Johnny Depp's Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Who've Been Abused

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

If you’re like me and was happy to hear Johnny Depp win his lawsuit against the narcissist and pathological lying Amber von Turd - excuse me, I meant Amber Un-heard-of. Sorry, my computer is acting crazy. Anyway, if you’re like me and was happy about the verdict, then you know there’s nothing else to see and we all can move on.

But apparently Heard’s desperate lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, who she herself won’t get paid for the trial because Heard is broke and can’t afford the legal fees, wants to waste more time to fight on and appeal, and then go on to lose that one, and not get paid again for really only doing volunteer work on behalf of Heard at this point.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

I watched her attorney’s sad dribble that even a paper cup can’t hold when she spoke on CBS Mornings, trying to convince Gail and the gang that there was soooo much more evidence to prove Heard was right, that Johnny won the case because he’s a superstar and his faithful social media Jedi knights got him the win, and then went on to give the woe-is-me, such a sad day for women of domestic violence low ball. Even Gail’s hairdo and the boys didn’t believe that nonsense. And you shouldn’t either.

“Johnny Depp’s win sets back women of domestic violence.” Uh, no. It doesn’t work that way.

So since Depp won this notorious battle of Waterloo, there have been some folks out there who also wanted to subscribe (and click Like) to Elaine Bredehoft’s foolery of claiming that him winning somehow insults or sets back women who are survivors of domestic violence, creating a time to come where they will now be taken less seriously. You really have to love white-feminist idiocy - I mean ideology, and how it throws such low balls of fear to stir up sensationalism and to keep our already-fucked-up culture wanting to hate men.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

Johnny Depp’s win in no way invalidates or causes us to take women who are victims of domestic violence less seriously. Why? Because he is a celebrity with millions and could afford a hell of a straight-shooting, dream team of attorneys who are very well-versed in the Jedi arts and knew how to argue a good case. That’s what money buys you when you’re famous. The average man is not going to be able to have that kind of advantage in court, whether he’s really guilty or innocent of beating his wife or girlfriend.

Could the case in some way spill over some think-before-you-believe sensibility into the mainstream justice system for other every day domestic violence situations? I doubt it. Because for years there have been other cases where some guy in a marriage or relationship was in court and testified to being a victim of some kind of abuse from his woman, and he still lost. Johnny Depp’s victory unfortunately isn’t going to change that. But some in the white-feminist League of Gentlewomen want you to believe it will - and some are even hating his true blue attorney Camille Vazquez, saying she "sucks up to male power."

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

Out of all the cases against men, or where men fought and lost, we got one win here and the self-centered women are still complaining and calling it a travesty. Planet Earth is really sick, boys and girls.

The guy is not a spotless deity

Which Johnny himself acknowledged during the case. There is no doubt in my mind that at various points in his life and career that Johnny Depp has been an asshole to someone, said something he shouldn’t have, or even did something he shouldn’t have. All of us have. Supposedly he even paid one of his exes like one-mill to shut about a phone call he made where he said the N-word in it more than once. Maybe he did, and that’s not good, but if so he certainly knows to keep his racist thoughts out of his acting career.

And let’s be real about something: for any of the little league of women who think he’s some kind of wife-beating monster, there has probably never been a moment in your life where you didn’t do something wrong to a man, or at least tried to.

It’s not over (apparently)

Darth Amber and the Death Star are destroyed, but the Empire is not dead yet. Now a new lawsuit will be leveled on Johnny by another bish. Some guy named Gregg Brooks. Who is alleging that Johnny punched him in the ribs twice on the set of City of Lies in 2018. Dude, who waits 4 years later to sue somebody for actual physical damage? Sounds like he’s just riding the waves of all the press surrounding Johnny’s win. Hey, if he’s got the proof to fight it and can actually win, whatever. But the rest of us are moving on and not interested in these new circus acts against Depp.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

With that being said, it’s the weekend, and I think I’ll chill out and watch Edward Scissorhands.


Johnny Depp's Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Who've Been Abused
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