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OnlyFans: A "Simping" Epidemic?


Lonely, desperate, isolated men, are the enablers of this epidemic, which, in turn, is leading to the hyper-sexualisation of women who, in droves, commodify their bodies for financial gain and power. This is why OnlyFans is so popular - any woman can start using it, and I don't think many of us know just how much money can be made. For instance, there are already hundreds of OF "models" making more than a CEO of a small business.

Good for them, I guess. We've been wanting women to choose what they want for quite some time now, but is this really the career direction they want or even deserve? There's almost no more incentive for them to go for "proper jobs" that actually demand drive, work, and growth.

OnlyFans: A Simping Epidemic?

It truly is sickening.

Another, and possibly more valid example is Twitch TV.

An industry previously dominated by men, and now women moved in (they had every right to do so) and have now turned it into a shit show of hot tubs and whatever else.

The only good thing is that these examples are stuck in the internet sphere, for the time being, but I can't imagine how things will be in the next, let's say, 5 years.

I'm not trying to assign blame to anyone in particular, because we're all at fault, but it's concerning verging on terrifying, especially if you're considering having children in the future.

What are your thoughts?

Please keep it clean.

OnlyFans: A "Simping" Epidemic?
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