It's pride month! But pride month for kids? Word of teaching little kids about LGBT and gender reassigntment surgery?

Sour-rose's pride month. And I'm in said group of LGBTQ+. However, I'll support the people in it to an extent. I'll support you if you're gay, ace, trans, non-binary, Whatever. As long it's not as crazy as you sayin' you identify as a damn tree. I can't believe I saw an actual thing like that in the book. However, I also heard something more crazy than that.

People talking about teaching LGBTQ+ in elementry all the way to High school. So little babies would be learing about the community until they're in high school. And from what I've seen so far, it seems that's already trying to happen. gotta be shitting me. That's insane. Kids gotta go through enough shit as it is, and to teach them and encourage them to embrace their trans life good. Not a good idea at all. There's a reason I see many adults doing this...because they're adults. Sure, kids may feel like they're....whatever part of the group but teaching them how to be gay, trans, or anything inbetween is insane. Especially to like babies. They're just kids. They may say they're gay but I'd say that can be arguable. I'm not saying you should support them straight up but to test them. They don't know what kind of future they'll face when they're out in the real world. The real world hates LGBTQ people for no reason, and will kill said people. So if this thing is really want they want, I believe we don't need to teach them. They wanna know more? They'll google it and figure out if this is what they want. And for the love of god, don't agree to let them have blockers or some shit like that. Again, I feel like they need to be pushed a bit the real world will hate them. I may be talking about trans as you see a little but that shit right there takes a big step than being gay I feel. All you say is "I like ______" and don't need drugs to do that. So I don't agree and hope to god that this nonsense stops. Kids may think they know what they want but best let them figure it out when they're a legal adult for their own safety.

Its pride month! But pride month for kids? Word of teaching little kids about LGBT and gender reassigntment surgery?
It's pride month! But pride month for kids? Word of teaching little kids about LGBT and gender reassigntment surgery?
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  • Blackcosmo
    You're absolutely right. Kids don't even know who they are yet and then they start identifying themselves already because of the influence around them. People shouldn't be teaching this stuff in school. When they become adults they can choose on their own but being surrounded by it as a kid isn't right.
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    • Blackcosmo

      Thanks for the MHO!

    • You realise straight is still an identity, right? If we hid heterosexuality from kids, that would be dumb and confusing. In the exact same way, hiding homosexuality is is dumb and confusing. As a lesbian, I grew up confused because I didn't even know that was a thing. It caused me years of struggle, because I thought I was all alone in the world. If I had just had a word for that, I could have avoided so much of that difficulty.

      Nothing about queer relationships is any less appropriate than straight relationships. When kids are old enough to know that mum and dad love each other, they're also old enough to know that two mums or two dads can love each other. It's not any less appropriate, and it can save queer lives.

    • @ElleBelle35 You can't hide heterosexuality because the majority of kids will by standard find the opposite sex more appealing because that's what they are used to see all around them. And when they hit puberty, the majority are also heterosexual. It's only people like yourself and the rest of your LGBT community that try to gas light kids into questioning their own sexuality just for you to have more people join your community. Which is nothing other than recruitment but with predatory intentions.

      Just because you were confused doesn't give you the right and push your confusion on others people's children. And if you're one of those who doesn't even want to have kids yourself, that gives you even LESS right to push your own views on OTHER PEOPLE's kids.

      I didn't have to take "LGBT classes" to know that there are men who like men and women who like women. You're just trying to whitewash predatory behavior aimed at CHILDREN.

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  • lofii
    I was about to shit talk till I read 🧐

    Yeah keep that garbage away from our kids. ✊️ They're there to learn, have fun and make friends
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    • Yes, they're there to learn. Exactly. And part of learning is learning to be a good person, learning about the world, learning about yourself. Teaching kids about queerness hits on all of those key parts of learning (teach them to treat queer people with respect, teach them that queer people exist in the world, and if they are queer give them the language to understand themselves).

    • DaveJord

      @ElleBelle35 I remember a time that gays hated be being call queer be it had negative implications... now you want to be called queer and own being queer, in an attempt of making sound normal and right... yeah that sounds pretty fucking queer to me.

      1. strange; odd.
      "she had a queer feeling that they were being watched"

      You literally calling yourself strange and odd, and that these feelings of oddness are making you feel less than some how? Okay find be queer and own it, just stop trying to seek validation from straight people who already accepted the fact that your queer.

