Is life shit for 95% of the population?

Pretty much this is the life for most people:
Is life shit for 95% of the population?
- Stuck in the rat race known as a job to live.

- Didn't achieve your childhood dreams.

- Working 40+ hours in a monotonous job you hate.

- Marrying/committed to a person you do not really "love"... just a somewhat compatible with, who does expected tasks and doesn't annoy you too much.

- No loyalty. Cheating on your partner and vice versa. Everyone cheats, lettuce beef real tea.

- Shit boring co-workers talking about the same chit everyday... every fucking day.

- coworkers that eat shit and are fat cunts, you're surrounded by mediocrity, cope and depression.

- Neighbours. Your wife also has stale friends that talk about boring chit like the new washing machine they're planning on buying next week.. that's the highlight of their week.

- Going bald by 30. Test dropping. Losing beauty each year if you are a woman.

- having and raising kids that are little brats after age 12 and will abandon you in their 20's.

- No to little sex life after marriage.

- Work til your grave for 40-50 years.

- get put in a retirement home where you're treated like shit, beaten and pissed on.

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Is life shit for 95% of the population?
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Is life shit for 95% of the population?
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