The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

The untold suffering stalking has on a victims life is incalculable . Stalking intrudes on the victim's privacy and evokes a fear of violence. It has a detrimental effect on the victim's psychological state , and entire social well-being . Victims of stalking often severely restrict their lives by changing their routine , curtail all social activities , give up their place of employment ,they can become too scared to leave their home or even fear being at home. They fear for their life and become virtual recluses. Their home, which should be their sanctuary can become their prison

Stalking is not a mental disorder. It is a behaviour. Stalking behaviour occurs as a direct result of psychotic symptoms, usually in the form of paranoia or delusional beliefs. However, not all stalkers suffer from delusions .There's different motives for stalking ,and stalkers suffer from a wide variety of mental disorders, with psychosis often playing a role for stalkers. Diagnoses ranges from personality disorders,psychotic disorders - including schizophrenia, depression and substance misuse,and often a high degree of narcissism - these are all common amongst stalkers.A primary disorder is accompanied by specific personality traits that are linked to the stalking behaviour.

Celebrity stalkers often suffer from Erotomania - a delusional disorder . The stalker becomes fixated on someone , and they develop the delusion that the person loves them.They envision a life together and feel a persistent need and urge to see or contact them. They start to display signs of obsessional behaviour after seeing a celebrity in the media. S/he then engages in a pattern of behaviour in an attempt to make the celebrity aware of his/her existence.The stalker believes that if her/his presence is known to the celebrity , they can have a relationship or even marry them . They believe if they pursue the celebrity long enough and consistently enough it'll make them realize the two of them belong together. This is fed by a delusional system of ideas- delusional thinking. Stalkers who are deranged,and delusional are determined and highly dangerous, and a few have succeeded with their lethal intent - 94% of persistent predator stalking behaviour leads to murder

1) Beyonce Knowles

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

For two years Bassey Essien, sent threatening letters to Beyoncé Knowles. He claimed she was an imposter and made threats to kill her. He became totally convinced she had killed the "real" Beyonce, and she was really an imposter posing as Beyoncé ,so she could live the pop stars life. Beyonce eventually won an anti-harassment order in the High Court court against Essien - who was prohibited from contacting her and her entourage.

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Bassey Essien

2 ) Justin Timberlake

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Justin Timberlake feared for his safety after serial stalker Karen McNeil, appeared at his house on a number of occasions in an aggressive manner. She claimed to be God, and that she and Timberlake were destined to rule the world together. She was convinced that Babylon witches were after her and she feared they were going to cast some black magic spell on her. A judge ordered that she stay away from Timberlake, but she showed up at his house yet again. This time, she turned up in a taxi full of her possessions. He eventually won a three-year restraining order against her .McNeil was taken to a psychiatric facility to deal with her delusional stalker behaviour . She had stalked other celebrities prior to stalking Timberlake

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Karen McNeil

3 ) Justin Bieber

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Dana Martin , who is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl put a hit on Justin Bieber. He plotted to castrate and kill Bieber because he was angry that he did not respond to his messages. Martin contacted two of his friends on the outside -Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane, and asked them to castrate Bieber with garden shears,then kill him. Staake and Ruane, were on their way to castrate and murder Bieber,but fortunately they were pulled over by cops after they took a wrong turn. They were arrested for outstanding warrants by police. Martin said he only ever wanted to cut off the singer's testicles so he could keep them as trophies. All because he loves Bieber. In a statment he said, "What are you trying to get me to say, that I love Justin Bieber and think he's gorgeous? He's a good-looking kid. Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He's legal, so probably."

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Dana Martin

4 ) Gwyneth Paltrow

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Dante Soiu faced two trials for stalking Gwyneth over 17 years. He sent Paltrow hundreds of messages, sex toys, pornography ,unsolicited gifts and relentless letter-writing. During his first trial in 2001 , Soiu was found NOT guilty by reason of insanity ,but was eventually convicted and sent away for three years to a mental health facility.In 2015 , he was re-arrested again because his relentless correspondence with Paltrow started again.He wanted to prove to her that he was now a changed man. He wanted her forgiveness for sending her pornography 17 years ago, and that he didn't bear any ill will towards her over the previous stalking case that led to him being sent to a mental institution. His new messages included marriage proposals,because he wanted his messages to show her his unconditional love and friendship. Soiu stated he wanted to let Paltrow know he was available and willing to marry her if the opportunity arose. Some of the letters were even more disturbing because they referred to her death . One such letter stated ,"You are hopelessly lost. Now you must die. Yourself, must die so that Christ can have pre-eminence"Shockingly, the jury acquitted him of all charges , and said that they did not believe he needed to be hospitalized for mental health issues.