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  • Smoke-n-Growls
    Learning about gender, gender identity, and sexual orientations is fine. Honestly, it's like straights forget that elementary kids learn about the reproductive system in health class (or maybe you're in a place more backwards than 90s Catholic school and your elementary students don't get to learn about puberty before they go through it, oof).

    Learning about male and female reproductive organs (and, by consequence, learning about intersex and the difference between sex and gender) is something kids about to go through puberty SHOULD learn.

    And why not also introduce the concepts of same sex love while you're also talking about consequences of straight love (e. g. during jr high sex ed when you're learning how to put a condom on or that the uterus is not the same as the urethra)? By this time many kids will already have experienced attraction - why limit them by not teaching them about it?

    I don't understand the whole argument about this. It's not like sex ed is HRT. No one is giving HRT to children. But if a girl wants to play with gender expression and identity, let him use masc pronouns, if he's at a stage where binding breasts is possible then let him learn to do so safely. If a boy wants to present femme, again, let her use the pronouns she chooses and let her wear what she wants.

    They don't need "drugs" (what drugs are you even talking about, do you even know?) to experience respect or dignity. But teaching their peers, parents, and community how to help them feel seen as they wish to be seen is literally suicide prevention.

    A Pride parade - a protest - can certainly be a kid-friendly experience. But the whole of Pride? When love is love, and adults love each other, some activites are gonna be not safe for kids. Just like how straight adults have sex, so do (many) gay adults.

    As a straight person, I certainly hope you'd know not to bring your child to an after-hours Drag Show at a gay bar. It's kind of obvious THAT part of Pride is for the adults.

    It's like straight people bringing their chileren to Hooters and being upset that Hooters staff are showing off boobs. You're a Hooters. Wtf did you think was going to happen?
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    • Sour-rose

      Okaay buuuuut I'm not for them kids to be learning... same sex stuff. I can only imagine the consequences if they do. And seeing consequences of doing same sex for kids who aren't even adults yet, can be... tragic. And the pride parade... sure some activies ain't for kids but seeing I'm hearing people using dildos and spray kids with them... makes me cringe more that is happening to some kids who don't know how to drive a car.

    • Where are your sources for what you're hearing, Facebook?

      These are parades legitimately held in towns and cities with laws and bylaws. We can't throw candy at parades - Pride, national holidays, or anything - anymore.

      You think they'll let people use dildos? Lol, that's really weird considering many of those same cities have politicians who think like you. It's a battle to display the Pride flag, but you think they'll let people just wave sex toys around?

      Do you see how it's really not happening irl?

    • Sour-rose

      :1... well I don't know of any parades that throw "candy". Especially mine down here in hell. But yeah, I do think they would... if they ain't stoppin' dem.

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  • Wubs3000
    I'm currently in 8th grade, about to start highschool and I see stuff like this all the time. Its confusing to me because I've never felt indoctrinated or anything, the most schools have taught me is that sexualities are who you like. I personally identify as omnisexual (similar to pan). I decided this best fit myself because I've always thought that there wasn't any reason I couldn't like a guy, and if the right guy came along I would. (I have crushed on some guys now) Most of what I know is from the internet and friends, not some teacher brainwashing me like you think happens. And even if every school talked extensively about it, that isn't going to make the kids gay or anything.
    As a former kid, I know that young kids are very innocent and accepting, and they don't really have any problem with others race, gender, or sexuality. Things like racism or homophobia are taught. Be it by society or their parents or influences.
    If you educate kids on what sexuality or gender identity is, the impact it has is that kids learn to be accepting of lgbtqia and now understand what it is. This works towards preventing discrimination against lgbtqia people. Simply learning about the community and what it is does not make kids gay. Kids will decide on their own if they feel that way. If you don't educate kids, they will be confused about who they are (and in kids with gender dysmorphia, this could result in suicidal thoughts or actions more commonly)
    About educating kids of the dangers of being part of lgbtqia, I would agree but not as far as you go. At least in my country or where (united states) people aren't commonly lynched or anything for being gay. But teaching about disclination and why its bad, I totally agree should happen.
    If you tell kids people are killed all the time for being gay, you are trying to scare them from being themselves
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    • msmissydc

      When reality can be used as an argument I think there is not much more to say. This fits perfectly.

