Johnny Depp's Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Who've Been Abused

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

If you’re like me and was happy to hear Johnny Depp win his lawsuit against the narcissist and pathological lying Amber von Turd - excuse me, I meant Amber Un-heard-of. Sorry, my computer is acting crazy. Anyway, if you’re like me and was happy about the verdict, then you know there’s nothing else to see and we all can move on.

But apparently Heard’s desperate lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, who she herself won’t get paid for the trial because Heard is broke and can’t afford the legal fees, wants to waste more time to fight on and appeal, and then go on to lose that one, and not get paid again for really only doing volunteer work on behalf of Heard at this point.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

I watched her attorney’s sad dribble that even a paper cup can’t hold when she spoke on CBS Mornings, trying to convince Gail and the gang that there was soooo much more evidence to prove Heard was right, that Johnny won the case because he’s a superstar and his faithful social media Jedi knights got him the win, and then went on to give the woe-is-me, such a sad day for women of domestic violence low ball. Even Gail’s hairdo and the boys didn’t believe that nonsense. And you shouldn’t either.

“Johnny Depp’s win sets back women of domestic violence.” Uh, no. It doesn’t work that way.

So since Depp won this notorious battle of Waterloo, there have been some folks out there who also wanted to subscribe (and click Like) to Elaine Bredehoft’s foolery of claiming that him winning somehow insults or sets back women who are survivors of domestic violence, creating a time to come where they will now be taken less seriously. You really have to love white-feminist idiocy - I mean ideology, and how it throws such low balls of fear to stir up sensationalism and to keep our already-fucked-up culture wanting to hate men.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

Johnny Depp’s win in no way invalidates or causes us to take women who are victims of domestic violence less seriously. Why? Because he is a celebrity with millions and could afford a hell of a straight-shooting, dream team of attorneys who are very well-versed in the Jedi arts and knew how to argue a good case. That’s what money buys you when you’re famous. The average man is not going to be able to have that kind of advantage in court, whether he’s really guilty or innocent of beating his wife or girlfriend.

Could the case in some way spill over some think-before-you-believe sensibility into the mainstream justice system for other every day domestic violence situations? I doubt it. Because for years there have been other cases where some guy in a marriage or relationship was in court and testified to being a victim of some kind of abuse from his woman, and he still lost. Johnny Depp’s victory unfortunately isn’t going to change that. But some in the white-feminist League of Gentlewomen want you to believe it will - and some are even hating his true blue attorney Camille Vazquez, saying she "sucks up to male power."

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

Out of all the cases against men, or where men fought and lost, we got one win here and the self-centered women are still complaining and calling it a travesty. Planet Earth is really sick, boys and girls.

The guy is not a spotless deity

Which Johnny himself acknowledged during the case. There is no doubt in my mind that at various points in his life and career that Johnny Depp has been an asshole to someone, said something he shouldn’t have, or even did something he shouldn’t have. All of us have. Supposedly he even paid one of his exes like one-mill to shut about a phone call he made where he said the N-word in it more than once. Maybe he did, and that’s not good, but if so he certainly knows to keep his racist thoughts out of his acting career.

And let’s be real about something: for any of the little league of women who think he’s some kind of wife-beating monster, there has probably never been a moment in your life where you didn’t do something wrong to a man, or at least tried to.

It’s not over (apparently)

Darth Amber and the Death Star are destroyed, but the Empire is not dead yet. Now a new lawsuit will be leveled on Johnny by another bish. Some guy named Gregg Brooks. Who is alleging that Johnny punched him in the ribs twice on the set of City of Lies in 2018. Dude, who waits 4 years later to sue somebody for actual physical damage? Sounds like he’s just riding the waves of all the press surrounding Johnny’s win. Hey, if he’s got the proof to fight it and can actually win, whatever. But the rest of us are moving on and not interested in these new circus acts against Depp.

Johnny Depps Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Whove Been Abused

With that being said, it’s the weekend, and I think I’ll chill out and watch Edward Scissorhands.


