Is it wrong to not want to date a transgender?

So this question came up with friends and I said no I would not date a transgender. One of the people called me ridiculous and ignorant (I hate the word ignorant because it's only used to label someone who doesn't agree with you). I was so confused that they would say that. All I said was no and they went off like I couldn't make my own decisions. I say now that I won't date a transgender because they aren't genetically male. I want kids and no female born transgender will give me that. I would feel cheated if I dated a transgender and they didn't tell me. I'd also feel gay and that would cause a lot of emotional problems because I'm NOT gay. Why does that make me a bad guy? I feel as though if I don't agree completely with this transgender move in making them feel as though they actually are the other gender or making them feel as though they are one hundred percent right in their choice, I'm one of the worst people in the world. Because I feel like what you were born as determines your gender and not your feelings, I'm a horrible human being with no feelings. I couldn't care less about the personal life of others who I don't know so why am I being bashed for my own thoughts by others who don't know me?

what is your stance on this? Would you date a transgender?
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Before you think I have no feelings, I won't judge someone for what they did to themselves, I just wouldn't date them.
Is it wrong to not want to date a transgender?
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