    • Sour-rose

      You make a good point... but are you a vampire?
      Lol but honestly, you do make a good point. <3

    • Wubs3000

      I've been stuck in 8th grade for 81 consecutive years I need help.

  • kurokohai
    I personally think sex ed overall is important in schools, especially teaching about consent and protection, because nowdays it's getting harder and harder for parents to teach their kids at home, since a lot of parents have to both work full day to sustain their family financially.

    This also applies to same sex ed, but its important to regulate how sex education in schools work.

    Don't confuse kids by telling them from kindergarten on, that they can change their gender, and whatsoever. Kids that young can't t grasp all the consequences such a choice habours. Older children should learn about it in a save environment, but ofc, there have to ne certain limits and it should be necessary for schools to have psychologists, who can talk with children who suspect that they have gender disphoria, so that it can be eveluated, if it is the case or just normal body disphoria a lot of kids get when they reach puberty.

    Some things just shouldn't be shown like drag, since drag shows as entertaining as they can be, they just aren't save environment for them, since sex plays a big part in it.

    But teaching kids that there are different sexuality people should accept, even if they don't agree, is highly important to fight off radicalism.

    So in summary, teach the kids but age appropriately.
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  • _deeznuts
    I think that they should at least have basic knowledge about it. I don't think that they should go into the details just yet in elementary school because children shouldn't be dealing with major social issues until they're older. I completely support LGBTQ+, and I don't believe that children should only be exposed to it once they're like 16, because by then you can tend to be pretty closed minded about it. My little sister is only 6 and is aware (not completely) of LGBTQ+. She understands that you can date the same gender and that some people become trans if they don't feel like they're in the right body, and it doesn't cause her any social impacts whatsoever. She doesn't have the limited mindset that a boy must marry a girl and a girl must marry a boy but instead is comfortable marrying her girlfriends to each other.

    I have a cousin that became trans at the age of seven. She was born male but from the beginning clearly did not feel like it. She would often complain about being a boy. Later, her first grade teacher,(who was trans) very lightly went over why she became trans. My cousin felt really understood and later brought it up to my aunt. I want other kids to have the opportunity to understand themselves like my cousin.

    In summary, I basically feel like they should have an understanding of what it is, but not in detail.
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  • smølf
    People have to right to identify with whatever they wish, but they do not have the right to force the rest of us into their madness.

    Otherwise, I'll identifuýes as the sovereign master of the world, and you must all bow before me and give me all your money?

    What the matter, do you not respect my identity!!!
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    • Those things are not remotely the same. Gender is a social construct. Sex is a biological fact, but gender is a social construct. You can't decide to be the sovereign master of the world because that relies on a fact (having power), same as you can't decide to change your sex. But you can decide to be a fan of a sports team, because that's a social construct.

      The fact that you're 45 and can't reason that is... disappointing.

    • Sour-rose

      @ElleBelle35 Bruh... are you feelin' all right today?

  • DaveJord
    Yeah, why do you think there is so much confusion these days for kids? Because this LGBTQ bullshit is every where and it fucking with kids minds. We got a flipping Pride month for crap shake... I am pro-hetero so can we have a proud to be hetero month and call it Proud Month? I am sick of it being funneled into our homes, and peddled to use constantly by the media. Be what ever you want, why do I have to constantly heard about it? Why you fucking with children, like parent have no right to control what their kids are being exposed to?

    They are getting to these kids before the kids even hit puberty... and you say your all about everything to the extent of someone identifying as a tree... that point is that we are past the point of insanity... seriously you were born with a penis and you want us to believe your not a boy, Ahhhhhh... that's insane.

    They want to say they feel as though they were born in the wrong body, maybe they got the right body but the wrong mind, or maybe you mind got all fucked up and twisted with all this LGBTQ bullshit because you were forced to be exposed to it before you where old enough to understand what it all meant... maybe its a mental health issue.
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  • worldscolide
    I Definitely support the community until they involve children. I am right there with you. Sorry im not interested in my kids learning about trannies, or drag queens. or anything of that nature. Let kids be kids and keep sex out of it. PLEASE...
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    • Bottom line is, if you have to be told its not ok to talk to children about sex, then you definitely should be on a list somewhere and never ever be around children. Less than 2% of the population is part of that community. I will decide IF and WHEN my kids learn about it, end of story, end of discussion.

    • The fact that we have kids drag shows, and drag queen reading hour shows how much the left is grooming our kids.

