Men, We Were Wrong: More "Liberal" DOES NOT Equal More Women


Sorry Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt, it's about time Morgan Wallen and Elon Musk took over.
President Donald Trump - Image courtesy of People Magazine
President Donald Trump - Image courtesy of People Magazine
President Joe Biden - Image courtesy of East of Ellie
President Joe Biden - Image courtesy of East of Ellie

Gentlemen, what difference(s) do you see here? Who do you think is the sigma male of the two presidents?

If your first thought was President Trump, you are absolutely correct. In President Biden's case, it clearly looks as if it were staged; Biden looks very "off" here. This is because Biden shows a lack of confidence. Biden also performed a photoshoot with the Miss America cheerleaders years after Trump, but his intent wasn't natural.

Image courtesy of National Review
Image courtesy of National Review

Head to an LA Fitness, a 24 Hour Fitness, a Orangetheory, or just about any gym minus the authoritarian Planet Fitness. How many dudes there do you think are leftist? How many are conservative?

If your first thought was more dudes are conservative than leftist, then you're absolutely correct. One of the biggest secrets about analyzing people through their body and mental state is that you are capable of auto-analyzing one's political views. This is also true for the ladies and chicks that hit the gym.

Stock photo of a young woman using a treadmill
Stock photo of a young woman using a treadmill

The thing about conservatives is that they support self-motivation and self-discipline, as opposed to leftists. The thing about leftists is that they overanalyze, overthink, come up with ways to radicalize gender roles and the environment.

Another thing too, liberal men are the new conservative men. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Maher, Kanye West, and especially Andrew Yang all show proof of that. Barack Obama didn't even support AOC in 2020. What that means is that classical liberals, Ron Paul libertarian conservatives, moderates, and centrists all have virtually replaced the stumpy, stone-age traditionalist conservatives in this day and age where cancel culture is more prevalent than ever.

With the gym being about self-discipline and self-consciousness, this political theory also extends to other social groups where women approach the most attractive men, such as a bar, a nightclub, an afterschool activity, and even volunteer work at a thrift shop. Think of the political spectrum as an attraction scale.

Image courtesy of David McCandless and Stefanie Posavec
Image courtesy of David McCandless and Stefanie Posavec
Image courtesy of Colin Wright of the Wall Street Journal
Image courtesy of Colin Wright of the Wall Street Journal
Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

As you can see in the above three pictures, the more left-wing you are, the less attractive you are. Not always physically (though absolutely a priority when approaching women), but always mentally. It is obvious that left-wing men are hardly financially stable or keep track of their eating habits in contrast to right-wing men.

The more right-wing you are, the more women want to approach you. Contrary to tweets written by activists and feminists, the hottest chicks in social groups will see the "conservative" in you.

The whole pattern I am trying to describe is that both liberal and conservative women admire the looks and the financial and mental stability conservative men. The difference is that liberal women secretly want a politically conservative man regardless of his faith, while conservative women want a politically conservative man that is also spiritually/religiously conservative. Women date up (right), men date down (left). If you are a leftist, you stand little to no chance and need to work on your discipline, as leftist women still are attracted to liberal men at worst.

Look, I am NOT saying you should worship and listen to far-right dictators, conspiracy theorists, people like Vladimir Putin, August Pinochet, or Alex Jones who have killed and misinformed innocent people. NO, NO, NO. Please do NOT go that route.

Stick to reasonable/well-opinionated people that are right-wing, such as Joe Rogan or Steven Crowder (but NOT full-blown racists, misogynists, or incels). Also, the vast majority of pickup artists and dating/lifestyle coaches, such as Alex (PWF), "Indian PE", Aaron Marino, Courtney Ryan, Jose Zuniga lean more right; this is because they believe in self discipline, traditional values (in a relationship/marriage).

Men, We Were Wrong: More "Liberal" DOES NOT Equal More Women
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  • lofii
    All the liberals in here who struggle to get women are in the comment section typing their beta male opinions furiously rn 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
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  • Redhead999
    Men, We Were Wrong: More "Liberal" DOES NOT Equal More WomenMen, We Were Wrong: More "Liberal" DOES NOT Equal More Women
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    • lofii

      I'm dying đŸ’€đŸ’€

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  • bademoxy
    Left wing and Right wing are both of a fascist Big Brother shell game.
    however, classic Liberals and Conservatives are both vital components in a successful Constitutional nation, which is why these- and the nuclear family- are all under attack by Global corporate elite funded Socialists.
    Westerners have been set up to fail ourselves and each other for almost 3 generations now, with the latest polarization/violence cycles increasing in the last decade to the point at least half the public is painfully aware we're going off the tracks but confused by 24/7 legacy and social media on who actually is behind all this and why.
    we become weak from identity group infighting thus vulnerable and increasingly dependent upon Big Brother's "help". This may end very badly for humanity.
    forgive the tinfoil hattery, but Depopulation (the real "green plan") may only be a partway goal , going into full destruction of civilization itself.
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  • normalice
    This is of course far right disinformation because you know no one is stupid enough to vote republican based on merit 😅
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    • If you feel you have to call half the country stupid chances are good that the term best applies to you.

    • normalice

      Reading comprehension, bruh

  • bamesjond0069
    Im ultra conservative and traditional. My friends with benefits is a libtard who loves how conservative i am. She first was all "eww really?" But now she says "you know very conservative traditional is for me but i do not want to have government choose a side or encourage such a stance" so she still feminist liberal... the kind who would never get an abortion and wants to cook clean and obey a man lol
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  • MCheetah
    Only thing I got to say here is that Colin Wright political cartoon describes me to a T.
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  • Whatever2929292
    I am somewhere in the center to be honest. Wonder if Biden sniffed her though
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  • kitkills
    This just sounds like Kai Anderson got ahold of the internet
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  • captain_voidwalker
    I find it amusing you would think most men shallow enough to base our politics on whether or not we get women.
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  • Caunsos
    I don't know which is funnier fucking calling trump a god dame sigma male or a right winged person with a dick thinking they now what left wing women want.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    All true. Back in the day I banged plenty of liberal girls (as they are so easy) and I am very conservative.
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  • Andres77
  • OddBeMe
    Never seen so much bullshit…inside actual bullshit.

    when will you incels give up the greek alphabet?
  • Intothevoid666
    It’s only certain aspects of liberalism and conservatism and I think this correlation is pretty weak but I do agree on some level
  • msc545
    Difficult to believe that some guy took the trouble to write this bullshit.
  • weirdoweirdo
    This was hilariously wrong.
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  • Christian65
    You have to be joking right?
  • Anonymous
    I'm conservative but I pretend to be liberal for pussy and it works.
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  • Anonymous
    This is hilarious, as a right wing guy with right wing friends nothing shuts down a chick trying to make a move like being right wing which is perfect for us but fails their gold digging plans
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