Johnny Depp's Lawsuit Win Does Not Invalidate Women Who've Been Abused
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  • ZackBan
    That lawyer is the worst thing that could have happened to Amby.
    But I see your point. Real victims will have no problem proving they are victims.
    Real victims don't shit on the bed.
    Real victims don't have voice notes detailing how they threaten their husband's and told him "no one will belive you ha ha ha"

    So Amber Heard is not a real victim and her winning is what would set women back because then everyone will be put into question.

    However when those who falsly acuse get exposed it makes real victims far more likely to get convictions
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Most Helpful Girl

  • SkyCastle90
    I'm happy for men, because with evidence a man has justice on his side against false accusations. Hopefully, we're one step closer to taking abused men seriously, because abuse doesn't care if you're old or young/male or female/etc, it only cares about control.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Depp’s victory restores some of my hope in this nation if ours. It’s nice to see that America hasn’t fully succumbed to feminist tyranny yet.
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  • Adaeva
    It is not like the past or like it is in many other countries, where women have been and are abused. There are numerous laws and other protections for women. Therefore, women being abused in the USA is not a significant problem unless they put up it or if they are so disturbed that they actually seek abuse. And, I will never do either. If a man ever attempt to abuse me in any meaningful way other than occasional brief verbal abuse, I'll make him pay the price.
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    • ManOnFire

      Are you really 13?

    • Adaeva

      Thank you. However, if you think I'm smart for my age, I can't hold a candle compared to Mike Wimmer who just graduated from Harvard at age 12.

    • DWornock

      You are 100 percent correct. Nowadays women are protect even over protected. No woman should accept abuse and, like you say, if abused by a man, a women can make him pay. However, some women put up with abuse and a few women actually seek it because when they tell people they get sympathy.

  • globetrotter22
    The problem is that modern feminists seldom if ever own to the woman being wrong even if there is air tight evidence to the contrary. Many are still die hard amber heard supporters. You know it’s possible to still a modicum of sympathy for amber (yes Johnny was a dbag at times) yet criticize her sociopathic lying bs.

    However whenever there is rock hard evidence that a woman is the bigger dbag you hear nothing but crickets from feminists. Why? The Brian Banks false rape accusation is perfect example of how psychopathic and twisted some women really are. If they truly believed in “gender equality” they would be absolutely furious at those incidents. Instead they stay silent or worse they even try to rationalize that bs.

    MRAs on the other hand will always own up to the man being wrong if evidence proves so. Virtually no sane man (“incel” or not) is going to argue that Harvey Weinstein is innocent or some other bs. We fully acknowledge and accept that piece of sh*t men exist. We want those men put away and let the jailer throw away the keys. Hell I am all for chemically castrating (proven) serial rapists.

    But feminists just can’t admit the woman is sometimes wrong? Seriously why? Because they have this twisted notion that it will somehow invalidate their “special” intersectional victim status. Instead it only makes them increasingly less credible. The saddest part is this self defeats the original mission of helping the real victims.

    Just a fyi I know most women aren’t as stupid as modern feminists. But its always the worse ones who are the loudest and have the most influence.
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    • ManOnFire

      I think it's also because women in general don't own up to their mistakes. You will much more often hear a man talk about how he messed up in a past relationship than a woman. Whereas you might hear women say something like "Neither of us were perfect, we both made mistakes." She can't solely acknowledge any fault of her own.

  • AlphaGhost
    No this is the set-back for the anarchy known as "meToo" where some people incite the crowd to attack or damage someone reputation without evidence or proving anything.
    I am against this system from the very start cuz we have legal system in place and instead of campaigning for online men-cancel culture, there should be "amendments of constitution and introduction of new laws" which provide absolute protection to victim in legal battle.
    We should campaign for a system in which, every victim feel absolutely safe to lodge complain knowing very well law will protect him from even the President and in counter to that, the system should be so fair and moral that every falsely accused victim will know that... No one can falsely accuse him or he won't be victim of Jealous female.