    • Sour-rose

      W-wa-... a kid's wh... a kid's... you shittin' me. You have to be... because.. think I'm gonna have nightmare tonight.

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  • melanieeeB
    I totally agree with you. It's really heavy and I'm even confused about all the pluses in the LGBT lol
    My little sister (9) has a little boy in class, who comes dresses as a girl and well wants to be acknowledged as a girl but honestly I do find it way too young. When he is older and still feels that way, then go for it and will have all my support but now he is just a baby... it's crazy to me and I really don't understand
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    • But like. What's the harm of social transition at a young age? It's what she feels comfortable with right now, and if she decides she doesn't feel comfortable with it when she's older, all she has to do is change clothes. It's super reversible, and it lets her feel comfortable in her own skin at this point in her life.

    • @ElleBelle35 not when this kid is starting to take hormones and starts to make surgical changes lol

    • @ElleBelle35 Funny how you say that "if they change their mind, they can always do XXX". So you basically refuted the entire LGBT argument to why kids should be exposed to this shit. By basically saying that kids can always change their minds. Which is exactly why such nonesense should never be pushed onto them. As their views can always change. So these "identities" are merely little mental phases and are therefore not to be taken seriously. Especially not to go under the knife or take hormone blockers.

      But it seems like you struggle to grasp the mere BASIC principle that you're talking about kids. KIDS. And no. This goes BEYOND just changing clothes. Often these kids are pushed to take hormone blockers (or go under the knife) which will wreck HAVOC on their bodies and development. You don't have the right to say that it should be okay to transition at a young age, which often consists of a physical process with its effects being irreversable, when they don't even know anything about themselves. This is why I will never support you people. Because you think (potentionally) ruining the lives of other people's kids is fine as long as you get to push your own fantasies and mental issues on other people. You're nothing but predators.

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  • TruthBringer
    That is predatory behavior at its finest. It is clearly also a 'recruitment' attempt.

    Kids are easily influenced. They don't get to think critically. When they aren't yet developed, it is indeed easy for them to fall into the trap of someone telling them what and who they are, even when they are not. The only reason why the LGBT-community is targeting children is to further their own agenda into the future. "If adults are hard to influence, then I will direct my attention to their kids".

    This is why I am very much against the LGBT-community. Because they like to shove their views down people's throats. And that of their children. I have no issues with people being gay or whatever, but as soon as you start to influence MY life with it and that of children not your own, then we got a problem.

    I got a message for these people in this video:
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    • Teaching kids that gay people exist =/= telling them they are gay. Don't be ridiculous. We can teach kids about dinosaurs, that's not telling them they are dinosaurs.

      The reason we want to teach kids that LGBT identities exist is because words have power. I didn't have the word for what I was growing up, and it nearly killed me. There is nothing more isolating and heartbreaking than feeling like you're the only person in the world who feels the way you feel. We're not trying to teach kids queer theory, but just letting little-me know what a lesbian is would have prevented so much heartbreak. In fact, finding out what a lesbian was (on Instagram) saved my life, because I realised that I wasn't alone.

      If any of your children were to ever be in my shoes, I want them to know the word for what they are. I want them to never have to feel that alone. That's why we have to tell all the kids (and by that I mean just tell them that sometimes there are two mums or two dads, nothing inappropriate), because any one of them might turn out to need those words.

    • @ElleBelle35 There is a difference between teaching them they exist and actively put thoughts into their heads that have them end up associating their identity (which they still haven't developed) with anything regarding LGBT. This is why this idea got so much backlash, because you're imposing your IDEOLOGY on other people's children. Also, teaching them gays exists or that there can be two mums or 2 days doesn't have to take an entire LGBT community or someone from the LGBT to do it. Also, often this is within the context of kids before hitting puberty. When they haven't even entered their hormonal phase of their sexuality becoming active.

      The only reason why you want to "teach kids" (more like recruitment) is because they are the future generation and are NOW easily MANIPULATED. Sorry missy, but you're not going to fool people here.

      Stay the fuck away from other people's children. Let them be kids. let the find out on their own what they want to identify as. They shouldn't have someone tell them what it should be.

      Also, judging by your account details, it is clear you're a burner account specifically made for this Take. Begone.

    • DaveJord

      @ElleBelle35 Your spreading the shit so thick here you have lost your self in the mock and smell of it.

