What Makes A Person Sexist

Unfortunately, GaG algorithm knows I'm a feminist and likes to put it on everyday timeline — some guy being sexist and totally not seeing it.

It's the gender envy, first of all.

No gender has it easier. If there are privileges, there are consequences. My brother who can stay out late til eleven is also more likely to be victim of false ra_pe claim, I can get a free meal and a free drink but I'm also more likely to get rap_ed somewhere down that route. If you're lucky (and careful), these things won't happen to you. Stop holding the whole world responsible for that.

Secondly, it's how you word it. If a guy says he's more athletic than me, I'd say yeah. But he makes weird gestures, flexes his biceps or the lack of, says he'd charge at me like a bull if I say yes, says things like I shouldn't be doing physical word because I'm delicate as hell... Yep, that's where I draw the line. With black chalk. On his face.

Thirdly, there's no gender differences in terms of friends. You either have a good friend or you don't. There's no "your womanly friends just listen to you about your boyfriend drama because they like gossip"... Everyone does. Gossiping is a good pastime, an unhealthy one. Like I said in my last take, give less fucks about how people perceive you and your partner. Lmao.

Men and women can't be friends — casual sexism. A more healthy way to word this out would be "I can't be friends with a woman. I'd always get romantically or sexually attracted to her." That's fair. Don't dump your fellow brothers in your quicksand or whatever, with you, because you've never had an opposite gender friend.

Fifthly, why in lord's name do you say "men get abused too"? Isn't it enough to say : men get abused. Period. There's no too. It's not a contest. You can talk about men's rights and issues and exploitation without "getting even with the feminazis" like geez man, don't use your friend's case to justify hate. That's disgusting.

And please, get out of your head, stop thinking every person who walks on the street wants to know if you're attracted to them. A woman dyes her hair blue and asks men on social media if they like it? Go ahead, tell her your thoughts. But if a woman has posted a yoga pants picture and she's proud of her body and she's showing it off... Either like it and move on or don't like it and scroll on so your Instagram algorithm doesn't recommend random women on your browsing feed. Simple as that. Nobody cares about your body. She's not the only girl posing, there's a sea of them, who cares? If she wants to battle for attention, let her have a feast. Don't like it? don't watch it; an important lesson learnt from YouTube uncensored Yaoi.

Lastly, staring is creepy. Cut it out. If you like it, glance for three seconds and turn the f away. You don't need to visually shame me for having boobs. And I certainly don't need "she wore the skimpy top for my male gaze" BS. Like no sire, I do that for female attention. I like to make question their sexuality. It's fun. Try it. Maybe you'll also enjoy a little bit same sex physical contact.

by anon1903

PS. If you gotta ask people if your content is sexist and offensive, just don't post it, because 9/11 times it is.

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