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Dante Soiu

5 ) Madonna

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

In 1996 Robert Dewey Hoskins, was sentenced to 10-years in prison for stalking and threatening Madonna. She feared for her life after Hoskins broke into her estate several times, and sent her threatening letters. One letter stated "he was either going to marry Madonna or slash her throat from ear to ear".On one occasion Hoskins, climbed the wall around her estate, jumped into her pool and threatened to kill her if she did not marry him. Fortunately , Madonna's personal security guard stopped him in his tracks by shooting and wounding him. After receiving treatment and serving his time , he was once again arrested for another incident - not relating to Madonna,and then sent to another mental hospital. In 2012 , he escaped the mental hospital. This launched a massive manhunt,but this time Cops feared for the safety of actress Halle Berry,because he now had set his sights on the actress ,and made threats on her life. Berry was so fearful for her life that she made plans to flee the U.S. to France .Hoskins was eventually apprehended and taken back into custody,then sent back to the mental facility. Subsequently , Madonna put her home up for sale as she did not want to live there anymore after Hoskins invaded her estate.

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins

6 ) Rebecca Schaeffer

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

For three years Robert Bardo, had stalked American actress Rebecca Schaeffer ,before gunning her down on her own front doorstep. He obtained Schaeffer's home address through a detective agency and wrote her numerous love letters ,and also sent her chilling death threats. In July , 1989, he went to her house full of anger after he saw her starring in a sex scene in the move "Class Struggle in Beverly Hills" - in his eyes, she had lost her innocence. When he visited her at her apartment he told her he was a big fan. So she kindly signed an autograph for him,she went back into her apartment and he left. About an hour later, Bardo came back to her apartment again and when Schaeffer opened the door Bardo fired one round of ammunition, which killed her. A psychiatrist testifying at Bardo's trial conceded that Bardo suffered from schizophrenia and it was his illness that led him to commit the murder. Bardo was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Robert Bardo Bardo

7 ) Christina Grimmie

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Kevin James Loibl became fixated on Christina Grimmie , he watched everything having to do with her. He spent most of his waking hours watching her on YouTube as well as constantly monitoring her social media accounts. He decided he wanted to meet her after he'd grown psychotically attached to her. He bought a ticket for her performance at an Orlano concert. Unbeknownst to everyone at the concert ,Gimme would be performing for the very last time. Loibl watched Gimme sing the final song of her life with two handguns holstered inside the back of his jeans and a hunting knife strapped around his left ankle. After the show, Loibl approached Grimmie as she signed autographs for fans ,he then reached for the guns he had smuggled into the building and gunned down the singer by shooting her twice in the head and chest .Loibl was tackled by Grimmie's brother, but Loibl broke away , and shot himself dead. Grimmie was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition with four gunshot wounds,but all efforts to save her life failed and sadly, she was pronounced dead just before 11 p.m.

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

Stalker Kevin James Loibl

There are two types of stalkers - first is the person who admires you ,and the second person is the one hates you

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans

The Mind Of A Stalker: 7 Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked By Deranged Delusional Fans
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ozanne
    I've been stalked - and I am periodically still stalked - by an ex-boyfriend who I actually had so little to do with during our time together. This Take is a reminder that stalking is hardly an expression of love, but a sick need for power. A stalker needs the attention of their victim, even if it's a negative one. So if the person moves or changes their job, the stalker has a sick sense of pride knowing they were the cause of it. There is nothing a stalker hates more than to be ignored. Ignored means: they don't matter. They want to matter in some way even if it means moving or changing jobs meant the victim had them in mind in order to make those decisions. Since we react quickly to fear, posing threats is a way to get the fastest reaction to know that their actions made the victim act.

    Very coincidental Take, since just yesterday I was reading about Teresa Saldana's stalking. She was stabbed at her home after obtaining her personal information by posing as a director's assistant.

    I also remember not too long ago using the Imdb message boards, and noticed that Viggo Mortenson's profile was interrupted daily by a female stalker who was known to create several accounts and harass other female Imdb users who posted even innocuous topics about the actor. Her rants went from adoration to rage TOWARD Viggo himself. One would think she couldn't stand the guy. I spoke with a few users and learned that she was stalking him for a few years, and her behaviour was if anything - getting users' attention, which I think she craved. It was handled by Viggo's people, but Imdb in my opinion were exceptionally bad at how they handled it. Their need to continue to get the clicks of viewers trumped their ToS, and they never truly got to the core of who was polluting the site.