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  • DermalPunch
    Well I want to identify as a cinnamon bun but instagram won't let me. I will have to start cinnamon bun pride day. I want my own bathroom though.
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    • Not all categories are the same. "Cinnamon bun" is a physical reality. It's based on facts. Gender is a social construct, there's no facts behind it. Sex is a biological fact, but gender is social. Skirts are feminine and trucks are masculine because society says so, not because of anything inherent. So people can choose where to go within a social construct.

    • @ElleBelle35 you do realize I'm taking the piss.

    • Duh, but the point of your joke is that you think trans identity is equally silly. My point is that there are different kinds of identity, so your analogy is bull.

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  • genericname85
    i don't care if you're gay or straight. if you think childreen should be indoctrinated with deviant sexualities before they themself even explored sexuality, you're a sick bastard to me.

    by the way: gender dysphoria and intersexuality are still medical conditions. we should turn back treating them as that.
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    • What the fuck does "deviant" sexualities mean? Gay behaviour has been documented in 450 species of animals. It's extremely natural, and doesn't hurt anybody.

      Telling kids gay people exist isn't "indoctrinating" them. If anything, trying to hide gay identities and tell kids that straight is the only identity that exists, that's indoctrination.

      Sure, let's treat gender dysphoria as a medical condition. By giving trans people the resources and healthcare they need to thrive as their identity :). Conversion therapy is abuse.

    • @ElleBelle35 the reason sexual intercourse exists is procreation. so if your sexuality deviates from that, your sexuality is deviant. not that i do not have any "negative" connotation with "deviant". it's just a neutral, judgement free fact. and the fact that this deviance occurs in all around the animal kingdom doesn't make it less deviant.

      i see nothing wrong "telling" children "hey there's gay people and there's people that feel like the opposite gender and people that are intersex with biologically unclear actual gender". but that's the extend of information they need to have. i don't know why this needs to be an entire class in school.

      i would say "IF" there are children in a class who are dealing with those things personally, there should be like experts or ressources, they can be referred to. no issue with that. i don't see why it needs to be on the curriculum for the 99% of people whom are not even concerned with this, neither currently nor at any point in their future.

      gender is not such a difficult topic for the vast majority of people. we shouldn't make the topic of sexuality more complex and difficult for children as it already is. i think outside of the "pure biology" of it, sexuality is not something that belongs in a school class. that's a topic for parental guidance, not institutional indoctrination. because gender and the associations with it are doctrin. not scientific fact.

    • @ElleBelle35 and even though we do not understand how outside influence can actually influence sexuality, we do know that exposure to mental diseases on social media actually correlates with the prevalence of such mental diseases.

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  • mermaidcancermoon
    Most know if theyre attracted to girls or boys in middle school around age 10/11. It gets talked about a lot. 5th/6th grade is usually when all the drama starts. My sister and I work with children.

    Kids younger than that haven't developed their sexuality, however being around it won't force them to be lgbtq. All those years of straight tv didn't work so vice versa... is just common sense. Even kids of poly parents turn out monogamous. Its all a matter of if their pqrents are controlling or not. Middle schoolers do need to be educated so they dont creep out and bully each other.

    As for gender reassignment and hormone blocks it should be 18+. Even some lgbt members teach this because some regret not preserving a way to have children. Plus puberty has to complete first.
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    • Sour-rose

      Hhhhhm... middle schoolers should be taught? I don't know, why do you think that? I mean i'm not for kids so what do I know. So you don't think middle school is a bit early? Like surely, not 6th graders, they don't know shi... probably.
      I agree about the GR And HB tho, i feel that's more safer.

    • its not a matter of being taught to be lgbt. Middle school is when most kids figure out whether they like girls or boys. The education is merely to lower the rate of bullying and let them know that they dont have to be ashamed around teachers and peers if their parents at home are homophobic. Its kin to discrimination training. Its not telling kids to be lgbtq its just basic education and resource tools. "some guys like other guys and some girls like other girls and some people are trans... blah blah blah" the end. Parents aren't teaching their children so they find out everything through tv.

    • Sour-rose

      Eeeeey, that's a good point! Very well done in explainin' that. I agree 100% <3

  • litty
    Reminds me of that Big Daddy scene where Sandler asks who the kid wants to be, and the kid says Frankenstein.