    So I stand with "ABUSE VICTIMS" regardless of their gender BUT I am against lawless and rebellious movement, which only harm constitution nothing else.
    @Amber TURD should be sentenced for lying to the court
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  • Kaamraj
    It doesn't invalidate domestic abuse faced by women or men, but it does invalidate the "believe all women" and guilty without proof. Jhonny was only able to win because of the huge resources at his disposal which meant he could afford a good legal team.
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  • JosyJosy
    Yes of course, this is a win for all those who are or have been in an abusive relationship.

    I just hope that men being abused get taken more seriously or if a woman falsely accuse a man, that society doesn't start shaming them when they have absolutely no proof.
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    • GrimmStory

      I think the biggest effect will be a reverse in who gets believed more. May not happen right away or be as drastic as I might make it sound, but more people will begin to believe more whether it be defending against or making rape/abuse allegations

  • NobodyXox
    It's a step forward for guys being wrongly accused. And not a step back for women at all, if her story was believable in any way it might. But she was acting the whole time, she wasn't telling us a true story.
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  • hahahmm
    Johnny spent 5.5 million dollars defending himself and Amber was dumb enough to record incriminating evidence against herself plus be so unlikeable that she had no (good) witnesses in her favor. The stars aligned for Johnny. For the average man, the odds of winning against a lying women are close to zero. More like you'll spend 5+ years in prison on false charges and IF she apologizes in public afterwards she still won't get into trouble. FYI
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  • Slartybartfast
    Most abusive relationships are mutual. Which means that men are equally as likely to be victims then women. In fact , men seem to have , for the most part, gotten the message and have certainly changed for the better while women seem to understand they are immune from accusations and have become the MAJORITY of abusers.
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  • Ironmunkee
    His trial and abuse of 6+ years is supposed to help society see that men can also be victims of abuse. Why must people reiterate what everyone already knows?

    All it does is diminish the visibility of male victims of abuse which is already starkly overlooked.
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  • IveGotNoName
    Totally agree. We need to stop seeing the progress in men's rights as a rival to women's rights. They are not two opposing forces.
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  • Texasgal95
    I think you should feel safe to report that you were abused regardless of your gender
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  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    The stats prove that women abuse men At much higher rates than men abuse women. This is further verified by the fact that gay male relationships have the lowest rates of abuse and that lesbian relationships have the highest rates.

    When you remove consequence for bad behavior you allow it; when courts punish others for your bad behavior, your bad behavior becomes encouraged and normalized.
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  • AmysQs5
    Absolutely! This was a win for Johnny and for all people who have been abused. Amber taunted him in a recording they played in court, telling him (paraphrased, can't remember the exact words but I'm sure you've heard it) 'tell them Johnny, tell people you were abused and see if they believe you!' Awful. The only women who are mad about this are the ones who aren't capable of empathizing with a man. A man was abused and had his name slandered - this is just like if that happened to a woman, and I'm not sure why some people can't empathize outside their own demographic.
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  • godfatherfan
    No, but it does invalidate one lying bitch. Hopefully it takes a very long time for her ever to act again.
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  • Whatever2929292
    Not legitimate cases of abuse and real abuse victims despise a liar like her. They make them look bad.

    It does NOT invalidate real abuse cases
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  • Jabberjaw
    Yea, I had a girl who was scorned because I didn't want to see her anymore threaten to accuse me of sexual assault.

    It was only because I had overwhelming evidence on my side and threatened to use all the receipts I had to not only prove she lied but counter sue so her ass would be in jail.

    Especially since I had her text outright alluding to what she would do. Shows intent right there. I feel for Johnny. Never dealt with abuse in a relationship, but definitely dealt with girls trying to fuck you over hard
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  • Texaskid1
    I agree.

    JD win is an outlier but at the same time he has money to buy the best defense out there. Yet, if the average man is accused be will be screwed due to a lack of millions in the bank.
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  • Philyouup
    Both were horrible to each other. these two were beyond the pale. these were
    outliers that are an example of two people
    acting horrible to each other. They should not be help up as an example of good or bad, just over privileged children. Just MHO
  • RolandCuthbert
    It does at GaG. The logic here is plain. If one woman has lied about being abused, then all women lie about being abused.

    It is just how they roll.
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