(Dating transgendered people rant ) why do people say things like "it shouldn't matter whats between someones legs"?

First off, when people say things like that, ESPECIALLY LGBT people, aren't they sort of saying that sexual orientations don't exist? If genitals don't matter, why don't gay men just date women then? why don't lesbians just stop being silly and date men if genitals don't matter? This whole argument that says that straight people are transphobic for not wanting to fuck a trans person is ridiculous. What the hell does pansexual mean then? Here the definition

1. Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

So why the FUCK are these people trying to force everyone to be pansexual? Why should straight people be made to feel guilty for not wanted to date trans people? Sure its discriminatory, but thats not always a bad thing, is a gay man refusing to fuck a woman discriminatory too, and sexist? Basically you have to fuck everything that walks or you're a disgusting person.

Again, genitals DO matter, your biological sex DOES matter, unless you're PANSEXUAL -_- Its NOT wrong to only want a biological woman or a biological man.

It's funny though because these SAME people say that dating trans people doesn't need to mean you're pansexual because they're "real women, real men" so you can date trans people no matter what your orientation is. Then WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is the point of the term pansexual even existing? If its all this other shit like "non-binary and asexual" can't bisexuals date them too? Ugh, the mental gymnastics.

And don't get me started on people thinking its okay for trans people to TRICK others by never disclosing, I'm not saying you need to wear a sign on your forehead, but if you're going to try and be in a relationship with someone, they have right to know. I think its even less dangerous to tell a potential partner straight up too, if you're in a long relationship with someone and wait forever to tell them, that might make them angrier than if you would have just told them straight up.
(Dating transgendered people rant ) why do people say things like "it shouldn't matter whats between someones legs"?
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