    But you’re right. Having a kid decide whether they are gay, trans, or straight is just asking for resentment when they grow up. It’s like gas lighting.
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    • If you don't tell kids what the options are, you force them to decide they're straight. That is asking for resentment right there.

      Also, that is not even in the same conceptual area as gaslighting? Gaslighting is making someone think they're crazy. Telling kids gay people exist is not that.

    • litty

      @ElleBelle35 I didn't event say "don't tell kids what the options are," so it seems like your out of context thing may just be more about you.

      It is like gas lighting. You don't think teenagers already have a tough enough time going crazy out about whether they are gay, straight, non-binary, pansexual, etc? So now we need to have even younger kids worry about that?

    • The idea of teaching kids in schools about what queerness is, is telling them what the options are. You oppose that. Therefore you oppose telling them what the options are.

      Gaslighting is making someone believe they're crazy. It's a targeted psychological attack. If I went up to a gay kid and tried to tell them they're straight, every single day, telling them they're wrong when they say they're gay, that would be gaslighting. Telling a straight kid that gay people exist is not gaslighting.

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  • LeeannaDD
    The silent majority doesn't care who you have sex with, how you dress, or who you live with as long as its consensual. Start pushing it on our kids and we won't stay silent...
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    • Telling kids gay people exist is not "pushing" an identity on them. It's giving them a very basic fact about the world they live in.

  • Smashingdoozy
    Kids are taught about heterosexuality from when they are babies. It's in books, its in tv shows, it's in movies, it's right infront of them with their parents. There's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with telling kids that homosexual relationships exist, that trans people exist, and non binary people exist. Heck some of their parents are likely a part of LGBT. It's not teaching about how they have fucking sex, it's not talking about nitty gritty details, its about normalizing and educating so it's not seen as weird or different in the future which is what causes problems and shitty people.
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    • Sour-rose

      Cool, bae, but i see a problem by telling them they can do stuff like that and it's not ideal. And teaching them in schools on school money is a waste. I already see trying to teach some little wankers about sex is not reaaaally taught. (i'm 27 and a half now, what do i know) So i can only imagine the money, the time, and teachers who teach them about LGBT of how it would go. I don't think it would go well.

    • It's not like they are having entire lessons about LGBTQ... It's just integrating books into schools, and using LGBT language in problems eg "Sallys mom's gave her $3...", It's mentioning it when talking about different types of families. What the heck do you think it is? If you think it's any other way then you are the problem because you are sexualizing lgbt which is fucked up and weird.

    • Sour-rose

      Sooo you think they should make books for schools to have them in the library or somethin' like that?

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  • zagor
    Kids don't need to learn sexual stuff (except the basics like where babies come from) until a year or so shy of puberty. They do need to learn it before then so they understand what is happening to their bodies. But 6 year olds learning about gender dysphoria? That's just idiocy.
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  • humanearth
    I think the LGGQ crowd or whatever their name is.

    Is nothing more then a leftist hate group.

    Before someone of you bash me. You better go read some of my questions and MyTakes.

    You'll find out I could easily fit into that group of evil bastards, but I want nothing to do with them or be a associated with them.

    I never seen a group try so hard to destroy people rights and freedoms. They are so stupid they don't even know that they are fucking themselves to.
  • Bratsondanielle
    It's June. Period. It's just June. If someone mentally challenged want to be a lgtbcdefg2k++ woman/man/baby-in-diaper-thing fine they do that at home no problems. But it's June. Normal people don't want to hear transgender bull a whole month
    • Sour-rose

      :)... so uuuh... you havin' a good day?

    • Absolutely!! Me (the wife) is just chilling with my husband (the male part of the household)

    • Sour-rose

      Ah great. Gas prices aren't killin' ya yet, right? Hopefully not? As I would say I'm able to survive and I think I found a way to not be in a money sinkin' hole.

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  • Redhead999
    It's pride month! But pride month for kids? Word of teaching little kids about LGBT and gender reassigntment surgery?
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  • Prime_tr
    I think kids need to decide for themselves what they are, wish they were, and what they inspire to be. You shouldn't force stuff like that on them
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    • How can they decide if you don't tell them what the options are? If you don't tell kids that gay people exist, they'll think the only option is straight.

    • Sour-rose

      @ElleBelle35 PFFFFFF

      "If you don't tell kids that gay people exist, they'll think the only option is straight."

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