury and theft just to maybe slightly make it less likely a mass shooting incident would not occur. Fyi they still would occur.
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  • WhiteBoyChill
    I wonder if there will ever be a day when British people finally get over their loss and humiliation in the American Revolution.

    You still act as though we’re your colony but all else be damned Britain would not even exist as a state if it wasn’t for our help
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  • Waldoe
    counterpoint... if guns are "outlawed" then only "outlaws" will have them. There are more guns than citizens in America, do oyu think they will simply disappear? Law abiding citizens will surrender their guns, then only the criminals will be armed... It is now a matter of self defense here...
  • Avicenna
    LMAO, this shows how myopic leftist Europeans are. The biggest issue facing the US is our bad finances, which is made worse by bad policies like open borders.
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  • Lliam
    You sure have a twisted idea of the gun issue in America.

    Why are you worried about it? Who gets you all stirred up about guns in the U. S?
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  • C0mput3r_V1ru5
    ... who... who thinks the British are coming back?

    I think most people here are just afraid of "big government" (and non-white people tbh)...
  • CarolineW
    I'm British and I often mention the war. Always good to make the krauts feel uncomfortable about the fact that they started 2 world wars and murdered millions of jewish people.
  • bean2k21
    Americans prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery, my friend. 246 years ago, 15 geniuses born within 150 miles of each other collaborated to begin what was a great experiment. It was an experiment in democratizing the goodness of human nature and in prioritizing the sovereignty of the individual. When the Fathers wrote the Constitution, they divided and dispersed power, making it impossible for a single person to gain too much. It took 150 years for Europe to catch up to this. But I wonder, is your so-called democracy but a mere gesture intended to placate you? As Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
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    • t-8900

      Something the Brits will never understand. It's why we broke off from them.

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