    I can only imagine that someone like Kevin James Loibl had some sick and twisted desire to make sure he and Christina Grimmie die together, making the memory of her death always linked to him. The old "if I can't have you nobody can" with those who have mental illness out of control proves to be deadly.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Jodie Fosters' stalker shot the president because she liked her in a movie where she played a 12 year old president
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  • smahala1991
    What about Jodie Foster?
  • Vesuvius87
    Thank you for sharing this. It's pathetic how sometimes the victims of stalkers have to change their lives by changing their phones or moving elsewhere.
    It's the stalker that needs to change his/her life by not invading your space/territory in the first place and go back where they came from.
  • Smoothshave
    Rebecca Schaeffer's Stalker Obtained Her Address Through The DMV.
    At That Time All Personal Records At The DMV Were Public Record, Anyone Could Request And Receive Any Person's Address.
    It Was Rebecca's Murder That Changed Everone's Personal Info At The DMV To Private.
  • Catskills
    Their obsession blinds them from reality.

    Stalkers are sick and they are essentially forcing their will on that person whether they are a celebrity or someone who isn't.

    At least a celebrity has a better chance of shielding stalkers than someone who don't have the financial resources to retaliate against stalkers.

    A stalker who preys on a celebrity are going to be exposed for all the world to see what kind psycho they are.

    It doesn't minimalize the pain a celebrity endures, but a celebrity has better abilities to ward off a stalker and prosecute than non-celebrities.
  • oneleggedwonder
    Do I ever want to be rich and famous? I think Id rather be rich, being famous seems to be a pain in the ass.
  • GirlNextBored
    In my opinion you left out possibly the biggest stalker story of all time , John Hinkley stalking Jodie Foster
  • bytes
    I do not want to , stalk or marry anyone I don't think. I'm not really the kind to chase something that doesn't like me. But I've had my experiences with stalkers.
  • Listening5
    Ah shit, this sucks. I have some stalkers, now this makes me think about them. I feel so bad for christina, she looked so nice and then read what happened to her.
  • lord_chilled
    Suddenly very glad im not too popular. If i had a stalker id just hit them in the head with a bat hard enough so that they forget about me, or forget about everything alltogether.
  • pretty-kitty
    It's scary that people get so obsessed and act this way.
  • Twinkles88
    Wow I actually didn't know any of this. This is scary stuff!
  • LittleSally
    It's weird how a LOT of grown ass men are obsessed with Justin Bieber! o. O
  • ArabianPwincess197
    I always assumed stalkers were people who admired you, these people are... I have no words. All those lives lost :(
  • loveisbeautiful
    The last two are sad because they ended in the celebrities death, I have people magazines true crime stories edition and that Rebecca is in there. So, even now people still talk about it. I liked Christina Grimmie, I thought she was very talented and I was sad when I heard what happened to her. It's sad and scary. Being famous isn't as great as it seems.

    P. S. Shouldn't John Lennon be on this list, wasn't he killed by one of his obessed fans? Also, I think Sandra Bullock should be on this list because she had stalker for years, that person even climbed over her fence. I saw it a 48hrs Mystery that was special episode about stalking, that chick from NCIS was on there, she should also be on this list.
  • johari
    Wow i thought all would be opposite sex stalkers but then again look at Selena R. I. P
  • Nice222
    I can never understand how someone can kill someone they supposedly love. I guess it is good that I don't understand.
  • OlderAndWiser
    This is a very scary side of human behavior!
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    quite scary
  • KirstyW
  • 404filenotfound
    Crazy stuff!
  • omgjassy
    Stalkers are scary ass hell
  • April10
    That's so scary. Stalkers are no joke
  • None11am
    Some people are nuts.
  • 00100100100
    The bieber one was hysterical.
  • zagor
    John Lennon...
  • CT_CD
  • DiegoO
    Creepy.. Those people are stuck in a phantasy.
  • meganthemenace
    Keanu Reeves, for sure.
  • yulbsari
    Crazy is as crazy does...
  • cupidkisses
    I liked the last saying , so right
  • scooogy
    Another proof that males get stalked as well.
  • AlexSpec19
    Nice take
  • Pizzalover101
    There's sum wack jobs out there
  • KaranSharma55
    You missed one celebrity and stalker